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  1. US sells oil seized from Iran to Venezuela for $40 million US sells oil seized from Iran to Venezuela for $40 million NEWS.YAHOO.COM The United States said Thursday that it had sold Iranian oil seized on its way to Venezuela for more than $40 million.
  2. LOL Maxaa ka rabtaa ninyahow,, he gotta visit where his fabase is.
  3. As the only region not divided any government since colonialism, Hiiraan felt unique and wanted to become its own clanistan. And I don't blame them. Mr. Cosoble is simply being honest. It's funny seeing Mahad Salad playing the reasonable.
  4. There's so much the west could do specially in these difficult times..
  5. Literally, everyone is arming themselves. I hate to imagine what civil war in Ethiopia would look like.
  6. Listen to this man and you would understand why Somali 'politicians' are campaigning in Nairobi instead of Somalia,
  7. There are general associations but pieces move. Xasan, Sanboolishi, CCC, and others seem to be teaming up in Nairobi.
  8. Khery and Sanblooshe don't have a huge base!
  9. Khadafi, Whatever Barre's shortcomings were, and there were many, when has forced out, the responsibility of saving the country fell on the victors. We cannot blame him for the failures of those who came after him.
  10. This is a man who said Villa should be only occupied by certain Somalis. I doubt he is going anywhere.
  11. I concur, Al-Shabab has penetrated many aspects of the Somali finance industry.
  12. The above comment by supposed intellectual explains why the likes of Cali Mahdi will be around for a while.