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    May Allah grant her good health and make this experience an easy one. Critical enough like a coma or something...i have bad experience of that and when ever i hear of ppl in coma my mind freezes for atleast some minutes! Allah is the best of planners
  2. Nongne You forgot the 1993 invasion in somalia by the American army and Abu Gharib Jail incident where photos were taken of abused and beaten prisoners and many more...they were all justified. But i cannot help but weep for the inocent civilians that have lost there lives this morning. They might have been your mother, sister, father, or brother and you hear they are killed or even worse run to pick up their blown up parts of thier bodies lieing all over the area of the incident. Yaa rabi that is like the biggest Naxdin! i will be like living and in the same time mad like some cannibal pick up meat. I pray for all those who have lost thier lives..all those that were injured and were left with severe injuries for the rest of thier lives...those who have to see and experience it with them...all those who have lost hope or have gone mad with fright.If only those that have died have faith in Alaah then all is well. They had no time to make shahada so they are regarded as shaheedon. Waa Aduunyo oo macsidu intay kaa maqantahay Qayrkaa ayaabey kuu maqantahay. Marna waa farxad marna waa murugo. Ilaahayoo hoostada iyo hadhkaga nagu qari oo naa xafid yaa rabi awwod iyo itaal ilhay baa iska leh.
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    Cawralo Sister well i might right know drop the bombshell..allow me or not?....oh what the heck DON'T USE RELAXERS OR BLOW DRYERS As for the timo jiliso the other siters have told you the effect it has but the blow dryers have the same aswell. SIS iam for real here appealing to you and this is why. Your hair starts to go grey or white after a couple of years of using it and some ppl they become grey within months! I have seen older sisters who have given me advise on it and now i have stopped using it so often just straighten my hair for formal occassions. All the heat that goes through the roots of you hair can having a lasting effects and you will go grey by each hair and soon you know a dozen then your whole head! You don't want that to happen while you only 30+ or 40+ do you. OHhh i have been swimming and got dandruff again the other day damn! i thought it had gone for good welll too bad i ain't stopping sports for dandruff
  4. Lexus diana is a beauty cream and does not bleach your skin. It gives you a smooth cleansed skin with beautiful fair complexion and not lighter skin. That is why maybe you believe that it bleahes your skin. THe girls you have seen would have to be using some other creams in addition so make sure you are not making a silly mistake. It is like using caleen, cusbur, hurood avocado enriched cream etc you know the typical natural somali beauty powders. Your complexion changes after a couple of days of using it and it cleanses your skin right? Yes you become lighter! Well i did when i used them a while back consecuteivly i was like woooow what a change. Diana is famously popular in mediterrenian places and in the west aswell. You only know this cream but there are thousands like it and worse which western light skinned females use and preety much does the same job so do not stereotype and percieve these products are explioted by just african females, western ones also care about their skin too.
  5. Give birth? Dude as if, and ruin my wonderful figure? I don't think so sweetheart. See, I plan to get my tubes tied as soon as I turn 21 insha'allah. either that or adopt! and you can't change my mind! MZ WORD You Ok? are you trying to be sarcastic? I think you have no idea what sterilization does to your body...have you ever read the conditions, ever did any research because it is a dieing subject because people are too knowledgable and educated to perform those is death really so do no think of it sis...iam appealing to you... don't make me cry it is appualing wallahi
  6. If I went back to Somalia it would be difficult because there may be violence. My son is not of my clan, Reer Hamar, and life is difficult for this clan there. My son will be Reer Waqoyi clan. Terrible excuse. Me says DEPORT HER BACK! She can do much better for her sons future and herself in her home land. Like the brits would have relations with her son or his clan???They would not care otherwise. Really i feel sorry she can not see the reason for her exile and hardship.
  7. I don't see how by posting your opinion on this topic many sisters are thought to be impressing men????Ok that is some femmenist view point itself. Why can they not argue thier perspective of this issue without such discrimmination /baised thought? Some ladies are born with arrogance all over. :rolleyes:
  8. Ok Me up for this. As long as i relax, Make my caleen and huruud all day and of course not too much house work. Most of the time it ain't much but we decieve the brothers by telling em when they arrive Alla allah cidiyihi baa ii googo ay runti sidaan weel uu dhaqayey iyo basal uu jarjarayey lakiin ruinti it ain't much especially when you come form a big household at ur mothers . The women back home have even no housework and have maids so either way iam up for this.
