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    It seems that the group established a profitable business although they are losing territory. With all that money they must be one of bigger employers in the region. This is what I call anarchism but they are not alone other anarchist groups are relied on them and worried losing them. That is why this information is in the news these days and Abdishakuur is talking about. This is either a free PR or indirect support of the group. That phone is probably not registered. These telecommunication company do not want change their business model and that is why they are part of problem. But there is light end of the tunnel, the end of group is near.
  2. ilahay haw naxariisto. I knew him before he entered politics. He was always a great human.
  3. Basically, you have collect enough tax and you have to continue build a national army that takes orders from state, a multi-tribe forces, stationed all part of the country and sameti me undermine all the anarchist groups. This is something that Farmaajo group started and we need to continue that path.
  4. I have to agree with Old-observer. People with the history of civilization understand the concept of state. They fear the state, respect and protect it. Do not look too far, just learn from the Turk and Persians. Somalis do not understand the concept of state. Maybe it is something to do with barbaric culture. In old days the Romans were fearful the barbarian to destroy their civilization and eventually they did. If you tell the Somalis not park their cars certain places, they will not follow the rules unless they face the consequences. After they punished, they willingly spread the word not to park their cars same place. A society that tests all the common sense rules, you need a state that makes them follow the rules, even if rules are unfair. Basically that is the reason I support a strong central government that controls the whole nation and than you can talk about reforms and local governments. As long as the tribes are more powerful than the state, there will be no solution.
  5. This is fake news and deliberately attack on Qatar and Somali recovery. Culusow website waagacub is much more creditable than new York times. With social media success, all these old newspaper are survival mood and only print opinion. At moment,Qatar is not one of the country assigned to do dirty work in the Muslim world.
  6. The only successful path is dismantling anarchism. The key to success lies security in south Somalia. Somalia problem is economics, not politics. Unless you secure the farmland in the south the problem will remain. Galmudug problem is not solvable at moment. Most people already left to the south and what is left is heavily armed gangs. Each group wants to be the center. The rest of the people in the reaming districts have no choice. It is really hard to see a solution for Galmudug problem. It is very much connected to moqdisho problems. The old culture of the 90's is very much alive in Galmudug. They must find a way either to remove army gangs or reconcile them permanently. Sooner Farmaajo/khayre money dried out, the problem will reappear again even if khayre succeed this time. This is probably the bigger goal of Farmaajo//khayre dismantling the maamulgobleed leaders and their never-ending meetings to challenge moqdisho government and becoming the only legal and functioning authority representing the Somali nation internationally. But they need a lot of cash flow which they do not have. They should focus on the security issue in south Somalia, if they want to win the trust of somali people and the international community. Too much gamble of chasing of warlords Xaaf and Madoobe could backfire them.
  7. Xoolaha Berbera laga dhoofiyo waxaa laga keenaa ilaa Bakool iyo Hiiraan. marmarka qaarkood ilaa NDF. Wasiirku waa iska hadllayaa, hadalkiisu waa imaqashii imadadaali. Waa sheekadii Baasaboorka Soomaaliya oo kale oo hada hargeysa lagabixiyo. What he says and what he will do is different. This is the only income Somaliland gets beyond the NGO donations and diaspora money. There is no way he is telling the truth. The business will be done as usual.
  8. Ethiopians do not use to have freedom and this experience is too much for them. It is just too much for the Amhara to accept the new norm. They are looking back The past glory. They will be used to and Abiya gets opportunities here to win back the Oromo support he lost. For the worst senoria the west may replace Abiya somebody like SiSi in Egypty. They will not allow Ethiopia disintegrate.
  9. Sawirro: Duqa Muqdisho oo muwaadin Soomaaliyeed ku wareejiyey guri laga haystay 28 sano | Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Duqa Muqdisho ahna Guddoomiyaha Gobolka Banaadir Mudane Cabdirixmaan Cumar Cusmaan (Eng.Yarisow) ayaa muwaadin Soomaaliyeed ku wareejiyey guri uu... The irony here is the thief is a high ranked officer. There are lot of people, like this officer in moqdisho and other places without shame. These people take grant for never ending anarchism but the time is running for them. It is not first time Yariisow did this kind of justice. He is good example how other leaders should behave.
