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  1. It is better to know when to stop. No one wants clan war. Pushing into Oog and into further areas is unnecessary and takes away from the simple goal of freeing SSC. It is arrogance that destroyed the secessionists. There's a lesson in there.
  2. I think HJ can make all the difference if they disentangle themselves from the two colonels. Suldaan Buurmood has been a reasonable man, and I am sure there are many others. They can reach out to the Garaads. No one wants more war!
  3. Kaahin and Saleebaan should follow. To avoid a power vacuum, H@bra should convene and appoint temporary government.
  4. The boys in the video have enough sense not to get emotional and kill Gen. Bootaan in anger. I am glad they made the right decision.
  5. I can only speak to the South where I grew up. The population is decent size. Somalis confuse land mass and political/military influence with population size. Elevating the rights of Somali Bantus and other minorities is in the interest of all Somalis.
  6. LOL. Agreed! reeraha ood wadaaga ah ee HJ, Dhulos, HY and Wsangeli need lasting peace. Their regions were deprived of development and social progress. Let's work for peace, a lasting peace. And let's remember, the solution lies in Burco, Las Caanood, and Ceerigaabo, not in Hargeysa, Garowe and Xamar. Local solutions for local problems.
  7. Saalax, Everybody was GXJS and Awdal Clan today
  8. I remember that you were here. Amazing day. All Somalis are shocked.
  9. Galbeedi, It's over! Time for reer Awdal to decide their future!
  10. Yes. His only option is to mobilize clans. And the boys in Gacan Libaax are emboldened.
  11. I was up when they entered Maraaga. I went to sleep thinking it would be a long bitter battle, boy, was I wrong.
  12. More than he afforded his victims! I am glad Garaads and the men who captured him treated him humanely.
  13. His tolkiis should forced him out to save the North!