  9. Modesty, I have said this to many other sisters who have posted similar questions( these days the sisters are more inquisitive of such topics) and what i would advice is Marry only with the condition that you are knowing this man or women is going to shove you closer to your creator and ISLAM. Do not marry for just mere, mutual love like oohhh he satisfies me in all states of mind. Jal Jaleeca aanu iska deyno. Ilahay la talo saro and the first thing that comes to your mind let it be Ilahay and diintada. Is this person going to harm you by threatening your islamic aqeedah,knowledge or practice? is he a good mslim himslef? Sis have these questions in mind before all other things then yes MARRY HIM if he satisfies those conditions. All other love is worderly and a great fitnah sis that Allah tests us with. Like FEMME FATALE I do not think they are perpetual especailly with this generation of life.
  10. Libaax I cannot view the article, there is some virus attached to it and my server cannot download the site. I have Nortan Anti virus software so fix it brother if you can.
  11. In poltics You argue argue argue and leave with a headache and hatred for all. So why make your life a terrible one when Allah ordained for you janaah without tribalism? I think one is foolish to choose tribalism phantam when there is more to life and the hereafter waits you. Sky men are like little boys most of the time. they are fighting to achieve nothing but envy and hatred so tell me is that manly and cherishable? while we are the reflection and worderly light (not Allah light). We raise all the grains and seeds of the world put that is achievement.
  12. Rahima Don’t forget, Somalis are the same the people who wash dishes like they would with a dog after their fellow Muslim brother/sister had eaten from it because there hail from tribe X. I don't know who you are talking about and where you live that that has happened but i have never seen that. Not from any tribe and considering i have befriended all tribes i have never seen one do so!iam disagreeing with you, i think you have exaggerated on that one. Cawralo every ethnic group has good and bad ppl no matter who. So don't tell me Jews don't hate our guts because 95% do. If they weren't then palestine wouldn't be in the condition it is today YES OR NOOOOOO???????? when it is clear and thier leaders and public have shown themselves how much they hate us. Little palestinian children are dieing infront of them everyday and cannot go to school, while thier ones are safe guarded and secure by their weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION! No jew is making any difference or letters of complaints in AMERICA or israel.IF they did then some small tiny miracle might have occured on the gaza boreders atleast. I have seen racist people that are not somalis and yes they were worse so i think you should see other individauls from non african cultures too.
  13. Geel jiree I will have to disagree. If the girl didn't answer you then yes you are faultless but she did give you correct directions right? And who is she to know you are a somali? Did you speak to her in English or not? And even if she did prolong with you then being a typical nomad you would have still critisezed her for being chatty and talkative somali girl with no manners and adaab? Yes common you somali males always look for faults in us but you don't know these days we are becoming sensitive and smart. So the girl did what i would have done (not with scary eyes though) and go on the other side of the railway station. Don't you listen to Sheikh Umal's talks may he be rewarded. When he describes the sinful, ignorant somali tradition we have back home. you know sometimes i think we are more religious in the diaspora. He says a stranger male will come to your home and you will serve him tea and maanta dhan waxa la wadi sheekada like you are under correct wedlock or relation aboowe iyo inaader ba maanta dhan laa dhihi. All the walaalo and aboowe/abaayo is all wrong and a sinfull tradition that was normalised. Sheekada maha iin laga kordhiyo Asalmu Aleykum and *****kuma salaam. And you go your way and i go mine. That is the islamic behaviour, not a westernized one.
  14. Qaa Qac I am the typical somali girl trained by somali females. This is what i was told of about romance. Romance lasts only the first two years of a marraige relationship. Esp a somali one. Beyond those you only mind the kids, his home, clothes and food( only the rights he has as a matter of respect) but all the love dubby business fades away, and this new kind of romance which is normalised with long term partners begins. Hmm Hmm well i don't know if it is true for all but with the couples i have seen it was a Fact! And it leaves me into tears because iam contemplating maybe the same happening to me. That is why i sometimes think maybe 10 years from now you will have different prespectives of romance and MR RIGHT, very different priorities so don't worry. Maybe then money and raising children will be the #1 goal i want to achieve??? :confused: who knows, atleast that is what my mother tells me, but agian she is a person raised differently.
