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    Tampon Users

    Nazra You shouldn't be worried about a girl losing her virginity. As others already mentioned you could have broke your hymen already without knowing when you were in grade 4 playing elastic..."my mother your mother lived down the street..."hopping up and really didn't even reach puberty so how could have you experienced sexual realationships? Any how my point is,,,the big fuss should be more about the big HEALTH THREAT this little thing poses. You might have gone to an all girls school like i have and felt jealous because to use a tampoon at 16 was sooooooooo cooooooool! like so cool but really you wouldn't believe the death toll and health risks young girls experience in their early 20's. YOU get blockage of the menstrual flow and clots form in the menstrual passage. THat is why so many girls get severe cramps in their lower backs and uterus, because the blood is not getting excreted at the pase that it should so it just builds. In addition there is a health risk of tampons causing toxic shock,(Toxic shock syndrom). This is due to the material in which the tampon is made from (rayon). It produses the bacteria staph aureus. Yes ... there is the chance of microbes entering your body. From the little knowledge i have aquired from school with this bacterium it can cause a disease in this context because it is not normally present in such areas (the menstrual passage). So Nazra you do not only lose your virginity but also your health is at what chances are you taking? NON FOR ME!
  2. Somalis recognized unmarried girls by their uncovered hair “guudley†and married women by their hair cover “gambooley This is contradicting his latter earlier statement “Verily in the body there is a piece of flesh. If it is sound, the body is all sound. If it is corrupt, the body is all corrupt. Verily, it is the heart.†If he would have also quoted the rest of the hadith it will all fall into place stating :"the haram is clear and the halal is clear...". By revealing your hair and "traveling with a single men or even a group of men on long trips, spending nights and days in their company " just can shows how ignorant those generation of people were of the true teachings of ISLAM. It is clearly haram and for Bashir to have simply ignored it....i dispise him for it.
  3. Music (young Somali bands/rappers -- AAR, Ali DJ, King Khalid, Fadumo Haldhaa, Farax Yare...) Why...there is always music. Is that the only form of entertainment there could be in a somali gathering. It is more like a party than a youth forum where IMPORTANT things should be discussed.
  4. Our very own Edna Adan me thinks... Edna Adan doesn't kiss british colonies a*$%#es and certainly plea for money :cool: . And of course she has no problems with Religious pious and most respectful World residents. She has never killed a soul Bari Nomad i think your comparison was weak and baseless! Don't get me wrong...i just happen to be quoting some real profiles of the two
  5. Marka laga reebo Gagida diyaardaha, Somaliland ma laha ciidan Dab-demis That just makes me so angry and frustrated. Not because i think that the country hasn't got the CAPITAL to afford such but the bloody dishonesty of RIYAALE and his government. If only the family's ppl or country on a whole could sue him and the rest of co with caaloolayaasha would have made me alot better. The poor family and many other residents pay tax...they surely don't deserve such terrible treatment by their so called President and GUUD...(more like a baranbaro bakhtiday meel iska fadhida)waiting for the public to fulfill their duties and in the same time get thier money and trust. Bloody traitors! Go down RIYAALE outa your seat :mad: :mad: And come to think of i somehow blame the public for sitting back and bot making a big fuss...i mean this is the second time such incident occured in Hargeysa and this time with a high death roll!
  6. ^^^sometimes i think you always outa space man like up to the distant horizon man come back to the subject... Nazra darman had interesting posts but i liked him just for that. I don't become attracted to ppl on the net just like that Na'mean, they have to be seen and real and i never associated with darman but missed his jokes and ideas. Like iam not those type of sisters that envisage alot na'mean? My only confession is that i hate UNI life...sometime i feel like just taking a break and head for somalia a year or two. I need to make some waayo Arko and have a real dig of life. But this lifestyle ain't allowing me to make the right choices and it isn't guaranteeing any aswell. So please make prayers for me when you prays next time ok. Have me in your heart for the sake of ALLAh. Jazaka ALLAh I will pray for all of you...
  7. Nazra, SIster i don't know what to think. I am shocked and dazzled because this has never happened to me and wish it never does. What is worse though is when it is in a marriage relationship. Now that i have experienced. Not me though...a friend of me sisters'. I was so sad but then i thought it really depends on the man. I thing you shouldn't blame your best frined but rather your BF since he was the one that agreed and was ful on leading on your best freind. And kaaley ma doqon baad tahay haadii taas oo kale dici laheyd waan eryi laha YOUR BF. sometimes you should have firm grounds and just taking it all as a joke and being laid back just shows maybe you are not taking the relationship seriously???Maybe you just treat it like a ku meel gaadh type of journey until the real prince comes along? And the freind whom you were bridesmaid to did she have an arranged wedding? maybe that is the case because if she really was in love it would be awkward that she'd still be looking around elsewhere. How sad doesn't she know what she has got herself into?How old is she?
