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  1. Somalia and Muqdisho's Rockefeller is back. Oba is pissed off; half of the city's real estate belongs to people belonging to the "enemy clan"
  2. Somalia;938959 wrote: With this kind of mentality, how can one move forward into peace and prosperity yaa raabi! Your politicians knew what they were getting themselves in when they signed and allowed the 4.5 system. You are a minority by power. If the Parliament today voted on issues for or against Somaliland or Puntland, the majority will be Non D-blockers.
  3. The first incident happened in a location Dr. Gaboose's tribe went to as a shelter during the 1990s Habar-on-Habar wars. The Siilaanyo administration, back by Siilaanyo's sub lineage tribe are taking full advantage of the Siilaanyo-tribe and Muse Bixi tribe alliance to dominate and expand territorially over their arc-nemesis, Western Burco family.
  4. Poor D-block tribe. Are they that dumb or did some elements within them ruined them? The entire 4.5 system is not in favor of the D-block tribe. They are a minority with 62 seats, while the rest that is left over of the 275 seats goes to the I.R.I.R block.
  5. Updated news that reached me! The group that was fighting against the administration are all from Western-side of Burco. The police and administration are from the tribe that settles in the Eastern-side of Burco. Tensions were high for the past few weeks and it escalated when the Administration sided with the Eastern-side tribe of Burco () and told the Western-side tribe of Burco () to vacate the area immediately.
  6. Xinfinin, I wouldn't talk if I were you. Your block tribe has been reduced to nothing but talks. The majority shareholders in the Federal Government are the block, while the block only has 62 seats out of 275 seats. lol Politically, you guys became a minority. Had Puntland forced it's way in re-conquering Puntland-tribal territories in Sanaag and Sool, the talks would've been 3-way (Puntland-Somaliland-Somali Federal Government). Now, it's the house of Block and Block discussing how to further dismantle the house of Block into pieces controlled from Mogadishu-Hargeisa-Nairobi-Addis Ababa.
  7. The whole thread is for people to give their honest opinions about it.
  8. Somalia flag carried around in a Somaliland anniversary party. :confused:
  9. Wow, MMA that was nice. It's shame that we hardly know about them. I personally think Maxamed Siciid PK has a natural voice and it's really nice. He sings from the soul and you can feel it when he's singing his songs.
  10. The only Somali tribe that imitates the Jews. It's truly admiring and very much deserves applaud that, you guys are still keeping your heroes alive and preserving the history of your SNM heroes so generations after will know who they were and what they fought against and how they lived and died. The only problem, they fought and killed fellow Somalis. No other Somali tribe have put in any time or effort in preserving their sons and struggles (If any).
  11. lol That had to be embarrassing, especially to witness it at first hand. lol @ 99% autotune and 1% normal voice.
  12. What Somalis don't understand is that, PM Shirdon and President Hassan are not dictators. They will be in power only for 4 years. After 4 years, they will run for re-election. If they lose, they lose. If they win, they will stay for another 4 years and will never re-run again. It's democracy now, Somaliyeey. Calm down. You would assume after 22 years of civil war, they would try to give the benefit of the doubt to any legitimate government that is recognized internationally for the first time since January 26th 1991.
  13. Not bad. He's actually good. I'm listening to him right now! Are there any well known old school Artists Afgooye has produced?
  14. Chimera;935065 wrote: All Somali singers, male and female need to invest in vocal-coaches. Their voices would upgrade significantly. Never heard a proper falsetto in a Somali song, not even the ladies, evendo we know they can, see Amaal Nuux. I couldn't agree more. At least some male artists are bearable to listen to, but the modern Somali female artists are all garbage. Some went as far as using what T-Pain uses to change his vocal, which completely destroys any originality. Oba, Is he Somali-Bantu? He has that typical voice that most modern-day Somali artists have.
  15. I hope he succeeds. He seems like a decent, patriotic man that's trying to do the best he can to bring back Somalia back to it's feet. Bare in mind, I am not in any way against the Jubbaland initiatives. I hope both Jubbaland and Shirdoon's government succeed.
  16. Who is it? Dalmar Yare Nur Daalacay Ahmed Ceegaag Lafoole King Khalid Abdifatah Saleeban Gaas Abdifatah Yare Ahmed Raasta Mahad Indhadeero Kaskey Abdi Holland Boqol Mirifle
  17. Interesting build up. Jubbaland's formation, if it succeeds could stabilize Somalia, economically and militarily.
  18. That's for me to know and for you to find out.
  19. There is a lot more where that came from.
  20. Bluelicious;931928 wrote: Today was a fairytale lol .. Don't want to say too much about it lol You met Bambi?
  21. Oodweyne;929869 wrote: Like the good professor Samatar, this "Khaatumo Seeg" outfit are learning a hard lesson in Mugadisho. And that lesson is they really are no use to the opportunistic political elites of that place. You do know this "Khaatumo" you speak of are related to these "political elites of that place" you speak of, right? You make it seem as though, Reer Khaatumo have no ties of kinship of any kind with PL, Jubbaland or with anyone in South Somalia, Central Somalia and/or North-Eastern Somalia. lol
  22. SL has made progress, which I'm happy about, so did PL. That doesn't mean, Mogadishu or anywhere else in Somalia can't make the same progress, if not better. That doesn't really help the argument for secession. lol
  23. Mintid Farayar;930032 wrote: The explanation is that SL knew before anyone else the deep-seated issues in Southern society(Italian Somalia) and made a calculated decision to spare its population the mayhem that followed for the next 22 years. History has proven this route to be a wise one... The problem here is, the Sool, Eastern Sanaag folks are part of this "Italian Somalia" or "Konfurian" people you are running away from. With that being said, if your case was exclusively for the I-clan's wish to separate itself from the rest of the Somali clans, then you would have a legitimate case. But, I think, deep down, their is an agenda from the Hargeysa separatists that isn't really towards separating from Somalia, but rather, expanding territorially (tribally) and thus registering themselves to be forever given a bold share in Somalia's politics, on grounds of 'inhabiting' an enormous territory (1/3 of Somalia). Taleexi, I've read their rhetorics and it makes no sense. Their case is similar to the Trinity, 1+1+1 = 1 and not 3. lol Che, I agree with you. It would be more honorable and legitimate for them to simply say that. SL is one-clan project. Let it be about that one clan and I assure you, their recognition will arrive sooner than later.