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  1. Isn't Cali Geedi Wacbuudhan? All he needs Musa Sudi's blessing
  2. Not just them, I have seen people from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, etc. I guess they are many Covid millionaires.
  3. You lot speak like men with privilege!
  4. It seems the young people in Garowe are not with Deni
  5. He's mucaarad, or so he claims. He runs around with Rashid
  6. I wonder what this dude will say if Farmajo returns to power.
  7. He's busy destroying Oromo people, literally massacring them.
  8. Sign Petition · Somali regional leaders should be called governors, not presidents · WWW.CHANGE.ORG A governor in any federal system is the head of the executive branch of the sub-national government. Since state governments in Somalia including Hirshabele, Galmugud, Jubaland, Puntland, and Somaliland...