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  1. Mintid Farayar;966621 wrote: Obviously, you're not aware of the Qatari-financing of the Muslim Brotherhood. This has created a rift between Qatar on one side and the U.A.E and Saudi Arabia on the other(the U.A.E. and Saudis are strongly opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood, Ikhwan Muslimiin). The U.A.E. just sentenced a large number of its citizens to long jail sentences just a few days ago for being members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Interesting. lol Isn't it funny how the Muslim Brotherhood came into existence in 1928, right after the Caliphate came to an end? I wonder who thought of the idea to create an Organization in 1928, call it "Muslim Brotherhood" and support it for nearly 100, with the same old policies of 'All talks, no Actions'.
  2. Mad_Mullah;966620 wrote: Civil war has nothing to do with outside financing. FSA started the fight without financing and still doesn't get much . Syria on the other hand gets help from Russia, China, Iran and Hezbollah + Iraqi/Lebanese/Afghan Shias. Are you sure? FSA came into existence with confidence it had from outside influence. Syria's government is a legitimate government recognized by the United Nations. Not to mention, Syria's government has stock piles of weapons, ammunitions and other sources to defend itself. Morsi's supporters (MB) will have to throw stones like their fellow sisters in Gaza and West Bank. LOL
  3. There won't be a Civil War in Egypt, as I have just noticed. If the West supports whoever is in power (Military, Secularists), then Morsi and his supporters won't have an outside force financing them and supporting them with weapons like the FSA of Syria. lol
  4. Gheelle.T;966580 wrote: Not sure about civil war, but what is clear is that the infant democracy has been undermined. The Middle Class is the force that drives Revolutions. Once Military defections begin, brace for the ignition of a Civil War. lol Supporters of Egypt's Military welcoming the Coup. lol
  5. Wiil Cusub;966576 wrote: If 70% of Somaliland youth prefer to tempt death than to continue living how match will be in Muuqdisho 700%
  6. Mad_Mullah;964687 wrote: Also Ethiopia managed to close us in, by forcing their stooges in Somaliland/Puntland to hand us over every time they smell something suspect. Who's us? Did you know Somalilanders and Puntlanders also settle in Kililka Shanaad?
  7. The guy talking in 2:05 duration, Isn't he a Puntlander (**)? :confused: Here he is dancing in Puntland celebration in 2010 at duration 3:45, jumping around.
  8. OG tribesmen in Britain, once ONLF supporters. Now, flying Ethiopia's Somali region flag.
  9. Canab Indho Deeq singing for ONLF NOW, here she is fully supporting Kililka Shanaad and the Liyu Police. LOL
  10. Entire "Cabinet" has been refurbished and no one gives a shit. Xaji Xundur, doesn't this hurt you to see how no one on SOL cares about the Hargeisa administration's reshuffles. Remember the big buzz the Somalia cabinet naming was?
  11. Here is Cali Mire Awaale reciting Somaliyeey Toosoo:
  12. Xaaji Xunjuf;963789 wrote: The blue flag was raised By who? Where was it raised at? Who designed it?
  13. Instead of investing so much money into Mogadishu, the International community should put their focus on investing in more calm areas of the country.
  14. Do the Somalis from the former Italian-Somaliland protectorate have any rights in celebrating 26 June or claiming it to be as their own?
  15. Xaaji Xunjuf;963564 wrote: Duufaan Somaliland completely smashed the Buhoodle militia went inside Buhoodle cleansed it and than Pull out and after haglatoosiye signed the peace agreement there is no need for further clashes. You can build what ever village you want , maad ilawday the time for clan expansionist with in SL is no longer case you are 100 years to late. Cartan iyo camuud la iska qaad ceelki reer hagare eh. Ku jar hadalka, hadalka kuba jar!
  16. Duufaan;963567 wrote: well that is true, the whole area belongs buhodle community. we are talking about Somaliland army here, the fact qurulugud community need Somaliland army and yesterday the British army can not be taken serious. Qurulugud community and Somaliland army are the same. Are you that dumb or waad is yelyeelisa like Xaji Xundur? lol Reality is, put up or shut up. Go try to resettle your old settlements in from Caynaba to Wadamagoo, to Garadag, to Bali Dhig to Dharaarweyn and beyond.
  17. Duufaan;963554 wrote: Xaaji buuhoodle community alone could handle it and they are no where close as they community advancing and building multiple new villages toward caynabo. just few This is nothing to be proud of. The Caynaba you speak of, claiming "building multiple new villages towards Caynabo" belonged to reer Buhodle. Did you know Coodanle is a stone's throw from Xadhadhanka is settle by Beesha Qurulugud? Did you know, both Coodanle and Qurulugud, along with Bali Dhig and Dhuruksi use to be reer Buhodle settlements? Today it isn't. So, don't brag about something you lost.
  18. Abdikhaliq Mohamed was an ONLF supporter. Here he is singing in a ONLF Ruwaayad. Here is Abdkhaliq Mohamed in JigJiga singing for Ina Illey and Kililka Shanaad.
  19. What happened to the ONLF flag? Wait, I forgot, now it has White, Blue, Green and a white Star on the corner.
  20. These are able man, who can pick up a gun and fight to "liberate" Lasanod. Ma ana waalan misa Cadan ba laga heesiya? The city they're in has Somaliland's flag flying up high and they're concern with Jubbaland which is over 1,500 miles away?
  21. Hayee! Haaaa from time to time.
  22. Xaaji Xunjuf;961971 wrote: ^^ It was not a sovereign nation but the people existed and lived there the ethnic Somalilandish people., only when they gained independence they became free. The State of Somaliland as it was called at the time of independence they had a Prime Minister and his name was Muhammad ibrahim egal. and the they had a Parliament and the Parliament leader was, Jamac cabdilahi Qaalib. Who voted for them? Both the "President" and "Prime Minister" you claim are from the same clan (Hergeisa-Burco-Berbera clans). What was the Flag? lol What was the Constitution? Was there a Parliament?
  23. Can you be best friends with someone, even if you don't hang out with them a lot? Like, no matter how much ya'll are apart, when ya'll meet each other, it feels like it was just yesterday when ya'll were kicking.
  24. Xaaji Xunjuf;961969 wrote: ^^ No Somalilander was against the unity in 1960 they actually were pushing for it aggressively whether they were from borama hargeysa burco gabiley seylac berbera laascaanood eerigaabo they all felt the same about the unity with the Koonfurians. I never said it was a sovereign nation before it gained independence on 26 June. I merely said this was written by Dauglas hall the colonial governor of SL at that time which is a fact. No where did i say Britian gave the power to a tribe where did you read all of this i never said. If you're saying "Somaliland" was NOT a sovereign nation before June 26, 1960, then where do you get this idea of "Somalilanders" and "Somaliland"? lol Also, from June 26th, 1960 to June 30th, 1960, the 4 days British-Somaliland Protectorate was FREE, who was the "President" and "Vice President" of this "nation" you claim to have been a Sovereign State?