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  1. he be proven not guilty. they have no evidence or how sensational western press is would have already been splashed across the globe .
  2. Racist Tabloids can't stand a black European champion,every athlete is screened prior to every event so certainly he was clean all along.he will come out unscathed
  3. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/sudans-omar-al-bashir-crosshairs-south-africa-african-union-summit-n375411
  4. truth to the kat problem more than epidemic its catastrophic, nonetheless its more about unemployment but reality far from what is stated above.Men are the bread winners.
  5. <cite>@Tillamook said:</cite> You lost the plot a long time ago, Buraha. so what am saying is true then.
  6. wow puntland & CO at it again for the fourth time sending foreign troops to do their dirty job against hated clans.It was twice in Mogadishu in 92 and 2006,then Kismayo using Kenyan troops and now turned their eyes on the last remaining enemy,somaliland, using Amisom this time under the leadership of their son, prime minister Sharmarke with the help of their otha son abdiweli of puntland & ofcourse with the otha help from 'stolen' jubaland.Their vengeance is then complete, but but what then? to beg Nicholas key and his troops to stay foreva. Like before always under the pretext of national issue then turn into specific agenda...put Amisom at puntland border, then tell some to act terrorists on the Somaliland side and BUM BUM.
  7. Ethiopia has done so much,and is best gov't in millennia,but they can't equate to such Asian giants like Korea,africa won't attain its potential so long theirs tribalism, ethnic and religious squabbling.The so called opposition are mainly the Amhara ethnic group yearning for the days they had yoke on people with such disastrous results and must be taken with grain of salt.The fact that Somalis are much ahead of thm in telecommunication(internet,TV,Telephones and all kinds of media),banking,business, and the freedom to curse the president & gov't anywhere at anytime tells that Ethiopia is still rigid society that can only go two steps forward while retrenching a step back. People in Ethiopia miss-call Somalia because it damn expensive(actually very expensive in/out of Ethiopia).You might spend $3 for less than 2 minutes calling from/to Ethiopia TO from/to hargeisa while that $3 last you atleast 30-40 minutes when calling from Hargeisa or Mogadishu to Europe or America and even double of that late at nite.On top of that Ethiopian telecom/internet very slow & unreliable.Light goes out in addis nightly while in hargeisa/burao you might see that once couple of months for a minute or so unless some drastic happens and that's not all the city but in one or two neighborhoods as there r many different electric companies. and with all the 10s of billions pouring into Ethiopia! its clear that centralized,gov't run business can only go so far....nothing can match private business.
  8. entertainment in Mogadishu! people here in Somaliland know nothing comes out of these nonsense talks regardless and on war footing.Its forgone conclusion they stand up and fight if need be.Mogadishu's card is foreign involvement that will evaporate in time.They wana turn into int'l theatre that no gov't is willing to undertake.