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  1. This has nothing to do with these poor men. Kenya is more likely to lose the coming court decision and the Kenya government is starting a public damage control compaing. With this they are not helping Madoobe, they are infact hearting themselves for their presence in Somalia territory.The losers will be those somalis who invested Kenya heavely. The Kenya may up to something here, different than the sea.
  2. Duufaan

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    I am Ok if she is helping the fight and awareness of the rights of Muslims around the world. What I do not like is if she involves a fight within a powerful group.
  3. Biixi is trouble. The Burco West tribe got a leverage after many years of marginalized and after Kulmiye election the eastern Burco tribe will go south leading Dahsbshiil and Cilmi gaab.
  4. The only thing that matter for his book is that he is optimistic for the future Somalia. He will ever remembered the man who stopped the flying civilian in Afgooye and again he was Kismaayo with another massacre
  5. Duufaan

    Where’s Farmaajo?

    Are they lining up for alphetical order. I see Jabuutu, Egyphty, and Ethiopia leaders in the front row. If Somalia can not held this kind of meeting it doesn’t matter where he placed the final pictures.
  6. Duufaan

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    I am surprised about her tweets for all her Americans political experience. I am wondering who is advasing her. I afraid it will result a backslash against the community
  7. It is exactly what it is or planned. The only problem is the legal farm work has been delayed. The draft was submitted to the goloha shacabka months ago and they still didn’t pass it. The area they want to lincese is far sea, far from the coastline all the way 200 miles to afford dealing with maamul gobeleedyada. But it may not attractive to anyone this time. It is right thing to do. Unless Somalis will able to utilize their natural resources they will continue dying the shadows of under trees. Not even figuring out to eat the leaves. The only place in the world people died hunger.
  8. So much hipe for a confress hold this small room. So much energy with nothing
  9. Odeybiiqey With all the information you shared with us here about you and your family. You still thinks no one will spot you in streets of London. I got mysources. Ma duugoobin qaydiid lafuhu waana duxayeene Dadii uu ahaa Farah baa jeelka loo dhigay Kumuu ahaa Qaydiid? Hint! aabihii tacliinta adeerkii.
  10. Really! oohintu orgiga Kawayn.These people you and OODWEyNE mentioned here are much more powerful and has much more money than those people that Somaliland was dealing with. It is silly that you’re talking about a new York man here with all staff you regularly post here. With today oil market, the larger findings of oil and gas resources around world, Somalia is lucky finding interested buyers. It is good news that foreigners are interested Somalia resources. I never see you criticize the shadow oil company that is dealing with Somaliland. The deals that was signed under the table which no one knows in deteales. The currup Somaliland government got few millions advances but it ok for you . when it comes Somalia government everything they do is bad. Villa Somalia has all the money they need for re-election and Qatar will be their side. Money alone will not decide the villa Somali election. There is long time before election takes place and many more people will participate. It is very early to prodict the potential runners. Khayre may have interest the oil deal to succeed but nothing wrong with that. If the deal go through it is good for Somali people including those in Hargeysa.
  11. Let us say, it is important for Khayre but what Khayre can do by his own or with Farmaajo. Of course, the company that invested money to collect data wants their investment back and Khayre was involved as well, others for the last government. Khayre is trying to help them as well as find interested buyers. At this point, there are none. The project is bigger than Khayre and for that matter Farmaajo. Khayre may involved but he does not own it and he can not simply benefit it. Even if he stays two more years, the process will be very slow because there will be no big oil company rushing to sign a deal with Somalis any time soon. Creating farmwork for sharing national resources and completing the constitution draft will be the top issue discussed the march Garowe meeting. It is all about moving the nation forward. No need for road blocks.
  12. Farmaajo is right here. Meanwhile, only a few road blockers leading by Calasow and OODWEYNE hidden behind, showed up, the planned protest in London. If you can not trust Farmaajo on this, who will you trust? The process must move forward and the nation moves forward. You can not simply bargain and wait forever. We are the point when the world is moving away from fossil energy and they still want to wait. Anarchists want to maintain their roadblocks and dark business. Caruurtii iyo dumarkii ayaa gaajo udhimanaya iyana waxay kahad layaan waxbaa laxaraashey. Waxay dhahayaan khayraadkii soomaaliya ayaa laxaraashayaa. Hadiiba laxaraasho maxaa kujaban. waxayba ahayd in 1960 laxaraasho. Hadii taasi dhicilahayd maanta soomaaliya sidaas ma ahaateen
  13. In fact Somalia have make improvement although still is the last one. Last year it was 20/200, improvement of 7 point scale. The corruption is not only in the government, it is inbeded the whole society. Indeed this government is still less corrupted than previous ones. They are able to pay the salaries and collect increased tax revenue., where the other ones, government employee were not getting paid.
  14. I agree Manazawi is right about current situation of Somalia. But he sensing losing his current contract that is why he is launching this attack. He must to find another way of making hard money.