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  1. xiinfaniin;947729 wrote: Do you know what SSC means? If yes tell me the districts you think is under Somaliland. If not, stop chatting breeze waryee Hargeisa lays claim to Ex-British Somaliland. Qardho is less than 10 miles away from that border. Today, trucks from Berbera with Aid landed in Sanaag Bari (Badhan, Lasqoray, Dhahar). Somaliland is winning the hearts and minds of the illiterate, masaakin locals. Where is Somalia?
  2. xiinfaniin;947725 wrote: ^^why I have a feeling you guys are bit weary about the future What do you mean 'you guys'? I am all for justice. Even if Somaliland is part of Somalia, that means SSC or Khaatumo is part of Somaliland which in return is a Federal State of Somalia. Either way, a disappointment to the Khaatumo folks. At least that's what Xassan Sheekh avoided to touch.
  3. xiinfaniin;947718 wrote: But he addressed the main point which is beyond aid Midnimada Somalia could mean from Raascaysar to Raas-Kambooni. Midnimada Somalia is a status quo that can be altered at any given time. The main point he should've answered was whether Khaatumo is a State or not. Whether SSC is part of Somaliland or not.
  4. He didn't answer the questions. He didn't answer whether those regions receive any Aids nor whether they are a Federal State. lol This guy is good, he knows how to avoid answering questions.
  5. They made Riyaale look like Afwerke of Eritrea. lol
  6. I already know what's going to happen in season 3 and season 4. The White Walkers will and can only be defeated by the Dragons controlled by Daenerys Targaryen. If you notice it, fire is the only thing that can kill the White Walkers and dragons breath nothing but fire.
  7. Xaaji Xunjuf;944199 wrote: I never said it did not take place wala wada casheyey iyo waxyaalahaas waa iska sheeko baralay. Madaxweynuhu wali qaab dhismeedka federaalku sidu yahay iyo sidu faroole u arku wa kaaf iyo kala dheeri. Maxa dagaal keeney where did i mention dagaal. Siyaasada la isku diidanyahay. Any way wa iska shimbiroy heesa hees wanaagsan heesa, trust me on this, somalida siyaasimtooda sidayu shaqeyaan aqaana. Xaaji, if this meeting to you is fake and illegitimate, then what will you say to a meeting, or talks happening between Puntland and Khaatumo? Or is it more possible to see a Somaliland and Khaatumo talks?
  8. Xaaji Xunjuf;944196 wrote: Its all just for the show How do you like the Presidential compound?
  9. Xaji, The Garaad clan is claimed by Somaliland enclave, too. At least in 1998, the Garaad clan signed agreements to be part of Puntland. They never signed anything with the SNM tribes, other than peaceful co-existence and cease fire.
  10. I see Jaamac Kadiye, an Abwaan of Reer Lasanod. Puntland's Vice President is also Reer Lasanod/Talex. The question is, don't tribes from Puntland that have their territories part of Puntland 100% deserve to be given the VP or Presidential position, instead of Cabdisamad, who's entire tribe is against Puntland and is supporting Khaatumo? This is the problem of Somalis. Here, they are today crying about Xassan's signature with Somaliland in Turkey, claiming that he is not being fair, thus meeting only one tribe from the North. Now, if Xassan signs some sort of deals with Puntland, will they cry about that too?
  11. You sure about that? All I hear from the Unionists is that Hargeisa is a part and parcel of Somalia. That is wrong.
  12. Tallaabo;941748 wrote: This guy must seek professor Samatar's advice before its too late. You're not related to Professor Samatar nor this guy. Don't you think you should mind your Triangle business?
  13. This is where the problem arises. If all Unionists said (Berbera-Burco-Hargeisa) have every right to secede, but the unionist territories would stay with Somalia, then things would've been resolved. But, all Unionists are laying claim to the I-Block territories as part of Somalia, which causes more entanglement.
  14. I-clan = 25% of Dhulka British-Somaliland protectorate, Hadana reer Hargeisa xoog nagu haysta? Bal idinkuba somaliyeey fasira hadalkan. lol
  15. Carafaat;940531 wrote: Better a Political Party then the barrel of a gun. Kudos to USP. A political party with the potential to create a military wing or maybe a fairy tale wing? Xaaji Xunjuf;940532 wrote: It dont matter what is more important is the usp alliance sl clans, borama laascaanood laasqory political alliance it shows that the people of sl share the same political history. Flags is not the issue i have in my house the blue flag i like it allot Yes SL clans united to keep Somalia's sovereignty and territorial integrity from Looya Cade to Raskamboni.
  16. Xaaji Xunjuf;940529 wrote: Thats good it shows that the sl clans are united Xaji, I don't see your tribal flag there. I see Somalia's flag.
  17. Xisbigii USP of the 1950s is probably coming back to life after half a century of being buried in the books of history or is it just another event of "istusnimo" iyo "lacag urursi"? I see a lot of "odayal faajeestiyal ah". I wonder if they're double-dealing under the table with Hargeisa?
  18. Aaliyyah;940232 wrote: Interesting. If only each clan stayed in it's territory, would much blood and unnecessary death be avoided.
  19. AUN to all the innocent civilians that died in 1988, 1991 and up to recently.
  20. SNM rebels were fighting against Siad's government prior to 1988. The rebels started fighting with Mengistu's support in early 1980-1981. From 1981-1987, Siad Barre's government didn't bombard or kill civilians in Hargeisa or Burco. Only after SNM rebels attacked and captured parts of Hargeisa and Burco (with urban warfare) did the Government take all measure possible to liberate Hargeisa and Burco from SNM rebels whom were backed, equipped and financed by Ethiopia's Mengistu regime. How is that a War crime? Any government in the World would retake it's cities if Rebels that are transparently supported by your enemy attacks your cities and kills your citizens.