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  1. How about not taking any sides or playing games with Somali lives.
  2. What about watermaal revolt which lasted as long as the daraawish movement? Their history has been over looked.
  3. Somaliland is doing ok, but not great. All this foreign sweet talk does is over inflate our ego and make us blind to the reality. Somaliland has long ways to go, so let's get focused(:
  4. Watermaal waa ku sax san yihiin in ay wax iska celiyaan. Hore ayaa Cumar arte iyo Ina Cigaal ba uGu digeen, laakin manta ay wax garteen.
  5. Lots of familiar faces. I notice some Oromo guys in there as well. Minor crimes like possession of garaabo, but Murder? That is a shame.
  6. Stafferz you aren't Canadian unless you have wrestled a Bear. But yeah Canada is pretty awesome. Nice clean lakes, snow capped mountains, and land of my favorite sport, Hockey.
  7. The Somali Federal government condemned it. Also, the Imam's of the biggest Masjid in Minnesota(abubakar Assidque) came out and condemn it. What more do you want the Somali community to do?
  8. Hobbesian_Brute;979232 wrote: :D Haye, your still tryna be a lickspittle for this woman, even after alpha's infamous Qarxis job on you :cool:. wali maadan quusan yaah. ninyow and go look for a walking tent to douse your insatiable sexual desires. this is one a liberal feminist and i don't think she welcomes your sly moves to seduce her. xishoodka eebow hanaga qaadin . :confused:
  9. kickz;979224 wrote: Just how weak is Kenya to be held up for 3 days by a couple of teenagers with pistols.. Bunch of cowards they are.
  10. In the long run, I hope we come up with something that has more value that can be carried in our wallet.
  11. Tilmook, Hada ka hor ayaa nin xoola dhaqato ah keenay xoolihiisi Zeylada Hargeysa si looga iibsado. Markaa halka uu ka filayey in lasiiyo lacag tiro bad oo Shilling Soomaali ah ayaa waxaa la siiyey in laba jeer ka yar intuu filayey oo Somaliland Shillings ah. Kolkaa wuu yaabay. Markii uu ku laabtay rerkiisii ayaa wuxu ku yidhi xoolihii wax badan la igama siin sababtoo ah 'markaa aan koob shaaha cabo, Ina Cigaalna mid ayuu cabi". It means the SL shilling is worth twice as much as the old Somali shilling. It's double the value and essentially stronger against the dollar. Downside is it's only accepted in SL. The upside, it's not as compromised as the old Shilling Soomali which has been subject to money laundering. As for being interchangeable, in Erigavo they are. That is why Somaliland is attempting to get rid of, and make SL shiling sole currency there like they did in burco.
  12. Thanks saxib. I hope everybody isn't like me. I have had my moments.