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  1. Zadiqa, sistah i can see your view of this critical issue. all i can say is about a somaliweyn is DONT COUNT ON IT after what the people from the north went through i dont think theres a single lander who is in favour of a uinted somalia. i too wish that sometimes all of us somalis were just one. i really wish i could turn back time and start form the right foot. i mean if all this tribalism wasnt practiced from the beginning then we wouldnt be in the same situation. but then again counting the number of uncles, aunties and cousins i have lost, i would rather want sland to be independent. and this question goes out to AYOUB_SHIEKH, when u said "either Riyaale is a clever chap, or he knows the nature of the Qaldaans" brother WHAT IS THE NATURE OF THE QALDAANS? :rolleyes: :confused: :rolleyes: :confused:
  2. blah blah blah i dont need to comment on this one. i know that u ****** ugly somali men know( since u think we are cheap and ignorant) that we are the best in everyway possible way. The looks, the height, the attitude (although i gotta say we are *****y but thats the only way of dealing wit u arrogant somali men) size we all come in just the right sizes. so dont deny it fellas. sum of u guys dont know wat u got until u lose it and then wonder why we leave u and settle for other nationalities. so many somali sisters marrying african americans, jamiacans, arabs just because guys like Qoslaaye think we are CHEAP and bloody IGNORANT
  3. since I'am very sensitive to this topic i am wondering why theres so many guys discussing this topic? they seemed to be more concerened than the sisters. i hardly see any of the somali sisters talking of this issue. like hello, its ours and keep ur ***** out of it. Like u guys actually care or give a damn? girls feel me on this one!!!!!!
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    ok so it looks like love is in the airrrrrrrrr. i dont really believe theres somethin called LOVE in this world, despite the love between oneself and his creator ALLAH shw, but the rest is just crap....... not love
  5. sijui i couldnt agree wit u more. thing is somali parents dont think their daughters are capable of learning in ares like those. i myself am studying chemical engineering and u need more technical thinking than mathmatics. you do more practical work than theory. that ends after your fisrt year. SHYEM!! how dare u disrespect women like that. beautiful somali women are the ones that make it to facsinating feilds such teaching, medicine( yes i know female somali doctars here in Australia), PHARMACY,law, Nursing and well maybe not engineering. but hey the list is more. we are just as beautiful with trousers and cardigans as the Diraac. unfortunatley ur thinking just like the old way.
  6. HEY SISTAZ, may i ask wats wrong wit religious guys? girls been saying 'oh i dont like him coz he too religious n all' well atleast he 'll know the importance of respect he has to give his wife when he marrys and he'll be committed to u. i personally think that ill be better than a guy that will mistread u after ur wedding night, after he got what he wanted, 'n' he hadn't had enough so he gotta do more experimenting. but thats my 50 cts n every girls different i think :confused: :confused: and again there are those that r in between. but chances are 1 in a million.
  7. Nomads, isnt there ever other political topics to talk of than those to do wit SOMALILAND? its bout time it should be left alone!
  8. ilhaam, thanx sis that was soooooo thoughtfull of u. this is what we need, more sol sis arent aware of this issue and take the hijaab very easy. They really dont know what they're missing when they go out there in the streets for display. then they say we are being deprived (the ones with the hijaab) when they are degraded to the lowest point, lacking all the respect a covered sis has. may Allah guide us all!
  9. sis thanx 4 bringing up this topic, u know women are still treated shit in many muslim countries. take pakistan, Afganistan and iran for example( alhamdulilah somali's better). the girls are expected to marry at a very early age and the man she marrys is of the same age as her grandfather and so she is expected to do so many things. although only 13 or even 12 she is expected to function a household just like a grown up women. what we need is pple that interpret the Qu'an right. because Allah gives us so much rights and equality to that of a male. but all the muslim countries lack that and so practice their culture and say Its Islam.
  10. well i just hope all the best for the people of puntland. insha allah there will be peace all over somalia. as long as every one makes dua for each other.
  11. darman, not every guy who goes back to somalia lacks socialising skills or dating skills. there are some that live in places that the girls livin there are so cheap. got no respect an all, some dont even know what marraige is all bout for them happiness is just till the honeymoon is over and she had a nice wedding (that beated her best friends previously). so dont blame the poor guys. and not everyone's born rich, some cant afford to have fancy weddings 'n' holidays.not everyones pocket's full!!!
  12. nuur, first why dont u try getting ur girl a bunch of roses. then try and invite her for a night over ur place, and dont order food from ur nearest halal restruant, u do the cooking. and mostly be gentle and sweet.make sure u remind her everyday u love her, and how stunning she always looks,and most importantly no matter how good looking u r, its ur personality that counts at the end of the day. thats what somali guys lack!!! good luck.
  13. bamina, sis i agree wit u 100% but the thing is the parents arent educated themselves and theres lack of communication between somali parents and thier children. they dont know what thier child learns in school or if they even attend classes, so soon they find thier children joining gangs or runnin from home. where i live theres a huge difference between the paarents and younger generation. when u come accross them in the streets the mothers wearing the long hijab manshalah and her sons wearing wutang jeans that will slip of him any minute and all those silver rings and earings. i get very upset at times like those.
  14. salamz, my teacher gave my class an assignment to do on the Dajaal in an islamic studies class and i also heard from some girl that dajaal is the ruler of the Zoinsts and in the taht same family theres the queen, daina, george bush and blair who are cousins. see i might be mixing up things and thats the piont i dont know all about it and i realy am anxious to know more. i was wondering if my fellow nomad brothers and sisters who are blessed so much knowledge could give me more info on it. jazaka Allah
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    Boy Wonder

    notherner, ive seen this boy before on video but aorund 4 years ago and thought it was all fake. see the thing is when i went to college the next day i asked all my arab friends if they heard of him and they never did. thats an issue that annoys me. we all know arab scholor,but they dont recognise those that are african and are blessed with the religion.they somwat think Allah only made Islam for them. salamz
  16. poet bro, iam sorry ur hurt about somaliland being a seperate country and u not visiting ur brothas and sisters in the north, but hey look at the good side. s/land is better off without somalia and somalia is better off without s/land. some things u gotta accept. when both states reicived thier independence it was the somalilander that went to somllia and said we want to share the country with thier fellow brothers but intsead they got themselves into hell and were killed by thousands. and again for the benefit of all its better if we stayed divided. and somalis will neva agree with one another when it comes to who holds authority. its in our blood, cant be purified!
  17. cosima, first if u were so concerened bout da issue then u shouldnt have been in such places. second, u probably wore somthin that attracted guyz, if u wore somthin that wasnt so tarty guys wouldnt have hit on ya for no reason. so plz put others as the cause of your problems when its ur plain Fault! just tellin u tha truth. the others just been laughin an actin u were right on this. and it always better to know the truth.