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  1. loooooool@the only effective way I can catch her like malaay rageedi, let me tell you something sxb, as long as you don't play with people's feelings you're okay. it's a very complicated situation, be very careful about what you say and how you treat them before and after you get what you're after. honesty is the key.
  2. what are you confused about ninyahow?, dee wish her happy birthday. :}
  3. J.LEE ! 3/21/07 so did you make a wish? -Secret Admirer
  4. you can't say someone is mad until the sh!t hits the roof and the person gets physical and/or verbuly abusive. everything else is just being weird/odd/strange or whatever you want to call it.
  5. well, let me give you an example. the other day, the pope was allowed to pray in a mosque in Turkey, what does that mean? how come the people of his faith were not heard of protesting it? was it out of respect? of course! it doesn't mean deep down he's a believer, does it?
  6. no. no. NO! i'm not saying the koran is just a book. you're right, that WOULD be an ubsurd thing to say. the Bible! i'm talking about the BIBLE! if you don't believe in it, why should it bother you? it's just a book to you, right?
  7. maybe you are. b/c i'm not upset. i have no reason to be.
  8. you said it yourself. "it's just a BOOK!"
  9. no, seriously, if it makes any difference, first he should take the oath on the koran, and then out of respect for the house and the people who support him, he should take it on the bible. i'm not sure what the fuss is all about.
  10. i understand what you're saying, but remember, you don't want to annoy anyone with your lectures, just tell them once, and let them decide what they do. oneday, they'll understand.