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  1. Farmajo, granted he's an honest and for the people candidate , he's simple politician. His connection with the international community is non existent and that alone is political suicide. Not to mention he tried to ignore a key player in Somali politics in Faroole and it backfired spectacularly
  2. I heard Badiyow for the first time an the guy speak with accent. He can't be a president. A president has to have clear reer mudug accent or he won't sell. kulaa aree xuu yiri
  3. Macalinka, You really don't know nothing about how inernational countries go on about these kind deals? No one single person can sign off those kind deals, It has to be put infront of the parliament for approval. It will lack legtimacy
  4. wait Is there another hashi that's leel kase who is currently a minster in Puntland? I tho that was him
  5. As long Popa Faroole backs him, he will be alright. I wouldn't be surprised if Faroole demands this guy to be the PM if there is no solid Puntlander comes forward
  6. Between Him and Badiyo who are both form the same clan, I'd pick Badiyow. This guy is from Minneapolis and he's very shady individual. not to mention he's an FBI agent
  7. He's layl kase right? Sadly, because we are using the "4.5" system, no way him and others from beesha .5 will have a chance to rule
  8. See naagahan cuntada ma joojinayaan. hada waa gaas, hadhow waa sheikh shariif, bari waa Goojjeex bari danbe waa Farmjayo. Waa naaga meesha u imaaaday in cunto kaliya dilaan
  9. If it's sheer accadmic, Gas will win this hands down. if it's by popularity Farmajo will win this. if it's by who got the fatest wallet, Sheikh Shariif is the man, If it's by honesty and transparency, Badiyow is your man. One of these four guys will get the top seat.
  10. War habrahaan waa wada suxul baruur . What they and Gas have in common. Both of em are fat asses
  11. To be honest , this is nothing but one step forward and two step backward. The people from those regions have demonstrated that their political allegiance is on line with whoever got the fat wallet.
  12. Dhuloos , well done for distancing yourself from Puntland. If only you do the same and distance yourselves from Somaliland. There are a lot of moles (Jamac Siyad) who are agents for Somaliland and it's only matter of time before Somali land takes over the rest of Sool and Cayn
  13. Pretty much agreed, tho Farmaj's sorry attitude towards Puntland leaves a lot to be desired
  14. bilan;727398 wrote: lol, ma kana siib kana saar baa sheekadu, these people are not serious.Give me a break, if he accepts to be the prime minister, then he will be puppet at the hands of Sakiin and Shariif much likeOmar Abdirashid. This is a game these people are not serious, it up to the people to stand up and kick both Shariifs out. I wouldn't call Omar Abdirashid a puppet. There is a reason he left the TFG. Omar Abdirashid was working for Puntland. The piracy funds, the 30# money of TFG income to Puntland and his subsequent resignation after the two shariif wanted to cut ties with Puntland are testament that he was no way was a yes man. If you want a yes man, look no further than Farmaajo himself, who did everything Sheikh Shariif told him and at the end was disregarded , because they saw no use in him anymore. He has 't done anything to the ****** he was suppose represent, he didn't even help release his close kin Hiraale when the Ethiopians arrested him