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  1. i dont get it quiet make it more simpler- so that we can vote
  2. choc and honey I understand your pain very well. Dont listen to all these responses who have no idea and have not experienced the same circumstance. The only reason why you would hurt or shed tears is if you didnt start the break up. You are not happy with the way things have happened. If you were the one planning the break up then you wouldnt be hurting. Ok now that we have got that point in mind the next thing to consider is why does it hurt? why do you cry? if you felt this person wasnt worth much then you wouldnt. Obviously this person meant alot to you. You planned your whole future with him/her and you couldnt see life any other way. You dont want to think of the idea of living the rest of your life without them...but then you will eventually have to but at the initial couple of months you dread the whole feeling and change your mind every time it comes to your head. Now thats just one feeling in midst of thousands. There is the worst one - lost of trust. There is nothing worse then to be decieved...not cheated by with someone else but to break a trust. WACAD jabinta ayaan sheegaya. You trusted this person and they break it and you have the feeling that you can never trust another person again. You feel insecurity with another person and dread of ever starting another relationship. You feel well if this person who was the best of ppl (and so you thought) is capable of doing such well what would you expect from others? worse or similar But sister this is our human perceptions and how much our mind can stretch. Our heart is weak and we can never make our own decisions. Thats why we need ALLAH all the way. If not we will go through depressions and suicides like the non muslims. Because the agony and loss after break up which you had no control over is devastating. This is life and Allah has his plans and the end of the day his plans work and not yours. What you should ask yourself is maybe Allah has somewhere better for you. Maybe this break up was FOR THE BETTER and Allah knows what i DONT know in this person. Maybe he doesnt want me to fall into a bad hole that i will regret later. And of course you should only feel this way because your were NOT THE INSTIGATOR of the break up. You only wanted and prayed for the best in your relationship. You never broke a trust nor decieved. Qofna maa xumeynin, wacadna maad jabinin. Habeena kumaad seexan xume qofkani so dhinaca ilaahay you are INNOCENT and can only get a better place. Kheyr Unmbaad filaaneysaa Ilaahayna wuu kula jiraa Insha ALLAH wa bilahi towfiq
  3. Hi amatilaah long time no seen are u at uni today? i didnt see u on eid at kings park how was eid guys Single threadkani wuu dhintay eh whats the point of renewing it. Its expired
  4. Xanthus Iam presuming you were not born in london or in any high class european country. correct me if iam wrong. So that high amount of criticism should be coming from a white scandanvian who has never seen or experienced life in africa. If your black and were born there Then get on with it and get used to it FAST. Its not like london is your heritage (or falsely as you want to believe). You will not change your lineage or wash away your genes. Love your country and people because you are not any other at the end of the day but an exotic migrant in london or any western country where ppl ask "dear where did you come from?" and of course you would say BURCO right? or europe? love your people for what they are.
  5. atleast you guys had something to go and look forward to. Down in Oz it has no meaning...ppl are dead here. I wish i could move to london...just for that night though
  6. whats the problem if you have a little mood swings? You guys should rather have been complaining about the Pain. Because that is what suffering is all about. I have that suffering every month. I say alhamdulilaah it is atleast time tat Allah can forgive me for my sins and a time i can apprecaite the value of having health. I also kind of feel the pain Your mom endured delivering you. well i cant say it is real labour because nothing is but kind of prepares you for the real one (if you are destined to ever go in labour). Cynical Lady what are aqwaans? is that just akhwaan (religious) spelt different by you?
  7. so this is an official thing. funny that
  8. Sheikhada SOL=Rayaana are u serious? i feel honoured so what does that mean? i hope jacely inaanad wax igu hoos qarineyn. Suspicious in th same time.
  9. it is sad Nur, But today the warlords are back and the islamic courtSs were defeated in less than a week. where was all the zeal, truimph, strong confident messages they were bombarding to the rest of the somali states and other countries? They were very unstable and weak but still made definate comments that they were incapable to implement. That is were they went wrong, they thought too big of themselves and had no reason...they were just brainwashing every Young religious somali guy or man to join the war when they were severly incapable to give war. They deluded the nation and wasted the lives and honour of so many somali men or boys that could grow up to be strong leaders!
