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  1. It could be a good move if all tribes support and participate but you need a long time plan. Hassan made it a HAG plan not even invite other tribes in Galgaduud and Hiiraan. So far HAG business, even Madoobe who was ready for a long time was not invited to join. Second what is the plan when clan fighters go home? Third, the tax collection is still going on in Mogadishu port. He could follow Somaliland's footsteps and make the clan melesia paid army or Liyuu polis as the Somali state. This way the threat of alshabaab will be history. But he is not going to do that. This HAG solidarity is also a realization that HAG tribes do not get the numbers in the south and southwest Somalia and feel threatened by diminishing domination in the south. Hassan is rearming one of the tribes for territorial control basically using a legitimate fight. I hope I am wrong but that is what happening. Rebuilding the national army should be a priority and continue where Farmaajo left.
  2. You are still a naïve person but in two years you will be admitting that in fact, it was the good times because Hassan is doing exactly the same thing he did last time. Cali dheeree pointed out one important issue, the roadblocks. He said these tribes are fighting the roadblocks we removed. It is all about roadblocks business forever.
  3. This type of propaganda is not helpful. The only place they have a base is Ceelbuur in that region and they are also in the cost area. This whole thing is looting what weaponry and ammunition the Farmaajo government left. This also is a road blocks business fight between the two groups. The idea that two small tribes in Bulloberde and Cadaado were liberated land is fake. Alshabaab tax collectors may leave some areas. That is it. Moqdisho business people including Hassan Shiekh and Alshabaab leaders have a deal. The trucks with goods that leave moqdisho go nonstop to Kenya and Ethiopia but the Kismaanyo port is sectioned. Tax is paid in Mogadishu port then they have free movement anywhere that is reality.
  4. It is rather more contrast, sound more Ikraam show. Did you heard anything from the crying mother? I am guessing the girl is still missing. Hassan can not defeat Alshabaab and will not. Even moqdisho ambassadors understand let alone the Somalia people. Just give few days the clan mellisia before they go home and Alshabaab is back. It seems some of HAG tribes resisting for complete control of Alshabaab justice. No real plans. He did not even bring back the 5000 men trained in Ereteria.
  5. America got it is the first Black president 2008. Remember the power is in the hands of Allah
  6. The Afar fought the recent war of Ethiopia and saved Abiya. Now they are the heroes of Ethiopia by helping defeat the Tigray. We predicted the Somalis and Oromo will be losers of the war with TPLF by refusing to side any side actively. And that is what happened. Afar is the winners of that war and they are getting rewards for being the winner side. The conflict used to be Ciisa vs Canfar fight for centuries and Issa had the upper hand and the support of the Ethiopian government. Things had changed. Ciisa can not or is not willing to bring men for the fight. Geele is not helping politically or militarily. The OG lost 600 men since the conflict started in the Siti region. It is very clear Cagjar does not have enough men to send to these villages. The Oromo will be the next group to try land grabbing. This is the fault of Hassan's political shift and siding with Egypt and Geele who supports Hassan's policy shift. The road to Diridhaba is now controlled by the Victorious Afar. In other words, the people of the Siti region are the victims of the Nile river fight. Unfortunately, neither Hassan nor Geele cares about these people's misery. They miscalculated and this is the result and more things to come.
  7. Musavani was a refugee in Sweden. I met him a meeting one time before he was sent back to became Uganda president. He is a man from the church. His example of children from the god and Somalis killing each other comes from his Christian believe. Musavani is very much Hayla Salase Mariam of today East Africa. He is simply talking advantage of the poor Somalis. In other words he wants the Somalis to ask others money for Amison. He also uses the recorded conversations for domestic politics. He is communicating his people, do you see these poor Somalis, asking money. Hasan is chasing the money that do not exist. They assumed Farmaajo was sitting with a lot of cash. Now he is running around begging everyone.
  8. The only difference between PL , JB and SL is SL claims independent. The flags are different too. Even Jabuuti and Somali galbeed flags have a white star and blue section. I wonder why are you here if you don’t want to be in the picture. Sound crazy Habar masayrsan. back to topic Hassan had great opportunity for his second term but he already messed up and it will get harder for him to maneuver. Abiya had survived and stays the remaining of his term. He has enough resources to deal with weak 6 Somalia governments.
  9. HSM started the whole thing because he continues with Rooble Baahane Sahan’s policy. First he appointed Mahad Salad who first day went the home Fahad Yasin and clearly sent messages not only old leaders of NISA but countries they were close to like Turkey and Qatar. And now he not only let free but hired one of Alshabaab top leaders in order to create problems for SW using tribal cards. Remember Abiya was in moqdisho speaking Somali and clearly say his ready to work with Hassan government. Even Farmaajo tried hard to make the two men friends. Abiya is really weak and the next target of Sahan’s regime change in the horn. He hoped quit Somali front. But Hassan is one of tools Sahan planned to use to remove Abiya. Now Hassan has domestic plans too. He gave up Jubaland, Puntland and Somaliland but want to control the rest in Moqdisho including SW. + the money. That is the problem. The 5 years Farmaajo was in office a lot things changed and Hassan can not return the clock. Hassan must accept, the era of Shariif Saakin is over and as he accepted Jubaland, he must accept SW regions. SW is not extension of Banadir and HAG is just on of big tribes in these regions in south. Now he just needs to go back what he promised and convince others that he wants stable Somalia. No one care that much about him stealing money but other moves are problematic. Right now Hassan scares people more than Abiya and he must change the course. He needs to get back what he promised. He should fire both Mahad Salad and Roobow and call meeting with regional leaders. United IC is also watching him too. Aftel all Abiya is willing to deal Hassan either ways. The poll is Hassan’s side for now. End of day his friendly embassies is with Abiya and cannot afford doing their biding.
  10. With Sahan proposal of peace deal with Alqarxis, I think the first scenario was the plan. Abiya is the next target for removal and an important target more than Farmaajo but Hassan messed up the plan already. The fast defeat of Alqarxis in DDS changed the whole game. Abiya and Cagjar are winners already and this changed the whole outcome. Now they are willing for Abiya to finish his term at least at peace with TPLF on the table. Ethiopia is not a country to be divided but empowered. IMF is also coming to Ethiopia soon. Cagjar was talking about buffer zone, it is gone happen. You will probably see SW, DDS, and Cagjar working together. Maybe Liyuu Police all the way Shabeelada hoose. In the end, Hassan and Somalia will be losers and his IC new friends will give up on him soon.
  11. Did not Buurmadow say? Alqarxis is a DR Somalia government. This whole thing sucks and the suffering of the people of Somalia will continue. Mahad Salad first and Roobow now and the other side you have Karatey and Alidheere all in Moqdisho. Very dangerous time indeed.
  12. I like the song. This is for Samafal while he is celebrating the 24 anniversary of putland.
  13. This is way Somalia need to learn from neighbors. There should be money located on each regions and tax should be collected. All the south regions have difficulty to start from the ground. Specially Hirshabeele and Galmudug. SW and Jubaland has Alshabaab problem. They need to go DDS and learn from them how to set local authorities. Every village they do have 4 to 5 people and than district authorities. Very simple, up to 100 Liyuu police for every district and they provide limited education and health care services. Corruption is very law. Not a lot of money is in hands of the authorities. Money was distributed from the beginning. That is why Farmaajo and Boyle will be missed. Hassan people do not wait to distribute the money and they will get trouble with IMF.
  14. youtube+Buuhoodle+video+ - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.COM
  15. The buildings and the songs!