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  1. ^^ Wonders never cease. She calls herself mystic. She argues for the ICU. And now she claims to be an atheist? I guess Einstein was right when he said that human ignorance was "infinite". :rolleyes:
  2. Pi

    Amaan Dumar

    ^^Lily, it's either one of those obsolete words, or a word that was stolen from arabic. Dunno which. That's what somali poetry is pretty much. The only time I read somali poetry is when someone posts it on somali forum: SOL, Somali Life, Snet, or where ever. It's mostly gibberish, tribal insults, misogynist BS, etc.
  3. [QB}Originally posted by MKA Yoonis: Hey Brown don't ever insult or mock our honoured and elevated Garaad... as he's not from Guriceel! The Garaad is a prestigous, esteemed and honoured person, that has the respect of his constituents and contingents so please refrain from insulting the noble Garaad as he's not a beggar from dhuusamareeb ![/QB] Is that where Brown is from? LOL. Dude, even the people of Guriceel and Dhuusomareeb know the prestige of somali clan leaders. No need to teach them reverence for a Garaad, Boqor, or Suldaan. Some people from Mudug and parts of galmudug region used to sing:- Ninka sarta saaran Suldaan Cali waaye Ninka dhulka jooga addoonkiisa waaye
  4. Nice pics, dude. I salute the patriots.
  5. Hornafrique, dude, alot of people in the politics section baa cuqdadaysan oo xanuunsan. Xoogsade is no different. But he does display a more cancerous form of tribalism. Even clannism has degrees. The politics section is good for one thing. It reveals the inferiority complex and pyschological ineptitude that many people have. You'd never know this by reading what someone posts in the women's section or general section. Maxaan dad kala bartay. LOL
  6. Mujahid SNM, I think the english orphans, Somalilanders, are also organizing something today. The topics they will cover includes: the history of their english masters, and how they long for the British to come back. The conference will be concluded with some classic victimhood of sobbing, and of wailing over what happened during Siyaad Barre's Regime.
  7. Shucks! Looks like I'm gonna miss it. It's a good way to spend an evening. Hopefully, those who go will take pics, so we can get a glimpse of the event.
  8. Socod Badne, oh, come on, of course it's relevant and germane. Your support for the ICU is akin to the support of Ku Klux Klan for the civil rights movement.
  9. Brown, horta yaa cayda laga iibiyaa? You're so liberal in your insults, as if others can't engage in more vulgar insults. Can you ever discuss issues without being so vulgar. Let's give the moderators and Admin an easy time by debating like mature people.
  10. ^^ Thank you for stating the obvious. Did you know brown is a type of color? He is the one highest ranking ICU officials. He was fond of holding press conferences before for trivial purposes. The least he can do now is hold a press conference to condemn this heinous American bombardment. Reporters have been trying to get to him. But the American security guards were keeping him sealed off from public. I wonder why?
  11. Mystic, Sheikh Sharif hasnt condemned the previous bombings by the Americans. He has not condemned the current bombings. What if he continues his silence. Would you call him a coward or covert agent? Take your pick.
  12. ^^ I think xiin would rather have Geedi don the red-and-white Cimaamad that Indha Cadde and Aweys were fond of wearing.
  13. NGONGE, dude, I think you're cutting her way too much slack. Again, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. I don't think her logic is so wanting that she thinks patrolling streets and physically detaining suspects is any more permissible than shaking a man's hand. I refuse to think she's that D-U-M-B. Besides, it's easy to always blame things on the Muslim-haters, the others. All Muslims have the it's-their-fault syndrome. Actually, even I find it soothing to blame Muslim haters and Jews for all the dumb things Muslims get themselves into. It's tempting and satisfying, but I know it's not always true.
