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  1. Xaaji Xunjuf;971564 wrote: ^^ Yes there is a difference between reer buhoodle and reer lasascanood they are called reer hawd and reer Nugaleed, Reer Nugaleed tend to have cooler heads and more open minded , reer Hawd are fierce and stubborn , reer hawd are more traditional So, I guess with that difference, they are ethnically different and not even related, right. They are two different countries as well right.
  2. I was just clarifying what Puntland consisted of. "North Mudug, Nugal and Bari". You just posted that. Bosaso (Bari), Qardho, Garowe (Nugaal) and Galkacyo (Mudug).
  3. Yet, Sool, Cayn and most of Sanaag, there is no presence of "Puntland". This Thread is insulting Beelihi wax ka dhisay Puntland in 1998. lol
  4. Gar_maqaate;971555 wrote: I think Xaaji smarter than you're giving him credit for. Unlike most Landers who simple repeat platitudes about colonial borders, Xaaji is proactively constructing theories to create a distinction between North and South. Looool @ constructing theories to create a distinction between North and South. I wouldn't be surprised if he created distinctions between Buuhoodle and Laaascaanood.
  5. Xaaji Xunjuf;971530 wrote: The fact is what tide the 2 together was the union of 1960 and there was no union between the 2 countries not before colonialists came the reason why the union failed real bad was the so called Somalinimo was an emotional one.You should ask your self why the union only lasted for 30 years only 3 decades and 2 decades of the union was under a dictatorship, who kept the union together by force. Classified you are from Somalia you dont know anything about Somaliland or its people.. Wuxu maqlay uun reer Somaliland af Somali bu ku hadlaan markaas Somaliyey wax isku yihin bal waalida inta leeg eega. Yes the Garaad clan has nothing to do with the garowe clan , they dont even look a like, unless you believe in clan confederations created 4 centuries ago. There is a difference between clan confederation and actual ancestry. Bal waalida inta leeg eega.
  6. Gar_maqaate;971538 wrote: All Somalis have common ancestry, common history and a common destiny. The idea that someone in Laascaanood has more ancestrial, linguistic and cultural connections to someone in Wajaale than say someone Beledweyn, is nothing but utter non sense. He said, a Laascaanoodian 'so to speak', is more related to Burco sub-clans more than a Laascaanoodian does with someone from Garoowe or Boosaaso or Wardheer or Caabudwaaq. He then further said, the Khaatumo clan is NOT related to the Puntland sub-clans and the Jubbaland clans of Axmed Madoobe and Fartaag. He wants to force us to believe that he [Xaji Xunjuf] is related to Reer Buuhoodle than General Duke or XinFinin of SOL are. lol When you're a langaab, you'll try to incorporate anything you can to enlarge your numbers. Xaji_Xunjuf, miyaadan Oromo ahen? I think you incorporated the Oromos in Hargeisa as your own and all the "deportation" was an illusion, making other Somalis think you actually deported them, when in fact, you've officially made them part of your clan.
  7. gar_maqaate;971535 wrote: honestly this is just getting ridiculous now. I think i have said all i needed to say on the matter. Till some can put a meaningful rebuttal, the debate is over. But before i retire the subject allow me to inform you one more time. The word somaliland is does not exclusively belong to nothern somalia, in fact there was never an entity exclusively called somaliland. There were three somalilands, namely british somaliland protectorate, italian somaliland and french somaliland. In 1991 after the so called "declaration of independence", five names were put forward for considerations.only two those names made the cut, somaliland and shankaroon ( no joke) and for obvious reason they went with somaliland. loooooooooooooool
  8. Xaaji Xunjuf;971523 wrote: They had their separate sultanates but they were all related lived in the same land for centuries. Actually emir sharmarke ruled much of awdal for 80 years he and his son before the colonialists arrived, and the zeila and other awdalites were under his jurisdiction, the fact these people of Somaliland were never ever part of Somalia.or part of a country called Somalia before 1960. Ethiopian nationalists have a better claim to Eritrea than Koonfurians have to Somaliland. Before colonialist came more than 70% of what is today Eritrea was under Ethiopian rule. Somaliland on the other hand was never part of Somalia, only for the short lived experiment and soon Somaliland independence will reach 30 years and it will out live the failed union, god