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  1. Somalis are within reach of their objectives. They have captured Candhuufo, are three KM from Garbo-Ciise, and cut off Adaytu. Kudos to the Ciise clan, their militia, and Somali Liyu Police. Let's what Abiy admin does.
  2. They are toying with Somalis. There is no indication they are moving forward with this.
  4. Arafaat, Let Xaaji be it. He first would have to settle his internal and often contradictory feelings before he can embark on any meaningful discussion on Ethiopia's intentions.
  5. Xoori is back in Somali hands. Tragically, hundreds on both sides have perished. The below video is from Xoori.
  7. And Biixi wants to give land and coast to Abiy.
  8. It would be even better if Fawzia wins AU commissioner office.
  9. It's reported Somalis were pushed back today. Reinforcements from ENDF joined the Afar militia and Liyu Police. The Ethiopian Defense minister is Afar woman. Somalis are sending more reinforcements.
  10. Denmark, Greece, Pakistan, Panama and Somalia are set to get seats on the UN Security Council UNITED NATIONS -- Denmark, Greece, Pakistan, Panama and Somalia were set to get seats on the U.N. Security Council in a secret ballot Thursday in the General Assembly. The 193-member world body is scheduled to vote to elect five countries to serve two-year terms on the council. The 10 non-permanent seats on the 15-member council are allotted to regional groups who usually select their candidates but sometimes can’t agree on one. There are no such surprises this year. Last year, Slovenia soundly defeated Russia’s close ally Belarus for the seat representing the East European regional group, a vote that reflected strong global opposition to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This time, the regional groups put forward Somalia for an African seat, Pakistan for an Asia-Pacific seat, Panama for a Latin America and Caribbean seat, and Denmark and Greece for two mainly Western seats. The five council members elected Thursday will start their terms on Jan. 1, replacing those whose two-year terms end on Dec. 31 — Mozambique, Japan, Ecuador, Malta and Switzerland. They will join the five veto-wielding permanent members — the United States, Russia, China, United Kingdom and France — and the five countries elected last year — Algeria, Guyana, South Korea, Sierra Leone and Slovenia. The Security Council is charged with maintaining international peace and security. But because of Russia’s veto power it has been unable to take action on Ukraine — and because of close U.S. ties to Israel it has not called for a cessation of hostilities in Gaza. All five countries expected to win seats on Thursday have served previously on the Security Council – Pakistan seven times, Panama five times, Denmark four times, Greece twice and Somalia once.
  11. It would if Afars want it to be. They were way deep inside Somali territory. They cleansed entire border towns and districts since 2018. After occupying those towns and districts for years, they decide let's move on and conquer the entire Sitti region. In any case, Somalis are only less 15 KM away from the actual Afar-Somali border. Once they reach the border, they have no reason to go into Afar region. You are either the prey or the predator in today's Ethiopia.
  12. Somalis are within reach of the border of Afar-Somali border. I am hearing they captured Garbo Ciise one of the first villages Afars took over in 2018. Kudos to the Ciise clan militias and Liyu police.