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    i DOnt get this at all I need explaining. What are manboobs and manhips?
  2. JB I dont need your advertisement of Panaroma hotel I have 50 weddings which i watched and alot at home which is more than enough I am SICK of PANAROMA Meesha meelkaloo kicisa baa fiican. So i dont have to see that same dancing stage over and over again!
  3. Bella Princess Sister if the guy is not in the same country and city as you, I can only be frightened for YOU Be carefull sister. There are many men who exploit the internet to get away from thier private lives and homes and really tell alot of Bull*hit Sister no matter what decade or century, Your man would come to your doorstep. Your destiny would arrive and its much better when it comes to you rather than you impatiently running after it! Its just more fun
  4. sayid somali left? I dont get it. why does it has to advertised? hmmm
  5. really? abaayo is not an actual word? what about aboowe ok where is Nuune and MMM They will have a lot to argue on that one
  6. hahahaha That is so stereotypical of blondes. Thats mean
  7. ok Nuune and Ngonge stop being bullies. BULLIIES!
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    so You are not so angel after all Malika
  9. Ok why did nuune and JB stop the thread??? Continue guys that was so funny
  10. well i actually like that gabay nuune Its just a dardaaran for the new bride. And every new bride and groom get dardaaran so what? Yes she should get words of wisdom told to her like those ones I love the last paragraphes- i am gonna use it for the next wedding. Khatar baan iska dhigaya oo gabayaa ah
  11. Ma hodheelkaad ku dagtaa barigii aad xagga aadey Nuune huuno ma waxaad i mooday kuwa markay dhulkoogi hooyo tagayaan intay is leeyihin halaga idin garto dadka inaad dibada ka timaadeen hotel kiraysta. I dont need to coz i got a normal house with my Ayeeyo and habarayahay. kumaan dagin. Iam not that rich to afford a hotel in hargeisa for a stay of 2 months! common that is like haram. Maybe only If i married a rich guy in the future And it existed for a while now. The first time i attended was when my cousin got married there back in 2002. But anyway i still like Maansoor much :cool: better. It rocks!
  12. PANAROMA hotel!!!! I dont know how it fit all that ppl. Waa la jecalyahay hotelka
  13. Nuune I think wankaa horeeyay. I did my world trip mid way this year June-August. Now Iam broke again and need to save up for another world trip. This time Iam Saving up for Hajj Insha Allah. I will let you know markaan inyar oo rasamaal ah isku hubsado. Hajjka baanu isku arki doona Ok?
  14. I second Ibtisam Ragga somaliyeed baryahan sidodi kale ayabaad uga amaan heli la'dahay Mise waa adigo afkaaga la doontay Seriously...I would not find it safe and worth it at the beginning before you know anything about this man. That is not a wise move at all! He can be a loser or criminal. why risk it
  15. well if your budget is tight- Try City gold Very convenient and close to the GOLD market-you know girl most precious assests.
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    SOLers on Facebook

    JB I didnt get any info from facebook yet- i just joined today I dont know what ya talking about
  17. Saalixa

    SOLers on Facebook

    Nuune.. Are u still in dublin...and single. Ninyow meesha ka dhaqaaq Just kiddin but are u on sol-facegroup 2? been ha sheegin mar umba lagu heli
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    SOLers on Facebook

    yes Ms DD Common...Who is who? Ms DD tell me Alaaaaaa I saw legend zu...that is the only one i recgnise from sol so far
  19. Saalixa

    SOLers on Facebook

    Ok... I joined guys...But I aint tellin Ya all until U all tell me Your names Redy...lets start with ya Kool Kat is it that bad? If it gets bad then i always will go out of de group Come on ppl lets start tellin each other Kool Kat tell me who u ARE?
  20. Saalixa

    SOLers on Facebook

    DO you guys know each others full names? Thats sooooooo freaky
  21. Saalixa

    SOLers on Facebook

    OK I am very late with this facebook and sol addition How does it look like guys- is it like intrusion of privacy ? Is it ok Should i join Tell me about it those who have Joint already....
  22. Aanka soo dhex galo all the 'daanta kale' G-xajiisiin lol I'am from Xera Awr and also used to live sometimes in Jig Jiga yar where some of my relatives live - and it has changed alot it is soooooooo beautiful now Suldaanka you must be the first Hargeisawi on sol thats from Ozzie land. Nice to see P.s. Iam only JOKING with the 'daanta kale' comment If you from hargeisa thats just a normal joke in the town and nobody takes those seriously Infact i visited this new Private Hospital in Qudhac Dheer I loved it and it was so clean. But the first thing that the pathologist in one of the Laboratories asked me was- Daante? I didnt mind - he was kinda cute heheheee I told him- i belong to and every single Xaafad is mine...he just gave me a smirk
  23. Saalixa

    Is this love?

    Yuk i think xalimo would ran away by sight of it
  24. Rudy - are u married still? Just suprised how u can say that when U have a woman as a wife hmmmmmmmm