  10. Of- course if Allah decreed for you to never marry you will never marry. But i didnt say you will go to hell if you never marry. I said you must atleast have the intentions of one day marrying and reproducing with Allah's will to strengthen the Ummah with strong muslims. And mantra gave you the hadith and there are many more such as these quoted by teacher Sheikh Sheikh Djafr asking first the question: What do you think the Objective of marriage is? came up with basically the following: To fulfill ubudiyya (obedience) to Allah, because “Marriage is half of faith and Conciousness of Allah is the other half” To strengthen the community and consiquently humanity. To gain a peace of mind: “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.” [30:21] Surah Ar Room - The Holy Quran. Some other points which stress the importance of marriage in Islaam: - Allah created everything in Pairs, Women are the other half of men (hadith). Ibtisam i dont think as i percieve you have the status yet of being a mufti or in a state that you can make ijtihad (making legal decisions by independent interpretation of the legal sources of such as the Qur'an and the Sunnah.) I think it will be on your part wrong to practise your incapable judgemental thinking on laws on marriage and rights in Islam like you just did there.
  11. Mantra,,, I know now you want to close this thread...But since you are my muslim sister i would just like to remind you the prophet's saying "marriage is half of faithand whoever has fulfilled it has fullfilled half of thier faith" and it is compulsory and imperative to have an intention of getting married one day. I didnt say it. The PROPHET (saw) said so really if you are a practising muslim or would like to be, you should work on it or atleast make dua that Allah clears your heart of such Issues. and just think of it. You are the product and creation of the combination of an egg and a tiny sperm. From mommy and dadday. you wouldnt be here today without thier effort and ALlahs qadir. Wouldn't you one day want to make a little creation of ur own...u can call MINE. This world is lonelyand boring without a relationship thats all i know!
  12. So Nomadic princess do u mind i drop in to your place the next time there is a somali wedding and tell you to teach me how to do it? I mean come on you wouldn't mind helping a good friend? I agree with you that the ones women sell are not exactely the type you would want but iam forced to buy it anyway since there is no store that you can chooze randomlly in where we live.
  13. Captain Xalane Are you sure she is a sol member? Then why she hasn't posted yet after all this talk about her...she would have had a say by now i think.
  14. Valish, I totally understand your point. For some reason where i live downunder there are less educated somali men or u would regard compatible. Man of malaysia it is not just about the integrity or money or the type of job he has or the colour of the shirt sidaad adigu tidhi. There is a huge gap in the way the two minds of the two people think when they are not of or near educational level. Well there will be little communication thats all i have seen with those couples that are not really eqaully educated especailly those that cannot speak english and live in overseas countries . When that happens the relationship kinda becomes boring. You only discuss things concerning the children or other things you cannot be on common grounds with. And an educated brother understands i mean (not appreciate) but can respect you. And he can understand your menatlity and the way you want the raise a child while the other one would want to treat you more like a cleaner or a cook. He fails to understand that a women has more roles than just the housework. And going to the Universities or other cities where you think u may find an educated brother wouldn't help the least. However You will meet is already written no matter how many you meet. Calafkaagu is destined so dont waist energy GILRS
  15. God fearing ...God fearing and nothing else but God fearing . . . I think everything else can be bought or over the years with a little bit of manouver and polish acquired...Well thats what my ayeeyo taught me
  16. That is a very good news indeed. Its high time, Somaliland needs well trained doctors. Although also facilities but as long as we have human capacity all other things are achievable.
  17. so whats ur point libaax, you shouldn't first of all be using such terms...especially with regards to women. It is a yucky word that..T word
  18. Red sea Labeeb kind? now thats kinda freaky stuff me you could start a new target...i say Layzie sister...
  19. Ok DIDi Round and round the garden like a teddy bear, one step, two step... iam not here to play kindy jokes or games.
  20. Must have happened in Burco or something. Aaaannnnywaaay DIDI KONG why make that assumption?
  21. In case you do go out, Keep your eyes peeled for Shaykh Shaq and Akh Brothaman. They're expanding their party-crashing gig. Goin' worldwide with it. . They're cool tho. No fire-and-brimstone here. For the ladies, it's all Ukhtii this and Ukhtii that. Straight shooters too. Expect a "So Ukhtii, what's your Wali's number". i dont go to clubs But that would be a cool club to attend
  22. Opinionated Oh it has been a long time. I thought you got married or something. You still that daring feminst?
  23. Passion mansha alaah allah guide you through the best of your carrer I wish i aws in ur position still have a year to go and it is exam time now actually iam stressing go through this every bloody six months i dont think it will repay for all the hairs lost and stress ever! Oh why should i tell you all this make you miserable at the best of times?.... because you have finished! Best of luck