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    Og Sister i would like to know the different categories of shiasm jsut like sunnah has malaki, salafi, hanafi etc And what each madhab that they follow (ther different schools and teachings) are? help that is not too much to ask and beyond your knowledge. If it is then let me know.
  9. You are all talking as if the family is some crazy-minded, ignorant family. How do you really know that the older girl knew and was deeply upset and was behind all this and the parents agreed to postpone it or do it the other way like whats been said. You don't know the whole stroy and iam not taking FARXAN's word for it. Sorry Farxan I just believe that any parent no matter what their nationality would be more than delighted to have their daughter married and honoured with good-trusted person. Regardless of her being the smallest or the eldest. As long as she is with someone safe they happy to take her out of the way and finish their responsibility as a parent. If i were the younger girl i would just postpone the whole thing...until the parents and older sis comes around. But of course that is not easy and the guy has to be patient and understanding. But then again if he is really in love with you wouldn't he wait no matter the cost???Even if it be another 3 years??? If he doesnt then just let him go coz he is really not serious about you and just wants to settle down with anyone and he is not your true calaf So no matter are not at a loss and your true Mr right is still to come knocking at your doorstep....and of course that is if Allah planned.
  10. Sheh so you gonaa tell us your secret or just show it off and leave with it? Cano Geel you are so full of it man! If you think Xalimo who is in the right youthfull age of 21-35 is old then you are going to have none in for you at the markets So wake up, grow up and smell the coffee I Rayaana XX will not sit hear and be threatened by her age. Me no HABAR aight! I like 35+ men and 30+ women..i just think that is when you start to really come into to terms with life and mannage all your problems (with just a few to not mention).
  11. Acuudkeeeeeee IAm totally out of it man!I just read the last posts by OG AND HIBO after posting me little contro.....i just hope everything is resolved. OG yes you should learn from this lesson and next time dont ever post any pics walaalo. Some ppl in here are just so bored to the extent they like to make trouble between others. Just last night i posted on the 4th page of this thread and look now it is already rolling up to the 9th!just within 24 hours yiykes :eek: ! Nomdads like drama and gossip sooooo much.
  12. I never looked up to find out what islam says about having a boyfriend, because I don't care too much to find out the end result, thats just me. As long as folks aren't sharing their cake with their significant other, it will always be halal in my book. Layzie that is just so weird. Say you are sitting for an exam the month comming and your teacher tells you the contents and what to expect. Are you going to be laid back, enjoy the next weeks and have fun?Or be in the library studying 24'7 coz you know the consequences of failing an exam. How can you think of it being halal when you have no authority or proof to do such? This is an abstract that sums up all of what everyone is bighting each others back for "...Islam has restricted the authority to legislate haraam and halal for Allah alone. No man, regardless of his religious or worldly status has a right to decide on this. To prohibit the halal and to permit the haram is similar to committing shirk .Allah, the Most Merciful, makes things halal or haram for a reason, with peoples' well being in view. He has neither permitted anything except what is pure nor has he prohibited only because they are impure. ..if the action is haram, although the intention is permissible, then it remains haram." ( Nadawi,AA 1999, Islamic Studies, Jamadal-Ula, Capetown.)
