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  1. Juje, dude, weligood Jihaad haku waashaan. Let's see how long these self-righteous anarchists can survive.
  2. General Duke is by far the most gentlemanly and level-headed person on the politics forum. I should also add that he is the most consistent. I often chuckle when I read posts addressed to him. Almost 90% are insults or accusations. The man brushes them off with incredible civility and continues with the conversation. Hats off, dude.
  3. RedSea: This is your opinion (baseless, of course). Let me summarize 1. Dead TFG soldiers= Hell Fire 2. Dead ICU= Paradise Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I personally think you are a ********* headed for Hell. But then again, it's just an opinion. You are entitled to yours. I am entitled to mine. Anyways, prepare to see more ICU and TFG Bakhti in the coming days. I can care less about either. Even though I would prefer the TFG to come on top at the end. Individual soldiers from both sides are bugs or paws, if you will. _______________ War hala afdhowro. [ December 23, 2006, 12:08 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  4. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Rag baad is haysaan ee ama iska celi sidii raggeedu yeeli jirey ama iska aamu.lol. There is no toddlers in Bamdiiradley! There are however sword-rattling shabaabs who are ready to face the xabashi army. Rag baad is haysaan? Iska celi? LOL. Qofna isma hayno, oday. If you mean iska celi in terms of dood, then I think my objection in question cannot be overruled. No Religion, No God, No Moral system can encourage the military exploilation of children. How's that for iska celid? It's called taking the moral high-gound. Of course, your blind love for anything ICU blinds you from their blunders. No amount of pictures of adolescents, no amount of verified news about conscripting young students will convince you. Dude, horta, boos miyee kuu balan qaadeen, if they win? You haven't so much as criticised them, not even once.
  5. The courts were ready, huh? How many more toddlers and teenagers did they snatch out of the hands of their mothers?
  6. Red Sea, you should join the Jihad ASAP. _________________ Baliis, respect meyda Soomaaliyeed. [ December 23, 2006, 12:05 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  7. ^^ That's what I want to hear. I hope Aweys, reckless fool, says the same thing. LOL.
  8. Pi


    It's funny how people on this forum are going under false names like Habashi and Oromia. We all know you're both Somalis. You have your tribal interests at heart. That's normal.
  9. Who the hell is asking for a ceasefire? Bloody wusses. I hope and pray the ICU refuses any ceasefire and continues to fight. The Jihad is only half begun.
  10. Not bad. Decent Buraanbur. Paragon, dude, why not contribute to the ICU's cause in a more tangible way? We've all seen the putative pictures of the adolescents in arms. The ICU can seriously use a a few arms to carry their Kalashnikov's. You probably can't go to the front lines because of extenuating circumstances (logistical problems?). Anyway, there aint no better way of going to Jihaad, and then ascending to Janna while singing some good ole buraanbur. Maybe the angels will join in on the chorus.
  11. ^^ The dust will settle within the coming days and weeks. Until then, everyone has the luxury of comforting themselves with all sorts of delusions.
  12. MMI: Easy with the calaacal iyo qiiro jabaan. You're a grown man. Most Somalis are wicked. I believe they deserve to die anyways. Let the fittest survive. The less fit side should be crushed, whoever the hell it happens to be.
  13. ^^ So after they run out of adolescents, they will send in the toddlers brigade and the elite female platoon? This is utterly despicable! Generaalka, is it true some ICU forces are headed towards Banaadirely to start another pointless battle?
  14. General Duke, where are the prisoners? All I can see are three teenagers. One of the teenagers is strangely smiling. Is this the best picture the dumb reporter could get after a whole day of fighting? How useless. :mad: Where are the pictures of those so-called 17 technicals.
  15. The ICU gets too much credit. It's hilarious at times. They're commended because they were able to remove road blocks, open the airports and seaports, bring the city under one administration. They finally managed to do this after 16 yrs. Somaliland was able to do this 1991. Puntland was able to do this 1997. It's kinda similar to a first-grader (ICU) bragging about passing grade one, while his cohorts are in high school (Somaliland and Puntland). I think the ICU should be complimented and admonished. Compliment: Good Job for bringing order to the city. Admonsihment: Don't let it get to your head. You are pretty slow. What you managed to do today, was done by your contemporaries decades ago.
  16. Right. The remnants of same militia who savagely pillaged and ransacked the city and the civillians during the Somali Civil war are now coming to "liberate" the people. Good luck.
  17. Paragon, I was speaking in the future tense. They have not been(as of yet) invited into the actual theater of war, as far as I know or can discern. It's just that, after viewing those demos, I got the dreadful impression that they would be invited, when the war starts in earnest, or when push comes to shove. Many radically extremist groups have been known to clutch at similar straws. For their sake, I hope I am mistaken and you are not.
  18. HornAfrique, I think xiin always mention the defeat of Barre to get you all worked up. Waa imtixaan.
  19. ^^Okie Dokie. That's assuring. The mothers and toddlers won't be digging trenches or hopping on technicals. Somali Women who support either side of this conflict have every right to voice their concerns. But they shouldn't be invited into the theaters of war.
  20. Call me senseless or immoral, but I'm personally tired of this pointless back-and-forth diplomacy between TFG/Ethiopia and the ICU/Ereteria (and their arabic supporters.). Get it over with. Spill blood. Let there be one decisive winner. End of story.
  21. ^^ Dude, I love the usage of high-sounding words (existential, luck egalitariansim) that have no relevance. LOL. But I asked others on this forum before: does the ICU need mothers and their toddlers to act as foot soldiers? I thought, and still think, that the ICU has enough grown men to fight. Why, then, drag along poor women and children? Let's just hope the mothers and their toddlers are only there to boost the morale of the fighters in the ICU.
  22. I don't think ugly is the correct word to describe women and children sporting Kalashnikovs. Women and children of a state-less, impoverished and illiterate country called Somalia, no less. It's more appropriate to call them (and their teachers) disgusting and repulsive. The rest of the pictures were cute though-- the little children studying at the dugsi, and the community working together. But those pictures were overshadowed by the barbarian (Indha Cadde), and the barbarism displayed by the bamboozled women and toddlers. I have one question though. It's a serious question. Is the ICU so desperately in need of foot soldiers that they have to recruit women and toddlers? :confused:
  23. If he doesnt pray, he's a KAFIR. If he prays, he's a MUNAAFIQ. Coming from people who know nothing about Islam in general or fiqh in particular.