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  1. Galbeedi This time there were no sign of a lot of foreign government money involved rather the money came from foreign and somalis' companies. I will not name them here but you will see Hassan Sheikh sing some deals. Besides Xasan sheikh and Deni had a lot of money already. There were Zaad service providers inside the election place. You take a picture of your ballot and get paid instantly.
  2. Separatists are rasist. But you would not mind if they were white especially British. people in Hargeysa still sing. "Ingiriis dhalatkiiyow waanu kuu dhadhabnee Xagee kaadhunkadaa"
  3. Marqaati: The Winning President paid $15 million dollars to buy votes – Puntland Post PUNTLANDPOST.NET Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — An anti-corruption organisation in Somalia, Marqaati, alleges that a total of $50, 000,000 was spent… Sii akhri buying votes in Somalia is not new but doing it inside the voting place is something new. It was all about Deni and Rooble working together. The final round for 9 million alone. This makes sense for 202 votes that Hassan shiekh received in the end.
  4. They do prefer easy-going people and money collectors. Always poor and weak to stand on their own. Indeed there are political similarities between Pakistan vs Somalia US Made Pakistan A "Slave" Without Invading It, Says Ousted PM Imran Khan WWW.NDTV.COM The US has made Pakistan "a slave" without invading it, ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed, asserting that the people will never accept an "imported government".
  5. They have learned like many others in world the right words to say.
  6. Sababta ay u tanaasushay Khadiija Maxamed Diiriye oo kaamiro ay fashilisay (Daawo) - Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Sida ay ogaatay Caasimada Online, doorashadii guddoomiye ku-xigeenka koowaad ee golaha shacabka iyo aqalka... parliament #11 is worst ever. This is new for the parliamentarian elections. She revealed everything for her speech about who her group consist. All these men are sharing with her the 300, 000. Same website reported it was 2 million for madoobe election. Indhacade is a deal maker here and have access the election room.
  7. The only big problem with Khayre, will be the national issue, not as bad as Shiekh Sharif. Other than that with his ego, he could be effective.
  8. These two men will be the front runner, in other words one of them will be the next Somalia president. Deni is facing a lot of head wind right now. The two men has similar xildhibaan base. Khayre has been very generous about giving money and contracts to his friends and opponents with his advantage. Both Puntland Aarjaan and Hargeysa support Khayre. His also a dealer by professional, he will do extremely well if he do not win. Farmaajo is wounded but Sheikh Shariif camp and others may end up voting Farmaajo. This may end a close election unlike pervious ones
  9. SAWIRRO: Kursiga Sheekh Shariif rabo oo halis ugu jira in lagu dagaalamo Jowhar - Somali News Leader WWW.WARQAAD.INFO Ciidan la sheegay inay katirsan yihiin meliteriga Soomaaliya balse hab beeleed u abaabulan ayaa maanta caasimada hirshabelle ee Jowhar kusoo bandhigay dhoolatus ciidan iyagoo ku hanjabay inay tallaabo... SIX YEARS! There were a lot of people here who were convinced that he would not be surviving for 2 years, Like Old Suldaan and others. His biggest mistake was hiring Rooble. The structural SNA problem that Xassan shekh created was much more dangerous than his corruption. During the Hassan Sheikh Somalia got billion dollars fund and hundreds of military trucks. Instead of continue the existing SNA structural he armed moqdisho clan Malesia and few others in the country, each separate. Guuto kowaad one tribe and Guuto labaad another tribe, etc. These tribal Malesia do not take orders from the central command but get paid no matter what. Farmaajo tried to build new forces who takes orders from the central command but old ones are still there armed and loyal for their tribes. The next president must continue the existing structure with Gorgor the back bone of SNA forces. Otherwise nothing can be done the security.
  10. China and UAE with billions import without giving anything back. At least the Turkey spent more than one billion to support Somalia, including 20 million cash to support the government budget. The Turkey gave opportunity the Somali business people to export agriculture product. Somalis are busy investing Kenya.
  11. We do not even export livestock anymore. No one wants to buy millions livestock when they can buy ready freezing meat from Australia, even cheaper per pound. As long as the business people can import everything unlimited there will be no export. Somali fish and banana are wanted but there are no quality company that make investment. Everyone is for quick cash.
  12. Somalis are not ready to move on. Amison and IC are norms that has been accepted in Moqdisho. Former president Sheikh Hassan was the other day supportive about IC and it's continue roll in Somalia. Did you ever heard any protest about Amison in moqdisho? This is the way moqdisho and Somali should be for many politicians. Looting, killing, Amison, IC are part of the live in moqisho and Somalia. Unfortunately there are not many with power that can challenge the status que. The thief's gets the money they want, the colonial powers will get what they want, to be present and maintain status que and Somali people are suffering.
  13. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/21/middleeast/yemen-detention-strike-internet-outage-intl/index.html No protest, no human right issue. CNN is reporting it but that is it. There are different standard between the Tigray and Yemen.
  14. More likely fake news. A new version of CC story. Where are the 10,000 men hiding so long. So far the Turkey trained 9 unit of Somali soldiers, each 300. A total of 2700 men.They are every where and very noticeable. Somali soldiers in Eritrea are hundreds not thousands. Nothing more than the CNN news about TPLF being outside ADIS. This is a opinion peace not a report. “Tigray war are casting a spotlight on an emerging military alliance that has reshaped the Horn of Africa, weakening Western influence in a...”
  15. Samafal It was not long time ago that you were claiming that Deni will not be a candidate and he will be busy to fix Putland problems. Now he is suddenly unannounced candidate. I do see Dayaano family a problem for him but him hiding behind Faroole, will be his biggest probelm. Not a long ago Faroole told that Putland do not have a candidate and will support moqdisho candidates. This week, Faroole was talking about that Putland have only one minister in the Somali government. He clearly defined putland. With the absence of a credible candidate from moqdisho presidential candidates, except Khayre, Deni has an opportunity to present the opposition and present himself as a newcomer. Foreign diplomats are lining up to see him already. But Is he really up to challenges and able to get votes from all sections beyond Jubaland? He cannot simply rely on moqdisho group. I still believe Puntland and Deni goal is anything else Farmaajo and other D-blocks candidates, rather trying to win the presidency.