  10. Of course, Yamato is a Somalia friend but he just confirms the progress we were talking about here all alone. Farmaajo and Khayre brought hope and it seems they are enjoying every bit of progress is made. Unlike the spineless previous group, they do get satisfaction with everything they do right. where is the old man? @oodweyne, the absence of the old man is a sign of disappointment for his part. It is not time to celebrate but things are going to the right direction for the moment. The security situation is improving rapidly in south Somalia and the government is more or less winning the bottle of moqdisho control with a lot of support from the local people everywhere.
  11. Ahmed Madoobe controls only Kismaany city with his close clan melissa and with support of Kenyan. Juba needs a business minded person, not a geeljire like Madoobe. Located in the middle of the equator line, it is a tropical place with rainforest although he cut most of the trees. Kismayo and juba in general is the wealthiest part of Somalia. A family who lives in the cost area or the river area has the opportunity to fish, farm and own camels same time. Juba will be better of him leaving. It will be a place where all the refugee in Kenya and many diaspora people to return but it can not happen before he leaves.
  12. Jowhar | Dowladda Soomaaliya iyo Midowga Yurub oo kala saxiixday Mashruuc ku baxaya 42 Milyan oo Euro WWW.JOWHAR.COM Dowladda Soomaaliya iyo midawga Yurub ayaa munaasabad uu goob joog ka ahaa Ra’iisul Wasaare ku xigeenka Soomaaliaya oo Muqdisho lagu qabtay waxa ay maanta si wadajir ah ugu saxiixeen heshiiska... This is another big lost for maamul goboleedyada, specially punt land. The EU, basically concluded that TFG is less corrupted and should be the responsible party. Now they do not have choice but to go modish if they want to repair their local roads.
  13. Well, there is nothing that is not federal government business. Majority of third world countries, especially in Africa, they have a national exam for high school students, neighboring Kenyan is one of them. A country that has a very good rigid basic education system. The problem in Somalia is not who is responsible for the education system, it is the spread of lawlessness and anarchism. America is the only true federal country in the world and there is nothing that the federal government is not involved. The federal government not only funds the local schools but also sets a broad standard in everything. Exams that states give their students are very much similar because all states must follow the federal guidelines. The idea that each state is gone have their own exams without federal government involvement is nonsense. I am not fun of useless national exam but education is the federal government responsibility and states have their role in implementing the federal government education policy with the freedom of adding their emphasis and priorities. the real issue is not who responsible for the education system but a fight about the small funding that comes from outside.
  14. It would nice if this meeting was a Somali meeting but it was fruits of Kenya embassy meeting and mostly the last wave of geopolitics moves to Africa, especially the Muslim countries, starting from Sudan, Libya and finally Somalia. The so-called maamul goboleeds and Somaliland were lobbying hard and painting villa Somalia, working for some specific countries and they got some support in order to put Villa Somalia a hard place at the time when villa Somalia has finally get some success about the security in Mogadishu and surrounding regions. The three maamul goboleed leaders may have some legitimate concerns about the issue that affect their regions, like resources sharing and security but they do not have the mandate to negotiate with government on the policy issue. Anything that has to do legislation is the work for the two houses and the government. It is important that the IC community see that Somali leaders working together but in reality, they are the problem too. When you see Saudi Arabia and Egypt diplomats visiting some regions of Somalia, it is more problematic than ever. Villa Somalia is under pressure to bring in these local leaders for the national policy-making which they do not have the mandate to participate and it is not good. The outcome will hinder the process of moving forward. It will stop villa Somali to make a bold and tough decision as they did for moqdisho security challenging the anarchist who wants to maintain the status quo. So basically this meeting is designed to bring back Somalia two steps back rather forward and the three local leaders were given that assignment. However, it is up to Villa Somalia to limit the damage this meeting will cost the national process to move forward. They came prepared but stakes are high for a bad compromise that will affect not only this government but future governments
  15. The best that can happen to sudan is, a civilian temporary government before elections take place. Sudan does not need another dictator. the civilian government will be able to manage dealing the geopolitics better than a dictator. they will be able to do business everybody. It seems no one is able to defeat the protesters and they know what they want.