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  1. Misleading title as usual, Somalia does not have VP. I guess you mean Puntlan
  2. it's ironic that your argument sounds so much like the indviduals who making the same excuses for the Ethiopians and Amnisom during the Yusuf regime No, abti. This is beyond irony. They need to come up with a new word for it. I've already documented how dhabaqoodhi peaceniks are fundamentally incapable of grasping irony. They will say the most ludicrous thing....... with a straight face and without a hint of self-awareness. Let me illustrate what I'm talking about. Take this line of Mr. Somali Empire, in the context of his entire post: Amisom should leave in a phased withdrawal, the stronger the government forces become the less Amisom presence is required Think hard. Does that remind you of anyone ? That is, almost verbatim, the classical talking point of the Bush administration and the neocon structure in America. It is the rhetoric used to justify the long-term(30 year plus) of American occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here's Bush giving a speech in June of '05: Our mission in Iraq is clear: We're hunting down the terrorists. We're helping Iraqis build a free nation that is an ally in the war on terror. We're advancing freedom in the broader Middle East. We are removing a source of violence and instability and laying the foundation of peace for our children and our grandchildren. We will stay in Iraq as long as we are needed and not a day longer Right. Kinda like how you are so direly needed in Germany, Japan, and South Korea. 60 years of military presence. Because you are needed. Right. We fight today because Iraq now carries the hope of freedom in a vital region of the world, and the rise of democracy will be the ultimate triumph over radicalism and terror And the money shot: Our strategy can be summed up this way: As the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down Somali Empire: the stronger the government forces become the less Amisom presence is required What did I tell you ? Hanged by his own words. Now here's the difference between Duke and Thierry. Duke is a smart PR man. Underestimate him at your own peril. He knows when his talking points are not working and he throws them away(example: his about-face when Yey was forced to resign. smart politics, smart man). But Theirry and and his peacenik cohorts actually believe the load of crap they're selling just as Dubya Bush actually believes that he brought freedom, security and democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan by destroying their nation. At this point, I am left with no choice but to question the raw intelligence of Thierry and his peaceniks(also, another parallel with Bush, known for his epic doqonimo). I don't think it's a case of irony(or lack thereof), I think it's a case of not having the requisite brainpower to accurately gauge and assess the reality on the ground. Sorry. Maybe harsh, but that's the only conclusion that will explain this detachment from reality. Case in point: Thierry has repeated on more than one occasion the 'need to put them to the death' and "kill all of them'.(Notice again the Bush parallel, you woulda thought he spent time in a right-wing think tank) 'Them' being of course the men and women who freed him and his tribal heroes(Ahmed Diiriye, Xaad, Kiimiko, etc) from the Ethiopian occupation with their constant attacks on both Xabashi and dhabaqhoodi. The same attacks that are being condemned as 'nabad-diid' and 'anarchy' today. You gotta love the hypocrisy. Anyway, the question is: How exactly does he propose to carry out the 'putting them to the death part'. Will he acheive that with the Tol militia-rabble that Shaykh Hotel has bought of with foriegn money ? Where are they ? How come they got their azzez whopped by Xisbul Islam last time they fought ? Or is he talking about more foriegn troops ? What will 10,000 or 20,000 or 30,000 or 40,000 more African Union troops accomplish that 70,000 Ethiopian troops have failed completely in acheiving ? Why is his Xabashi servant of a president locked up in Villa Somalia(oops, Yey parallel..irony alert) ? Basic questions that he has been unable to answer thus far, which leads me to question not only his intellegince, but the intellegince of anybody that supports this government and shys away from answering the tough questions. Support this dowlad-ku-sheeg all you want.....just make sure you come equipped with relevant, coherent talking points that won't make you look like a fool. So, what makes it acceptable for Shariff to call foreign troops, help him secure Muqdisho, defend him against extremists, and not for Yusuf? Lol, another tough question they won't answer. But I'll answer it for you. You see, Zaylaci, recently a nomad expressed his doubt and lack of confidence in the Tigray Founded Goverment. Instead of answering in concrete terms about the incompentence of the dowlad-ku-sheeg. Theirry answered like this: "Don't worry brother, the goverment is in local hands.. we're running the show.. we have all the power...there's nothing to worry about". bal ka waran mentality-gaas anakaa o ku jirno 2009 ?...Sharif is a 'local'. That's why he is welcomed along with his Gaalo army. Cabdullahi Amxaar, however, suffered the misfortune of not being a 'local'. Yo, this is shit is beyond funny, it's tragic, runtii, and i shouldn't be laughing, but as the arabs say, shar'rul baliyati maa yudxik. As another forumer put it: "Ugandan'ka waa gaalo H-block wadato, laakin Ethiopians'ka waxay ahaayaan gaalo D-block wadatay". Crucial difference Don't attack our Gaalo.... but it's ok to attack their Gaalo. Hypocrisy much ? Qabyaalad much ? Qurun much ? Sewage much ? Qashin much ? That's the mentality you want me to sit down and talk with. Sorry, pal. These tribalist will know nothing but the sword. And they will be cleansed from Xamar just as they were cleansed in the summer of 2006 and Cabdi-Qaybdiid and Qanyare, who are now venerable Mudane Ministers sitting side by side with Cabdulqaadir Cumar Cali, Janaqow, Ibrahim Cadow, and Shaykh Sharif, were sent fleeing for their lives. Can't go back to '87-94 and tribal politics, abti. We done passed that. Somalia has moved on. But the f'ing peaceniks w
  3. <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3533/3223052057_a3c9b81161_m.jp
  4. Meiji is all over the place. One the centre is not secure as noted from today’s actions. As for the “Puntland oil” adeer the conditions of the Somali war has ensured that most locals specially those in the two top states have taken charge of their local resources. Thus the oil in Puntland is on course to be developed by the state and as it is part o Somalia it will be shared by Somali’s as a whole, Puntland is open to all Somali’s to live, work and reside without any issues as long as they don’t break the law. The argument against the development of
