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  1. Xaji, What do you think will happen to Faisal Ali Waraabe when he returns to Hargeisa? Will he be arrest for meeting with the President of Somalia and the USP diaspora? Will Fowsiya be arrested if she went to Hargeisa?
  2. If this is true, I would recommend to the opposing side to this man's election to be patient. It's only 3 years that he'll be in office.
  3. House of Godey celebrating, with the full support of House of Garowe and House of Qardho. Is House of Gedo celebrating with them?
  4. Let the two Houses of Gedo and Godey settle their differences once and for all.
  5. SomaliPhilosopher;949573 wrote: War xaajiow save your breath... why would I listen to the likes of you? A qurba joog identiy crisis striken troll whose only true connection to somaliland is threads he makes. Listen to you over an en elder, several fot that matter, who know the entire terrain by foot. No I think not.
  6. (You heard it here first). Khaatumo will join Somaliland and Somaliland will become a Federal State consisting of Sool, Sanaag, Awdal, Waqooyi Galbeed and Togdheer. If you notice, Khaatumo is fighting for "Somalia's unity" and not "Khaatumo's right to be part of Somalia, while Somaliland can go anywhere they like). With that in mind, Khaatumo is indirectly saying that they wouldn't mind joining and forming a Federal State with Somaliland, as long as Somaliland stay as a Federal State within Somalia. Now, Somaliland will accept this. Agreements (tricky agreements) will be signed by all parties. After a short period of time, Somaliland (Now a Federal State) will secede from Somalia, using those (tricky agreements). Once Khaatumo joins and forms a Federal State with Somaliland, they forfeit future claims about Somaliland (hargeisa) not speaking on their behalf. Khaatumo folks never signed agreements with the British Colonialism as being part of the British Somaliland Protectorate. Imagine, if the Hargeisa tribe obtain agreements from the Khaatumo folks agreeing to be part of a "Somaliland Federal State of Somalia"? That will pave the road to future Somaliland secession from Somalia on the bases of all tribes within Somaliland being onboard to that secession.
  7. So, what does this mean for the Mogadishu government? Will Airlines come and go from areas in Somalia (Hargeisa and Berbera) without the Mogadishu Government's authority? Or does this Airspace strictly around Mogadishu, Kismaayo and Boosaso?
  8. A country getting it's ownership of Airspace from someone else. Isn't that enough to tell you guys that Somalia is still under colonization? lol
  9. This is what the Somaliland crew will say. Xaji Xunjuf: This is happens everywhere in the world. small demonstration by disgruntled minority causing widespread chaos need to be stopped. Carafat: Xiin, what would you say if this happened in Kismaayo? Oodweyn: (writes an entire essay that holds no water) Xiin, this demonstrations have not impacted the road construction between Oodweyne and Burco, therefore indicating that the demonstration was a hoax. Salaax: (watching pictures of Bohol, in hopes of producing a master plan to expand into tuulada Xudun) This is a brotherly feud. The police and the citizens are all cousins and uncles, it will be sorted out within minutes. Sorry to burst your bubble Xiin.
  10. Xaji, when I see large conferences, demonstrations and voice of SSC and Maakhir tribes, supporting Somaliland then I will say that Somaliland's case is legitimate. But, until ALL the SSC and Maakhir diaspora community around the globe are Anti-Somaliland, and most of their territories back home are free from any SNM affiliations, then I will say that Somaliland is a one tribe (maybe two-Awdal) project.
  11. Saalax;948771 wrote: Ceel Laheley School, Xudun district, Sool 11 km outside Bohol. 11 km outside of Bohol? To the east, west, south or north?
  12. This is a clear prove that 'Somalia' and it's 'territorial sovereignty' isn't really cared by all Somalis, except by the tribe that is known as '-block' or the 'defeated lot'. For Culusow and his tribesmen, Somaliland's secession will not impact them the least bit. For Mr. Waraabe and his tribesmen, they share no boundaries or anything with Culusow's tribesmen. In all fairness, Somali Nationalism is dead. Those that are singing the "Soomaaliyeey Toosoo" and carrying the blue flag of Somalia consist of only one tribe and they're fighting to keep themselves attached to each other, territorially.
  13. Xaaji Xunjuf;948002 wrote: ^^ Karti la'aan tamar la'aan Maskax la'aan, iyo xaflad jacayl Kuwan wax weyn haka so qaadin Hadhow bay heesti ku dhufanayaan beerkey ada ku weyn markasay kala dareerayaan. Waligood xabad ma ridin wa sidi slaan leh maanto dhan waan foolanaya waan foolanaya , hadana waxba ma dhasho Looooooool !
  14. Xaji, why is it that their qodobo in the conclusion of every shir they have is never implemented?
  15. These people are the best celebrators. The best communicators. They know how to set up conferences and execute them well. But, they cannot put it into ACTION. Shir after Shir for ilma ShirShoore, resulted in their city Lasanod to still be in enemy hands.
  16. Did anyone catch the part it said, "When Said Barre fled, the army abandoned Hargeisa and the population returned"? Clearly, that indicates that SNM didn't really take over Hargeisa and Burco in fierce fighting in 1991. They just walked right in, welcomed by their own tribesmen. If that's the case, then what's this "liberation" I'm keep hearing about?
  17. Wadani;947812 wrote: I didnt say Ceerigaabo is exclusively H.Y. Maxaad beenta ku falaysaa. I said It's dominated by the Gadhwayn, H.Y. There are others, but not in the same numbers nor do they have the same political clout within the city. As for Caynabo district, I suggest u do some online research. the Sacad Yoonis (H.Y) live literally a stones throw away from Xudun and ur tellin me Caynabo district is not dominated by the SNM. SMH. You're breaking Camel Milk Thread's Golden Rules. Where is the Admin when you need him?
  18. Oodweyne;947811 wrote: Wadani, My goodness we are dealing with people who doesn't even know that Caynabo both as a district and as a city is a SNM territory through and through since late 1920s. And yet the same people want to detain us with an argument about clannish breakdown of Somaliland territories. I didn't know SNM existed since the late 1920s?
  19. Wadani;947802 wrote: Yes, and this district is a SNM district. Tuulada Yeyle and Gumays are part of Caynabo district. Correct?
  20. Oodweyne;947798 wrote: Xiiny, You still believe that Caynabo is a territory of "political h-ism"? Not the town. He means Caynabo District.
  21. xiinfaniin;947770 wrote: Malika these separatist brothers have a deep feelings about how things should be. Few can reason beyond SNM propaganda of yesteryear and see the reality for what it is. Me? A separatist? An SNM propagandist? What an absurdity.
  22. Malika;947762 wrote: Hypocrisy is an ugly thing , wuxuu illahi ku cadabiin dona some - winning hearts iyo illiterate masaakiin in the same condescending sentence! Maa iska istagtiid dinac aad rabtiid without trying soo hard at pretending to be neutral/fair or whatever it is your convincing yourself is your stance. All regions of Somalia consist of overwhelmingly illiterate majority. Am I not right? So, it's not condescending nor hypocritical on my part in stating this two facts 'wining the hearts and minds' and 'illiterate locals' in the same sentence.