  13. AssalaMu Alaikum brothers and sisters. Iam shocked and despondent of what i read. Knowing especially that such has been written by ADULT, BELIEVING MUSLIMS how on earth can a beliver have the courage, the need to differ, to make new opinions to make new rights and laws to his or her advantage? How can they sit there and type AHH WELL MY OPINION IS.... or I THINK dating is HALAl? AND since when were there such things as ISLAMIC DATING? kkkkk i was laughing and amused to hear such nonsense. WEll like any muslim...basic practising muslim i would here ask how many of us are really basic, practising muslims???????? Or maybe MODERATE MUSLIMS? Are we like those mentioned in the quraan who Allah calls FASIIQUUN? MUNAFIQUUN? DAALIMUUN. Well i suggset that we go back to the two primary source of information on islamic aqeedah..AND those being THE QURAN and SUNNAH and the muslim is asked to seek facts on these and first the QURAAN. In which sura did it say under any circumstance that dating (actually any form of meeting that will be a source of shataanic affection between that oppisite sex and needless of them touching ...isn't hearing and seeing one of our 5 general senses?aren't they going to lead to feelings of enjoyment,temptaion and atleast sinfull thoughts?) "on the day their tongues, their hands, and their legs (or feet) will bear witness against them as to what they used to do." (NOUR) And were we given such sort of approval by our beloved prophet? On which occasion did he approve of such meetings without a third party on the watch? Nomads i think we have been surrounded by the one culture which has brought tragic downfall in all spheres and dimensions on earth. The culture of the west and we are getting confident enough that we can think like them, make excuses based on worthless reasoning. Just because muslims in XAmaar or Emirates make zina so are you going to join them and take that sin on your shoulders...are they going to hide you from the punishments of the grave walla cayadu Bilaah!How can that justify adultry? how can some nomads have the reasoning having illegimite sex or reltionship does not make you impure on the inside? And you throwing the biggest oxymoron while knowing of it? Alaah tala says: "Oh you who believe! Fear Alaah and keep your duty to Him. And let every person look to what he has sent forth for the morrow, and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what you do. AND BE NOT LIKE THOSE WHO FORGOT ALLAH (i.e. BECAME DISOBEDIENT TO ALLAH), AND HE HAS CAUSED THEM TO FORGET THEIR OWN SLEVES. THOSE ARE THE FASIQUN (rebelious,disobedient to ALLAH). (al hashr) " Shaitan has overpowered them. So he has made them forget the rememberance of Allah. They are the party of shaitan. Verily it is the party of shaitan that will be the losers!" (al-mujadilah) "like shaitan, when he says to man:'Disbelieve in Alaah.' But when (man) disbelieves in Allah, Shaitan says: 'Iam free of you i fear Allah the lord of the Alamin (mankind, jinn and all that exists).'"(al hashr) salam all.
  14. Jaceyl Baro Maha sidaa aan moodayey runti marka aan arkay sidaad itidhi baan uu haystey ilaa aan akhriyay. and the more i read the more i was despondent and disgusted. Runti hadii xajigaygu waxa sameyn laha xafada baan uga guuri laha ilaa uu towbad keeno! period. Runti waxyabaha qaar dhaqan uma lihin waana ceeb sidaa aanu uu naqaano sax? maxa yeelay sexual expliotion is a big sin in our religion and waxa soo kale waa Sexual EXPLOITATION. Raaxo iyo jeceyl uu ma arko. Hadi sex noqdo just about sex then there is no love right? Posterkana wuxu kadhigay arintan isku taga oo dhan ee labada qof is qaba ka dhexeeya wax dareen uun ku dhisan. Dhinici jeceyl kaba kamu eegin which is a typical perspective i would get from Dolly magazines. Not an islamic one ma ila garatay?
  15. Geel Jire Runti waxyabaha qaar aad qortay waan ka hor jeeda. Labada is qaba siday doonan ha'iskugu tagaan eh laakin maha inaad shaaca ka qaado ood waxyabah aad gabadha ka sheektay tidhaahdo. Diinteenu way kaso hor jeeda ka sheekaynta waxa labada qof ee is qaba makhsinkooda / roomkooda ka dhex dhaca.
  16. Waryaa libaan dont you know girls have hair on thier guts aswell,,,not as much but the picture is very close up and it maximized the view....
  17. jaceyl baro waa markii ugu horaysay eed run ku hadashay ma'istidhi? Ala waad is dhacday maanta
  18. jaceyl baro waa markii ugu horaysay eed run ku hadashay ma'istidhi? Ala waas is dhacday maanta
  19. So you saked them? THey lost thier jobs....what makes me think i will not lose mine?That is why i prefer to be unemployed You forgot this point though * You never enjoy a day out at the golf course or an exotic holiday because toddler or new born is crying for a nappy change or they've (family) run out of milk so you better run an get that bottle of milk or nappy pack becuase tonight you won't be able to sleep.
  20. Dun Worry happens all the time...just be patient
  21. well hibo? Update us on matches found...results results and more results of your project. Or are you leaving us for the big surprise
  22. That is it Bisharo walaalo I am a feminist of a kind I would be not compelled like Legend of Zu Pointed out to wash the laundary of my future Kusband but rather is the best ardoristic moment to sew his ripped overalls and polish his shoes and not to mention iron every single shirt and sweater before going out. And calling out Xaajiga yaana la moodin inan Weird to many but i find it to be true affection :rolleyes:
  23. Rahima That is what i thought too so just wanted to confirm. My mother had alleriegies when she went to visit somalia and the docter prescribed her Dermovate. She was shocked and refused to use it regardless of her skin condition.
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    ^ Not like magic i had them just before and made not much difference to my hair that i could notice.No i use V05..boosts the volume of your hair.