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  1. Originally posted by J B: Ahura, i coulden´t agree more , it´s just that it´ll cost and the price tag is not shy one, The naturally presuassive scientific health arguments are robust , even the theological ones, but then the msg is best carried by or deleivered through the same instrument that helped it get there in the first place, Price = run over the meek Mullah and use diffrent but highly resistant instrument or pay the price by way of delayed gratification. I wanna know how many scholars in Somalia give Fatwas saying that this practice is Haram? Are there even any?
  2. I am often told that there are more females in Hell than there are men. Every way you look at it, the odds are against you if you're a female. Wicked, wicked world. Personal note: Being a male so far hasnt done me any good either. Hope that changes.
  3. Amelia, I think both xiinfaniin and Xoogsade have raised germane points in different ways. Now, let's see a point for point rebuttle. Otherwise, roll over in agreement. It's hard to resist the temptation of one-liner dismissals, I know.
  4. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Bal hadda noo sheeg waxa habarta hab-hab-teeda ka danbeeya . I'm surely misunderstanding what this means and who it is directed to. :eek: My two cents: If this book is being published in english, it can have the negative effects Xiin alluded to, like ppl startin to think all Somali females have been sliced and diced. But isnt that the whole point of creating awareness? Any reasonable Somali gal (who escaped this practice) would swallow her pride and false sense of shame, if its gonna stop this monstrous practice, no? Alotta folks back home dont see this (FGM) as a problem at all. Many of us educated in the west cringe at its cruelty. So the author is just tryna shore up as much support as he can from the west. The change will ultimately IMO come from without (meaning from somalis outside of Somalia). I'm thinking that author wants to literally shame the Somalis in the west to action? He wants them to somehow influence their relatives/ppl they know etc about how messed up this is. Am I blowing hot air here? Why else would such a graphic book be published in a place where the problem is non-existent. It's all about evocation methinks. And it just might work, ya never know.
  5. Pi

    Interview with Nur

    Yo, the Shaykh is grinning. Now that's a first. A man on a sacred mission, keep it up, dude. I got one more question for you, dude. Umm, from all your years on cyber discussion and debates (from somalinet to SOL to any other forums) which ones are the most memorable and enlightening?
  6. loOl@ Ilko Jiir. What happened to all the Dentists in Ottawa? Dude, I wanna know too, is that what he is really called. You know, I'm just trying to "audiolize" this: Yo, Adeer Ilko-Jiir (Rat Teeth) I need your help.
  7. SB, dude, think your ideas through really. You cant even seem to get your defintions straight. And once you dont even know what the words you are talking about really mean, you just draw yawns and sighs.
  8. Pi

    please explain

    Do you really need a Qaadi? That's not what I've been told. As long as all the other requirements are met, islamically the marriage is valid. Or do I have it all wrong?
  9. You almost laughed? Well, I tried...lol. Look, I agree with you Hijab is more than a material that covers the head. Umm, pants are more than a material that cover your lower body too. But here's the thing, Devil's Advocate: when it comes to Hijab the material is a necessary (but not sufficient) part of the Hijab. Likewise, pants (or anything that covers the lower body) are a necessary (but not sufficient ) part of modesty (or even sanity). What you seem to be saying is that intention is all that is needed. I think intention, just like the material, is necessary but insufficent in itself. If intentions were all that is needed, I can throw away all my pants, and walk around butt-naked, and then claim that my intention of modesty (or my claim of sanity) is there. Ermmm, it just appears to be absent. Two elements must be found if the Hijab concept is to make any sense : intention and material. Either one by itself is a joke, really. Same for the pants. Please think before you respond.
  10. ^^looooool. Yo, that had me crackin. I have a confession to make: I wear pants. Even though I walk in public naked, my heart is well-covered. Right.
  11. Does that mean I'm dumb? P.S. Where can I find more of these questions. I am beginning to question my intelligence. I can't be good at math and be dumb at the same time.
  12. Pi

    The Fatherhood club

    So this is how long it takes from marriage to a baby in a carriage? Congrats Khayr.
  13. SB, dude, Hitler had a catholic upbringing. And he referred to himself as a Christian in more than one setting. This is not a disputed historical fact. Even though, most biographers and historians say that he was not a "practising" Catholic. Hitler still thought he was a devout christian.
  14. ^LOL. Yo, get out your fat American Heritage dictionary and try to find the linguistic meaning of the suffix lypso. It's a rare ruby. You'd be surprised how colorful and rich the etymology of Lypso actually is. You'll learn alot, I promise. P.S. I didnt call her Callypso, so you need to relax and stop playing cop.
  15. I sure did. By today's standards, cutting off limbs is and God did not decree the cutting of hands. Umm, so you're of the opinion Allah only meant for this particular rule to be applied in barbaric, reactionary societies, is that so, Nadellypso ? So, how much of the Quran was only meant for those simple societies; simple societies who employed barbaric measures. And how much is meant for us, oh-so-enlightened, modern socities, Nadellypso? P.S. By the way, what does 5:38-39 mean? Seriously, my arabic is non-existent, and I can hardly understand those archaic english translations. Help me out, will ya! P.P.S. SOL is becoming too predicatable.
  16. Looooooooooooooool. Even Hollywood cant produce this kinda comedy.
  17. Daanyeer:- After laying eyes on her, I gotta go on a strict fasting regiment.
  18. ^^The only response to pristine nonsense is aggression. I kinda agree.
  19. What lengths would you go to get that car. You wouldnt wanna know how far I'd go.
  20. May the deceased rest in peace!
  21. Pi


    Originally posted by codetalker: ^^ What do you and a ****** have in common? You fit in everywhere - even places you're not needed in. ^LOL. Look at this .... tryna talk smack for no reason. I just pointed out ... that this thread is not about Cadde Muuse or Siad Barre. Of course, like many others on the politics forum, you have pyschedleic pysche that compels you to whine, whinge, and cry foul about how this or that silly somali leader let you down! I guess this is one way for you to channel the emotional outburts of your despondent soul. *****, keep on talking *****, and I'll be forced to **** your mouth with *****. __________________ Aflagaadada jooji, baliis. [ March 10, 2006, 02:02: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  22. Pi


    Somalipride, psssst, your thread is ridiculously sloppy, dude! I think you should have posted that the article is about an airport being bulit in JIGJIGA (not Bosaaso), then you could've added a postscript, ya know. For example: P.S. Oh, in other news, there is going to be another airport, like it, built in Bosaaso. Or post an artilce about the airport being builit in BOSAASO, if there is any! Is that so hard? Damn it! And why go on a tirade about a dead dictator? Does everyone in the politics section have unending grevienances? Codetalker is whining about Cadde Muuse, you're crying about Siad Barre, but that's not what the thread is about? Is it? :confused: Oooouc! (Sheh, 2006)
  23. Stop accusing others? Save me the nonsense, dude. I just pointed out a curious similiarty between the writings of certain accounts. As you can see, one of them was confirmed. Codewalker and Yenceri are the same person; he just admitted to losing his password. So much for an accusation, eh? P.S. You should be the last person telling me not to accuse people. How hypocritical of you. Do you remember how you accused a certain member of grave wrongdoings in the public gallery, but you never supported your silly outburts. Again, put a sock in it, dude!