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  1. Why men Love *****es................> very funny
  2. Hi people. Was shocked to see the changes in the website, but it will take time to get used to. Why is the banner in yellow , can't see what's in the background, I have dyslexia and can't read in yellow...... fix it please
  3. I don't like this new facelift. This don't look like SOL no more...
  4. take it slow and easy brother, don't rush and make it sound so hard. Finding you other half should take some time and effort, no one said it was easy.... I would say try group blind dating. This means you would have to invite your group of single friends to come along for a blind date event in some coffee shop, four guys vs. four girls and see how it goes. What a genius idea> hahahaha


    You have to be attracted to the water or whatever it is to taste it.


    Mr right to me or to any lady here means the right guy and its different for each one of us. So there is no general definition for the Mr right. Mr right have to be right cause I'm gona give him what I got, and what I got is better not get wasted on Mr wrong.
  7. That should work for me , I like self help stuff they work if you really believe. lets see, OKay..... I really want a better job for now, so I will let you know if the rules of the attraction will work for me or not.
  8. oh well, the minute that he starts thinking of new love , is the same minute that I will seek divorce. The one and only.
  9. Me is number one. The one and only.
  10. ^^WHAT??? Noway, I can't be a number two.
  11. I'm happy that he is married cause I was looking for a fault in him, I was gona say Sorry dude you aint my type, so he made it easy for me. Alhamdullah. there is no next time, No dating policy is the way from now on.