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  1. All of you defending his statement...i would like to ask if every man in this world raped and got away with it just because the lady uncovered her body what would the world turn out to be? What happened self restriction and lowering the gaze? Those leb boys or muslim boys that have raped are not to be called muslims they are CRIMINALS. we shouldn't make excuses for their crimes. They are responsible and have minds to know the difference between haram sex and halal sex and RAPE! That just shows our ****** reasonging in the australia muslim community. A man has a choice and so does a women. If she chooses to uncover then he chooses to rape why is the blame just on the women. It is on both. And plus non muslim women many have no knowledge of what our religion teaches so they were never taught to be modest. So i dont blame those that are ignorant of it. I think i would rather blame a muslim woemn who knows the truth than a non muslim one who never was taught what the hijaab is. so at the end of the day i dont think alot of muslim women go out in bikinis to get raped. They just do it because for them it is OK. And us as muslims coming here as migrants should respect that i mean give them thier is not our land after all is it? The sheikh should't make excuses for the crimes of other muslims. They did a crime and accept it.
  2. What does gacantayda aroosay mean. Sorry for asking such questions but very curious at such enstranged language to me.
  3. ANd what makes you think you will never (god forbid) be in thier shoes one day?? No one chooses to be a single mother so stop defaming them.
  4. Someone told me that automatic is for disabled only, is it true? Excuse me??????? I drive auto and that makes me disabled? that is just mere insulting. That is just a ****** thinking somali ppl because in somalia back in the days they only drove and new manual and auto was never tranported to or made in somalia. get it? when they vame to alien space diaspora they discovered there is auto but they never credit it because you know when you know one thing you still stick to it like glue. manual is better is because when you get a manual licence you do not need to resit another test to drive an auto. but if you get an auto licence you would need to resit another test. thats how it is in Oz. But then in my part of the world cars are good and reliable if you buy a decent car that is(you would have alot of problems with a bomb ) And manual cars are alot cheaper...more reliable with thier body parts(see i dont know even the language of the car or it parts iam so bad i shouldnt even drive). so there are just alot more advantages with getting a manual licence and i would advice to get one. good luck
  5. Tujiye when are you going to delete that picture you have up there??? or tell the moderators to edit because i think that couple wouldnt want to be publicesed this much on a web page they don't even know. Northerner, why are you advertising that spring water coop? You a member or a shareholder ? I am going to by alot of them When i go back home.
  6. Walee tanoo kale... Are you that full of yourselve AU? Alaa ma tanoo kale wali ma arkin Boys would be boys
  7. Do they wear a uniform in University? :confused:
  8. Tijiye Hadii adigu ilaah ka cabsaneysid sidan maad iska caytanteen and talk of girls that bad for reasons of gettting attention and laughter. Adigu hadii aad na dhaantid orod oo masajidka quraan kuso akhri for liesure and ur free time instead of ranting on about nonsense information here. Figure that out
  9. And what is the point off all this Tujiyee Attention seeker huh? you want a bit of fame? Go on MTV you will not get the same attention here.
  10. Sophist That statement you made is too cunning and deludes the heart. I dont need to teach you our history. You are the teacher rather. Look back at hisory. we were under Siyaad Baree leadership and united for 30 years and have gained nothing but loose. THat being tangible or intangible goods . it has been half that amount we have gained alot (maybe not through your eyes) without fear or killing. So what makes you think (without having any racial misconception) that we would buy that stability, safety or happiness for anything? You would like history to repeat itself is that why?
  11. A Laughing stock some people are! Lets say Maxkamadaha dream of this plan. So do everyone...they dream to be with somaliland. I wonder why people love us that Muc? :cool:
  12. Chestnut Tree (the Honesty) — of unusual stature, impressive, well-developed sense of justice, fun to be around, a planner, born diplomat, can be irritated easily, sensitive of others feelings, hard worker, sometimes acts superior, feels not understood at times, fiercely family oriented, very loyal in love, physically fit. 90% true except for the " phisically fit " bit
  13. Wow just splendid Suldaan just curious in what context was the poem written.
  14. Femme I dont get this thread you made a suggestion then....bang insults? Where are the pictures sis? Guys feme is not a bully and i have never seen her bullying so take it easy she obviously wouldn't have become a moderator if she was abusing people or the site. Its her contributions who has earned her that place so you should all be happy you dont have a big responsibility of contributing to the site all the time, Coz i would be!
  15. RED sea So i get second hand furniture (be material in any way money or goods or even undurable goods)! On my dead body NOOOOO! And a man would never love you the same when he knows you want him before he brings up the subject Just ask the specialist in human behaviour called psyhiatrists ( was the the way to spell it i hate that word). Like DR phil. He'll tell you men are full of ego. ( And they are! because i have brothers and have observed ). Just imagine living in a marriage for the rest of your life being reminded by your Mr that you were the one who was in real need of him and he just felt sympathy towards you by agreeing. It Ruins your integraty :cool:
  16. ^Someone is interested in a casandra TyJWANiA sorry ...your avartar is kinda impulsive walaalo. Thats why you attracting mr hmhm here lol just kidding. I loved your old avartar though,why did you get rid of it? I missed the site too for a whole week (seems like a year).
  17. Why are you shocked??? You were having fun browsing them so common dont defame when you finished your amusment. So typical. Obviously they posed to be watched and you DID so stop remorsing their action bro
  18. Perhaps Somali communities are primitive enough to masquerade as families so they want to escape the drama of being turned into a hot topic by shaqo la'an folks. O.K dK You've just dropped the bombshell there! What you call somali communities? PRIMITIVE? :mad: Oh my.... i think (estimating) you were born from one. If you want to see real gossip in communities and Bi@#ching...there is none worse than those presented on wide medium (ET,Magazines,NEWS) of western celebrities,politicians, royal families. So theres good masquerades for you, sure already you read @ work or home everyday
  19. KHAYRE Do you believe in destiny good and evil (last imaan factor). Everybody gets married when Allah has planned. I dont think these girls have chosen to be delayed rather Allah has. So you have no position to estimate they waited for the momentarily ever coming on pause MR right. It was already written before they were born.
  20. Why would you want to hang out at malls anyway when you are a somali MUSLIM sistah... Dont mistake us for the western non muslim females. If you want a a girl to hang out with you in public...go get MARRIED BTW iam not 27 or above and i sitll dont see the point of hanging out in malls. It is an old trend.
  21. Silent sistah and i thought you died lol welcome back... and is that what you have been trying to figure out all de time you were away :cool:
  22. Qanciye Help!!!!!!!! I had one like this and my hooyo bought it for me as a present on her way back from somalia in dubai. What happened was after a while my sister was using it and while she was doing wuduu it accidently fell in the sink full of water. And now my mp3 player is dead...i dont know where to take it to fix it i was crying for a whole day i loved it soooooo mucccch so where should i take it? back to dubai? or the nearest dicksmith electronic warehouses but my brother says they will not fix it if it is not one of thier products and tell you to take it back to the retailer. So All you high tech students tell me where should i take it or there is no HOPE
  23. This man was mentally disturbed..maybe abused but a little lousy bad mouth son of a *%#$# It petrifies me there are ppl like that out there :eek: YUK
  24. It's neither plastic nor horse hair, atheer. It's mostly Orangutan pubic hair (for the nice colors) with some armpit hair from a Bengali construction worker thrown in for good texture. Fairly harmless stuff. Yuk! Well I never wore a wig or needed to so how would i know if your just mocking?
  25. that was very nice Red Thanks for sharing I would be going insha laah this Novermber the big hols in Oz and i cant wait...i am like counting the weeks and days left. Now this video makes me even more impatient!