  14. At first, I thought this lady was a retard. You know, a real, honest-to-goodness retard. I seriously don't mean this in a belittling way. I realized though that she couldn't be a retard. She graduated high school, went to a police academy, and the whole works. She has some amount of intelligence. So, why would she choose a line of work that involves arresting people, detaining people (physically, if need be), patrolling streets etc. By the way, the rule of law that she has to enforece is that of Man. I know she knew she wouldn't be using shariah law. Again, she can't be that dumb. But surprise, surprise, she feels the need to highlight the fact that shaking the hand of a male officer against her religion, as if it was the only thing against her religion. Does she really plan on working as an officer. Will she always invoke religion when she has to carry out the job she voluntarily chose? Oh, I think I see where she's going with this. She plans to get paid and not work. After all, her job is against her religion? Maybe she plans on getting fired, then suing the Police Department for religious discrimination. I hope they fire and humiliate this devilish, publicity-seeking snake. LOL. She really got under my skin.
  15. xiin, faras xiiqsan iga dheh. Like I said, I think it's too early to read the stars. I'll reserve my comments till Sh. Shariif plays his cards. But if the somali rumor mill is anything to go by, the chorus is: Sir baa laga hayaa iyo, sawiro waaweyne
  16. How long was Sh. Shareef in bed with the Americans? I guess it's still too early to tell. But we'll see what his official press release brings.
  17. I think CHE is better off taking ESL classes or reading basic grammar books than politicking on SOL. Just a thought. LOL.
  18. Brown, ppl are discussing a serious matter: Islam. What takes a person out of its folds. What scholars have said about sects. What the nature of Nifaq is. The proofs from the quran and sunnah for this. When takfir can be done etc. Other than quoting a personal comment directed at Paragon, do you have anything of substance to add? Dude, it's easy, just learn your deen, this way you wont feel left out of religious discussions. What do you know about takfir? What proofs do you have?
  19. xiin, do you think salafiyyah is certainly the one saved sect? A simple yes or no would do.
  20. ^^ Paragon: I see you don't have the Abu prefix anymore. I think you'll be less hostile this time. LOL. Okay, before I talk about the issues, let me briefly address one thing. I think you should drop this friend/foe, us vs them, and other combative dichotomies. Let's discuss the message, not the messengers. MKA Yonis is neither a friend nor a foe anymore than you are. Dude, don't make it seem like I'm defending a "friend". That's childish. I'm sure you agree. Back to the message. It's one thing to say that a certain ideology is antithetical to Islam. For instance, someone who ascribes to Islam yet thinks that the Quran is distorted, or someone who rejects everything and anything the prophet said. Anyways, I adopt the blame the sin, not the sinner approach, unless it show beyond a reasonable doubt that the person understands what he/she is saying. Whether this can be shown is a different question. Actually, I skipped over his blanket takfir of everyone. And I think it's a salafi tendency to think that way- not all salafis, but some. For the record, I don't agree with him on that. I would attribute that some emotional imbalance as well. Not much different from Rahima's emotional response. xiin, it's one thing to say that a certain action is that of hypocrites, but it's a different thing to say that so-and-so is a hypocrite.
  21. Brown, dude, I think you suffer from lack of comprehension too. It's true. You never said that Yemen was unimportant I also never said that Yemen was the most powerful and influential country around. So where did you get that from? Besides, there's no need to change this into another one of those emotionally charged threads. The Yemeni Embassy will be the first Embassy to be opened in the capital in 16 yrs. Don't be surprised if you see more countries developing explicit diplomatic ties with the government of Somalia.
  22. ^ I'm not sure if it's the semi-annoying way of explaining things that MKA Yonis has, or the exclamations marks, but his point is one that cannot be denied. The word Munafiq rolls off easily from the tongue of a lot of ignorant SOLers. And more recently, the word Gaal. As far as calling some a Kafir goes, only the scholars can issue such a judgement, because it requires a little more than reading two verses or hadeeths. As far as calling some a Munafiq goes, even the scholars (as they said) can't call someone this. Because in order to know that someone is a munafiq, you would have to have access to his inner state. Only Allah as access to that domain. My advice to MKA Yonis: Dude, leave those under emotional duress alone, seriously.
  23. Hmmm... I've been scratching my head. First it was Indha Cadde. Now, Sheikh Shariif. Talk about classical espionage. :confused: