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  1. Sister, Dont you know somaliaonline offers a service called Private Messagees where you could have told all this sweet fond words.If i were you i wouldnt fall that hard for somebody over the net who is in real life totally a different person. Good luck
  2. Me dont change faarax and xalimo it is just right. And a name of a person is no representation of thier literacy levels. I know women in somali in the very far miyi and are called names like europe and suzanne. Western names they have no idea they wont even draw a map of europe or know where the hell it is. So please dont base names on stereotypical thinking. Not all farax are illiterate
  3. woman with perfectly plucked eyebrows and beautiful bright red lipstick with her hijab accenting her face thats haram regardless outside or inside
  4. rahima You are so juvenile. I never thought you would go this low. Trying to correct spelling just to get away from the point :rolleyes: and making more immature childish comments like these Now run along and clean up the streets of Lakemba or something Now anyone would think that comes out of a 10 years olds mouth. But who knows maybe you are And how can i sound anglo? and defend lakemba? You are so weird. You would go this low just to get away from your provocative comments and would never admit it. When you go that low you in the end make no sense and speak gibberish. Hilarious!
  5. rahima typical o so typical, trying to turn the issue sideways. Stop running away from your own self hate. You speak and remind me of a nEo CON. Why are you diverting the subject to melbourne and sydney?that was not the issue. your in denyl ? did i hurt your feelings? :cool: but its ok do the elementary or high school tactics you learnt were the kids divert the teachers' attention with good manners while bully in the canteen oh you expert. And lakemba is a sacred town. It is the home to more than a 100 thousand muslims. It has the highest population of muslim in any suburb in australia. The rent roofs up to $400 for a small apartment so darling it is a rich area to live in. its a sanctity! only muslim go zone. So dont slur what you cannot afford.
  6. I'm gravely chafed at Rahima's all too visible and undeniable disrespect for God's injections. Who is she to question the holy union of 3 people? She didn't only question, she scorned those beautiful people! socod badne thank you. Atleast someone has a diligent mind and understanding and reads between the lines. You can never scorn at a person you dont know nor can you judge. If you do you are ignorantYou dont know thier situation or the whole story . All these poeple who are giving nasty comments just have nothing else to do sitting infront of thier PC's all day and feel like bitting someone's tale for the sake of i dont know what...
  7. Rahima You surely made me laugh. so you call that opinion? since when did defaming others become an opinion? Maybe you are ahead of me in this modern world we are living in. In melbourne maybe thats how things are but insulting other people is surely an OFFENCE not an get those things right But i am not here for an arguement. You like to be praised all the time and that floresences through your level of ignorance and contempt. WHAT you have said was an offence and you are not exempted from sol rules just because they appointed you as moderator. and edit all you want. It does not bother me. that cyber power you try to protray is really no value to me. Just imagine if i said this to one of your family members or close relatives of even close friends on some blog on the internet. I know and i am close friends with a close reltive of the persons concerned living here in australia and how would she feel to see your "disgusting" comments. Girl we are all free to say what ever even if it is rubbish but thank god we have a bit of sense. And i thought you were always the nice islamic modern girl on sol? esp in islamic section but talk of Hypocrisy. :cool: well you surely play a good pretender
  8. Absolutely disgusting! Rahima i think you are totally rude yourself! i think you should take back your disgusting comments because these girls or man who got married surely dont care and are happy. You dont know their story so who are you in a position to give such remarkS? This was a decision they all made as mature adults and no abuse nor force was involved. THey all decided as individuils in the west about their mariage and obviously thought this suits them and were not provoked so you can take back what you said because they are happy and dont care if you are not!
  9. As i said before in my old post in the women section: i was told from somalia who this three-some are i can tell you surely the girls were not forced...or no arranged marriage was in the process. Instead it was totally the oppisite. A normal marriage with one girl then things went wrong and not as planned and then 2nd wife came into the issue proposing herslef and not the Man seeking her. So you cannot blame the man in this issue instead it is them ladies who feel in love with the same man unfortunately and so he could not choose one in the end and saw it inhumane to pick and choose. But anyhow if you read the story you can see they are happily married and are happy with their status so why not let them be!
  10. Alla maxaa haweenku lagu ciyaaray..No wonder somali women are harsh nowadays.. ^^^As i was told from somalia who this three-some are i can tell you surely the girls were not forced...or no arranged marriage was in the process. Instead it was totally the oppisite. A normal marriage with one girl then things went wrong and not as planned and then 2nd wife came into the issue proposing herslef and not the Man seeking her.. But anyhow if you read the story you can see they are happily married and are happy with their status so why not let them be!
  11. Galoolay (Fahda) oo 25km koonfur/galbeed kaga toosan magaalada Hargeysa. Nomad dudes in somalia are nuts! But it wasnt planned to be like this after you read the story
  12. Saalixa


