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  1. It took me few seconds to google. Dubai is Somalia friendly, the problem is Abu Dubai leaders
  2. Travellers entering Dubai from these 29 countries must be tested twice WHATSON.AE Travelling to Dubai from one of these 29 countries? You will need to take a second Covid-19 nasal swab when you arrive at the airport.
  3. You should be asking a space for high functioning old people who never diagnosed. It will be useful for you. familiar things "People on the spectrum who are high-functioning can also be very devoted to routine and order. They might have repetitive and restrictive habits that seem odd to others. There's a wide range of how they do with school and work. Some do very well in school, while others get overwhelmed and can't concentrate"
  4. This is your character According to your earlier statements. Farmaajo was defeated lot, a coward who is a hostage. Now he is powerful and khayre people are the cowards who are humiliated. This is you logic. I remember your uncle Abdiriahman Tuur defeated in Berbera military and forced to resign by other SNM group humiliated in Hargeysa. This is a politics and Somalia PM is appointed position, even the half of ministers resign, the PM out. Before Khayre, there were many PM lost their jobs similar ways. The president and PM together is a colonial formula that will not work for Somalia. Somalia needs to adopt full president power, just the new Turkey.
  5. fishy things! can we say a photo shop. That is what happens when you tried hard to sell the tribe administration.
  6. I see Somaliland in the list of 31 country not Somalia, right
  7. some times you post thing you do not even read. There is no Somalia in the list of countries you posted. That means either Somalia is exempt for covid 19 tests or something else wrong
  8. The old man is high functioning. Not only he repeats same statement again and again but he compares apples and oranges. He likes to compare the nation of Somali with it's multi tribes against Hargeysa one tribe administrator. Somalia has always been a difficulty place for foreigners to successfully achieve their goals and for ever be for many reasons. It's different story when it comes, Hargeysa one tribe administration and it's history of dealing with outside powers. Now the old man and his team are not happy that international community are supporting and dealing with Somalia. They were trying unsuccessfully to draw the international community attention their side, specially the west. Now although that Somaliland joined the team of Taiwan and Kurdistan, I do not really see anything changes soon. However Somalia is moving forward with Allah willing.
  9. Golaha Wasiirada oo jawaab ka bixiyey qoraalladii kasoo baxay Mareykanka iyo EU | Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Sii-hayaha xilka ra’iisul wasaare Mahdi Maxamed Gulled ayaa kulankii ugu horeeyay ee shirka golaha...
  10. You must be mistaken me for another follow. Your are still new here. For me somaliland is a revival of historic colonial project to safeguard and protect their interest in the horn Africa, specially Kenya for now. Small carrots given by the poor local Hargeysa people is part of the strategy. Democratic standards is not a policy from developed world, it is tools to use more liberalization in developing countries. Uganda and Egypt are ruled two dictators.These two are very important and strategic countries and they receive billions of dollars aid money. No one even ask them for election. Now you ask yourself why the old colonial Britain is asking Somaliland for elections. One reason is to spread their cultural identity and secondly to maintain control.
  11. Unlike the others, the trained soldiers will be under the government command
  12. A picture will tell you everything. The master who is a guest is in the middle. Reminds me the old days. In fact Faysal Waraabe with his tusbax and phone just seems the only normal person. The two young men in the corners are trained masters boys. The old Ciro seems want to fit.
  13. The true is both Somaliland/Puntland work together to maintain the status ques in that region what ever disagreement they do have as long as each one control a small peace of that region.
  14. Is not only Adhicadeeye. From Buuhoodle to dhahar, this is a businesses, Somaliland see a beneficial for moment.
  15. This has to do something else, cable problem like last time. These people are more powerful than any moqdisho government.