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  1. Reports from the front indicate Afars have suffered substantial losses so are the Somalis, but Somalis are winning. They are close to Garbocisse. The Federal Army decided to abandon the Afars. There might be a realignment of interests or there are simply not enough troops to police the country.
  2. They are not in a position to challenge his regime, but they will be discontent, on top of previous discotent.
  3. No, not as long as the goods are moving! IOG is only dedicated to the survival of his regime.
  4. G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting Statement on MoU 3. Horn of Africa We reaffirm our strong commitment to promoting peace, security, and stability in the Horn of Africa. We continue to provide humanitarian support to those most affected by food insecurity, widespread poverty, armed violence, the impact of extreme weather events and displacement. We express our concern regarding the Memorandum of Understanding between Ethiopia and the Somaliland region of Somalia announced in January 2024. We encourage both the Ethiopian and the Federal Government of Somalia to keep all channels of dialogue open to prevent further escalation, working with regional partners, in the framework of the African Union and through bilateral contacts, in accordance with international law and the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity as enshrined in the UN Charter. Source: G7 Italy 2024
  5. Everyone is involved! And Jigjiga for the first time is ignoring the calls from Addis Ababa to stop the war or return the forces to its original posts. I am not sure what changed. I agree they should mobilize the whole region. The only way to survive in Ethiopia is thru brute.
  6. Israel is bombing various sites across different cities in Iran.
  7. It's amazing if Somalis indeed reached Garba Isse (Garba-Ciise).
  8. Somali militias in western Sitti have thoroughly defeated a heavy attack by the Afar militias together with the Afar opposition group armed militias who came through Garbo Isse with an intent to take control of the rest of western Sitti all the way to Erer Gota. It is the first defeat the Afar groups have suffered at the hands of Somalis since their takeover of most of Garbo Isse in 2023. With the recapture of Daymeed, Dhuunyar and Gablalu, the Somalis now take control of half of Garbo Isse territories. The Afar militias still have control of Cadeyti, Cundhufo and half of Garbo Isse territories. Jamarti Yahye reports on the repulsing of the latest Affar attack on Somali territories in western Sitti. > Daljir Media
  9. Also of note, There's an intense fighting between Somalis and Afars in Sitti. Surprisingly, it is the Somalis that initiated the fight. Afars lost ground, but in some areas, Somalis were pushed back.