  5. Caadi ma aha "Qalibiga aa geed ku dhex abuurtay" aa alla beerka lol shabeel naagood baaban soo xasuustay.
  6. quote:Originally posted by AfricaOwn: ^^ You're not in wrong for supporting the prime minister. I think is only right for you to show support/loyalty to him. It will be weird for you not to support. This is what Somali poli
  7. Mr. A&T, Adeer, I see that you are still gamely trying your utmost best to create an awe-inspiring mountain of an argument out of a miserable molehill of a mind-numbing drivel (to say the least). Particularly, with this sort of nonsense of yours, in which you, rather shamelessly, have presented to us political cognoscenti of SOL.... And, therefore, that, as you may understand it, is ever the pity, since I know that you are more than capable of settling yourself for something that is bit more intellectually higher than what this sort of drivel will indicate, in a round-about-sort of way, indeed, to any unsuspecting person in here of SOL. In other words, did it ever occurred to you, even in passing, that, this version of hiring any passer-by of the sort that is essentially the kind that can be called as that of a “politically-opportunist-mercenary-carpet-bagger” from Somaliland for any going concern political post in Somalia (with her latest foreigner-designed government) has always been the “modus operandi” of the “political folks” – i.e., the elites - of Somalia. Since, this latest version of appointing Mr. Oomar as the FM of Somalia seems to follows a well-trodden path of this kind of political mendacity, in which the likes of Mr. Buubaa before him in this FM post, or even Mr. Kaluun (who was once a deputy prime-minister to then TNG's government), and others from Somaliland have genuinely perfected it. Particularly as a detriment of those “political folks” of Somalia, who in turn, could never understand that no amount of appointing Somalilanders into any going government of Somalia, will ever likely take away the political agenda of our independence from the political scene, at all. All in all, it’s pity, really, since it's the case that after all these years, the “political folks” of Somalia are still running around, like so much of a headless chicken with this “one-trick-political-card” of theirs. Particularly with the hope of thinking that in Somaliland her destiny or at least what shall becomes of her, simply revolves around as to “who-is-who” of "the latest government" of Somalia. But, be that as it may, I really do not expect you to understand this argument of mine, particularly as to how miserably contemptible this silly political argument that others have perfected in Somalia really do come across to us in Somaliland. In fact, I would go as far as to say, that if Somalia decides to "appoint" a whole government (in terms of it's cabinet officers) which is solely made of a complete list of Somalilanders, I can safely say, that really, would not have made a blind bit of difference to our political aspiration of the independence kind, in the least of it. Not that I expect you to understand the finer sense of that argument to begin with, in the first place, since to you, the idea of Somaliland's independence is something akin to an argument between "two brothers" which in turn, can be smooth it over, with the sense of "equally sharing" the "family loot" that they both have inherited from their parents. Instead of seeing for what it is, which is that of an argument between "two brothers", in which one of them - i.e., Somaliland - is determine (come high-water or hell) to go his separate way from the "stultifying and the deadening hug" of the other one, indeed.... Regards, Oodweyne.
  8. Eleven peackeepers killed in Somalia attack-AU 22 Feb 2009 17:37:57 GMT Source: Reuters MOGADISHU, Feb 22 (Reuters) - Insurgent attacks in Somalia's capital Mogadishu killed 11 peacekeepers from Burundi on Sunday and seriously wounded 15, the African Union said. "The Burundian contingent of the AU mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has been under intense mortar attacks since Feb. 17, 2009," the statement said. "These attacks have reached today an unprecendented level, resulti
  9. ^^ Heh! But the story was spread by the likes of LasqorayNt before I or the cartoonist got involved. Portals like Garowe Online are owned by Farooles and the rest of Puntland's web sites were rightly scared to report it - judging from Faroole's reaction. Facts are, Puntland has had
  10. Hibo


    Didn't know paragon was a rocker wooow!
  11. It doesn't matter. For all it matters whenever I see Xussen Nuur, I think of you. Dhinaca kale, who is your candidate for the president of Somalia? Xassen Abshir?
