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  1. Haatu;972506 wrote: I'm with the Xaaji on this Gaas is from Galkacyo. Reerkisa daaweyeey 40 ilma adeerada ah. Why baad uu tageersantahay Faroole oo Reer Garoowe ah?
  2. Puntland building nothing but Prisons. Did Abdullahi Yusuf's imprisonment in Ethiopia by Mengistu inspired this? lol
  3. Haatu;972387 wrote: If you want to troll, go elsewhere. One, the first word is not a rare word and is actually offensive, against the rules of the site. The second word I don't think is even Somali. Now get lost, you've had your 2 minutes in the limelight. Isbarmuuto weliga miyaadan cabin? I thought you were Reer Muqdisho. Raggii Bar Fiat yaqaanay ba garaniya waxaan ka hadliyo.
  4. Misplaced priorities! The entire country is divided. No real reconciliation process between Somali tribes has taken place. Yet, the SFG signs agreements with Foreign companies and countries? Clearly this "Government" is on a mission to make money the easiest and fastest way possible and then disappear. lol The question is, how many people are in this scam? Hassan Culusow, Jawaari, Saacid, and probably 200 Parliamentarians.
  5. Naxar_Nugaaleed, hadal kuma furna saxiib. I'm not here to take sides, but from what I've seen from your tribal elders and political elite, they have held so many conferences calling out for the liberation of Lasanod since October 2007 and we still see no changes. October 15, 2013 is coming and that will make 6 full years of occupation of Lasanod. Adhicadeeye, Yagoori and Gumaays were under occupation even longer. The Khaatumo/Maakhiri side of Ceerigaabo has been under occupation since 1991. Reality is, if your kinsmen are the largest settling in from Bari, Sanaag, Sool, Nugaal, Togdheer (Southern), Mudug, Galgaduud, Gedo, Jubada Hoose, Jubada Dhexe, NFD, iyo Somali Galbeed (Haud), then how is it possible that Saalax, a minority as you claim has been controlling every political and social movement of you in your own deegaans? :confused:
  6. I'll take that as a NO to my question. Thank you for your input.
  7. Somalia;972361 wrote: mashallah ileen puntland waa qaran Sool, Sanaag iyo Cayn miyee kamid yihin Puntland?
  8. Xaaji Xunjuf;972352 wrote: Oromo ku abtiirsada , oromo ma anaga ba xuduud leh sideen ugu abtirsan kara, Oromo wa gaalo madow , shuqul isku ma lihin. Ninyow you're Oromo. Ku farax!
  9. Xaaji Xunjuf;972348 wrote: Why would burco get a berlin wall when the people burco are of the same ancestry they are all afro hashimites. Xaajiyow, nin Oromo ku abtirsada miyaadan ahen? Oromadu ma Afro Hashimites ba?
  10. Tallaabo;972334 wrote: Where is the Berlin wall in Galkacayo? I thought it was a divided city!! Will Burao have a Berlin Wall?
  11. NO QABYAALAD. NO NEPOTISM. Please post your favorite Somali Abwaan/Abwaanad (Xaji Xunjuf; notice I didn't say "Somalilander" or "Somalilandish" lol)
  12. nuune;972142 wrote: This is a good news for Somaliland indeed. I welcome it Plus, you already posted this in another 2 threads, this is your third thread on the same issue, are your threads lacking any response heer waxaad mareysaa aad adiga un isku jawaaabto, xaalku ma sahlana wallee, anyway, I am here for you and can comment your threads ee wax dhiba ha u arkin hana nagu badin threadyada, one is enough to talk about the issue :D
  13. ^ Okay, waxaad doonaysid ku hadal. This thread is not even about mamuul beeled qabyaaledeysan. What is your in take on the outcome of the two former Republics (Somalia iyo Yugoslavia) and how when both leaders were 'no more', both Republics ceased to exist.
  14. The sharmuto drinks her Isbarmuuto
  15. Wiil Cusub;972275 wrote: Yugoslavia is settled after they accept rights to decide own historic sovereignty or Self-determination. my question is: will Somalia fellow that path or they will continue old central authority with iron hand? If you believe in such "Self-Determination" then why is that you lay claim to territories settled not by your tribe, such as parts of Sool, parts of Sanaag and parts of Togdheer along with Awdal?
  16. The commonality between this two leaders is astronomical. Without Siad Barre, Somalia fell into civil war, chaos and bloodshed. After the death of Tito, Yugoslavia fell into civil war, bloodshed and chaos. Today, Yugoslavia is no more after many years of bloodshed and civil war. It has been divided into 7 Sovereign States. Somalia is no more and only exists on paper. On the other hand, one might argue that, due to both Siad and Tito's policy and rule resulted in the destruction of both Somalia and Yugoslavia.
  17. nuune;972062 wrote: ^^ Che is asking you how far, meaning are you sure this is not the disputed region, in the Eastern Sanaag and the likes etc. Norf, are you involved with this company drilling Why and how is it possible to be a disputed region? Isn't it easy up in the North to tell where I-block and D-Block borderline?
  18. Prisons are built in deserts. Puntland is a good location for criminals from all over Somalia to be incarcerated.
  19. Saalax;971782 wrote: That was before, now it is made in Sudan. Somaliland is not in shortage of places to print. Maybe Somalia should make Somaliland's currency the currency for ALL of Somalia? It has more value against the Dollar than the old Somali Shilling does anyway.
  20. What do you guys think of this. lol I realized Somaliland's currency is made in Britain (I don't know how's that even possible, given that a non-recognized currency for a non-existent 'country' to be made in a recognized country). So, it looks like the Somali Shilling will be coming back to Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera.
  21. Xaaji Xunjuf;971568 wrote: ^They are of 2 different sub clans actually of various subclans, for example the buhoodle subclan also lives in the sool region. But they are from a different sub region of Somaliland., you wouldn't understand since you are not a Somalilander. I will give you another example in ceerigaabo there is one sub sub clan but this sub sub clan lives also in hargeisa. They are of different sub regions of Somaliland but of the same sub clan. Buuhoodleland is different from the Republic of Laascaanood because they are located from different plateau they are also ethnically different because buuhoodlers drink different type of water from the Laascaanooders who live in more rigid landscape. also the people of buuhoodle are more close related to widhwidh and have economical ties with jigjiga and this two different countries the country of JigJiga Socialist Republic has closer dialect with Buuhoodleland and that makes them sister nations. Laascaanoodlanders closely allies with Jiinland because the Jinn speak close dialect with reer Laascaanood making Laascaanood and Jiinistan the capital of the Jinn very close to one another. Xaji you are so right. Thank you for enlightening me.
  22. Dr_Osman;971563 wrote: Classified manta wa malin wayn, no muran no dood. Only posting the achievements this state has made to remind everyone What achievements? Puntland went from 6 Gobols down to 3 Gobols. Is that an achievement?