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  1. this a question i always wanted 2 know does anyone on this site fully somali belive that they dont look somali? whether its a personal belief or comments made by ppl just say so and what country do u look like u come from?. i personally use to think i looked somali until when i reached a certain age(teenage) i was doubted by many people including somalis. british people that havent travelled say i am asian (suprise suprise any muslim wearing a scarf is asian)and for those that travel say i look like like an arab. i even had a argument with an asian man.i screamed 'i am not asian' and he was like yesss u rrr. i got a headache truthfully. many arabs say i look like an arab (black arab)how many arabs i told i dont understand their language god knows.hehehe then theirs the whole mixed race issue. and last of all my people i remember they always use to speak to me in english and i found it intimidating then i found out why. people always are shocked when i tell them.and then they say 'oh my god' u dont look like it. anyways the whole point of this topic r u proud that u look somali or different?. i am happy with my self because the tend to b many somali girls that tend to say the snide comments. and the look on their face when they find out somali is golrious. hehehehe ppl reply
  2. yes you are right....but i neva do anythin beyond talkin and neither do they r respectable muslim brothers . i recognise how precious my body is to me....and even talkin is seen as wrong(in lonely places) i do happen to b aware of my religion and try to practise it with the best of my ability. i pray 5x a day and try 2 attend friday prayer and i neva missed one day of ramdan on purpose.but there does come a time when i will have to get married and i will like to have the choice to find myself husband because no one understands my needs but me. so plz haddad do not pre-judge others so hastly as u did 2 me because i found it quiet upsetting to be labelled as a 'wrong-doer' . but thank you anwaysfor contributing and continue preaching
  3. hey guy and gals..im new here i didn wanna jus pop up frm no where na'mean..i would like to be recognised if its not to much to ask. so i like to get 2 know u n all. anways since im on the women section i'll to say hi 2 the gals and state my problem guys feel free to join in too.errmm basically i am having troubles in my personal life(love)4 guys are interested in me and i dont know which 2 choose. one i use to go out stated he loves me but i recently found out his heart was set on other gal,his friend has feelings for me. and the third guy was introduced to me by my friend and the fourth i got 2 know him on the internet. i dont want 2 string these guys along because 3 will get hurt in the process not just 1. i dont wanna be a pimpette like my friend who has many options available that some girls go out b/fless becoz of her. u'll probably tell me 2 choose the 1 i've known the longest but i cant becoz he lies and his also has a temper. i dont knw wat i feel at the moment i am all confused. if i do get it together should i go along with my heart or brain? thnks for reading