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  1. Xaaji Xunjuf;961967 wrote: This was written by sir dauglas hall the last governor of Somaliland under British rule. Lol, so you're talking about a "Somaliland" as if it was a Sovereign State before 1960. Not only that, but it's "Administration" was Colonial Englishmen, who were Administering the Protectorate for Britain. Your entire argument holds no water. British came to an area settled by different Somali tribes. They conquered it, colonized it and left in 1960. Britain didn't give any tribe the right to rule over the others, certainly it wasn't Britain's power or right to do that either. USP was created to take Awdal, Sool, Sanaag and Togdheer, along with Waqooyi Galbeed to unite with Italian-Somaliland Protectorate.
  2. LOL @ Egal being the leader of USP. Correct me if I'm wrong, but were NUF and SNL both consisted of supporters of Beesha Dhexe, while USP consisted of Awdal, Sool, Sanaag and Cayn tribesmen? Also, USP was for Union, while NUF/SNL were for Secession? If Xunduf can rewrite history, so can I. I will produce a good copy & paste.
  3. Xin, Will Jubbaland sign military agreements with it's Neighbors (Kenya and Ethiopia) to further build it's military's arsenal? Can they do that without SFG's approval?
  4. Xiin, why are you debating about issues pertaining to Somaliland ama Gobolada Waqooyi always? I don't understand how you are relevant to the Former British-Somaliland protectorate, when you're from the former Italian-Somaliland protectorate. I urge you to leave the Northern politics to the Northerns.
  5. I wonder the turn all this debate within the Somalis about Somaliland will take? Once Somaliland get's Independence or IF, it gets, then what will the Anti-Somaliland groups will talk about?
  6. Those Fire Engines should be taken to Hargeisa and/or Bosaso. At least they deserve it more than Mogadishu.
  7. xiinfaniin;961124 wrote: ^^The point I was trying to make is Puntalnders will be the last folks who would burn the blue flag. The pics Canbuulo & Bun posted show Presidents Hassan Sheekh picture with a flag background being burned or tore I understand the point you were making and I completely agree with you. I asked you a totally different question pertaining to a different issue.
  8. xiinfaniin;961082 wrote: They shredded Hassan Sheekh's pictures , not Somali flags. Puntlanders take special pride in the fact that one of their sons designed the blue flag, so stop the poor propaganda waryaa Xin, I'm aware that a Puntlander designed the flag, but how did Reer Hargeisa accepted it in 1960, when it was raised in Hargeisa? Remember that the one who designed the flag is a Puntlander from the Italian-Somaliland protectorate at the time.
  9. Xaaji Xunjuf;960552 wrote: ^^ I dont know about you but i support Egyptian Nile waters i believe they need the Nile waters more than the Bug eyed Xabashis. Actually if Egypt completely annihilates Ethiopia. They have no reason to be anti Somaliland, The best thing now for SL is that they should remain very neutral and stay away from the Ethio and Egypt conflict. it doesn't concern Somaliland. Ethiopia is for Somaliland's Independence. Egypt is for Somalia's territorial sovereignty to be intact from Djibouti border to the Kenyan border. Are you still neutral?
  10. The only thing I truly love about Somaliland and "Somalilanders" is their commitment to be Anti-Arab, Anti-Egypt and standing by Ethiopia's rightful claim over the Nile. If "Somaliland" wants to destroy Egypt's dream, they should allow Ethiopia to annex Somaliland. That will be a stab right into Egypt's heart.
  11. Xaaji Xunjuf;958678 wrote: ^ Thats not important but Barre hiiraale once said he will bring Israel to cleanse Ahmed madoobes shabaab from Jubbaland . So barre could be allied to Israel and Madoobe is Hamas lol. Lol Between Somaliland clan-parties, which ones are allied to Israel and which ones are allied to Hamas?
  12. Xaaji Xunjuf;958676 wrote: Classfied me and u both know that uniting Ahmed madoobe with barre hiiraale is like forming unity and an agreement between hamas and the Israeli government. Between Ahmed Madoobe and Barre Hiraale, which one is a Muslim and which one is a Jew?
  13. Breaking News: Barre Hiraale unites with Ahmed Madoobe. All sides come to agreement. Breaking News: Jubbaland and Federal Government come to agreement. Unity is born once again. Breaking News; Jubbaland and Puntland form military and economic alliance. Breaking News: Xaaji Xunduf freaks out, suffers fatal heart attack. Breaking News: Saalax is admitted to Mental Asylum, as the Liyu Police expel Terrorist remnants from Gaashamo district.
  14. xiinfaniin;958438 wrote: Why is Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke (second on the left) clinging his fists? lol He's posture is weird too. He is so uncomfortable.
  15. I would like to see if Ali Khalif Galaydh would do exactly the same thing. I wonder what the reaction would be?
  16. How the mighty Awdal Sultanate has fallen. Within 20 years they have been reduced to worshiping the very organization that slaughtered them for not taking up arms against Siad Barre.
  17. Axmed Ismacil Samatar is literally embarrassing Reer Awdal. Look at how he bows down on his forehead in front of the Hargeisa tribe, putting his forehead on the ground in a gesture of defeat. Oh, how the mighty Awdal Sultanate has fallen. 20 years ago, thousands of Awdalites were execute by SNM, right?
  18. I didn't know Somalia's Federal States had the authority to sign agreements with Foreign Nations without the Federal Government's approval?
  19. Xaaji Xunjuf;957118 wrote: ^^ They once wrote that the SNM clans turn into werewolves at night
  20. Saacid is out. Faroole is in. Seems like Faroole's family has used Raaskamboni and Khaatumo as a leverage once again.
  21. Seems like Faroole wants to become Somalia's Prime Minister since he has few months left from his time to end in Puntland. Khaatumo who is suppose to be Faroole's #1 enemy is facilitating this for Faroole, making it easy for his transition from Puntland to Somalia's leadership. lol
  22. Xaaji Xunjuf;956690 wrote: ^^ Where did learn Swahili in Somalia:D Just because you speak English, doesn't mean you're an Englishman, although I know you rather classify yourself as an Englishman than Somali.