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  1. This made me both sad and angry. The Somali story is so tragic!
  2. DoctorKenney;986187 wrote: Apophis, what's wrong with you? What gave you such strange viewpoints? I know several divorced women who work part-time or full-time jobs while at the same time raising their little kids. It's not like they're struggling to survive, but yes having a husband in their life would make things much easier. But they don't "need" anyone. Sometimes having a husband, especially a traditional "feed me, pamper me, me, me, me kind of Faarax' is like adding another child to the mix. haha. Good luck to the sister, seems like she has a challenging family to deal with..!
  3. Rahima;984704 wrote: Let's hope he benefits all Somalis and not just the qaraabo. Ameen, Inshaallah! Congrats to Abdi...
  4. Classified, why do you laugh at Rahimas' comment?
  5. Tallaabo;983451 wrote: Lol you are crazy lot, LEAVE THE KONFURIANS ALONE . Usheeg these embarrasing trolls! Somalia or in their words "Konfuria" wax loo saaray. Uf!
  6. Rahima;983245 wrote: Here in Australia, the Somalis are buying homes with cash. Half a million dollar homes, how? Trying to figure it out. I'd like to be in on their secret...?
  7. ^You raise a good point re - leaving assets for your children, that' very important for me personally. I do think that you don't neccessarily have to stay put if you buy property, one can move around for better work/ lifestyle opportunities but still invest in property. As for Islamic finance.. There are two main approaches, 1- the bank will buy your property of choice but it will belong to the bank initially, you pay instalments which includes rent (as the bank is your landlord) and payment towards the house , the banks ownership of the property decreases over time until you owe the property out right, it's like those 'rent to buy' schemes. The second approach is based on the basic trade principle, the bank buys the property and sells it you at a higher price which you repay over an agreed period of time. Profits and losses on the property are shared equally. - You can read more about Islamic finance here...
  8. ^You raise a valid point with regards to those who are not convicted or found guilty of the crime but how about the cases where they are convicted? Would you be okay with that? Oday Somali (and most nomads) seem to be objecting to the thread because "it makes Somalis look bad". Every nation and community has it's criminals, we don't have to carry their burden of other peoples mistakes. Also, contrary to some arguments as regards to airing peoples 'sins', the hadith is concerned with small sins, our deen actually requires that society publicly addresses criminal activity, this serves to warn others and encourage open discussion on immorality.
  9. ^Haha, I'm glad that I'm not alone. Marka horeba faduul baa heesaha bandiriga ii geysay, Allah maxaa iga qabsaday lol.. now I resfuse to sing it without a translation.
  10. ^Oh.. that's what it means lol. Thanks.
  11. ^Interesting perspective, it explains why serious crime goes unreported in mainstream Somali media.
  12. ^Ditto.. I thought this was going to be on Somali men in (Hollywood) movies. *yawn*
  13. Alla ilehe nahdii baa idinka dhamaatay.. bal sidan isu dhaama. LOL. Salaams to all - hope you've had a nice Eid.
  14. Che -Guevara;982181 wrote: Dear Blessed, wax la walaaqaayo majiro. There is a culprit! Salaams Che Saalax wuu bilaabay but hadii aan loo walaaqin awooyaal dhintey iyo qarniyo hore laiskuma cayeen. My point is, the title and the content are so far apart.
  15. Horta $250 milka yaa bixinaya? Ma rabo in aan sidii kuwii riwayada lacag aan jirin dadka isu qabsano