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  1. Mooge, you are correct. that is a good move from Puntland. C/weli has seen this when he was the prime minister. This two places must reject Amisom.
  2. ciid Mubaarak Saalax, here you have borders closed for a month and Siilaanyo says " nasashaan ku jiraa". thousands of lives and businesses depend on this border trade. Interior Minister Waran cadde visited both Djibouti and Ethiopia twice, and nothing changed. Siilaanyo should leave London and handle this issues. This is a big vacuum. There is no leadership to fix the crises.
  3. Waar meeshani walaahi farahay ka baxday. Subhanallah.
  4. I thought the rules of the forum was to keep away those who insult Islam. This Xabad guy is not denigrating and insulting Muslims , he is mocking Allah the all mighty in this day of Ciidul Adha. he just said: "Hahaha, that is baloney, Christians had no knowledge of this arabian moon god Allah. such arrogance & revisionism is unparalleled. Is this allowed in this forum. Why do we have to listen someone insulting our faith at will. What is going on in Somaliaonline.
  5. Ciid Mubaarak to all . Sanadkan kiisa kale nabad iyo baewaaqo Allah ha inagu gadhsiiyo.
  6. The Ramadan is over , and the Eidul adha is tomorrow . Ciid Mubarak to r all. Now let us go back to the issues that were dormant for the last few weeks. In the horn of Africa, where twenty million Somalis call home, things were getting from bad to worst for the last twenty five years. A land where nomads, city dwellers, farmers and pastoral Somalis roomed free. While most of the climate is harsh, Somalis thrived with their poetry and resilience. With the foreign interference , tribal rivalry, ignorance, greed, and zero sum game, the Somali people were reduced as refugees , beggars, internal displaced people and incompetent loose fiefdoms. If you look around, it is easy to notice the fragmentation, fictional rivalries and the mushrooming of foreign powers , both in land and sea. NFD ( the north eastern frontier district) : Although it was relatively peaceful for the last few decades, it is getting worse by almost every week. The successive Kenyan governments since independence, never developed these part of the country. Emergency measures to suppress the self determination of the people were implemented until few years ago. Their economic and political powers increased for the last twenty years when millions of Somalis poured into the country as a refugees. Now the rise of Al-shabaab and other political issues seems to undermine that gain. If the trend continues, they could be reduced as suspected citizens who will be under the constant watchful eye of the state. The Kenyan-Somali politicians are getting stronger, speaking out for their rights, and if the Al-shabaab threat goes away , that community could be a vibrant and successful. It could be said certain freedom of association exist in that part, but today they are under a lot of pressure. None Five ( Somali Galbeed). There are some progress in Jijiga and other towns, electricity is reaching villages and some commercial activities are increasing. All that gain is undermined by the constant presence and the occupation of the Tigrey armies in the Zone. Freedom and association is out of the the question. The leaders of the zone are in constant fear to be arrested or replaced if they dare to demand any freedom and political association. It is a place where Somalis are oppressed. It is a place where free Somalis will never want to live. Federal republic of Somalia. and the capital. A permanent government was established in 2012. government institutions are taking hold in the capital, the leadership is becoming accountable to the people in terms of security and implementation of the general peace. The firing of national police chief, and the director of the intelligence means that they are accountable and are taking the criticism in full force. Still , the instability is increasing, the most prominent Somalis have been targeted for the last twenty five years. Thousands of foreign troops have been deployed to secure the country and defeat Al-shabaab. Most of these militaries reside in barracks inside Mogadishu and other cities, where the issue of security already shifted to intelligence and law enforcement, that can only by Somalis. THe last major offensive against al-shabaab by these militaries was last summer. By carefully studying their modus operandi, the only way the country can be secured is to deploy thousands of troops in every city and region. Rather than enhance and pay the salaries of the Somali army, the international community is bankrolling fat soldiers sitting inside barracks. As of these writing , there is no short term solutions or light under the tunnel, yet Somalis hope a peaceful Mogadishu means the rebirth of nation. For now , The south of Somalia is a place of employment for the armies of the region. Yes Mogadishu used to be free, even under the warlords, but today , it is the land of fear and murder. God willing it could change. Puntland. They are in the right direction in terms of political leadership and continuity. without a help from the international donors and long extended peace, Puntland , cannot even afford to pay the salary of their security forces. Without these dedicated security members, Puntland, would have been overrun by Al-shabaab militants. with no direct help coming from the federal government , they are struggling. Incidents and other security related factors also play a big role before they can fully develop. Another shortcoming is very few people from the diasporas settle or relocate to puntland permanently. This could be either security related or the lack of infrastructure to attract families who need modern amenities. The good news is, While Puntland is surrounded by flashpoints like Sool region