  15. Bishaaro i have just seen your suggestion. Sis what is the point of wearing a dirac if you are going to cover it all the way to your knees. What a waist of a new $150 set! Like these days the trade is running tight and it cost dinars i tell ya the normal wiil djibouti dirac in diaspora you would otherwise afford to buy every thursday night in stock in djibouti. So i will suggest Hibo to show off her golden set elegantely and of course with skills. Smilezz that is not going to happen. TO many times me has fallen for that and to many a times i was heart broken. You know the somali lies. THey tell ya they will cut off the part you are in and then show to the whole town including ur ceelo! and by the time it has reached you it has reached the thousands of somali nomads in the diaspora regions including men who sit for a kat on afternoons and cannot have it so without a somali wedding playing on thier V-CR.
  16. Dawaco, the malaqabad i know only covers your hair, and even not that sometimes because of its small size. What about hibo's neck and ears, they are too cawro! I think You should wear a matching shalmad and even if you don't have one you can mix and match. I always like black dirac and a white or pink garbasaar. Just beautiful. If you wear a scarf it will be ugly because it is not as big and you would need a jacket. But the shalmad is very applicable since then it is just two peace set and not three and hadii aad si wacan uu hiratoo it can be amazingly stuning. Too bad i cannot be there to help you with the dressing but as i hear you already a professional at these sort of things. Like a wedding planner.
  17. Hibo sis You might call me paranoid but i just do not trust somali males and even worse if it is an internet relationship. But i must ask,,,any one down in your hood that you could spare? Hada hana siinin kuwa aad nacday eh no sheeg those you would like for yourself ok! hana dhicin dee yaakhi. Look for short brothers, i thik short brothers are good looking .
  18. La Xawla Wala Quwata ila bilah! And you tell me there are good muslims back home? Tanoo kalee waligay ma arag. I do not however agree with the way these people are undertaking this matter. They should not post the girls picture on the internet, and being a very confidential matter they should undertake this in a very sensitive and under private supervision. Insha Alah i will do all my best to spread this and if i find that there is anyone who is collecting aid for this girl in my city i will do all my best. Insha Allah please pray for this girl. And Ducaqabe please if you care for this sister then do not show her picture to everyone and cancel this link NOW!
  19. I have just seen that and i heard that it is all computerised. These days you would not know who to believe and who to condemn. Right now i will jsut stick with a neutral, innocent thought, neither beleive it nor disbelieve it
  20. salax u diin, It was revealed after some treaty made with Hudaibiyah either at the end of 6 AH or beginning of 7 AH. The Prophet ASW along with another 1400 muslims went to Makkah to perform pligrimage in the month of Dul Qadah. THe quraish refused and threw them out ending a harsh and rough agreement to be made between the new muslims and the quraish and it was concluded that they could perform pilgrimmage the following year. I think that is all i have so far. Of course the commentary is huge and the sources have enourmous information but i think that is the main, most breif explanation for a quiz.
  21. 4. Rahima i wll have to disagree on one point education standards in Perth are very advanced. It is even said that the high school standard in WA is the highest in the country. Thank you for correcting that. That is why i also disagreed with Amitia because i think the standard of schooling is high and harsh in perth and money wise.
  22. Iam not disclosing my age. It is just toooo personal. But it is not how old you r these days, it is how good you look. I see this lady that lives by me house and she is 43,i don't know if it is the boutox but she is looking preety 20 something. But ciradu waa cawo, wayeelnimaduna waa waayo aragnimo.
  23. Mizzie I caanot believe you! You want all that useless information out of your head? Oh waht a waste, girl iam telling you you will need it for many years to come and no one would want to employ someone who has forgotten thier Roman Numerals or whatever you studied in college. As for me i will be beginning my semester exams next week. Please all make dua for me. I really need it because i wasn't soooo good this year and i was relaxing tooo much. I am now practically cramming it all (Esp for my ANATOMY exam).I am trying to remember that biceps femoris is part of the hamstrings and not quadraceps . I keep on forgeting. Iam going to blow . It is all worrying me. Please can all of you remember me in your prayers and Insha Allah, Allah bless you all.
  24. Modesty Sis i heard that story in quite a different version, but nervertheless it was a beautiful one walahi. Jazaka Allah
  25. Size 14 and lower are not protected? Common iam like a size 12 and i am still considered big with so many somali girls my age. They are all 10 and lower so there is liitle amount of these xalimos you mentioning brother.