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  1. MMA, saaxiib inaa ciyaal xamar sax tahay horaan u ogaa ... saaxiboow sigaale barmuudeey noqotay tii la ogaana waa ka dhacday , haddana sheekadda waxeey u socotaa towfiiq ....siigaale god eey ku taalay o dululub ah marka jdka maka al mukarama laga so dago ... caradeedana xoogaa inta kore duug. saa sheegtayna meelo kooban aa laga soo wiideeyn karaa towfiiq waa ka gedisan tahay..bacaad siman eey u badan tahay - mana la soo kornar-gareeyn karo ..intee ka bax ma ka dhaceeyso ...hadeerna dagaalkii tigreega ka dib,, dhufeeysyo iyo godad ilaa huriwaa is heeysta aa laga sameeyay.... waxaa kaloo isku xiran min gubudleey ilaa shiirkole - xamar kore waa xor.. xamarka hoose - kuwa villadda ku xareeysan dal barxadda wardhiigleey, 15 may, dalbile iyo xararyaale iyo xamar bile eeyba soo dhaafi waayeen...xasuuqa cali kamiin waxaa keenay ..xaruunta xisbigeey daris la tahay...calaa kuli xaal ..ninki dhoof ku yimid baa geeridu dhibeeysaa -- injirleeyda xooga ku timidaa geerida dhibeeysaa ..waqtigiis dhamaadyoo wuu dhaqaaqi doonaa... have faith in the fighters for freedom and liberation of our ..xaafaddo, xeryo and dal iyo dad iyo diin ....Somalia is for Somalis
  2. i bet this is the plan B for the buufis people of his *****iness ...
  3. his whole clannish dream (enterprise ) has been shattered by the boys from Shiirkole, buulo xuubeey and xararyaale....so his plan B is since Xamar is not like Boosaaso and not governable by Tigre Farts and Goons - qndhicileey , injirleey iyo ruufiyaamiinta qawaafay ..let us move the capital to a new city...let us build a city from a scratch...how you gonna do that? since we know from the inception days of this TIGRE FARTS AND GOONS, they have been roaming around and wandering around the world ..begging for few hand-outs...which they never even served one ...as our esteemed professor Samatar put it ...served a cup of water to a Somali child... this is shame...and shennanigan led by wiil shaati loo soo xiray...oo fanax dheer iyo oday aan fiyoobeen oo sixran...
  4. Duqdad guud - General Duke... Xuubsireedka la sheegaayo waa asagga ..yaab maahinoo meeshaan hadii qaraabo-kiil iyo habarteey habarteey wax la iskaaaga dhigi rabo...dadkaanoow taariiqda wax ma idin barto miyaa mana xishootiin miyaa?
  5. runta waxaa waaye ..mana rabo inaan dad soomaali ah iyo gobol eey ka yimaadeen wax ka sheego sida meeshaan dadka ma xishoodayaasha ah caadeeysteen , laakiin dawlad qabiil ku saleeysan oo qabqable madax u yahay ma shaqeeyneeyso qarankana laguma dhisi karo. Dhaqaalaha horumarkiisa waa in uu ahaadaa mid ka xor ah dawlad iyo faragelinteeda. Dadka u maleeyaanyo in Caasho Yuusuf, xaaska Meles Zenawi, dal iyo dad xor ah u xakameeyn karto...waxaa ka hishiin waxba ha iga siinina ...hadeeysan ka dhicin ....waxaan dhuuso u maleeyay aa xaar igu noqday..qaar badan oo hadda dabadda u kala haayo Tigreegana hadeeysan tuko cambaar leh noqon....
  6. Call me whatever and keep your short-sighted clan bashing tirades since that is all you uncivilised nomads care but for me, I am against the predatory government of your uncles and the likes, of warlords and thugs, of opportunists and clannish inspired neophytes. I am against the imposition of clannish enterprise. I am also against alien systems. free market is part of our culture and roots. Free market and free trade are indigneous to us and not some thing borrowed from any colonial powers...I am for Somali "Xeer" natural law complimented by the Shariah law. Our indigenous economic system is based on agricultural pastoralism and never there was any direct interference from any authority. the tenets of the Xeer and Shariah laws always maintained the free exchange of goods. Somalis are now dispersed all over the world, gaining skills and accumulating wealth. They ar venturing to distant lands in pursuit of ..you guessed it, trade..even our aunties are exporting and importing and raising fund pools to reach higher positions in the economic set-up. Hawala companies, telecommunication and the internet make it easier for these Somalis with skills and money to work togather. They have some well-planned profit sharing schemes. Trade and commerce should always be free and in the control of the private sector. We know if government comes into this picture, there will be limitations as already we witnessed in the middle of the recent Mogadishu massacre, business people voiced their anger and concern of Yeey's attemp to impose taxation, close ports and so on. The regime of state monopoly and control in the economy is going to bring its total collapse. A big government wants to control prices, the exchange rates, and other economic variables. These controls with other edicts from a punch of corrupt and greedy clique are intended usually to embezzle, accumulate and transfer large amounts of funds into the hands of few people of the same clan. Clan cheftains and clan enterprises don't think about for the totalitarian good of the nation. Instead of allocating the taxes collected for the development of infrastructure, they will use it to build up the military and buy old- soviet-made weaponry rotting in dilapitated warehouses. The government these defeatest leechers are envisioning is no different than the failed ones before. These cheerleaders are the offsprings of the vampire opportunists and embezzzlers who took advantage of the state vehicles for self-enrichment. with free market, commodities are affordable, food crisis which is now rampant could be eliminated in some regions and production could sky-rocket. business-minded Somalis know with free market and small government, they could invest in infrastructure necessary for economic development, build roads, clinics, wells, supply electricity, telecommnication, set up small and sustainable factories powered by solar panels and wind turbines to produce safe and distilled drinking water, milk and so on. we should never have corrupt and hegomonic state control and interference in the economy. It leads to failure. it is an opportunity for few to have illicit enrichment. for yeey and his clannish enterprise, inshallah, the Mujaahidiin will take care of its immediate demise. The invading hordes of the Tigre won't be able to sustain the occupation since they don't have the means and the might to curb the insurgency. Meles has been the de-facto Ethiopian dictator for more than 16 years now and his downfall is eminent. For Yeey, he is an lilly-livered, parkinson-incapaciated octogenerian, so i feel sorry for those who rely on such flimsy hullicinations for power. I have a very practical advice for the cheerleaders: Don't put all your eggs in one basket... before it is too late , diversify and change course....cos yeey's course is a minefield that is about to explode in your face... fuleeyoow guuli ku dhaweeydaa ... all is relative and none is absolute except ALLAH and his will.
