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  1. Good advice, I will take your sound counsel
  2. Ngonge we have scientific backing to skive, I urge you to FYI the Mrs
  4. Many thanks for all the links guys. Alpha cheers buddy if the links don't work I will take you up on your offer.
  5. Hello All Would anyone know where one can buy childrens Somali story books? Online or store Cheers T
  6. A case of paralysis by analysis, the man wants it but cant debate, he lost the tug of war because of two reasons, a) underestimated his opponent b) more importantly Obama is an awful debater, he can read a script and woe audiences with speeches, but a debater that is quick on his feet he is not. Samafal - Whats happening buddy, i was expecting your email and skype details, how is KSA.
  7. lool Mabrouk again chief, go to know you are still going strong. If goals are a measure of productivity my namesake would be at the helm of small clan in his career span.
  8. My deepest congratulation to the New President and Prime Minster, I hope them all the best in the tough months and years to come. There is a new order in Somalia, no more strong men and no more self entitlement, if one wants to be selected or elected one has to have general consensus amongst all spectrum of our society and prove their metal in policy and action.
  9. Chief Mabrouk, hope mother and baby are doing well. PS i thought you were out of ammunition
  10. Loooooool, I have to come out of the wood works for this one.
  11. Danguud seems like a very good program that champions transparency and free of nepotism, let’s hope they stay on course. The future looks bright
  12. JZK everyone for all the warm wishes.
  13. AUN and grant the Colonel Jannah. For all my dislike of Abdullahi Yusuf and his politics, I respected the man’s strength & conviction I wish his family my condolences during this difficult time. The last of the Old Guards.
  14. Greetings Gents sending you this message from Muthaiga Country Club in Nairobi, It is indeed a bundle of joy to see the Gunners have such a succesful form. I left the hotel lounge 20 minutes in the game againts Villa with full confidennce that we would win. Ngonge I am a trouble shooter in difficult times I am of no use when times are good.