willing. Even the Garaad clan had nothing to do with the rest of Somalia they were living close to Burco area and raided together their own kin while being allied to different other Somaliland subclans. There was no clanism back than , for example the Sanaag garaad clans and the SNM clans of Sanaag used to raid the Buhoodle clans. The only argument koonfurians have against Somaliland we should come under one country because we love it and because we speak the same language but nation hood and statehood cannot be based on a mere language. If that was the case the Koonfurians would want the Djiboutians to be part of their country. This is not the case if that was the case the Arab speaking nations would be one country , this also not the case nationhood, and so called ethno nationalism is not the same. The People of Somaliland share a distinct history tradition culture ancestry and blood line political culture, which goes back for centuries and centuries. Somalia NEVER existed prior to the Colonials. You're missing the damn point. Every Somali clan was his own Administration or controlled it's own territory. There was no "Puntland", no "Somali Republic", no "Somaliland", no "Jubbaland", no "Djibouti" before the arrival of the Colonials. Your attempt in regrouping and attaching some clans in the North to benefit your dream of what you call "Somaliland" is pathetic and played out. The British Colonials came. Forcefully colonized separate Somali clans for quite some time. In 1960, the British stopped colonizing the Somali tribes that were inhabiting what is known as "British Somaliland Protectorate" or "North Western Somalia" or "Northern Somalia". After the British departure, the Somali tribes living in the former British Protectorate could've separately form their own NATION/STATE/COUNTRY. But, with Somalinimo, they all decided to join the rest of the Somali tribes in the Italian Somaliland Protectorate which was to get it's Independence within 4 days after the Independence of the Somali tribes living in the British Somaliland Protectorate. Your logic, "Garaad clan live close to Burco and raided and bla bla bla" is childish. The Garaad clan is not related by blood to your clan. For Heaven's sake, you're the man that said Garaad Clan and the Garoowe clan are not related. LOL Gar_Maqaate, don't waste your time in debating Xaji_Xunjuf. He purposely/intentionally ignores the facts.
  9. Carafaat;971455 wrote: Iminka waxa leedahay Somaliland wexe eheed dhul banaan ah. Oo wax nidaam ah kamee jirin, maamul, tacliin, ciidan, cafimaad, barlaman, etc haba yaratee mee leheen. Heshiiska la galeen Britishkuna been ayee eheed oo 80 sano wexe ku joogeen bug ayee eheed? Iminka adiguna ma waxa leedahay qaabilada Somaliyeed ee waqooyiga deega, sida DH (SSC), I (Hargeisa), G (Awdal), W (Makhir) iyo C (Zeylac), were once together under one government with parliament, military force, and administration BEFORE the arrival of the British Colonials?
  10. Gar_Maqaate single-handly destroyed qoladii British-Somaliland isku magacawday. Xaji Xunjuf wu isku dhexyaacay.
  11. Xaaji Xunjuf;971281 wrote: ^Now you are insulting me and calling me the son of a pagan Galla? How am I insulting you? You're an Oromo. Sinjiyadaada lagama cararo. Embrace it. Be proud of it. Not ALL Oromos are non-Muslim. So, I'm not insulting you, my Oromo friend.
  12. Xaaji Xunjuf;971282 wrote: Its not about his opinion but about him i did not even read what he wrote the fact that he is talking about Somaliland is what i have a problem with, so his opinion does not matter, what matters is why does this man want to talk about Somaliland. So, he does matter to you. He has the right to talk about anything, it just a matter of YOU valuing it or not. In this case, you very much do value every word Yusuf Garaad says about your clan-enclave.
  13. Cambuulo iyo bun;962139 wrote: why get a fake culture be who u really are xaaji :mad: What if who he really is, is Oromo?
  14. Xaaji Xunjuf;971276 wrote: Why does he care what is his motive we know how this guy ruined the BBC Somali. this guy should completely be condemned, and no one cares about his opinion . If "no one cares about his opinion", then why did you took the time to login and submit a thread shining light on Yusuf Garaad's opinion? lol
  15. Aphosis, iska fadhiso sxb. Threadkan gabadh ba furatay. If you disapprove of her pictures, then please, by all means open your own thread showing the opposite of what you preach. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  16. Puntland is attending the Brussels conference as a "separate entity" from the SFG. The Yugoslaviation of the Somali peninsula continues.