and Gaalkacayo, the people have matured enough, a tribal war or other anarchist tendencies would not happen in the foreseeable future. Although relatively stable, for whatever reason, Puntland will not be a destination for Somalis to relocate or a free place where people could associate freely. A lot has to happen before that. Somaliland. It could be argued that Somaliland is the only place where Somalis feel free. of course Somaliland has a lot of underlining issues in terms of governance, accountability , freedom of the press and high unemployment among the youth and others. There are skirmishes in the east, which needs real understanding and peace. It is a system that needs major overhaul and reform. Despite all those problems , the people of Somaliland feel free. They are in charge of their destiny. What ever progress or development they achieve is gained through their ingenuity , hard work and the aspirations of the people. Sometimes, you may see some tabloid newspaper editors being arrested for writing the misdeeds of the government, but , in general people are free to speak against the government or those in power. You may see Sheekh AAdan Siiro from Gabiley say " waar waxaan aragnay kuwa Pepsiga ku farxalanaya halka ay dadkii biyo ka laa yihiin ", or Sheekh Hassan Daheeye of Borama , denounce SNM , President Siilaanyo or his ministeries. Yet nothing happens to them. People freely attend prayers without fear of extremists or the government. They know, what ever shortcoming or problems they have is within their own system or weaknesses, not a foreign imposed or instigated. They do not want any interference from the neighbors or others. When they see President Siilaanyo pass through Ethiopia to reach any where, they know it is a forced visit or a necessary evil. Deep down they know they shouldn't be kissing the hand of the Ethiopian dictator. It is one of those weaknesses that can only be overcome through a strong united Somalia. In all, Hargeisa is the land of the free, the home of the independent Somalis who refuse to be ruled by Amisom and others. a free Somalia that must be preserved before the eventual union. In this unsettling and dangerous times in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland is an asset that must be protected from a turmoil. There is a political , educational, commercial, military and other assets that worthy preserving , or could be used for the solving of the Somali problem. I conclude by saying, that among the Somali speaking world, the only place where people can speak freely, associate freely and argue freely without foreign interference is Somaliland. Djibouti. It is a an oasis of relative peace in these troubled region. A recognized Republic since 1977, Djibouti is an essential port and commercial in the Somali region. Their currency, the Djibouti Franc, which propped by the French National Bank, has been stable for the last forty years. Df is begged to the dollar and nothing has changed in terms of exchange for all these years. That makes the asset of the business community and others reliable. Their currency doesn't float in the market like the Ethiopian Birr or Kenyan Shillings. Since the collapse of the Somali state, a large number of businessman have parked their assets in Djibouti banks and real estate. Not only Al-Barakaat and others from the south , but almost every big Somaliland businessman needed the access of international banks in Djibouti. All in all Djibouti has certain good will from Somalis in general. In my humble opinion, Djibouti will became anti freedom , despotic island where Somalis are subjugated. Most Somalis who have witnessed the an ending Somali quagmire , have no any appetite for Geele bashing or even the repression in the horizon. With all these good attributes Djibouti is not a free country. So what is changing in Djibouti. Ismaaciil Cumar Geele, the dictator of Djibouti, is in his third term as a president. When his last term finishes , he would have served almost twenty years. In 2011, he changed the constitution in order to serve another term. Djiboutians who are familiar with local politics believe that , he is not going anywhere. they believe, like most dictators, he would find a way to permanently be the president until he is taken to grave. There are two scenarios. 1- He will copy from Vladimir Putin and find a president who serves just one term while Geele acts as the Prime minister. in this scenario , he will bring a " Canfar" president to serve while he acts as the prime minister. After that term finishes, he will run again for president . I doubt that African dictators are smart enough to orchestrate that kind of political maneuvering. 2- Destabilize the region. In my opinion , these scenario could be the one that is plausible in Gelle's mind. In 2005, Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia was pressured by the opposition to allow free and fair elections. Huge demonstration and riots almost toppled his regime. To survive, he used live ammunition to the demonstrations and killed up to forty people. He had a tremendous difficulty to hold on power after 14 years. In 2006, the Islamic Courts of Somalia agitated against Ethiopia. Meles, the despot found a way to extend his hold. He invaded Somalia, and the country was put in an emergency situation. He put the opposition under pressure, and the western countries that were demanding reform and democratic change, shifted gear in the name of fighting terrorism. his profile grow more, and no one in the opposition dared to challenge. Before he scummbed to cancer in 2012, there were no meaningful threats to his power. I believe Cumar Geele want to follow his friend Meles, and instigate a regional crises in order to prolong his hold in power. This destabilization of the region could take in many forms. First, dictators in their own mind try to be