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  1. NSS were powerful and Zenawi lived in Xamar, haa THE Good old days....
  2. When a state gives away suverniteten because of impotence. If one is going allowed that foreign states can do what they want without asking, I think the whole thing (Somalia) should NOT cease to exist." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  3. ^^waarya, no body givs a S*** about your facts or opinion...
  4. Tallaabo;980107 wrote: The Somaliland flag has the universe's most holy inscription on it so it should never be worn on a dance floor let alone by dancers. i agree
  5. OF COURSE I'm just kidding, I love my religious leaders, but I prefer not to have them in the government )))
  6. None of them, but I support anyone who fights against conservative monkeys
  7. I'm not a fan of those guys, conservative monkeys who do not bother to follow the world advances... They want to bring back the past something that is impossible.... Somalia must have Turkey as a role model NOT Iran and Saudi Arbia
  8. If the government was run by these people.. Then my AK-47 would see the dawn again.. May Allah guide them