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  1. Yo, the last picture posted by Tukaale is disgustingly ugly. LOL. Balaayada lugaha ha isku qabato. Damn.
  2. ^^ You really think Puntland took over Somalia with the help of Ethiopia? Or is this another foolish fadhi-ku-dirir garbage? Nin weyn oo hadal caruureed leh iga dheh.
  3. ^^ The Huuno Huuno/indha fiish girl from Boorame has far greater insecurities, methinks.
  4. Originally posted by Taako Man: You're the greatest muslim in the world afterall. I know Fidel Castro had a beard bigger then Sheik Indacadde . Gax Gax Gax. I think Castro, as Generel Duke pointed out, should put more time into defending Homosexuals than Somali sovereignty and nationalism.
  5. Sky, dude, Mogadishu is still in shatters. Barre has no authority to make an administration in Kismaayo. I think the Colonel has more pressing matters right now. Qanyare, Suudi and Company, I'm sure, are devising some diabolical plans. LOL. The former warlords of the south have yet to be formally dealt with. Barre Hiiraale wuxuu rabo ha iska sheeg sheego. LOL
  6. ^^ Che, dude, to draw a connection between a family (i.e. tribe) and what a certain individual says is the real sign of ineptitude and idiocy. Oh wait a minute. By family you didn't mean a tribe. Right.
  7. Che also claims to be a "Puntlander". LOL. Yaab.
  8. Huba Huba! LOL. SOL needs some emoticions for salivation. She is definitely xaaaax. Anywho, are you guys sure she is Somali? All Somali girls si bay u dhako weyn yihiin. I think this Gal has some other blood. As Lee would've said, innaba caadhi mo'oho.
  9. ^^ Do you think God will accept your Dua? Poor tribalist. Even Pharoah made Dua' when the going got tough. Allah did not answer his pitiful cry. 040.050 YUSUFALI: They will say: "Did there not come to you your messengers with Clear Signs?" They will say, "Yes". They will reply, "Then pray (as ye like)! But the prayer of those without Faith is nothing but (futile wandering) in (mazes of) error!" PICKTHAL: They say: Came not your messengers unto you with clear proofs? They say: Yea, verily. They say: Then do ye pray, although the prayer of disbelievers is in vain. SHAKIR: They shall say: Did not your messengers come to you with clear arguments? They shall say: Yea. They shall say: Then call. And the call of the unbelievers is only in error.
  10. ^^ You probably think the thousands who greeted Geedi are also from his sub-clan. Perhaps even his sub-sub clan? That's what you call a myopic and narrow-minded defeated court-tribalist.
  11. Pi

    A Day of Infamy

    LoooL@ Abu Paragon. Qosol badanaa. Abu Paragan is the ICU version of Fiqqi Khayre.
  12. Pi

    A Day of Infamy

    I think the courts will put up a final fight. Anyways, whatever happens, one thing is clear: their power was really exaggerated. If not, why this sudden change in military tactics? The bravado didnt match the ability. I think samuriaW said it pretty good. A check-mate is not in the forecast given the positions of the pieces.
  13. Khalaf, you are wrong. Ayeeyo Wiilo is probably from Aweys and indha cadde's clan. Therfore, she is a saint. Look at Alle-Ubaahne. Another tribal cousin of indha cadde. Another saint in the making. No one from that clan is clannish. Enough said.
  14. ^^ Well said. The Ethiopian sheikh is very eloquent. Fly by night Mahdis kulaha. No to them, indeed.
  15. One person's Anti-Christ is another person's Saviour. Just ask SOS.
  16. Answering a question with a question? Are you too embarrassed to say that those anti-christs (dajjaals) are your sheikhs?
  17. Me, the war is far from over, I think. I don't really believe reports from either side yet. I'm just tryna work ole Paragon up. See, I want him to contribute his life to the cause- join the front lines. I know he won't though.
  18. SOS, dude, do you accept indha cadde or Dahir Aweys a legitimate sheikh? If you do, tone down the hypocritical righteousness.
  19. Originally posted by Paragon: Illaahoow ceebtayada astur...reerka ma Ethiopia u alalaas ayuu ku dambeeyey? Dude, things don't look too good for the saints? Why has Allah forsaken them? *Sheds a a few tears* Anyways, fadhi kuuma yaal, it's high-time aad buraanbur ku dhufato. It should go along these lines: Bandiiradleyiyo Beledweynay, qabsadeen badowdiiye Buntuq iyo rasaas bay ku dileen, innamadii buurnaaye Beladaa naloo geystay waa buraanbur, waxaan ka miisaye Gax Gax Gax.
  20. Walee muslim-isku-sheegow idiin ma duceeyo. As for the innocent civillians, may Allah lessen their losses and pain.