bigger than life itself. While it is not bad to think big, one must know his limitations. A nation of less eight hundred thousand must concentrate relieving poverty, water shortage and chronic unemployment. Geele's sub clan, as you may know is originally from the coastal area of Awdal, mostly Lughaya district. After the Somaliland election 2012, there was disputes about the results which put the two brotherly communities of the Awdal coast on loggerheads. Finally it was resolved peacefully after Geelle's community accepted the results. No one will gain anything for being the mayor or member of a city counsel in this dusty, thirsty, and poor districts of the Awdal coast. There are constant drought and food shortages in the coast. What they need is water wells and infrastructure , not more city council seats. It was " xadhig jiid". Geele never done anything to alleviate the poverty or sponsor few projects, where both his mother's and his " tol' community live. Few years ago he brought the coronation of the Ugaas of his community from Diredhabe to Zaylac, in order to strengthen his claims of the coast. His main goal is to take the ownership of perceived oil blocks in " ceel gaal and Zaylac districts". An american oil company called Conoco Oil, brought some drilling equipment to the coast and even built a helicopter landing post in Ceel Gaal around 1988. The war of that era stopped all exploration and drilling activities. People believe their is a credible possibility of oil in the Awdal coast more than anywhere else. So, he believes the best way to take over the coast and probably incorporate Awdal coast to Djibouti is create a some kind of instability. By stabilizing Somaliland, he could solely control the trade routes of the region. 3- the last scenario is that those who destabilized and contributed the war and mayhem in Southern Somalia may want to finish the job through Geele by adding Somalilnd in the mix. In other words a foreign sponsored project carried out by geele. The false flag theory. Folks, I do not want to sound like warlord Dahir Calasow, who manufactures lies as intelligence news or information, but I have to share with you some of the allegations and accusations coming from the Djibouti opposition. early this year an unexploded ordnance, missile , or non weaponized cannon ( no one is sure what it was), landed inside the palace of President Ismaaciil O. Geele. People who live around the area , said they felt huge noise and the earth beneath them shook so bad. . Everyone thought it came from a ship few miles from the coast. After the incident Geelle left his home and stayed away for three days. No one apologised or said anything for few days. Finally , an American delegation came from Nairobi and appologised for the incident. They said it came from a spanish ship who was exercising. Geelle and others thought this was a message for him to back down in his rush to lease Djibouti to new players like China. Soon After the Americans forwarded Gelle their intention to lease their base for long term. This incident happen in February, 27/2014, , few days after a delegation led by the minister of defence from the Peoples Republic of China, came to Djibouti to sign a long term lease for the chinese navy in order to have foothold in the region. Since Geele is only interested about cashing and renting the tiny island to every Tom and Jerry, without first exploring the quesequenese of his action, he got a rude awakening from others. One week after this incident , Geelle signed with American command in Djibouti, a memorandum of understanding for a permanent base for the American east African command. In March/05/2014 , he was welcomed in the white house ti announce the deal. The new lease will keep the American command for the next twenty years. They will bay $70 million a year including $7 million development aid . After he signed this deal, he got some concessions from the Americans and others. His main goal is to deploy Amisom troops( Djibouti troops), in the Awdal coast. As soon as he came back from America , Geelle started his plotting. The Djiboutian theory is that Gelle have done two things. First he took revenge from the Spanish who targeted him with the unexploded cannon, by bombing then in high end restaurant in Djibouti . People in Djibouti say those who died and wounded were mostly Spanish nationals. Second he began to use this incident as pretext for his plans to deploy Amisom troops in Somaliland. Some people say the deceased man and woman who were alleged to have committed in the plot, never ever visited Mogadishu or south Somalia. The man is close to some the oppositions in Djibouti. As the theory goes, They have been already killed earlier. If you carefully study their faces and body, they had no any injuries or fragments of the bomb. It is strange for a suicide bomber who wore a vest or strapped a bomb in their body to be physically intact. Some loony like Calsow, told us that they were sent from Mogadishu. The facts lead us in different direction. The man alleged to be the bomber is both from Djibouti and Dire Dawa Ethiopia. His cousin who is officer in the Djiboutian Chandariemarie already left that force for fear of being killed. He is a well known to have strong connections with opposition. They are saying he never associated to any extremist groups or religious people. Djibouti released their name few days after the incident, which is unusual. Now let us analyze the investigation. They are saying the alleged bombers, the man and the woman, passed through Hargeisa for about a month. The fact is the man has family in Hargeisa and came their more than a dozen times. His brother, cousin and other extended family members also live in Djibouti. He has close family members in the Djiboutian civil service and the police. Now the government of Djibouti is acting like this guy