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  1. Originally posted by SeeKer: Brother Boonaa representing with a that starts of as one thing and ends up surprising the listener. Mashallah talented individual. Definitely talented, Masha'Allah. I love this one...
  2. Wow, nice turn out in Oslo! Thanks for sharing these pics, I enjoyed viewing them. Why can't we do such a nicely organized gathering in outdoors like that here in Toronto? I think we'd have more people involved that way.
  3. Allaha u naxariisto walaasheen, sabar iyo imaane ehelkeeda ka siiyo. Somalis! It's too bad this story was brought to SOL too. I've been hearing about this story for the last few days and it seems like people are preoccupied with the sister's lifestyle. We do not need to be debating why she was with with a cadaan man, and we don't know whether he was Muslim or not so let's not make assumptions. All the sister needs from us now is du'a. Hadalka iyo muranka badan naga dhaafa ee ducada badiya.
  4. Originally posted by chubacka: why are somali men always more pro marriage than women? I think they get more out of it. Looool! I swear I've thought of that too. I think you're right, there's more in it for them. For women, the gain is only in pounds of fat. Dhibaato!
  5. Iffah

    Moving for Love

    ^Right. You know markay islaamaha maqlaan gabar guur iyo furitaan ka walwaleeyso waxaay dhahaan nin maxuu yahay? Laba lee laga dhalaa horaa looga sii socdaa
  6. Lol@Choc. Faarax, I don't know about that. I think for women, it's the older one's who are into phones & sheeko.
  7. Iffah

    Moving for Love

    Waxaan anaga cabaadnabo, wixii u qoron waay dhacaayaan. I don't understand why us girls are so quick to bring forth stories of evil men who've wronged a woman anytime a girl asks for marriage/men advice. I'm guilty of this too sometimes, laakiin we can't base our decisions on what transpired between a Somali couple somewhere in the Somali diaspora. Ilaahay talo saarto and the take the chance nooh. Hadeey talada xumaatane, Ilaahay aa raxma badan oo noo baneeyay furitaan.
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    Duca Please

    Allaha caafimad siiyo, dhambigeedane cafiyo.
  9. Iffah

    Moving for Love

    ^ Lol. That's a possibility, but he can also continue to exceed her expectations marka gabadha ka sii cabsiinin. If he turns for the worst, she can always pack up and return home. She sounds like someone who can fend for herself. Jurnee, I'm with Juxa on this, take the chance! But most importantly ask Allah for guidance, pray istikhara.
  10. Originally posted by Tagsiile: LOL I'm kinda getting a kick out of reading these posts. Okay, CC, obviously different people have different ideas on what poking means, but I won't explain them to you, I'll just let the Facebook groups speak for themselves...... Opinion #1 Opinion #2 Opinion #3 And while you're at it, why not join my useless group? Lol! That's ridiculous. I never really understood the purpose of this feature, I guess now I know.
  11. lol, but it doesn't look like I will be getting # 3 anytime soon as I have to put more time into that above mentioned place in # 1 after finishing #2 (due to a guilty conscious)... Ok, I'm now confusing myself with all these numbers. I'll be counting numbers in my sleep too I'm sure. I hate statistics!
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    JB, that's a easy request. And here it is SAADO ... CLICK # 6
  13. Post count over a 1000?
  14. That's what I was hoping to hear... I feel guilty as I got #1 so I can do #2 and eventually get # 3... I'm terrible!!
  15. ^^ I don't know about the rest of the menu as I only like their chicken legs anyway, and I think I can live without them too.