  7. people who want to have or see a government of some sort established in Somalia are few parasites who thrive on nepotism and corruption. As we all aware of , most third world and african governments are led by incompetent men who call themselves leaders but in reality are clannish buffoons, opportunistic elitists, warlord thugs or authoritarian military men . They abuse power and accumulate wealth (the hand-outs from international donors) at the expenses of the suffering masses and then let thir cliques also benefit of this trickle-down embezzlement of public funds. Never in their mind crosses to develop and invest. Somalis rebelled and stood up to such systems led by such men. Through the last 17 years of civil war and insanity, the Somali business community thrived astronomically thanks to no government intervention of the market dynamics. There were no taxation, no tariffs and no limitations of trade and commerce. Thousands of Somalis abroad also contributed a hefty amount of money into this unregulated and booming market. I for, one as a student of international trade and law oppose to see big government established in Somalia. I am for free markets but also I am for equal opportunity and competition for all. If there is a need for government, it must be a small one with limited time, powers and mandate. Call that whatever, but that is what most Somalis want. No corruption, no nepotism, no big brother. Some Somalis are natural born entrepreneurs, while others are lazy leechers. The ones who advocate for government are leechers who can't earn their livelihood in a free-market based economy. They have limited creativity and probably were never thought to work to survive. These are here with us in the Diaspora and sit idle and collet welfare. The business-minded Somalis are working hard as professionals, rising college kids, buying trucks, have investment pools and travel as far to China, Hong Kong, Thailand and have their financial base in Dubai. Somalis are venturing to open business opportunities in remote places as Mali, Chad, Gabon. Some are even braving in the gang-filled slums in South Africa to run shops and make money. None of these people want to see a big government in Somalia.
  8. i really cried when I read that report- I felt I was there seeing all these dead innocent bodies of mothers and children? It is over 1086 and could go up to 4,000 cos there are still some quarters the committee couldn't venture to. Sad!
  9. if you Yeey tells Duke that the sun rises from west - tommorrow morning when he wakes up he will look into the west to check for the rising sun. if Yeey tells duke - Makka or the Qibla is Garoowe - duke will prostorate towards garoowe... If Yeey tells Duke I am your GOD ..Duke will worship and idolize Yeey.... yeey is the fircoon of duke His life revolves around a lilly-liver old clannish clown who is about to expire...
  10. I am looking at the pictures of the patriotic somali people in Minneapolis at this website www.newsomalia.blogspot.com I wish i was there but i had to go to Mankato for a family reason. Next time inshallah
  11. rudy, GD is a ******* with clannish mentality. ********, clannish hatred and refugee life has had its toll on his soul - let hhim daydream until reality bites [ April 10, 2007, 03:57 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  12. cabdiqasim ku qaxweeysay oo culusoow ku cuslee ama ku cun! Sad and sick is your constant reversion to clan bashing – that is a sign of mental weakness. After your whole 'copy & paste' became ineffective, you changed gears and started clapping for hate-mongering psychos…man you are obsessed , take a break, re-examine yourself – and heal thyself.. Hypocrisy would lead to hellfire.
  13. what abdiqasin got to do with this? it is salaad jeelle, mohamed dheere, tfg traitors and ethiopian occupiers? right? that is what we are talking about ? or am I in the wrong forum? i really have a problem understanding the somali logic..but if i ever got the chance to catch Duke alive some day..i will make him become Abdiqasim's butler ....
  14. GD is sick and blinded by hate. people have the right to oppose, assemble and liberate their country - no to occupation, no to invasion and traitors and their lackeys will be defeated..soon you will be brought to justice by SOL members and ....samadiidoow dabin baa kuu dhigan laguugu ...xiri doono..we aint gonna kill you though..daneeystoow duugaaguu ..waa -dulinimo - no daldalaad or hanging ...aan dacwa laheeyn ..no appeal for clannish cheerleader whose fake-liver is number warlord , war criminal and traitor for life! magac beele xishoo oo wax isku fal!