came from Somalia and Hargeisa. He is Djiboutian who originate from Dire Dawa. That is a fact no one can deny. So far they arrested a ticket agent from Hargeisa and seven drivers from Awdal and a who were alleged to have rented their landcruiser to the couple for a ride to Djibouti. If somebody comes at the bus station and asks for a ride, you will happily do it. Not only they arrested the actual driver who took them, but almost most of the owners of these vehicles who travel to Djibouti. So far the border between Somaliland and Djibouti is closed for a month with no apparent reasons. They can check the documents of those who is entering and freight trucks coming from Djibouti, but, they decided to punish the innocent travelers who have done nothing. The Sheeple and weak government of Somaliland handed them all these innocent drivers who had nothing to do with incident. The latest news is that the Japanese are building a big jail in Djibouti to house Al-shabaab members who are captured or those suspected with connections. They are saying that people like Dahir Aweys and Sheekh Atom could be released or the insurgent may attack their jails so , they must be housed in Djibouti. Remember the Hotel like jail the anti piracy command built in Puntland, to house the captured pirates, while the badly needed hospitals are neglected, well it will be another cash cow project. What they don't know is, Aweys will be killed by his friends in Al-shabaab , if he lives his comfortable villa, so no need to protect him in Djibouti. Rather than cooperate with somaliland authority to secure the border and lower the tension, he is aggravating the issue. He is acting like the coastal area of Awdal is a dangerous place to protect. Under these pretext, he want to deploy Amisom troops from Djibouti in Somaliland. He is demanding that Amisom should be involved to deploy inspectors at the border. The Somaliland government should never never accept any deployment of foreign troops in their soil. That will be the Mogadisation of Somaliland. The day A foreign or African troops land in Somaliland, it will be the end of peace. Under these circumstances, what is the best option for Somaliland?. Although Somaliland achieved relative peace for the last decade or more , complacency and the status quo is not a good policy. They must realize that they can't isolate themselves any longer from the raging fires in the neighborhood. Further more, the enemies from within and without who destroyed the Somali nation , may not stop plotting until they finish off the Somali people once for all. There is relative peace in Puntland, and Somaliland is thriving, these could lead a future where Somalis would have a place to start the long awaited perfect union. THe people of Mogadishu , are also realizing that peace can only be achieved if they eradicate the extremists among them. What ever asset Somaliland has could be used to stabilize the rest. I believe those enemies are plotting to effect or lit the fire of anarchy even in Somaliland, in order to complete the disappearance of Somalia in the map. So how can Somaliland avoid these problems. 1- never accept third parties , like the Au, Un or Igad to have hand in the issue of security. 2- Make sure the people of Somaliland are united, and tribal conflicts must be avoided at any cost. 3- Stop and suspend indefinitely all exploration activities and contracts to the useless, unknown , untested illegal companies which could pit communities to one another. The Somaliland institutions are not organized enough yet to handle these contracts or their long term effects. 4-Deal Djibouti as equal partner and resolve the outstanding issues of security without undermining the sovereignty of the people you represent. I hope you have nothing to hide , so face them openly. Remember Geele was the leader of small country with important commercial port, nothing more. Because of his influence in Somalia his profile is growing, now he want to punish and reward Somaliland as he wishes, because an isolated Somaliland needs any friend it can get, which puts her in a weak position. 5- Address the issue of unity with Somalia with utmost sincerity and seriousness it deserves. The only way to fight the wolves that gathering around Somalia is to face them as united brothers. A united Somalia , that includes Somaliland doesn't have to fear anyone, including the Ethiopians who are dictating to Somaliland. I didn't address it , but the border with Ethiopia is even closed longer time than the Djibouti one. The idea of Ethiopian trade closed from Somaliland is serving Djibouti well. 6- Do not listen those who say " xukuumadani aduunkii bay nag asoo ooday oo cidlaan taaganahay". Somalialnd was isolated even before. The old Rayaale policy of not engaging Somalia was disaster. Do not revert back to that failed policy , look ahead of the future and engage Somalia. 7- Djibouti may suggest to be part of multinationals who want to explore oil in the coast, if that is the case, , Somaliland must reject any exploration at the moment. Djibouti is becoming a cesspool of corruption and the playground of foreign navies. There were already thousands of French military personnel and their bases in Djibouti, add that to American contingent,; The Germans, the Japanese, The Spanish , the Dutch and soon the Chinese and the Iranians. Since they don't trust the local Djiboutians, they are bringing foreign workers to serve in these bases. Philippines, indians, Kenyans and others are arriving. Ethiopian prostitutes have also been coming from Addis to cash in. Any way , what ever Djiboutians do is their business, and they are intended to lease these island for the highest bidders, but we should not allow them to create instability in somaliland for their economic and dictatorial motives. Who knows, maybe Geelle is doing someone else's dirty work.
