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  1. That's the reality on the ground in Shabeelaha Hoose, undiluted and the pure truth that exists in that region and its Maamul, yet the President and his HAG are completely oblivious to it but have all the time in the world spending millions of dollars on flights to and from Kismayo and around the neighboring capitals to address and stop supposedly 'LOOMA DHAMA' or 'SADBURSI' of Ahmed Maboobe clan in Kismayo admin.
  2. Sirta kadambeysa in Madaxweynaha, Wasiiru-Dowlaha Madaxtooyada & Wasiirka Arrimaha Gudaha ay kasoo horjeestaan Jubba-Land (Warbixin) June 6, 2013 7:20 am GMT - Written by PP - Edited by PP Print Print Sorry... I realised that there were too many clan names in the report so please read it here: http://www.puntlandpost.com/sirta-kadambeysa-in-madaxweynaha-wasiiru-dowlaha-madaxtooyada-wasiirka-arrimaha-gudaha-ay-kasoo-horjeestaan-jubba-land-warbixin/
  3. ^Abtigiis has always something original up on his sleeves, and that must be one of them As for me doing away with you and Culusow was only a dig waryaa, Somalidu makala maaranto balse Culusow has failed with Jubbaland obsession and this image of lately to Japan killed it. Culosow is clanist, waa intaas ayaan niri and the evidence is all over the plate.
  4. JB, I think you are ignoring that Somali politics is clanish at best and clan bloodshed and battles at worst. I don't think anyone can defend that picture of Culusow and his entourage purely on qualifications.
  5. ^Given the Somali civil war that was deeply clan based and given the high level of clan sensitivities introduced just recently and also given that there are qualified Somalis from every clan that can the job this delegations has done, if not better, but taking this exclusive number of men, all of which are directly from his clan, in the name being 'super delegates and highly qualified' to do just a visit of tuuksi to Japan show the mentality of Culusow. And if you think, you can do away with me, so do I?
  6. But in Kismayo he says 'LOOMA DHAMMA' No hears the pleas and the cries of the Somali people in Shabeelaha Hoose, and no Somali government is prepared to raise that issue, talk about it and strive to solve just as much as it strives to raise the issue of Jubbaland. No, in fact Culusow and his HAG team do all they can to bury it under the rug.
  7. Duufaan;959328 wrote: culusow gave what the Kenyan wanted all alone in order to win Uhuru for his side. Somali waters are again disputed and new memo are signed. Uhuru is the winner he took advantage for the clan warriors. So, you are saying Culusow signed off the Somali waters to Kenya only for purpose of against the rival clan.
  8. JB, I don't and his policies show the failures and the revival of the clan sensitivities within the Somali people. You must agree with me that Somali politics took a different, backward and clanish direction that it didn't have last year. Who do you think is responsible if not the head of house, Culusow. I could have blamed Sheikh Shariif also if such case had occurred last year.
  9. ^You respect a man who knows what the word 'respect' means and respects himself. Look at the picture I posted above and genuinely answer me if you think such a person deserves a respect from other Somalis other than his clan.
  10. ^Ilaahow Haa ama Maya mar hanaga wada yeersiin As I stated few times before, this Samatar guy is an opportunist who is looking for something in SL, and if he doesn't get what he wants he will start attacking, badmouthing and pointing dozens of real and made up faults to discredit it. His style is some sort of a blackmail, either I get what I want or you must bear a barrage insults. Not only is he an opportunist but a cocky and stubborn man who thinks he's always right. My only question for him will be: Xagee kudanbeesay Hiil Qaran? and what come of it?
  11. ^Xaajiyow adigu horta xanuun carcar ladhoho miyaa kuhaya One time you defend and at the same note when you see the un-defendable you claim its fake... And this image below must be fake to you:
  12. ^Its provided above unless you are blind. Culusow's argument is I raised the issue of that brutally murdered Ahmed Madoobe clan's man in South Africa with President Zuma which shows I'm a clanish President and I don't hate the D clan
  13. Well, like A&T said the actions and behaviours of the two men, Faroole and Culusow, cannot be compared. One is a local leader and only represents a fraction or a section while the other supposedly represents all of Somalia.