  12. Dear Mr. Ngonge, Very funny story, that one… But, on the serious side, it’s my view, that without a comprehensive settlement within what used to be called the “USC – Block”; there will never – I repeat – there will never be a peace in Somalia. And, however much that may bruise the "clannish egos" of the likes of our friends such as Mr. Caamir of this world; that is a fact of political reality, that no one who wants to see a stable political reality in Somalia could ever over-looked, particulary in it’s importance. Hence, the "methodology" that such a political internal settlement ought to be conducted under it ought to be up for grabs (or at least open mind must be use, when this problem is being approached). In the sense, that if it could be done outside the legal perimeter or the rubric of Somalia (not Somali Republic, as you suggested it, for that will bring in Somaliland into the equation at this stage, which will complicates the “staggered approach” of settling this kind of long standing political upheavals); then, in that case it ought to be done. But, if such a needed settlement could not be
  13. by Said Shiiq, PhD Thursday, December 18, 2008 “Cagtii meel joogi weydaa-ba mar beey ceeb la kulantaa.” Somali adage. Writing someone’s career obituary whilst breathing is a dicey predicament, but in rare circumstances, it’s sufficiently apt. This is especially the case when the matter is about the person’s tumultuous career: I’m talking about the besieged President of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), Abdullahi Yusuf. Delusional, he really is. But that doesn’t quite capture the depth of his quagmire. Now in his late 70s, Mr. Yusuf is literally and figuratively fighting for his life. The fraudulent parliament he collected four years ago is impeaching him. The Ethiopians, with whom he entrusted with his back and sold his soul to for the past three decades, are, remarkably, deserting him. The Kenyans, where his own children run a mini-TFG, is now branding him, his family and his cabal, a group non-grata. Perhaps more brutally, the Americans publicly said that they sided with Prime Minister Nur Adde. The world had enough of his towering madness. It’s a culmination of a stunning reversal of fortunes against this brutal warlord. A man who brazenly takes credit for disorienting a unified Somali nation 30 years ago, Yusuf’s repulsive legacy is coming to a screeching halt. Like the aforementioned Somali adage goes, he’s reacquainting with an obtrusive embarrassment he long danced around. A bloody career that began with a failed coup, in 1978, followed by an admitted treason and defection to Ethiopia, spanning to a civil war, a stint with piracy, and crest with the murderous conquest in Mogadishu two years ago, is being encircled in Baidoa. Abated by two dozen cronies, that career is on life support. Even the pro-Yusuf voices in Puntland should be construed a desperate plea to keep him away from his former turf, lest his swerves back violently. Pathologically speaking, Yusuf is hardly sane. On top of the foreign object lodged in stomach in the form of liver, Yusuf is clinically a psychopath. It’s marked by a rousing narcissism, which came to light when he claimed that he attended a Russian college for “the white and rich people” as appose to Dr. Abdulqasim Salad Hassan, whom he condescendingly said attended a university for “Negros.” To his credit, Yusuf is a master of clan politics. In addition to naming top security, diplomatic and presidential positions to a very close knit of clansmen, who are invariably incompetent, he tried to influence international institutions in their hiring process. In 2007, while I was with a delegation of aid organizations in Baidoa, he demanded that I disclose my clan identity to him before we could proceed. The meeting adjourned quickly, because I refused to entertain his obsession. Yusuf’s grandiosity is clearly ending. A telling inaction is observable: He’s not flying to Addis Ababa as he routinely did post crisis. Instead, he went to Garoowe—and may well be returning to there soon. Good luck Puntland! Who should take credit for his demise? Two shrewd men to come to mind: Nur Adde and Sh. Shariif. Through the Djibouti Agreement, they formed a formidable alliance anchored in the quest of peace and true reconciliation. Yusuf hoped to cast the sham “reconciliation conference” in Mogadishu in 2007 as a genuine peace process. With the exception of the fat cow (Saudi Arabia), which bestowed him with a whopping $32 million, no one took him seriously. Unlike Ali Ghedi, the impatient and woefully inexperienced former PM, Nur Adde is a statesman, whose guiding principle is peace. On that basis, he embarked on an international campaign to sell his agenda. His call was heeded by a moderate figure in the opposition Sh. Shariif Sh. Ahmed. Together with an honest UN broker, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, they forged a new centrist coalition in Somalia. Irked by this arrangement, however, are the extremists on both sides, led by two ruthless colonels: Mr. Yusuf, and Sh. Hassan Dahir Aweys. Oddly, the two principally agree that the Djibouti Agreement is the antithesis of their greedy careers. But Yusuf fails to grasp the depth of the abyss he’s in this time around. With the twilight of the Bush Administration dawns a new era in the world, undefined by the War on Terror. Yusuf milked the terrorism mantra to the fullest. Fortunately, Sh. Shariif’s return to Mogadishu and the imminent Ethiopian withdrawal effectively renders him toothless. As he defiantly continues to make noise, his demise is unfolding precipitously. Like Kenya, IGAD, the AU, the EU and more importantly, the UN are likely to brand him an obstruction to peace—a label that will eventually seal his bloody legacy. To those he murdered over the years, the climax of Yusuf’s demise will be when, due to travel ban and asset freeze, his over-medicated body suffers unt