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  1. OLD MAN Dhaqan yuhuudkii lagugu xaman jirey ayaad halkan kawadaa.
  2. Just bring it! I can not wait the show to start. I will be disappointed if you don’t dismantle Farmaajo’s government in days.
  3. Duufaan

    Musharixiinta doorashada puntland ee sanadkan

    This is really funny. Why so many candidate? Is this for social media or resume building?
  4. Xaaji If buuhoodle people are able to defend themselves even coming back to caynabo area which they left a long time ago with force, why do you think Lasanod people need some else. Somaliland is Lasanod because of Ina Canbaashe and others that work with somaliland at moment and you know it. When that changes Habro will be gone without a fight.
  5. Old Man Do not try to go around a circle, you need to take care of your inferiority complex. it is clear, obvious and unhealthy. You always claim a winner and your group better the rest. It was yesterday when my grandfather died in Berbera liberating from the British colonial and today you bragging that Somaliland forces are in sool region which invited by some local people for different reason. Tomorrow is going to be a different story. But that is not the point. It is the positive changes that taking place in the region and leaders that can advance the hopes and desires of the people. You still have the mentality of being the son of the British colonial cook and that needs to be changed with hopefull and local mindsets.
  6. old man With all that chasing, you are still hateful and fearful of losers. Those losers will always be the dominant group in the Somalia peninsula and nothing you can do about it. With all the time you spent here and elsewhere will end up fruitless because of the status quo will not change. In another hand, I support Hargeysa's leader should come from Hargeysa so the people of there can have fun each other and occupied themselves, an advice that Siyad Bare refused. I would support Waraabe and Biixi argue endlessly as they enjoy this type of conversations and leave the rest of us outside their daily rituals.
  7. Duufaan

    Shariifka's shenanigans II

    Yes, get rid of Tigray influence. Farmaajo had two choices. 1) To be the president of Maka mukarama street for the rest of his time or to try something different. 2) To be the president of Somalia beyond the downtown moqdisho. He is now trying to be a president beyond moqdisho and challenges the status queue. The decision to arrest Roobow is his boldest decision he made so far whether it is right or wrong. That will send a message to road blockers. In order to be a successful president, he must clear the air and deal with opposition leading by Fiqi and Mahad Salad who just wants to keep roadblocks and nothing else.
  8. Biixi people did beat faysal waraabe and injured him. They can have all this excitement why they need the so-called Ictiraaf.
  9. Dagaal Gacan ka hadal ah oo dhexmaray F.C.Waraabe & Guddoomiye-Xigeenka Kulmiye+Khasaaraha ka dhashay Writen by Qaran News | 12:04 pm 13th Dec, 2018 Dagaal Gacan ka hadal ah oo dhexmaray F.C.Waraabe & Guddoomiye-Xigeenka Kulmiye+Khasaaraha ka dhashay Guddoomiyaha Xisbiga UCID Faysal Cali Waraabe iyo Guddoomiye ku-xigeenka labaad ee Xisbiga muxaafidka ah ee KULMIYE Axmed Cabdi Dheere ayaa dagaal gacan ka hadal ahi Wuxuu ku dhexmaray Huteelka Maansoor. Sida Ilo Goobjoog ahaa warbaahinta u soo dusiyeen Guddoomiyaha Xisbiga UCID Faysal Cali Waraabe ayaa dhaawac Fudud oo isha dusheeda ah la gaadhsiiyey,Inkastoo xoggo kalena sheegayaan in Dagaal Gacan ka hadal ahi dhexmaray labadooda. Xoggo kalena waxay tibaxayaan in Waxooga khasaare ahi jiro,Muraayado la jejebiyey Balse khasaare halis ahi ma dhicin.Dagaalkan labada masuul ayaa waxaa Goobjoog ka ahaa Maxamed kaahin,Wasiirka Macdanta & Xubno kale oo ka tirsan Xukumada Muuse Biixi oo loo maleynaayo inay Faysal cali waraabe shirqool u maleegeen. Geesta kalena Dagaal ayaa si wayn looga hadal hayaa fagaarayaasha Siyaasada & Goobo kale oo doora. .
  10. Somalia passes stringent measures to tackle corruption 11th December 2018 John Snow Featured, Somalia news 0 At a Government-led International Day Against Corruption event in Mogadishu, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Somali Federal Ministry of Justice and Judiciary Affairs have signed the first part of an agreement to develop a comprehensive approach to tackle corruption and increase public and private sector transparency in Somalia. The International Day Against Corruption is marked each year on the anniversary of the ratification of United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), with 2018 marking the 15th anniversary of the Convention. The signing of the UN-supported plan at the Mogadishu event coincided with the announcement, by the Minister of Justice, Hassan Hussein Hajji, that the Federal Government would ratify the UN Convention against Corruption in the near future. “Acceding to the UNCAC is part of our commitment towards a corruption free Somalia,” Minister Hajji said. “International Day Against Corruption provides an opportunity for Somalia and its international partners, to stand united against corruption. We affirm our mutual determination to strengthen transparency and accountability through the public and private sectors in Somalia,” he added. During the event Peter de Clercq, the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Somalia, said corruption undermines public trust and weakens state institutions. “The United Nations supports Somalia in its efforts to eradicate corruption, and in building an enabling environment for accountable and effective institutions and processes at all levels.” Mr. de Clercq concluded. The agreement between the Ministry and UNDP will see the UN development agency and other UN partners work together with the Government, to assess challenges and next steps in building more transparent systems and setting up required legal frameworks to address corruption. Signing the document together with the Minister of Justice, UNDP Somalia acting Resident Representative, George Conway, congratulated the government on the progress it has made in increasing transparency, accountability and the rule of law in Somalia. “What we are signing today is an agreement to provide technical and capacity development support to the Government, so that it can take a comprehensive approach to addressing corruption in the country and towards ratifying the UN Convention Against Corruption. It is my pleasure from the United Nations side to be able to support these initiatives to progress them forward,” Mr. Conway said. It is expected that the initial assessment part of the plan will then lay the groundwork for a longer-term project to develop a crosscutting National Integrity System for Somalia, led by the Government with the support of the UN.
  11. This is a big mistake for anyone involved. You need two third majority to take out the more popular president.This has more to do the election of south west. Alshabaab and moqdisho anarchist who working together are more fearful of a political change in that region which they aren’t part of it.Unfortunatlly more resources and energy are wested to stupid motions.
  12. The biggest loser is UAE and it projects around the region. Saudi can easily recover any mistakes its leaders did as a nation but UAE will pay a high price for its ruthless policy in the whole region including East Africa. Those games, they were playing will cost them a political and economic fortune. The young UAE leader cannot escape without damage the Khashoggi's scandal, he is hiding since the murder.UAE economy will collapse for the next coming years and no one will be able to help.
  13. Isayas is more friendly towards Somalia. In fact he is the one holding the deal together if it is going to survive a longer term. He needs Somalia and onlf to balance Abiya power. This is why this cooperation will survive at least for while.
  14. Duufaan

    Raali gelin to Mudane President Roobow!

    Dalmar How many shirts are you wearing today? Even the old man is carefully surprised.