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  1. Galbeedi, This picture says a lot. No Faratoon or Koore, two slavishly loyal men. Hargeisa has given up on reer SSC and they know the likes of Faratoon and Koore are useless. Even Mahad is no longer useful. According to reports, he gave up himself to Xingalool residents hoping to get better treatment.
  2. There's already no Somaliland as it was imagined. If the political objective of Somaliland was a unified and independent North, that ship sailed with the fall of Las Anod and the Pland election in Eastern Sanaag. If the appointment of Zaycili would bring some respite, great! Any stability is welcomed especially in order to avoid Habro civil war which would be catastrophic for the whole region! But I do believe Somaliland as a political and administrative unit is over, The time is now for Awdal to act. Despite Muse' call for another round of violence, I can assure you each Habro is beginning to think of its own future beyond Somaliland (as we understand it today), Reer Awdal was forced in 91 into an arrangement the majority didn't support. They now have a chance to do things on their own terms whether that be independent federal region or within Somaliland. P.s. There was already a coup of sorts. Muse extended his term and he wants to dissolve the only parties that could have challenged Kulmiye.
  3. There was more photo-op for HSM. There's a lack of seriousness!
  4. It's a move and gesture for HJ. I am surprised the young men who captured him didn't kill him. HJ has a lot of men and material. There's already over fight over who he gets what. There were some skirmishes in Caynaba.
  5. Here's brief explanation. It seems they panicked when the first base fell. SSC were already to set up to ambush when they ran off West. Bootaan try to regroup but it was late. Here's a brief explanation
  6. It was a coordinated assault proceeded by feigned attack and retreat. As Illyria said, I believe in this thread, 14 senior officers were captured including Bootaan's second in command. So many hardware were captured, not to mention POWs. This is no strategic retreat. Abdi Madobe's men went all the way to Oog and Garaads left Las Anod, and were seen at every liberated village. I would add Sland forces and senior commanders knew the terrain. The idea that they get lost or disorientated is ludicrous. The controlled some areas for almost two decades.
  7. He cheated capture one time. You would think he would have counted his blessing.
  8. Heego were attacking and mocking every reasonable person.
  9. This video was making the rounds last night. The secessionists thought they hit something. I wonder if they were duped.