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  1. Xaaji Mohamed Yaasiin is a unique politician from Puntland. He tried many times. Unfortunately, he may never get the opportunity to lead Somalia. He is like a pro-Somalia, somalilander who runs for president. He does not have local base support because of his style and what he preaches.
  2. Everything he said, is right. How can you create jobs when you allow imports of everything including meat products. No agriculture and other small industry to create jobs. You either rich or poor and living is expensive. There are a lot of rich people there, some very rich and then a lot of very poor people in Hargeysa They can not compete with UAE imports. That is what he means no vision. For years I was arguing that Somaliland will never be economically viable. The best it could be is another Jabuuti with a stagnant economy and Zero population growth. In 1960 when the north and south came together. 33% of the Somali population lived in north Somalia and 33% of Somali Parlament seats were given the northern group. Today about 20% -25% of the population and the same numbers Parlament seats. Jabuuti tribe has 8 seats where the Puntland tribe has 12 seats which means northern tribes got more seats now and when a real election happens the northern's will get fewer seats. Somaliland will lose more while they are waiting and neighboring regions, will be affected negatively Hargeysa zero-sum game.
  3. where are @OODWEYNE and others with old imperialism theory? hoping to ride the back of the colonial powers whatever they offer. In fact, the world has changed where Assia is already dominating. Africa will rise slowly. Where the Indian ocean will be more important than the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. But the losers are not the west but those who did not foresee the changes coming. the question is it too late for UAE and Saudi Arabia to change course? or they buying time and hoping the old-time will return where their money made differences. For Somali, it is reviving and when the stability returns to south Somalia, it will be back in big time. Farmaajo and Co read very well the situation or lucky enough to be the right side of history. They played their card right and understood the current situation in Somalia and the world. They welcomed every actor and played a low profile when needed without confronting anybody. With this policy, they were able to isolate local politicians from the old system and bring some stability on the ground. They were able to bring in more money and aid to poor, starving Somali people at a time when the remaining infrastructure is clasping and no one buying Somali livestock. Many Somalia lives were saved for the last three years, it could be worst what we got now. Now a more bright future is a close distance for Somali people. More economic growth and less violence but only with right balanced policies and the right people in the leadership.
  4. The Ethiopians were just replaced by Ugandan and others. Do you think, sheik basaas has any solution?
  5. They should not be stopped but on the other hand, they do not have a business of running around. They do not have the mandate to rent separate planes and collect separate money. They are just making themselves foolish and will not have any chance of winning the next election. They simply try to hassle something using their local community. They could endorse other people from their community and work to get them elected instead. If they make the coming election between them and the current group they will lose and that is the game Farmaajo and Khayre playing. That is why they are not responding to their speech.
  6. This is not 2020 budget. 105 million from 2016 to close to half billion in four years is huge progress.
  7. You are wrong again. They did agree first but they changed their minds soon, as Soviet started to influence the world and the cold war started. The Italian got back their colonial with a condition and that saved Somalia. Because soon after that the British gave Hawd to Ethiopia and later NFD to Kenya. This man is right and narrating correctly what happened that day. There were pro-colonial people involved in the fight supporting the colonial administration. SYL or the leegada was the best organization Somalis ever had. Without money, they manage to unite Somali people around the horn. They opened offices everywhere the Somali people reside. From Jigjiga, Jabuuti, Hargeysa to Gaarisa and dealing with three EU colonial and Haila salse by the time. They were right not trusted the British, the Kurd did and paid the price.
  8. It is easy to use and take advantage of the nomadic society like the Kurds. They never learned a lesson from their early mistakes. There are groups, that want to be Somali Kurd but in general, Somalis quickly understands the motive of foreign powers. I agree with Galbeedi, the time is with Somali people. It all most like 1950. Somali nation rebirth is on the way slowly with Allah's will.
  9. Jawahiri has broad support for all Oromo groups except the elites and educated people including Muslims. He is Muslim by name but no one wants him to run. Abiya can not afford to alienate him but the damage is done already.
  10. The fake courts in London did not materialize. The old imperialism is dying quicker, thanks the rise of Trump, China, Turkey and Russia. Their business model is not working, they should learn Turkish companies in modish and elsewhere. They will not able to survive on their own unless they get more subsidies fro the government of UAE.
  11. In addition with huge increase of corruption and mismanagement as old man got injured late 80's. The US president Regan was responsible the fail of Siyad regime. After soviet union was done and UAE got a new leader, today leader. They decide Siyaad must go by stopping several million dollars, he was receiving from Arab countries. After the money stopped, they assigned Aided and other to enter Somalia from Ethiopia. The rebel fighting has nothing to do the clopse of regime, it was more about the geo-polital changes in the early ninths when Soviet clapsed
  12. "Here are some little gems from other sources, to the extent that Afwayne went." where is your source. These people in the type is your people, is not?
  13. Duufaan

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    It seems, they are sitting a wonderful place and having a good time but are they denying that opportunity for other Somalis? Just peacefully sitting inside their house under a tree for a good afternoon, hearing the noise of the street. A life that many of qurbojoog missing
  14. I am not surprised. This shows his nature, what he valued and what he represents. He is very much a fan of the English queen.
  15. Sheekh basaas ee markii sadeexaad raba inuu iso soo sharaxo. This is what he call himilo qaran. He got money from UAE to go kismaanyo and legitimize Madoobe but he was stopped. Anyway, he got his money and that is what is a matter for him. He may ask even more money to keep quiet for a while. That is the nature of basaas shariif. A different typ of SOMALILAND WARAABE.