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  1. Somalia has the best chance of in years for peace? Uh Oh. This will make certain groups uncomfortable and unhappy. **anarchists**: Somalia is occupied. Ethiopians are raping everyone. Now the Uganadans are going to join the rape fest. The Government caused this. We have to always destroy all governments. Keep up the good fight. Na'mean. **secessionists**: That's right bro. Keep up the Jihad. Bomb the dirty Ethiopians wherever you see them. If you let this government succeed, you (erm we) will be doomed. Everytime the Tigree come to the Berbera port we throw tomatoes at their soldiers. We will keep fighting them. Dahir Riyaale, on his trip to Addis, congratulated Melez only because he didn't have any tomates to throw at him. Don't worry. We'll make sure he doesn't leave without ripe tomatoes next time he leaves Hargaysa. We promise you that. Just make sure the government falls apart and violence increases. Ok? Cool. Both groups will need to go for their annual check ups early this year. Alot of people are bound to have high blood pressures and heart attacks.
  2. I see Sheikh BumBum aka Khayr is back to his old ways again. Twisted things with a dose of religion. Old habits die hard.
  3. Jimcaale, duqa, these goals are not idealistic and impossible as it might seem to some. These are tangible goals and within reach. Whether there's a rosy end to all of this or not is all due to Qadr, I guess. But the cards seem to be order. If the last remnants of the anarachists are eliminated or pacified, the parliment will move to Mogadishu. The AU forces are going to be here any day now. The last remaining Tigree allies of the TFG will leave once security has been achieved and the National Somali forces are trained. Sound like a tale from Lala land? Don't bet on it, dude.
  4. The old warrior is a kind of Messiah to Somalia. All of Somalia (except the secessionts up North) is under one unified government since 16 yrs. African forces are on thier way. Somalia will once again build a huge military army that will uphold the rule of law. No tribe will feel left out. Everyone is represented. If he fully succeeds in delivering Somalis from the aftermath of the civil war, how can you not call him the Messiah?
  5. Khalaf, don't be too surprised dude. Anyone who makes the smallest criticism against the ICU is a munaafaq and gaal. Let the self-righteous, real jaahils cry themselves to sleep.
  6. SYL, do you know that the founding members of the SYL did not contain a single terrorist or anarchist. And here you are calling for further destablization of the capital. Even some of the SYL members who are alive today would look at with contempt. Besides, if you dowlad-diid folks are so brave, why not fight the Government Forces and their Tigre allies head-on? Or did they teach you an unforgettable lesson in Iidaale and Diinsoor. The dawlad-diids were slaughtered like pigs when they came to the open battle feild, so they resort to hiding behind children and women.
  7. ^^LOL. Hilarious stuff. I can't help but laugh like hell when I see these kinds of dhikrs. Here are more Dhikrs of Somalis with a arab DJ called Dandawi I think. My favourite.
  8. Ana Juwa, dude, it's very simple. It's one of the most basic laws of the universe. For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction- Physics 101. Funny thing is I never try to be personal. But once someone gets personal and jumps into the gutter, I follow them right in. Dude, one person said that the people of Mudug are primitive (run naked) and unislamic. Another person replied, that the people of Hargaysa are promiscuous and unislamic. Tit-for-tat, is the rule of the game. It's bad for the forum, I agree. But what can you do when some ciyaal would rather attack you personally, rather than addrress the topic of the thread. Ana Juwa, either be objective, or save me the calaacal.
  9. Yes. Trying to bring Law and Order to these parts of Somalia after 16 yrs of anarchy is an occupation. Anarchists see all and any kind of government as an occupation. Kudos to our Nigerian Muslim brothers.
  10. Bilaal, dude, I wrote exactly what I meant. I said it was sad and unfortunate. These anarachists and terrorists don't have the balls to fight in an open feild. Why must they hide under the googarad of women and kids? Tell me. Where is all the Bravado? Where is all the bravery? Did it boil down to running and hiding as soon as they throw something? If they throw a few bombs and then hide like chickens among children and women, they are actually asking for the civillians to be killed. I hope the Government and their allies exercise caution. As long as the terrorists continue their cowardice, civillians will die. Hopefully, the terrorists and anarachists will die before too many civillian lives are claimed.
  11. The perpetrators and the criminals will be brought to justice. Nothing short of a public hanging for those who committed this cowardice act.
  12. The perpetrators and the criminals will be brought to justice. Nothing short of a public hanging for those who committed this cowardice act.
  13. The perpetrators and the criminals will be brought to justice. Nothing short of a public hanging for those who committed this cowardice act.
  14. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result- Albert Einstein.
  15. ************************** ______________________ We warned you before, before that and before that. If you do not stop this blatant insult to the members of this forum, your privilege will be suspended. This is the admonition and digniin. [ February 23, 2007, 02:35 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  16. ^^The old man is unfortunately still writing the same run-on sentences, comma splices, misplaced modifiers, lack of verb-tense agreement, and lack of verb-subject agreement. Ingriiska haba ku ciyaaree, wax naf leh muu sheego. LOL From now on, I'll edit his posts. I'll see if he can explain away more than twenty egregrious grammatical mistakes.
  17. New SYL kulaha. Some of the members of the real and original SYL are alive and they support the TFG. The "new SYL" is trying to steal and defecate on the name of the former dynasty. Maskiin , it's a sad and unfortutante outcome, but this will continue as long as the anarchists and terrorists are alive.
  18. ********* ciil ayuu u dhiman. LOL. I know the old man likes Somali poetry, so I'll throw two verses of Cabdi Galayax's poem I read on Somalinet a while back. Gob nimaan ka dhalan ciil waysaga gaboobaaye ******* iska gawrac mooyee, guul ku faan malehe :cool: Even if you beat *******, it's not a worthy victory. No one brags about killing a fly. LOL [ February 21, 2007, 02:56 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  19. ^^ Dude, join Abu Paragon and retire from the politics.
  20. ^^ The TFG is making strides even though some terrorists and anarachists are trying to disrupt the order. Just like Allah gave victory at iidaale and diinsoor, he will finish off the rest of these pests. Allah's sunna doesn't change.
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    Hmm, how do they create artificial islands. It must be a long process that requires alot of maintenence.
  22. ******************** [ February 20, 2007, 03:39 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  23. Shucayb, anarchists can be intrepreted as a diss. But do you intrepret secessionsit as a diss? It just means those who want to break off and secede. It's a political stance, not a diss. Whether it is good for Somalia or not is a different discussion, but there's nothing insulting about it.
  24. Yo, NGONGE, you have to feed SOL kids slowly. Speaking about feeding, I was feeding my baby niece yesterday with that disgusting baby food paste. Yes, I tasted it, but that's not the point. I would put a spoonful into her mouth, and then instantly follow up with another spoonful. Apparently, once you give a baby a spoonful, you have to do it slowly, and wait to see if the little bugger spits anything out. It's laborious and takes a long time, but it's the only way to get them to eat it. LOL. I think you should apply the same rule when it comes to feeding (teaching) SOL toddlers. Slowly. One spoon at a time.