  7. Kheyr, what I am saying is by wearing khamiis and big bear, you carrying a message that you are a piou practising Muslim. That is how we grew up. Now in this paragraph, I am implying that those guys shouldn't be in that kind of business where the chance of involving Munkar is much greater. In the qur'aan Allah says in many different suras that " Allah doesn't look physical features, but what is in your heart". We live in world where image is everything. People pay money for their image. In Islam it is your deeds and your hearts, not how you look. THey say the devil is in details. You meet a Wahhabi and all he talks about is the length of the pant , or how it should be two inches above the ankle and so forth. Iman and faith is bigger than those minor issues.
  8. Xabad, this is exactly the argument of the neocons and those who support Israel's war against Gaza. In Stria a well armed insurgents who control a half of the country are fighting with one of their own dictators. there are wars in Congo, in Columbia and many other places where thousands murdered. some want to overthrow a tyrant, others are ethnic and territorial. this is not a war between state and well armed insurgent. If a hamas activist lives in 8th floor of a building, what kind of rules of war allows the destruction of the entire apartment. Whole blocks are flattened, hundred of children and civilians are killed. They are targeting almost everyone. They are talking about hundred of targets with tank shells and fighter jets. We Somalis may be out of line sometimes, but we can't tolerate injustice regardless of who is committed against. Finally, learning Somali language or customs doesn't make one A somali. There are certain value one must share with us. A bagan worshiping fool like you ( you did mention to worship WAaq), should not be interacting with us here in SOL. please find another venue to spew your evil intentions. We have no intentions of debating with you. Leave this forum alone. Go find your own ilk.
  9. Adam, I just watched little bit, the headline probably blurred my judgement. Last year, some Igad members were gauging the pulse of the Somalis in the diaspora about a long term democracy building scheme. I heard they were talking about leaving around 2025. They said after the security , they will be building democracy. I agree with Buuraha, one way or another, the current arrangement is not serving Somalis well.
  10. This big news. Finally they have announced their exit time in 2016. Last year there were reports last year about some of the African countries saying they are intended of Democracy building. Ugandha, Djibouti and many others who are virtual dictatorship are claiming to enhance democracy. I think it is good news. I welcome it.
  11. The leader of Somaliland opposition party Mr. Faisal Cali Waraabe was touring the united State for the last two weeks. Although most of us have seen his north american media appearances and his usual bombastic pronouncements , He wasn't here for vacation or just meeting local supporters. According to reliable sources, Faisal met officials from the state department and representatives from the office of the United nations mission in Somalia. The UN office complained about the refusal of the Somaliland government to accommodate the Somali mission envoy Nicholas Kay. They also paases their usual concern about supression of the local media and human right in Somaliland. As soon as Faisal landed Hargeisa , the Somaliland government announced the invitation of Nicholas Kay. My sources told me that a counsel representing the united nations monitoring group in Somalia asked Faisal some pointed questions about the issues regarding oil exploration contacts, and the armed security unit Somaliland establishing to protect the Oligarchs who are trying to exploit the land. Faysal also spoke strongly against the establishment of these forces. Both Somalia and Somaliland have initiated vague contracts with non existent entities that are solely established to get these contacts. there are no official or known companies who are vying these contracts. You do not hear, SHell of the Royal Dutch, Exxon Mobil, Agip, Conoco, British Petroleum or any other legit or known companies. A " xaqul Qalin" or some kind of fee for awarding the contract is usually taken by respective ministries and the rest is history. Any way , he was briefed the security issues of the region and the role of Somaliland should play. According to the source, the security of the American forces in Djibouti was also on the agenda. The issue of the Health of the President Siilaanyo was also discussed. According to this source a post Siilaanyo Somaliland was on the agenda. The opposition is preparing the eventual retirement of Siilaanyo whose health is deteriorating. His condition after this London medical check up will be crucial. Some people are already speculating that he may not continue his duties after this. When he landed at Hargeisa Airport , he was greeted by A/rahman cirro and candidate Jamal Cali and others in full force. It is Ramadan , and every thing is quite. Siilaanyo is in London, Kusimihii Xirsi is performing Umra, Saylici is Hiding, so what is cooking on in Hargeisa.
  12. There are indications that this may not be Al-shbaab. Al-shabaab killers always avoid the risk of being captured or their " horjoogayaal implicated, so they murder people in quite way, or a manner which guarantees escape. Here, early reports indicate, the Car the " Marxuumada" was riding was chased few blocks before they sprayed with high number of bullets. also, they committed the murder in a zone full of government soldiers and other security apparatus that guard the big Hotels. It was a brazen attack. I don't know about Dahir Calasow saying that he knows the names of the killers. If it true then after few days he must publish, so the public can see their names. Insecurity breads too many problems. A friend was telling me that every premeditated crime in the city is attributed to Al-shabaab, and these " xaaraamiin" liars will claim regardless. When security deteriorates, every one will take advantage including foreign agents.
