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  1. He knows Xasan can't be trusted and will probably say SW will crumble in few weeks Laftagareen should go on with local elections. More importantly, he knows HSM's clan will dispute local elections in Lower Shabelle. SW is literally at the gates of Mogadishu and reer SW will be a big constituents should genuine elections are held in Banadir.
  2. And term limits for regional and federal executive offices. This is a firing shot. The end product will be vastly different. But these "politicians" all have extended their terms, and maybe that was the goal.
  3. Atleast, four parties. Otherwise, we will end up with corrupt dynasty parties.
  4. HSM wants to become an imperial president. This is not workable!
  5. Looks like Laftagareen and Qoorqoor had their way. They insert the bit about Puntland.
  6. In theory, it is not a bad idea, only if the process was transparent and the Parliament votes on, or referendum in the long run. Deni won't mind an extra year. If this is the way, I get the feeling Hiiran and SSC want to be their own regions, even Gedo. SSC and Hiiran have good arguments to make.
  7. I remember how the Tunni in Barawe and Water-Maal in Marka were treated not so distant past. Ironically, Deni, Laftagareen, and Farmajo might find themselves on the same side. Madoobe is under the illusion he will get Gedo.
  8. I hope he sticks with the election. He needs to clean up Lower Shabelle.
  9. Agree! I wonder if HSM sincerely believes he can beat Farmajo in free and fair election. I heard Farmajo is heading back home, starting with Garowe and Baydhabo.
  10. There's no parliament. On the plus side, we might never seen the likes of Hamza, Mr. Light Post.
  11. A lot of people truly underestimated Laftagareen thinking he was not his own man!
  12. At this point, he is trolling and completely lost touch with reality....till then indeed.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if Isse Musa forgets trying to grab HY lands and simply prance into HJ lands while HJ is busy fighting in someone else's house.
  14. They are the only dying in large numbers for Muse Bixi. Even Muse's Sacad Muse sub-sub-clan is not committing such mass suicide.