  17. Somalia;970593 wrote: Slobodan Milosevic was right in saying that, history is proof. What happened to the Croat Serbs? They were forcible expelled from their lands, hundreds of thousands , some killed as well after the defeat of Republic of Serbian Krajina. So it's very important that SSC do not experience such fate at the hands of world powers, no one fears the small irrelevant secessionist triangle which calls itself "Somaliland", but rather the support they could get to start clan cleansing in our lands. Tudjman wanted an ethnically clean Croatia, he got there with US support. We must avoid war, we want peace guys. You make very good points.
  18. The Ankara talks are failing. Somalia will become just like Yugoslavia. The different clans of Somalia are similar to the different ethnic groups that formed Yugoslavia. The big question is, Yugoslavia disintegrated, but will Somalia disintegrate into Sovereign Clan-states? Will Mogadishu or the "Forces for Union" allow Somaliland, Jubbaland, Puntland and other states within Somalia to have sovereign statuses in the near future? Slobodan Milošević, the Serbian leader of the Former Yugoslavia once said, "If Croatia wants us to allow them to secede from Yugoslavia, they have to allow the Serbians living in Croatia to secede from Croatia as well." That's the arguments that's being used today against Somaliland's secession from Somalia, where Unionists clans living in Northern Somalia, mainly Sool, Sanaag and Cayn are arguing that if Somaliland can secede from Somalia, then SSC regions can secede from Somaliland.
  19. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;970396 wrote: Waa Xasan Guuleed Abtidoon, Eebbe ha u naxariistee. Thank you. AUN kuwii Islamnimadu runta ka ahed!
  20. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;970395 wrote: Qofka u dhaxeeyo Saadaam Xuseen iyo Xuseenkii Urdu waa ninkii ka talin jiray Marooko, Xasankii Labaad. Ninka aad ku qaldoysid Qadaafi waa suldaanka ka taliyo Cummaan oo la yiraahdo Qabuus. Waxa kale wali la sheegin meesha ka muuqdo Xafis Asadkii Suuriya. Foolkiisa hoose ee dhanka garka waxaa xoogahoo qarinaayo madaxa Siyaad Barre. Maxamed Siyaad bidixdiisana waxaa taagan Jacfar Numeyri oo ka talin jiray Suudaan. Xasan Guuleed Abtidoon sawirkaan diyaar ma u ahayn maskiinka. Farta sanka kula jiraa. Meesha wada Reer Aakhiraad ka muuqdo. Hal ama laba bas ka nool saa filaayo dadkaas muuqdo. Rabi ha u wada raxmado. I was going to say the same thing, but didn't know his name. I knew he was the leader of Sudan.
  21. Will there be a USC monument in Mogadishu? lol
  22. aero;970375 wrote: I see Yasser Arafat, our very own Siyad Bare, Hussein bin Talal (left of Siyad Bare), Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saddam Hussein, Gaafar Nimeiry (beside Siyad Bare to the right), and I'm guessing the fellow in the far upper left corner is Hafez al-Assad Who's the guy talking to Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud? He looks Somali.
  23. Meel walba farahaad kula jirta. Later, you'll complain "Wanlawayn baa na fara xuumeesay". lol
  24. Xaaji Xunjuf;969807 wrote: What did the professor do his objective was to get the Parliament seat , right now he has other stuff to worry about. I believe the professor really believed the Koonfurians would let him take the Parliament speaker. He miscalculated on that. Xaji, you and I both know his objective was NEVER about Mogadishu or getting any seat. After he witnessed the Kalshaale wars, he realized that with further Hargeisa-Garaad clan wars, Somaliland's claims to Sool, Sanaag and Cayn would cease to exist. With the help of Hargeisa-politicians and Faroole, he decided to hold the Khaatumo One conference in London, which lead to the Khaatumo 2 conference in Taleex, which created the "Khaatumo State". Cali Khalif's objectives: 1. Separate any political and geographical ties between Garaad clan and the Garoowe clans. 2. Bring all Garaad clan under the "Khaatumo" umbrella. 3. Puntland's claims to SSC ceases to exist. 4. Under Khaatumo, let the merging with Somaliland begin. 5. Khaatumo 3 conference is coming in theaters near you. This time the agenda is to create "Khaatumo state of Somaliland".