  13. Mooge, he did not came through Puntland. He is reer Sanaag from Ceerigaabo. The Son of former Somali police chief in 1969, arrested and dismissed by Siad Barre after the revolution Waa reer woqooyi..
  14. Allah ha u naxariisto marxuumada. MMA ia right. Al-shabaab has a large number of spies around the city. One of the criminal that was captured, said they follow their targets for a while before acting on it. people are dying daily, al-shabaab has free hand , no pressure , no arrest. Money is following to their killers. according to those captured, Al- shabaab members have cars to travel around the city. These are not desperate people. When you see the kind of clothes they are wearing, these are local people who are also running small businesses, probably provided by Al-shabaab. Where is the money coming. The country is flooded with foreign armies both in land and sea. International navies with billions to spend are patrolling the sea lanes. All you need is few hundred somali soldiers to take over Eyl in Nugaal and Xarardheere in Mudug. why all this ships. we have over thirty thousand foreign troops in Mogadishu and surrounding area, yet no one is able to cordon one single district in Mogadishu. No one is able to throw unannounced checkpoints throughout the city. Maxaa diidaya in Bandoo lagu soo rogo meelaha ay dembiyadu ka dhacaan ama Al-shabaab joogto. Maxaa diidays in guri guri loo baadho Huriwaa iyo Kaaraan. This armies are sitting ducks. The country is no longer controlled by the so called overseer called president or prime minister. They can't even defend themselves. Yet we have thousands of foreign supervisors in Xalane with big hotels, huge bases and big guns , behind barbed wires. Who are they defending?. Ninka madaxweynaha sheeganaya ee saddex boqol oo will oo Soomali ah oo isaga waardiyeeya samaysan kari waayey, ee Muusafeeniga Ugandha uu soo diray 400 special forces, isaga waardiyeeya, ma dhisi karo ciidan qaran. It is time . Ha ina dhaafo.
  15. The only way, he could probably save himself is by calling a national unity government. A government by technocrats that could be selected by the parliament or agreed upon after having input from regional governments, civil society, diaspora and others. A government that should prepare the next elections and hire competent non tribal professional somalis who could manage lead important government positions, including, the army chief, the police and intelligence. Remember Sheekh Shariif and C/weli were given one full year without interference to lead to a permanent government. The parliament could remove him and appoint a caretaker government until the election.
  16. Well, every leader is judged by his record. He is weak and incompetent. By September, it will be two years. Targeted killing and insecurity is increasing. Some of the most corrupt and incompetent people are filling crucial positions. judging by his record, he must go. we must salvage the remaining two years. Who ever takes his position must finish his term, and elections must be held in 2016 as scheduled.
  17. Rituals Have become the foundations of modern Islam. Virtues like patience, truthfulness, honesty, punctuality, perseverance and generosity are difficult to imitate or to accomplish. there was a young man who once did some work in my business. he just kept talking about his sallah and other basic things that one should be oreforming without fanfare. I ask him to show up certain times three different times. Every time he had an excuse to be late or not even show up. Back home when we were growing up, mosques were run by the lay people. The shopkeeper across the mosque was the one who managed and organize daily activity, because he never missed a prayer. The elderly man who lives five blocks away from the mosque was the " muezzin' who called the prayer for the last twenty years. He wasn't a sheekh or Ulema. Maybe he wasn't even wearing a big bear, but he never missed a prayer even when sick. these were the normal people that you intake daily. It was a normal daily thing. Nowadays mosques are run by a small well connected group who think and act the same. To even volunteer , you must be the ritual guy. If there is any disagreement, the courts and police will involve quickly. If someone who was not performing his Islamic duties, suddenly he prays and does some "Cibaada", now he will make sure everybody notices. Let me give you an example, in another life I was a taxi cab driver in a major city in north America. Almost every month, some Muslim cab driver is either called from the city hall for complaints or the taxi company will suspend them for failing to follow the taxi rules. They were almost all Somali cab drivers. It was in all in regards about alcohol, a blind guiding dog or other issues. There was this quiet guy who was well versed in Hadith and matters of Fiqi. He always read books. He was present in the hallway prayer , never misses. Since I always like to have conversation with the obscure and quite , yet intelligent people , I asked him : How do you deal these issues of alcohol and other prohibited transaction, while driving the taxi like all of us. The Somali wise man said. First of all the " If a prostitute who made a lawful money asked you to carry her load as a porter, the Sunnah, allows you to take that load regardless of how she earned that money". On the issue prohibited transactions like alcohol he said " If a customer asks me to the liquor to buy alcohol, I take him to the store , wait him, and after he buys, I take him to his destination". I asked him about the money?, he said " I take the money , but that money is no use for me since it is haram, so I give the money to a homeless or someone who needs" " I also understand that I will not get any rewards for sadaqa". He continued " the down side is you lose one trip of $20 or $25 dollars, and because of your religious obligations you accept that loss, at the same time you fulfil your city permit obligations, which was given to you to transport passengers and fulfil your religious obligations. ". I asked him about those guys who are constantly in the local news and have issues with taxi regulating authority?. He said " it is all about greed, they don't want to lose that trip, since they know that they can't use that money, what they do is refuse, run away after dropping the customer or lie about it". In my own town, right now most Somalis, with big khamiis, big beard and other rituals, drive cabs in the most dangerous time of the night. They drive between 7pm to 5am. We all know after midnight most of the fares you pick are drunk people, rowdy teenagers, criminals and people who have some kind of influence in their system. Normal people drive until 10 pm. This is courting trouble, but they do not have the patience or the perseverance to avoid the big money that to be made from late night parties.
