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  1. Pro. Cali Khalif Galaydh's master plan at work. Good job Professor Galaydh.
  2. Well done Professor Cali Khalif Galaydh. Job well done.
  3. Alpha Blondy;969640 wrote: baaris cad waa inaay karsadaan. waa iga taalo arrintoodu si kale kuma hagageyso. :cool: Alpha, mala reerka Naxar Nuugaaleed love magan-geliyo! Bal Welfare uu qora, Hargeisana Ghettos ugu fura, dhulkoodana uu daba mara! lol
  4. Naxar Nugaaleed;969632 wrote: Ana teydu wali wey tagan tahay, classified wax la yidha am jiraan ee ya tahay, hadi kali isku dirka joji sxb. Isku diir bey kaaga dhagtay. Don't be scared sxb. Soo dhawoow. We're trying to discuss how your family (tribe) was successively uprooted without much bloodshed from Western Sanaag. Central Sanaag. Northern Sanaag. Northern Sool. Almost ALL of Togdheer.
  5. Alpha Blondy;969631 wrote: it boggles the mind, ma istidhi? in 1960, these guys lived within the saddex habro hinterland. now even Buuhoodle is partly owned by the SL Republic (beesha Haradan deserve a special mention here). i reckon by 2016, it'll FULLY be controlled by SL. maa aniga mise there's a 'geographic genocide' of sorts occurring? inaar, like Israel's Negev desert, SLanders are making this land 'useful', ma garatay? the land belongs to those who cultivate it and not those khaatumites from a distance, especially those with a geo-political strategic imperative to deny the SL Republic, like NN. balse, the reality on the ground bares witness to the truth. War yaa habaaray reerkan. It seems to me that they have no interest in owning any land. How can you give away without much resistance in such a massive territory with so much resources? Bal waxaad eegta hadalka Naxar Nugaaleed, he said, "Truth be told, I would love nothing more then to spend a few weeks in awrboogees (not Fiqi fuliye lol) and the highlands of Sanaag but have no intention of prolonged residency." That pretty much summarizes how insignificant dhulka is for these guys. Wadaninimo ma waxay uu moodayn iin Mogadishu la dhisto qudha? lol Bali Dhig iyo Coodanle laga qaad. Ceerigaabo iyo Hamas laga qaad. Caynaba iyo Oog laga qaad. Dhanka Hawdna, Danot aaya lala deeganyahay.
  6. Naxar Nugaaleed;969628 wrote: Athigu ya tahay horta intadan qolo kale isku ka ya darin? Magacaygu wa Classified. Qabilkaygu wa Classified. Laakin, sinjiyadaydu wa Somali. Ya salaam Ya salaam! Su'aashaydu weli wey tagantahay. How did you guys loose such a massive territory in a short period of time?
  7. Naxar Nugaaleed;969624 wrote: Lol Laba kala daran! Alpha gar'adag Iyo Sanaag oo dan ba arag, what I know of Somalia boils down to hurwaa district of Mogadishu, leedo beach and my cousins houses in Madina and Hodan. Truth be told, I would love nothing more then to spend a few weeks in awrboogees (not Fiqi fuliye lol) and the highlands of Sanaag but have no intention of prolonged residency. Ninyahow, how were you guys uprooted from Dhararweyn, Ceel Afweyn, Gar'adag, and even Bohol? That always makes me wonder. lol
  8. Saalax, we have Synagogues, Hindu Temples, Buddha Temples left. Which one would you like to see in Hargeisa? Mogadishu took the Christian churches.
  9. Alpha Blondy;969615 wrote: maybe you should build a 'hotel' in Garad Adag instead of basking in the glory days of MOD days. :p Garad Adag laga qaadye mala you mean Fiqifuliye.
  10. Somalia joining the Arab League. Somalia's Foreign Minister under Siad Barre's government making the speech in 1974.
  11. Che -Guevara;969560 wrote: It seems Caps draws some pornographic pleasure from this Englishman's writing. Go marry a woman, maybe that will calm you down and your unbridled anger. Is it me or is ALL his references by the British? War miyeeysan dad Somaliyeed jirijin waagii Engrisku dhulka yimid? lol The Somali men and women that were in their 20s, 30s and 40s during the Daraawiish era, were in their 70s, 80s, 90s and to certain extent in their 100s during the Kacaan era. With Gaaroodi's logic, those first-hand experienced Somalis are all liars, while the British Colonizers are all telling the truth. lol Heck even the Somali men and women that were in their 50s during the Daraawish era were still alive in the 1950s and 1960s. They are much more reliable since they were the victims against British Colonial aggression that had one mission and that was to leave behind "their own version of history' for the ages to come.
