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  1. And thats why muslims all over where ever they are loose wars just look at these two men. i thought we were talking about israel and lebanon and you go to muqdishu? it will be next in the following years every muslim state is at stake so no need to pin point. We should grief over what has happened today and build on our selves. THis is a war against muslims. Not a nationalist movement. idinki baa dhexdiina is la heshiinla' oo is dagaaltamaya ee ma gaalo baad kheyr iyo walaaatinimo idin haya meelshaad dhex joogtaan right now and this minute? wake up somalis. This is a war against YOU and ME as muslims!
  2. For the sake of your future children, I suggest you worry more about the genetic defects your spouse or his family carries rather than the phenotypic expression (well. at least "physical wise"). J. lee agree! anyone who has done a bit of biology will know better but some people are ignorant even in this age and year! :rolleyes: :confused: You marry non somali for the sake of phenotypic expression then 20 years down the track find out your spouse heart problems that leads to brain loss or thalassaeimia which your children inherit. I know this has happened to a close friend of mine. Ohh if only people knew better!
  3. devil angel i seriously would like to know how you look like. Having raised two whole posts on this i think you have a big problem with ALLAH's creatures. and dont tell me to go to another post because iam argueing with you and this whole forum was made for this common bring it us your so irrisistable feautures that you are just so proud of to stigmatise and put down others. I dont know where you live but girl speak for yourself ! every nationality has good looking and normal standard looking people. so you cannot tell me every somali guy on this planet is ugly becuase i have seen some that non somali girls like my arab high school friends used to fight over. So girl it is where you live and you just have been surrounded by your relatives or surroundings who happened to be not your type of choice in terms of appearance so do not generalize this issue that every somali man is ugly because you have just missed out on good fishes. Speak for your self! and with the children thing...i would perfer my children to be good muslims instead of just being good looking. You think beauty will make a person successfull? NO that was the olden days girl we live in the year 2006 so things have changed....get over it
  4. And and who really cares? he is no special person to me...and who ever he is special to is not worth knowing!
  5. devilangel walaal first can i suggest and can u do me a favour. get rid of the devil and just use the angel as a screen name. Devil means everything bad so over time when people use it and it starts to stick in ppl's heads it is not good to symbolize you. I am sure you are not a devil. next walaal don't you know by critisising this guys appearance you are insulting ALLAH indirectly by saying His creation is ugly or not up to standard. Just imagine it is like you are saying this directly to him. so i hope you start blaming ALLAH for his appearance because thats what you are doing but unmindful of it. I think you should just deal with this as a result of his behaviour and ego. Just ignore him thats the best thing to do. If you make a scene of everything then he will persist to just get you more annoyed. GOOD LUCK
  6. hizb read sol's golden rules discussing tribes is banned and if one tribe is better than the other let me tell u this. Each person in here will tell u thier tribe is more wealthy and higher class than the other tribes so in the end of the day u have no sound findings. so dont bother
  7. "What worries me is that these people who come to marry our girls do not go to the VCT centres to be tested for their HIV/Aids status." That is sad. not only do they loose thier self esteem or respect but also their life and health is in danger. walaahi sad. this is what u get the aftermath of war with no purpose. Somalis deserve all this
  8. Nuune what on earth are u speaking! thats not fair u share a special language we dont know! i demand u tell me right now what u are talking or else waxaan ka dacweynaya the ambassador of sol ok? ma fahamtay? somali is romantic that is if you understand the poetry and irony properly. But i love me good old english. its the first
  9. Nicole kidman is getting married to keith urban today yep...marriage
  10. since when was weight a barren or something to keep "off" Dhaqankeena waxa ka mid ah in ay gabadha hilbooni ay quruxi u dhantahay ta dhubana loo yaqana qori bilaa naxariis ah gabadhu hadii aaney buush aheyn some guys say there is just nothing there if you know what i mean but either way it is important to stay healthy regardless if you want to put it on or shed some off. But all i know is from my brothers they would prefer a girl with some fat (not too much) rather than a supermodel. They say somali boys like at those girls especially with dirac on. And they are right when i wear the dirac i feel i look so ugly in it. You have to atleast fill a third of it if you want to look nice so If You are a somali girl there so many advantages of having some extra calories
  11. Saalixa

    A Love Note!