  18.'> I was chatting yesterday with someone who is well connected and familiar in the affaires of both Villa Somalia and the state of the country. First , the last Al-shabaab attack in the Presidential palace was almost deadly. Prior to this one , there was another attack inside the mosque of Villa Somalia, which killed many people among them the chief of staff of the prime minister. After that attack, a great mistrust have risen among the leaders. The prime minister A/weli Sheekh Ahmed, brought his own bodyguards from Baardheere to protect himself from Al-shabaab. Two weeks ago a Villa Somalia employee, who works for a telephone company brought some al-shabaab gun men inside villa Somalia. That man passed easily at the main checkpoint guarded by the palace soldiers. They just waved to him. They didn't even check the contents inside his car. After he passed the gate he proceeded to the office of the prime minister. They were just as close as 18 meters to the office when a guard became suspicious. He asked the Telecom guy who was facilitating the crime about the main. Fortunately , after unsatisfactory answer, the soldier reacted quickly and opened fire before they could do any damages. The soldier who confronted the terrorists was among the contingent that came from Baardhheere, Gedo. After that incident, the Prime minister is no longer sleeps in Villa Somalia. Now he spends his nights in Halane, the headquarters of the united nations . He goes to work there during the day. The distrust among the leadership is growing every day. After the latest attack all hell broke loose. The leadership felt helpless and demanded immediate security overhaul. They demanded the firing of the Police chief, intelligence director and the appointment of new security minister. Most people will expect that after these latest incident, a competent and qualified people will be recruited to fill these crucial positions. Well, hold your breath. The distrust and rivalry between the President and the prime minister is so huge, each one of them is displaying his tribal colors without disregard. The President appointed C/laahi Mohamed Cali ( Sanbaloolshe). In his lifetime, this man never held any position of security or anything related to military, police and intelligence. He was appointed once under Shariif government as minister of national security. In the eighties, he was the personal driver of C/laahi Cosoble, the son in law of Siyaad barre. In those days, Mr. Cosoble and his sub clan owned the ministry of posts and telecommunications. In later years he made Mr. Sanboloolshe a director within the ministry. After the collapse of the country, he was one of those lucky enough to set up an NGO , alongside Hassan Sheekh. President Hassan appointed him ambassador to Britain. Reliable sources say that he was once an Ethiopian paid spy. Is this the man who can tackle the most sophisticated job in the country. We will see. The prime minister, not to be outdone by the President , went even further. Remember, the last police chief replaced by this prime minister wasn't never in any police service in his lifetime. He was married to a women from Siyaad Barre"s household, . He was a major in the Somali national army in 1991. He spent the last twenty years in the diaspora, yet , they made him a general and appointed him the Somali national police chief. Since the prime minister wants to give this post to another " D" block member, he doesn't need to find the most qualified person. How about if you can't find any competent police officer among your sub clans?, do you have to invent one ?. Although some unreliable Somali websites wrote about the black history of the police chief lately, there are irrefutable evidence which linked him to many power abuses and other injustices among the innocent people. In fact , some of these accusations were written by the late Somali government newspaper Ogaal. In the last dying days of the Kacaanka, close associates of Siyaad Barre, started the Ogaal newspaper campaign to expose those who were abusing people , especially those well connected Among Kacaanka community. kidnaping, rape and illegal arrest and confinement are among the crimes accused against him. There is an arrest warrant sealed by the national security minister in Canada. Since the only criteria to be filled is tribal , I guess competence , qualification and community standing are discarded by the Somali leadership. The nation is crying for peace and security , yet the people expected to relieve the pain and lead are yesterdays despots and crooks who gained power through nepotism. Please pray Allah In this blessed month of Ramadan for better future. He also said, The leadership was encouraged to appoint proven police officers from Puntland and other places, but decided to select only from certain specific clans. Despite all this , he said the biggest threat is that people arrested for Al-shabab association and other terrorism related crimes are released due to pressure coming from their families and their clans. Al-shabaab"s cash flow is growing and in return , they are sponsoring their cells to own businesses and other clandestine operations. Things could get worse before they get better. Finally , he said the D block instigated federal system is having a great impact in the cohesiveness of the country, and tribes are gearing for land grabs and political influence. Each one is building his militia, diplomatic connections and cash arrangements. I think, unless the power is taken from these two incompetent clans, Somalia will remain a helpless country. The Hag and Sahal have done so much suffering among the Somali people. If you are a decent peace loving Somali, then we must take the power from them in order to minimize their disaster.
