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    It seems, they are sitting a wonderful place and having a good time but are they denying that opportunity for other Somalis? Just peacefully sitting inside their house under a tree for a good afternoon, hearing the noise of the street. A life that many of qurbojoog missing
  2. I am not surprised. This shows his nature, what he valued and what he represents. He is very much a fan of the English queen.
  3. Sheekh basaas ee markii sadeexaad raba inuu iso soo sharaxo. This is what he call himilo qaran. He got money from UAE to go kismaanyo and legitimize Madoobe but he was stopped. Anyway, he got his money and that is what is a matter for him. He may ask even more money to keep quiet for a while. That is the nature of basaas shariif. A different typ of SOMALILAND WARAABE.
  4. That draft is no good. It is just a draft. The Somalia nation had a wonderfull constition voted by the people in 1960-1961. Beesha lixaad is having less and less influence as the Somali nation moving forward. Time has changed.
  5. These are corrupt individuals, qaat eaters who can not stay their region for better or worse unless they sell themselves with someone else funded ANDERS COOPER and company. Why nobody has to give them anything. This is a new phenomenon in the region, just take care of your camels and goats. No one asked these people to be around. the tribes know how to defend themselves. The irony is Puntland will not even allow for them to receive payment from Mogadishu. When you are the middle of the colonial people, the era of returning empralisem and recolonization, you must develop a strategy for survival. These guys in Sool/Sanaag are the search for easy money and destroying their communities. It is time for these community to come strategy to deal with these people selling them short.
  6. Somaliland, sheekadii caruurta lagu seexin jiray habeenkii, waa dhamaatay. UAE iyagaaba khaati taagaan, oo markii horeba wadan yar oo aad loo buun buuniyay, laqaribey. The UAE signed a secret deal with Iran and looking a way out of rescue. But there will be no rescue and it is waiting for a hard crash landing. The fogy and the small desert country lived a big dream, engineered by NGO groups outside their border. Somaliland was a fake package made in a similar way and face reality check too.
  7. Caasimada Online | Wararka Maanta WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Wararka Maanta Xildhibaan xukuumadda uga digay in ay qaado ciidanka murunka ka taagan yahay They argue the new government trained from Beledweyne cannot go to Guriceel and galgaduud to participate in a security operation. They did not have problem government recruiting them but they want the boys to get paid and just protect the tribe from other tribes. The idea is they can not go to Matabaan which is part of Hiiraan because there are different tribes settling there who they sometime fight each other. this is the Somali federalism. It is more legalizing anarchism and tribalism with no end. Of course the shabaab is part of it.
  8. Can UAE survive without Saudi Arabia? No way. The gamble is over but you did not answer how all this will effect the Berbera corridor. No surprise that Biixi meet Farmaajo people publicly.
  9. This is all about the mess that UAE and their friends created. Pray that the mess will not reach to Berbera!
  10. If not solved soon, the Yemen problem will end the Saudi family rule.
  11. As I mentioned the other post, Madoobe is making the same mistake that Abdi Iley did. He should flow the footsteps of others, like sheik Sharif and others.
  12. Our Aga people are going through the same emotional process when Abdi Iley was removed from his post and eventually arrested for his refusal to step down. They do not understand the two events are similar and Madoobe is done here. Instead of sacrificing all the gains they made the last two decades in Somalia and the neighboring countries, they are giving all their support for Madoobe and siding with Kenyan. They need to be smart on this and understand Moddobe is done for now.
  13. Ports are not everything but good for the local economy. Hobyo has always been a port and it is location is perfect for the whole central Somalia communities to develop. Baraawe, Laasqorey, and Saylac should be next. I think Qatar is serious about this. For the 200 million is nothing for Qatar, the question is if local people and central government can grantee the security. There is nothing in place right now.
  14. Duufaan

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    It seems that the group established a profitable business although they are losing territory. With all that money they must be one of bigger employers in the region. This is what I call anarchism but they are not alone other anarchist groups are relied on them and worried losing them. That is why this information is in the news these days and Abdishakuur is talking about. This is either a free PR or indirect support of the group. That phone is probably not registered. These telecommunication company do not want change their business model and that is why they are part of problem. But there is light end of the tunnel, the end of group is near.
  15. ilahay haw naxariisto. I knew him before he entered politics. He was always a great human.