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  1. Xaaji Xunjuf;952129 wrote: Your source is a Somaliland-owned website?
  2. Xaaji Xunjuf;952122 wrote: ^^ I did not acknowledge anything i just quoted what Xaabsade said LOL, Xabsade wouldn't have said that, if reer Laascaanood were Somaliland supporters, like Reer Burco and Reer Hargeisa.
  3. Xaaji Xunjuf;952119 wrote: Xaabsade waleh wa libaax he has that typical reer woqoyi wat of expressing him self . war reer laascanoodow halkeed u socottaan ki aad u socoten ba idin yidhi SL baad tihin priceless:D Funny how you acknowledge that reer Laascaanood don't want to be part of your enclave?
  4. Lol, these are some bold citizens of Laascaanood. Watch as they chant "Khaatumo", while the soldiers in the background tell them to "shhh, keep quiet". " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  5. So, how much did Hargeisa pay AlJazeera to report about May 18th and Somaliland? Someone said Britain paid Aljazeera to report about Somaliland as a courtesy to reer Hargeisa's support for British during the Colonial era.
  6. Do you think producing more Somaliland-related threads will actually bring Independence to your enclave? What I have realized is that, there is no such thing as "treason" in Somalia and 99% of Somalis who shout out 'Somalia ha noolaato' are not Patriotic. lol
  7. It's less than 2 km long. 22 years with hundreds of millions of Aid and Diaspora money and you're bragging about less than 2 km long of cheap pavement? All honesty, GOOD JOB, this is progress nevertheless.
  8. Gedo should be divided into two Gobols, thus it becomes it's own Federal State.
  9. So, the Freedom and Independence gained in June 26, 1960 from close to 100 years of British colonization of "Somaliland" is far LESS important than May 18, 1991, "the independence that was gained from Somalia, which only existed for 30 years at the time" ?
  10. Xin, Is it possible that Puntland politicians and certain Puntland sub-clans are vilifying the legitimacy of Somalia's government, and secretly trying to incite violence between major Somali tribes, in order to prolong the 20-year status quo of mayhem, destruction and poverty in Mogadishu and much of the South, which will inevitably benefit that certain sub-clan of Puntland, Puntland politicians and Puntlanders as a whole?
  11. Xaaji Xunjuf;950746 wrote: Classified afcourse they are not from the same ethnic group they are closely assiociated. By early clan confederation But they have different origin they don even have the same culture Reer laascaanood are camel herders. Reer garowe are goat herders. No my friend dadkaas shaqo isku ma laha. Wa garmal iyo ingriis oo kale Another issue is the reer laascaanood havv a much shorter geneology lineage than the pirates Have u need listen to cali khalif galaydh he called the close clan association sheek baralay Mayaaa saaxib dadkaas dad shuqul isku leh maha Xaaji, so all Somali clan lineage is bogus? Did you just say that the Garaad clan and the Garowe clan are not related? lol Xaaji, I didn't know animals, weather and dances determined what ethnic group you are. lol
  12. He traveled to Australia to take a picture with 4 guys?
  13. Xaaji Xunjuf;950680 wrote: ^^ No they are not the same ethnic group wa ku sidee. Are the people of Laascaanod and the people of Garowe the same Ethnic group?
  14. Xaaji Xunjuf;950677 wrote: No they were not called ardsomals carrsomals that is strictly for Somaliland and Somaliland people. , the pirates were called Sultanate of Maguartania. You're confusing between Region and Ethnicity. I'm not talking about geography here, sxb. I'm talking about ETHNICITY. The people in Burco and the people in Garowe, are of the same ethnic group? Right? lol
  15. Xaaji Xunjuf;950673 wrote: They were called carreSomals ard Somals labbadaba, that was their ethnic group So, ALL Somalis (regardless of location, be it Jubbaland, Mogadishu, Puntland, Khaatumo, Somaliland, Awdal, Djibouti, DDS, NFD) were called as "ArdSomali"? lol Then, how is the Somalis in Garowe different from the Somalis in Burco? lol
  16. Xaaji Xunjuf;950665 wrote: ^^ They were called Ethnic ArdSomaal so its the same thing Ard is Land for Arabic. That's not an ethnicity. lol Anyways, what were the "Ethnic Somalis" use to be called before the Colonials?
  17. Xaaji Xunjuf;950663 wrote: They are ethnic Somalilanders But, the term "Somaliland" was coined by the British. Before the Colonial, what ethnic group where they? lol
  18. Xaaji Xunjuf;950628 wrote: If 15% are another ethnic group than Ethnic Somalis in Somalia , remove Somaliland from Somalia the percentage of non Ethnic Somalis will rise close to 23% if not more. Somalia is than not that homogenous as we think. Eventhough i do not believe in this Ethnic identification. Ethnic Somalis? So, the Somalis in Hargeisa, are they Ethnic Somalis or "Ethnic Somalilanders"? lol
  19. If Somalia's Politicans have an atom's weight of Wadaninimo (Patriotism/Nationalism), they would say no to oil exploration. Oil + Qabyaalad is more deadly than a thousand Nuclear Blasts. The bloodshed will spill over like a toxic waste into neighboring regions.
  20. Xaaji Xunjuf;950645 wrote: Who said i hate Somalia, i am in disagreement with some Somali leaders but there is no hate And this is the second topic today i made about Jubbaland and Kismayo its hot news. Enemy clan , what enemy clan? I suggest you should worry about what's going on in Gabiley, Wajaale, and Hargeisa. You share absolutely no ties to matters pertaining to Jubbaland, unless you fear that such stability, progress and development can and will threat the security of Gabiley.
  21. My God! This is the 10th Jubbaland-related Thread you made today, Mr. Xunjuf. For a man, who hates anything Somalia. For a man, who's tribal territory doesn't pass Hargeisa's Southern tip, you spend unhealthy amount of time and effort in issues relating to Somalia (Anything south of Oog all the way to Kismaayo), specifically to the "Enemy Clan".
  22. Xaaji Xunjuf;950259 wrote: If you say lets see their response we yet have to see what they do next but i am sure they will ignore what is going on in Kismayo or back barre hiiraale it depends what abdiqasim and co advise the President. If they take sides, that's basically declaring war against the other side. That's counter-productive. You would like that, Xaaji, wouldn't you?
  23. The Zack;950255 wrote: Xaaji Then there will be war and destruction. Then the Somali government will collapse. Then Somaliland will prove its stability then Somaliland will get recognition. Lol
  24. Xaji, The Government of Somalia has no choice but to talk, talk, talk, and talk with Jubbaland, Raskamboni or whatever YOU want to call it. What makes you think the Government of Somalia will approach Somaliland with diplomacy and talks and at the same time approach Jubbaland with fierce threats, sanctions and even war?