    ^^ iyo wiilasha khaasatan Everyone loves Nur because everyone loves to hear and read articals that have benefit in every circumstance and view of life and are not waist of your time but help you gain islamic knowledge as well as imaan! jazakalaah Nur.
  12. It is scary business...too many downs, little ups even with the ideal partner AND TOO many Responsibilities! I dont want to go there just yet
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    U guys want me to be the laughing stalk of sol for some days huh No way i ain't buying it.
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    Scar face it is just not from the guys perspective. i think it is on both sides, becuase if you are not fluent in somali like me i only know the simple terms like i use everyday but no romantic dialogue i like go completely blank. So i think it is all comes after much experience and use of the language. I would however prefer to describe my self in the language i feel comfortable with. i tried to act smart once and wanst a good experience i can tell you that.
  15. U people made me read all that(for the sake of moderating)!! Naga daaya, please. whats stopping you from moderating properly. This topic obviously has no substance and the replies are disgustingly worthless so why not delete??? Why is it that these types of topics opposing certain group (and you know who) stick around longer? And a topic i knew and iam sure you know didnt last a week :cool:
  16. ^ trying to fuel up more hate between the two by taking the side that favours your liking? Well step back to your alien have only made 3 posts and creating stigma yourself already. By writing in third person perspective doesnt really make you innocentally uninvolved. Dont you think you are contradicting your statement lol Just say it out loud and clear you hear to make a fight with Ibtisam yourself NAMELESS CHICK What you said was a bunch of Blasphemous talk and it shows your ignorance, You hate people that you think are "big headed" according to your own findings. This post was made by someone who wanted to make stigma and Deleterourize "ignorant heads full of hate" to make the usuall comments about S/land. Like YOU! So why are you attaking those who havnet even began this ... dont just jump before you learn to walk. Read before you write.
  17. ^^^ although i love twins JB i think You are on the other side of the world.... the costs outweighs the gains I'am praying though i have some sort of spontaneous bred of those genes coz i have no record in my family where there was any who had twins Any twin sisters identicle ones in sol??? i would like to know
  18. DUUDUUB everynight ???????? you guys must have all the time at night.Being a student means me goes to bed at 11 pm nearly everynight so by that time i am usually doing to moon walk bumping to places while sweet bed calls me for soft sleep and i just walk and sleep no duuduub no fancy brushing Wearing no masar or garbasaar just straight to bed. i wish i had the time to though ir do i need to be more of GABADH GAARI AH? ALAAH GARAN MAAYO Sheherzade i use ....opps i forgot the name i dont pay much attention to it anyway I think the last one we bought was V05 boosts the volume of my hair. BUT waht i would like to ask is how do you get rid of dandruff? No shampoo on earth worked for me to get rid of it.
  19. ^^ These bunch of kids post anything they "Think" of and want us to believe it or read. Who cares what you think,,,Jamilah your so called "shiekh" is truelly funky lol You posting that flag and showing your hate for S/land doesnt show your participation in this discussion and you typically wanted to change subjects and matters for something trivial in many people's eyes nor does it affect the state of sland or its people. Typically like th poster who has no grounds of discussion and i dont get what she was trying to prove other than hate. Spreading hate is just waisted energy and thought i reckon.
  20. Somaliland is seriously ugly place to be, And so what is your statement or conclusion. You have no logical thesis or cause of writing a subject. What is your problem with the place or the men giving women no rights? You dont even have any idea of the status quo and it shows in your writing. Tell me if you know any other place who you think gives women their rights with legitimate right! Tell me NOW! If it is ugly for you then certainly not for many so your statement is just a subjective one at the end of the day as long as you know that iam HAPPY Khalaf what happened to the religious, respectful wadaad who preaches ppl and now participating in politics and taking sides huh. Interesting.
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    May 18th

    Ilaahey ha uu naxariisto dadka shicibka ee ku nool Muqdisho, Ilaahey ha ilaaliyo macsiyada ilahey ha ka badbaadiyo shicibka miskiinta een waxba geysan waliba caruurta iyo waayeelka Ilaahey ha uu Naxariisto dadka shicibka ee reer FALUUJA, Naxariista eebe ha waraabiyo, ilaahey ha badbaadiyo Ilaahey ha uu naxariisto reer Hargiesa oo Malintoodan Kheyr iyo nabad qab ha ku dhaafiyo Ilaahey ha inoo wada naxariisto dambiyadeena ha dhaafo....amiin
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    May 18th

    ^^^ ^^^^^Um getting that feeling also bro….this whole thread is sick…jaliyah stinks of qabilnimo ….considering many of our ppl our dying in mogadisho right now…and no one here is sending their prayers to um.I say Allah be with them and ease their sufferings...and bring peace to all of Somalia not just one region...jaliyah walaalhi. Allah Guide Us. Khalaf Brother dont say that. I Remember in my heart all my brothers and sisters who are in difficulties in Moqdishu every day nearly every minute. But nevertheless it is not haram that i should remember my brothers and i mean my sole brothers by blood who diet at ages 18 and 21 just to free hargiesa from the BLOODY Siade Barre regime. And iam sure the south somalia have went through similar with that era and so you would understand it is for every human to atleast remember those who have sacrificed thier lives for others just to establish peace within thier own homes. it doesnt mean I'am a qabilist or patriot somalilander,,,iam one who knows what some people who to me are heroes have done and what they are worth. SIYAD BARRE WAS A CRIMINAL!
  23. ^^^lets just pray u dont get married to one
  24. I dont know whats the big arguement about. Somaliland is a country still not recognised but has hardworking citizen. Recognition is not everything. Greator somalia has recognition and fund from the international community but still is in the same state under corruption of dictotors and uncivilized people who know only how to work with guns. I'd choose Peace where ever i'am no matter what the rest of the world thinks. Nabada wax walbaan uu bixin laha walee!