  19. I agree. I see laziness in some of the attires Somalis wear. Qof dukaan wax ka soo iibsanaya oo go' iska soo humanaysaa ayaad arkaysaa. Qofku Amaba dumarka, iyagoo asturan ayey hadana waxooga "elegance" ku darsan karaa. mida kale Jiilaal iyo xagaa, dharku isku mid ma'ahan, way kala culis yihiin.
  20. Coofle, you could be right. That emotional attachment of great Somali is almost disappearing. Where can we start. I believe free market , trade and mutual security is necessary for our survival. Somaliland ha la soo qabto ooo dalka hala mideeyo is no longer a reality. Voluntary union is the way to go. I agree Djibouti is and always was part of Somali territory, why not add in the mix. Trade , peace and removing of the barrier could be the start of process. Reach a lasting peace among the communities, and then move to the next step. Since the Pan Somalism of the last century is difficult to achieve in your part, where can we start. I am always optimist that about the future. One more thing, coofle, from the Somaliland perspective, in order to reach that mutual understanding of " in aan laka maarmin", what is the best approach to achieve the desired goal. A loose union?, common currency?, please elaborate, since you seem well versed on the issue.
  21. Deeq, it could be done. All you need is a leader with vision and hard work. The political and the economic landscape in Somalia is static. Nothing has changed for thirty years , minus the calamities. Nations are transformed by new ideas, news realities and even technologies. Tribal states will not work or can't adopt with realities of modern state. All you need is a group of like minded Somalis who would trust one another. The Somali people are sophisticated these days, they will not accept a corrupt tribal politicians masquerading as leaders. They may go along for the sake peace or personal interest, but will not give a hand or even collaborate with it. In the eighties, the government was called " Dhagweyn, or Tii Doqonta ahayd". They saw many illogical or archaic rules to conduct or obtain basic services. When you ask them " how can they do this?, people used to say " waar ha dhagaysan Dhagweyntani hebel u tag ama halkaa mar". Today's Somali governments are basic arrangements, where people set up in order to survive. Nothing new that could change peoples perception of government or transformational systems that could replace the old have been introduced. I have seen many shocking articles that you have posted lately, which highlights the enduring realities confronted by the lost tribes of Somalia. If people are left with their own whims without guidance expect anarchy. Look in the diaspora, no one needs tribal loyalty or help from the clan. WE must introduce new ways of life where the citizen no longer needs the clan to succeed. Even the age old Somali ways of sharing every thing must be discouraged. A new motto must be propagated. " if you are breathing you must be working, if you are not working , you are not eating". So far nothing new have been introduced in Somalia. Can you imagine 1.2 billion chinese are registered and their activities known. They even know when your child is born, or if you have more than one. How can you monitor if someone is having more than one. Well they did. Every where citizens are registered with matching numbers, except in the lands inhabited by Somalis. Mr. Deeq, all you need is a few good men and women who are willing to break the deadlock. While politics is a local , it is up to the individual how he intends to play. You can fight with your immediate sub clan or " Jilib", you can fight your immediate neighboring clans or you could think big and play the politica above the fray. THe Enemy of the Galgaduud guy is the next door Galmudug, The enemy of Burco is in Garowe, and so on . We all need enemies, it is part of human nature, but you could push the border little bit further than your brothers. Finally, I believe it could be done .
  22. Barwaaqo, waan issheegany maanta. Umaba malaynayaan in waxni juhdi weyn iyo dadaal dheer lagu keenay. Calaa kuli xaal nabad iyo caano.
  23. Che, do you Know there over 1200 students who graduated from Amoud who are now scattered all over Somalia. Even in 2011 there about 24 teachers from Puntland that was welcomed by the Puntland government in ceremony. Barwaaqaa dhamaysay, nabad baa naas la nuuga leh. Che, it won't hurt if you say congratulations for those who travelled 1500km to learn in the land of peace. Is there anyone else who can claim that. do not compare Mogadishu with 2 million people, but compare to other places.
  24. Barwaaqo, Waa runtaa ina adeer, car ha laga helo waad mahadsan tihhin. Mooge, Puntland is progressive. They were always on the top echelon in education..