    Modesty no one is going to share thier childhood experiences on some blog on he internet. Your waisting your time
  13. dear thats because Hollywood belongs to jews. Anyone who says anything anti semitic is black listed just like that.this is not that first actor this has happened to. Anyway why do you care of mel Gibson when our more precious little brothers and sisters who are dieing in lebonon. Dispicable
  14. Vibe it really depends on what you are studying and what you want as a career. Theres those types of careers that really you cannot get a decent job or worth while salary with and i know sisters here in AUSTRALIA (i dont know about other places) that have finished post grad and still struggle to get a job after 3 4 years so they are regarding the UAE ( as usual they all think there is better opputunities there and maybe there is who knows?) And somali brothers that turn into taxi drivers because they can make double the amount than that they earn in their career job. So if your carrer is in high demand by the time you graduate you will live of the fatta da land (like the mining engineers theres a big boom in the minig sector for a while and lots of somali boys i know are getting jobs three months after graduation) but if not you are in same despair as you were when you started at year 1! Its really like playing cards So good luck
  15. Saalixa

    Who What Am I?

    I pray for the downfall of the yahood (May The Curse Of Allah s.w Fall Upon Them) and their fellows, am i a fantasist? amiin
  16. Saalixa

    Who What Am I?

    I pray for the downfall of the yahood (May The Curse Of Allah s.w Fall Upon Them) and their fellows, am i a fantasist?
  17. Brother calm down....getting angry will not do you any good. Alah never said be serious 24'7. And i dont see any where that these jokes are encouraging bad conduct. So calm down. It is actually giving the muslim youths good alternative ways to deal with the oppisite sex and feelings without doing anything Haram and making them aware for example that you must lower your gaze when walking and fast if you cannot afford to marry. So it is making them aware of our muslim culture in a different way thats all to get their attention.
  18. Saalixa

    Women Exposed

    olol You cannot say that this does not apply to both men and women. A man wouldnt want to be a women he thinks is of less worth or less interesting or even not his taste in terms of appearance (no one is ugly in this earth) . So really it is human nature. We all have that ego in us regardless of sex.
  19. And we'll start with you Finesista
  20. And we'll start with you Finesista
  21. Excuse me nur ? i have never seen you speak as such Why am I going to respect a government who respects no palestinian life? palestinian civilians are not to be blamed or lebenese people. it is there leaders who hold power and should come up with better measures and ways to resolve this problems. it doenst mean that alot of Mujahidiins that have died to serve Alaah and thier country were not respecting each other and to have committed such brave actions they had and were grown with excellent morals and values. but they are not to be ignored. they were weak and could not have made big solutions enough to be visible to us because they have no position to such. THe Israeli government are utilising their power and nuclear weapons OF MASS DESTRUCTION to kill little palestinian children and wipe them off of the face of the earth because really they are not fighting no other big force that they could declare war on. Just children with stones. SO iam not going to respect those poeple even though have power at the moment and facilities and money to have alies such as the US and Britian or australia. THey really at the end of the day are selfish criminals that would make every attempt to get what they want even if it means Killing thousands.
  22. isnt it funny how every ****** suddenly is from hargeisa :rolleyes: :rolleyes: I wonder which part...claiming a heritage that denies them. I dont know that anyone would want to do that.
  23. It is because of our laziness that this secessionist lie has gone out of control; their immoral ideas have to be fought on every level possible. The secession is immoral and illegal and impractical. So whatever the secessionists do we need to block it. Like that Somali saying. Laftey qaadaanba ka jabi. The ones propagating these foul ideas need to be fought on every front. LOL Jack of all trades but master of non. When the so called somali weyn fixes its problems and wars in the south....which will be like what year?????? Then You can re Quoate this very emotional ideas. Until then ta
  24. Nayruus correction Abdilaahi Yusuf was made president to a state called somali weyn. And that means he should rule muqdishu and its near territories. and the funny thing is He doesnt. He just lives in abroad comes to Jowhar where in that city he has supporters so how can one be a president of a place he was appointed to and he is never in...becuase simply he has no support of the the whole somali nation simply coz he was not elected by them but by corruption and he has neither their vote still nor support. He is in that seat just by force. So dont tell me that is a legitimate President MR! because i see it as a hide and seek game where is so called MR PRESIDENT? In abroad meetings and and UN gatherings where he begs for Help and aid with ethiopian armies to establish peace. its been more than a year and no peace in the country he was Supposedly elected for. and when the ethiopian armies bombard muqdisho then you would cry for help to remove them again?WHy cant he do it on his own like the Somaliland Government has 15 years ago? Get his hands dirty or like the MAXKAMADAHA (islamic militias). No Legitimate President. Maybe to You so keep being blinded by it simply coz u chose to.
  25. infromation given is always dependent on the teller. Post an article in some "Bodtland" website or organzation and you will get the agreement and smiles of all "Buntland" supporters This article is clearly biased and one sided with any person who has some knowledge of media sudies. I can post the somaliland articles on this same issue so we cannot be deluded .