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  1. Armed Europeans try to cross from Libya to Tunisia WWW.ALJAZEERA.COM Tunisia's defence minister says two separate incidents involved armed Europeans travelling from neighbouring Libya. One's powerful people are getting desperate. They have to use mercenaries from Europea with diplomatic cover, to achieve their goals in Libya.
  2. When the sessionist group were glorifying Samatar and Ali Khaliif for a while ago, I warned them these two old man are not your side. They just playing games with you based on their short interest. There is nothing sessionist can offer for these men. They should be quite and retrie for good.
  3. Duufaan

    Onward and forward - hore ayaa loo soconaayaa

    The old man failed again to read between lines or maybe thinks others will not read. Basically the emergency declaration gives the president to implement his own policy without notification of parliament. This is not an usual the west umpires dealing with third world countries . However it is not sections against Somali rather forieng policy. The issue here is that the nation of Somali is getting back in many different ways, specialy southern Somalia. Economic is improving and moqdish is booming. Violence is decreasing and security is improving. The reforms that current Somalia government implemented has been successful. Tax collections and army registrations are too main area. With that you should not surprised that foreign countries are interesting the deal with Somalia, a potential and strategic nation.
  4. https://twitter.com/hsnq_nisa?lang=en More anarchist stopped harming Somali people
  5. This is exactly comparison in way when Aydeed was sent to modish. However this was designed to stop the UN confers. He will never get support and votes to be the president of Libiya.
  6. It is all about so-called Ganacsato. these people must to be targeted and pay a price. this is root cause and must to be addressed. Barbaarta are just another gang and they will work anyone to maintain their business.
  7. More was captured today DEG DEG: NISA oo 'heshay god weyn oo Al-Shabaab ay ku duugeen walxaha qarxa' + Sawirro | Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Hay’adaha ammaanka dowladda Soomaaliya ayaa goor-dhow shaaca ka qaaday inay gacanta ku dhigeen god wayn oo lagu xabaalay walxaha qarxa. Qoraal goor-dhow lagu baa…
  8. Duufaan

    Somaliland region delegation visits Israel

    @suldaan any comments here.
  9. Waa arin fiicaan. Haday sidaas sameeyaan waxaan maqlidoontaan. Moqdisho amnigeedu faruhuu kabaxay waxaa xigo doonta reer Muqdisho ayaa loo danleeyahay
  10. I agree with you. Galbeedi understand very much understands what is happening Muqdisho and why. He just do not want to blame the Somalis. It could be that there is foreign involvement but it is a small group of Somalis doing this, who thinks they’re benefiting the cause. Some of bombing was mines underground and parking cars set for fire. It was not complicated. What more compulicated is the how they were coordinated in six days. The anarchists were taking about the Xalane people. It is more likely those Xalane people communicated some of their paid sleep cells. The latest wave of bombing had only one purpose to create couse and stop the army registration the government started and the government announcement of getting army places in moqdisho vacated. Alshabaab plays very small role here.They have nothing going the rest of country for long time. They have very difficult recruiting people as they started kidnapping kids. For lately they were able to recruit people from the river but now they have very difficult. that group too. I don’t think it is time for Farmaajo and khayre govermerment to change direction. They actually need to double down. It will be easy win for the whole anarchist gruop including the sessenionst.
  11. These are mudug and galgaduud boys with guns and they have some conflict with the local people in Shabeele region. They controlled these area since 90's but now with name of Somali army. Each neighborhood all the way to Baraawe, there are units of 50 - 150 men with uniform but they counted These men do not have any intention to leave their post but want to get pay and keep things the way it is. They run all the business and all the fight both sides. Shabeele Hoose belongs South West region and local people are more empowered these days. With the new leader of south west, the galgaduud boys will have difficulty to maintain their status. Samething with shabeelada dhexe, where the Bantu makes almost half of the population. As local people empowered with alshabaab and Somali government the old group who controlled the old banaadir region will lose their grip and forced to accept the new reality in the ground.
  12. Duufaan


    In Somali region a lot of people inimigrated the last several years, mostly to Somalia. Closely 40% left the region. I do not think the numbers will be good
  13. Duufaan

    Mogadishu blast km 4

    On the record, the secessionist are morning and angry about something that Villa Somalia has nothing to do. The economic problems that Somaliland enclave experiencing has nothing to do with Villa Somalia policy. You can not simply relied on NGO and donations from other countries for ever. Somalia in general needs production. Now the secessionist are putting the blame on villa Somalia after claiming many years that they independent from the rest of Somalia and villa Somali is useless. The old man is giving credit president Hassan, for not interfering what he called other enclaves delevpment projects in other words small donations coming from other countries and NGO. Technically, he wants the status que to continue in Somalia hoping his enclave can benefit with small economic exchanges. There is no enclave that developes. My last travel to horn Africa. I did not see any Somali enclave that developes in public level. I did see some developments in Ethiopia. Jigjiga was much more developed than any other region in Somalia, in terms of public services. The notion that each enclave is going develop it is own separately is nonsense. I am not surprised if members of Somaliland government advocate such idea.
  14. This is a calculated wave of propaganda for the most part. Very much hypocrisy. You was never a fan of Farmaajo from day one. are you serious about wondering why people still defending him?.If it is all about president after president for you. I am very much sure the next election will not be held in xalane or the airport , it will be held somewhere else and supervised by Somali security forces. The reason the Farmaajo co are supported by the people is they are doing a lot of things right.