  12. Xaaji Xunjuf;969555 wrote: Classified did an Arab Bully you why did you not speak up and Kick him in the face, so we should also not generalize all Arabs we are talking about more than 300 million people. U are absolutely showing that you are inferior to the Arabs why do you need to proof anything to the Arabs why cant you just be your self. And be part of their club even though its useless but its only for political reasons. I never understand the Somalis who preoccupy themselves with Arabs and care for their opinion. Why do you think their opinion matters or those Somalis who believe if you dont love Arabs , u wont enter the gates of Jannah, why cant you guys just act cool I wasn't bullied by anyone. It befits not a black person to join a White supremacy league, nor does it befit a Japanese to join an Indian or Russian league. All I am saying is we look nothing like Arabs, white, and Asian. Members of the Arab League that share the same cultures, language and pretty much have citizens that look alike 100%: (by look alike I mean their physical appearance and not as in identical twins) Yemen Jordan UAE Kuwait Syria Iraq Saudi Arabia Palestine Kuwait Qatar Tunisia Oman Morocco Lebanon Algeria Bahrain Egypt Mauritania The people of Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti and Comoros don't look nothing like the people of the aforementioned Countries. If religion is the reason why Somalia is part of the Arab League, then ALL Muslim countries should be part of the Arab League.
  13. Jacpher;969541 wrote: Is your history lesson any better than; I am of the queen, protected by the British colony, and my history lesson is written by British colonial history writers. nuune;969547 wrote: Gaaroodi started with British baa sidan yidhi, and he concluded with verses from the Quran to end the argument as a whole, classic stuff, this is breaking the record itself, another level aanan waligey maqal waaye! Loool, you guys are too harsh on the poor fella Gaaroodi. After his grandparents and his great-grandparents failed him in leaving behind a proud history, he turned to manipulating, copying and pasting and distorting history, so he can form a new history that will somewhat give his grandchildren the confidence to walk proudly amongst Somalis.
  14. Nuune understands me the most here. All I am trying to say is, when a Somali is in the Arab countries, the Arabs look down upon the Somali. They consider Somalis as subservient to them. That alone boils my blood, not for revenge, because I am a Muslim, but to show the Arabs that, indeed I have something to be proud of and that I am proud to say that I am not an Arab, but a Somali. Somalia and Djibouti don't have to be part of the Arab League to exist. We don't need their assistance, be it financial or military support to exist. In fact, if they had been sincere for the past 22 years, Somalia would've been a stable country. I think the reason Siad Barre made Somalia to join the Arab League was to belittle his African counterparts. He wanted to show the rest of Africa that Somalia, although was in Africa, also had a second Identity that was apparently superior to that of Africa (Hint: The skin color lol).
  15. nuune;969530 wrote: xaaji xeyraan , i think most arab countries do know and appreciate that iney ku abtirsadaan somaliland, since most arab countries came very late while somaliland was an arab nation way before saudi arabia or even before the people of xadru-mawt & baxrul-mayyit, si fiican ma u akhrisey the cave writings that depict this hidden history horta intaadan meelaha ordin niyahow. loooooooool
  16. Nuune, I want Somalia and Somalis to have self-confidene and to be proud of Somalinimo.
  17. Jacpher;969519 wrote: Somalia is a member of the Arab League because it is in the Arab League. That doesn't make sense. It's like Saudi Arabia being part of the Somali League (If Somalia, NFD, Somali Galbeed and Djibouti were 4 different Somali States). lol
  18. Somalia and Djibouti are both located in the Continent of Africa. Our language is Somali. Our ethnicity is Somali (overwhelmingly). The only Arabic we speak is the Quran and the Hadiths. We don't share the same culture with the Arabs (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, etc). I understand, geography doesn't distinguish people, because although Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt are all located in the Continent of Africa, they are nonetheless Arabs (right?). My focus is Somalis. If you look at the Arab head of States, they mostly look alike, except the Head of the States of Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia. lol (Let's exclude Sudan, because at least their prime language is Arabic).
  19. This is embarrassing. If it's Muslim League, then I wouldn't mind it.
  20. Che -Guevara;969322 wrote: The number seems so arbitrary. Wadani did a kitchen table survey. What do you expect from a man with a self-contradictory username. lol
  21. Che -Guevara;969320 wrote: 95%, where do you pull that number from? Apparently, an Online forum will educate the masses. Let the SOL-Professor do his job.
  22. Che -Guevara;969220 wrote: It's good change actually, we went from cussing darawiish to claiming them-good on you reer Somalileen As for the rest, Mr Caps, I am not sure for whose benefit is all this for? Garoodi's Motto: If I cant' beat them (their history), I'll join them (claim it as my own).
  23. Xaaji Xunjuf;969173 wrote: This might escalate if the Afro hashimiate elders dont mediate and make peace between brotherly clans LOL
  24. It's a developing story. A man by the name Maxamuud Kaylac has been killed in Gaashaamo. He's from Buuhoodle. Others are injured. Anyone with updates, please update us!
  25. GAROODI;969139 wrote: Somali proverb "been raad ma laha" Iska daa Iska hesa..... Dervish banu nahay... Korfield qorta ka Goya... Cunto Ayu idin siday misakeen Afur wanagsan: London time Let's say I agree with you for the sake of argument. Maxa Korfield keenay dhulkayaga? Bal yaa weydistay oo ku yidhi cunto iinoo keen? Yacni, it's like the Palestinians arguing that Ariel Sharon was helping them in the 1948. LOL