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  1. No one can excuse what the regional leaders are doing, but the biggest culprit for the current situation is HSM.
  2. How did it go so wrong in 9 months? I remember Galbeedi saying Sool will be a frozen conflict. There are several apparent things now: GX lacks sophisticated leaders. This is unfortunate considering this community has produced so many in the past. Jeegaanta will take the path that will help keep their ill-gotten riches as stated by Galbeedi. Geelle and HSM bet on the wrong horse and are recalibrating their moves. Puntland has became a persistent annoyance that won't roll over. Sool surprised everyone, even military leadership to be honest. The attack on Maraaga and Goocajade was supposed to last weeks and produce many casualties on either side. Despite all the faano after SL's defeat, the commanders expected a long battle. Reer Awdal were astonished at the illusion of military might and lack of political competency in Somaliland. They now have decided to determine their own future within Somalia. Muse is amassing militias in Oog, but mistrust is growing considering the persistent conflict in Ceelweyn and the new conflict in Cali Saahid. The Garaads have also kept their word. They have no desire to march into another's clan territory. They are settling for something akin to Galkacayo where the agreement between Aidid and Abdullahi held for decades, not ideal but it ensured peace apart some skirmishes every now and then.
  3. No one is interested in reconciling Somalis. That is bad for business when it comes to a lot of countries. This was only to rile up one group of Somalis and excite others.
  4. I have seen an article she wrote regarding Las Anod. She is going through the denial process.
  5. Heego is even turning on Muse Bihi as rumors of talks between Villa Somalia and Hargeisa are swirling around.
  6. When things are faltering HSM run off to somewhere.
  7. They are at war with every region they share a border with. And their elites in Addis Ababa are robbing the country blind.
  8. It is quickly turning into an ethnic war. Against the government's hopes, the Fano is here to stay and it has on-the-ground support. The alliance has long died. Abiy is openly turning this into Amharas vs., Oromo, a very dangerous thing to do. The Oromo forces attacked Somalis today near Jigjiga today. They clearly think they can take on everybody though Somalis are an easy prey.