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  1. This is what white people narrated before the sayid, for your education "After the fall of the Kingdom of the Great Boqor Wiilwaal and sun had set on the Bartire, it might be fairly claimed that the 'Sool clan" emerged as the most powerful and most feared tribe in Somalia. That reputation was solidified when Sool clan defeated the Ogaadeen in one of the most bloody, vicious and brutal battles in Somali history. The battle took place below Kabar Ogaadeen hills(Named after the battle). The Sool clan were left as the undisputed masters of Northern Somalia, occupying the land from Jiidali in the north of Sanaag to Ceelcad near the Mudug border in the south. From Kiridh in the west to Xalin in the Nugaal valley where they bordered the Majeerteen. In the middle of the nineteenth century the English sent two explorers to prepare the way for English colonization of Northern Somalia. Richard Burton landed in the western part of Northern Somalia, among the Isaaq. To the east they sent his partner in exploration, a certain Mr John Speke who landed at Laasqoray with a brief to traverse the Sool clan country and meet up with his fellow explorer Richard Burton in Harar. Speke's mission was not a complete success as he was not able to proceed through the Sool clan country on account of hostility and suspicion that greeted his journey through their land. But he made many discoveries and recorded facts that are useful to us in reconstructing the condition and circumstances of the Sool clan clan in the middle of the 19th century.
  2. I am not Frange. Who says they could not? is this how you understand it or you simply do not want to see more ports. It is political money to gain a foothold. It is about simply buying a strategic foot hold, like others. They are all welcome. They do not even counting getting back everything. Why do you care if china builds Baraawe port? They already negotiated with other countries with their debt. Infrasture is needed in big time. Both moqdisho airport and port are functioning much better capacity than in past. The moqdisho airport is now a container port and turkey continues to upgrade.
  3. Your brain does not function. Were we small relevant people before Siyad? You pretending to know a lot of history but you can not write the Somali language. I want to see you write Somali before I respond. This is my challenge to you.
  4. Siyad was born in Buuhoodle. That is your mentality not knowing what is right or round. The only big Somali tribe still mainly colonized. Sided with Xayla salaase in 1947, when they had the opportunity to be free. Doomed to be colonized forever with all Somali effort to help them
  5. That is the difference between you and me. The world power balance is changing and we are back to something similar to the early 1900s, that is a fact that can not be hidden. We do not have either independent local politics or a functioning government. This new development has already affected us big time but we can simply benefit as we did the last cold war. The infrastructure that the " old dictator" build for his last years in putland needs an overhaul. Deni sent whatever money he had to the rich moqdisho leaders at the point they are fighting how to divide, instead of fixing the bridges. Even Biixi got better deals from the emirates. USAID aid is welcome, we also need China's help. They are welcome to build Baraawe, laasqoray, saylac or any other port, build roads and factories. Djabuuti has rented five bases after each other. You do not have to be loyal to anyone that is not the nomad tradition.
  6. Getting back to point. Somalis whether they are in Boosaaso or Marka need peace and security. But we can not simply accept Faroole, Mark and malazawi policies. We do not even have a problem with a federal Somalia. But you want Gaalkacayo to keep divided. Why the whole mudug not be part of Gal mudug and unite big tribes! Why you are stopping SSC build their own federal state, the only place the colonial wanted to give independent states. Your goal is not a peaceful federal Somalia but rather to maintain current status with the help of foreigners, using historic connections. That is not acceptable, we want a system that works for all.
  7. This country belongs to those who stand to defend it.
  8. There were only few Somali tribes that fully engaged the Colonial powers when they first arrived 1900s. where were your big tribe? hidding behind Italian.
  9. Siyad Bare was clever playing the Cold War game. He was punished when Soviet Union collapsed. China should not wait. They should take risk. Somalia needs more than USAID. Somal needs big investment not small aid any more.
  10. Qin Jian @AmbSomQinJian China is waiting for the opportunity to invest in Somalia on a large scale, strengthen infrastructure construction, and improve its industrial capacity and self-development capacity in Somalia.#Somalia
  11. There is no way Shariif and Xasan sheikh can win any election and they know it. They can only play the opposition card and collect Abu Dadabay money. Daahir Geele is the only one with some credibility but they are not gone support him.
  12. By the way IC can solve the issue right the way by pressuring their opposition toward election.
  13. Somalia: toxic elite politics and the need for cautious external mediation THECONVERSATION.COM The international community is opposed to Farmaajo's term extension because of fears that it's a power grab consistent with political trends elsewhere in the region. "There is mounting pressure from the opposition to move towards a caretaker government that also serves its interests. The opposition, which is not sure to win in any upcoming election, wants Farmaajo removed from the top post." Shariif wants to replace Farmaajo without election. is mounting the current uprising the beginning? I hope not but now it dependent on what opposition do. Election must happen soon, otherwise we are in big trouble Indeed Farmaajo shot himself in the foot. He knew the game played against him but did not take decisive action by signing what Deni was asking him to sign. This what is in stake 1) some Foreigners also wants Farmaajo removed any price 2) No Election 3) IC donations will completely be stopped, it will effect even humanitarian part. 4)Moqdisho new road blocks will likely to stay, it will hard to remove now. It took years to remove 5) Amizon will continue stay without doing nothing 5) Terrorist will regain foot hold 6) Jubaland tribal war sooner rather later
  14. Many of us were here since Carta. This is one of oldest Somali websites. 25 years or more. Sad part is, we were jumping up and hoping miracle every time new president was elected in Somalia. No matter who. I glad things get better by the time by than you could not even visit there. Abdilaahe believed he could make through it and he did not like foreigners telling him things to do. Kenya wanted him to sign the same deal CCW signed. He just refused.