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  1. "Maxakamadda Ciidamada Puntland" for more 20 years, putland does not have independent civilian courts, nor any of maamul gobeleed have any courts. This is what they want preserve and see farmaajo destroying. What Trump said about Somalia is true. You can not simply claim things that does not exist. A clan leader is just a clan leader even if the area he controls is big enough. He and others similar to him are just another version of Moqdisho warlords.
  2. I would say a good estimation. About 80% IDP's population are from south, the area that Galbeedi talking about. In addition about 4% of urban population in north and central somalia. The Bantu with their job skills moved to upper middle class places like Garoowe and Laascaanood and do not ever want to back to south. Back to topic Unless these people become part of "Saamilayda", that Madoobe is talking about, they will not get their share of wealth. The deal is now about who is part of Saamilayda. Waar qarnigii Saamilayda, numbers do not count.
  3. TILLAMOOK Well, last time Gaas signed the list that elders provided to him. I understand that Deni is planning something different, more likely refusing to sign for the candidate he suspects will not going to vote his candidate. Representing your federal state at the national level and voting for the presidential candidate of the governor's choice is a different thing. That is why this Faroole concept of federal experiment is very corrupt and can not work. Soon when the election over, putland leaders never honored and respected the new parliament. The governor starts to act as the second president and starts to fight the just elected president whoever it happened to be. This time is Farmaajo, next time it could be anyone. By the way, this time Faroole clearly stated when he was talking to a group of Mogadishu candidates that Putland does not have a candidate this time although I personally know several people from Sool, Sanaaag, and Bari planning to run. We know Faroole is old guard and his language was well interpreted in every part of the world. I will just advise you, do not be optimistic about the plan. Last time except for Gaas the rest of the local team candidates did not take well the result. Do not underestimate the next storm. it will come in many different unexpected directions.
  4. Very clear contrast. Some people may say it is about security and Alshabaab, it is definitely more than that and needs to be addressed.
  5. Baraawe, city 2020 looted and now you can only get there by boat.
  6. Galbeedi Not only that, Deni and others can simply write down their own list, unlike last time. Last time, it was very much the elders selecting finalist. They can make it much harder for the Parlament candidates they do not like. Now it is not only odayaasha selecting members. it says "odoyaasha, bulshada rayidka iyo maamul gobleedyada". That is one of the reasons Madoobe wants to be able to sign for 16 Gedo members. The final issue the north members which they want Abdi Xaashi to select most of them. They already calculated getting all putland + Jubaland members and hoping to get half of the rest, hoping to One candidate for the second round winning that way. They are forgetting that Somalis are unpredictable.
  7. This is probably a face-saving agreement form part of musharaxiin group. Moqdisho banaanbax could not take place tomorrow as planned. But it also shows the many faces of moqdisho politicians. Everything is business in moqdisho and everyone is smiling for the moment. The musharaxiin probably got their payment and spent some of it. Now we can expect Xasan Sheikh to bring Deni putland to moqdisho. No more games and letters to IC community. Another only Somali meeting to solve the remaining issue should take place sooner rather than later to move forward.
  8. Aqriso: Heshiis ka kooban lix qodob oo ay kala saxiixdeen Rooble iyo Mucaaradka | Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online)-Waxaa hadda lasoo gaba-gabeeyey shirkii Hotelka Decale ee magaalada Muqdisho uga socday Ra’iisul wasaare Rooble, Madaxweynayaasha Galmudug iyo Hirshabelle iyo...
  9. You may recognize Deni! What a great era
  10. Do you know Deni was a "Kacaan pastard". Although he grows up and raised in the Kacaan orphan camp, he is unthankful. A lot of these kids did not have a known father but I am guessing Deni was there because his family was poor. A lot of famous people spent time there. Singer Cigaal was there but he is proud and thankful like many others. Siyaad Barre may destroy Somalia himself in the end but gave the Somali people, their best years. Farmaajo is not Siyaad Barre but it is very clear with him Somalia the best 4 years since 1991.
  11. The Libya interim government time had expired in 2017 and they are still the only recognized national government in Libya. They just got new leaders before their election. There are provisions that passed both houses which extend the life of Somali governments until the election takes place. Farmaajo stopped short of asking extension for the parliament. In 1969, the military took over, while they were refusing the head of parliament to be the interim president. There is no other way around, AMISON and IC can not select Somalia for a new president. They did in the past but it should be over since 2016.
  12. Unfortunately, that is the only face you see in Somali politics today. The elites of rebels who overthrow Siyaad Bare are represanting Somali today, in every part of the country, the rest is suffering more because resources are not distributed fairly and marginalized. SNM, SSDF, UCA, and SPMA. From Hargeysa to Kismaanyo.That is one of the reasons they want to stop Farmaajo for all their effort because he is giving hope and voices to the unrepresented masses.