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  1. Our neighbors Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea and Sudan said nothing. Turkey , the nation helping us most didn't interfere or threaten. Yet, these people think they overrule Somali institutions like the parliament. What an arrogant bunch these people are. Kulahaa federal sysyem ka ha la ilaaliyo. bal ka waran haddaan u codenyno oo aanu diidno federalka laftigiisa. The Somali ambassador to the UN Abuukar Baale explained well about our current federal system. He said, " within the UN in New York, I talked to ambassadors who came from federal states like Canada, India, Nigeria and so on". he said almost everyone of them asked me a question before they gave the answers. They asked me how many languages is spoken in your country, how many ethnic groups live or how many religions you have. He said I told we don't any of the above. They said, you might need different solutions ,, but federal is not one of them to implement in a county of 15 million people.
  2. It means unless C/rahman Cabdishakur and C/laahi Dani agrees, you can not hold election. In America today, not one single legislation is passed in congress with the support of the opposition republicans. They couldn't find consensus over Covid bill or anything else, yet they are demanding unanimous consent for Somalia.
  3. The Khayre coup to take over the government within failed after the Somali intelligence tapped his phone and found out his plans. Two years in to his term Khayre contacted some regional governments including Djibouti , Kenya and UAE and assured them that their interest will be taken care of in Khayre led Somalia. It also shows how reckless and irresponsible these foreign entities are. How could they delegitimize the national parliament of a country trying to reassure the public for the long term stability of the country by closing the never ending election saga. How can any nation move if you keep moving between Garoowe, Dhuusamareeb and Halane for over a year. How could you keep debating for two or three minor issues regarding the election for over a year. Thank to Allah president Farmaajo is free and independent from the foreign forces who keep recycling amateur leaders every few years. They opposed Farmaajo because he is flowing Somali centric foreign policy including building the national army through Eritrea and Turkey. The biggest card of the EU has always been the threat of removing African troops from Somalia and leave the Somali government venerable to Al-shabaab. Thanks to Turkey that gab has been filled and if the current pace of training continues, within a year or less , we might not need any foreign troops in Somalia. Furthermore, the western governments, especially those who have the tendency of old fashioned imperialistic plans, had never supported democracy or parliamentary voices in the Muslim world. They prefer a despot that helps them loot or flow their orders. Just look along the Red Sea shores in Djibouti. A dictator has crowned himself for the 5th time while no one run against him. Yet everyone is applauding and congratulating him including Somali opposition figures. Sharrif Ahmed iyo Hassan Sheikh, " Waxaan hambalyo u diraynaa madaxweyne Omar Geelle of la doortat" saddex iyo labaatan sanadood ayuu marayaa, Djiboutina biyo iyo koronto la'aan ayaa loogu dhimanaya. Sometimes, nations get their political independence in different ways. Some get through elections, others get by flowing different economic model. Yesterday's vote by the Somali parliament might have given Somalia some political independence from the EU, the NGO's and others. If we succeed ignoring these people and their immoral threats, we shouldn't be looking back. The current crop of Somali leaders are not the typical " Qol Qol Joog" who consider every white envoy from Europe or America as overlord. " the international communities relationship with Somali leadership will change" I agree with that quote. we need a change. And please , we are adults and we should be left to alone to manage our own houses.
  4. MMA, It seems this Qoor Qoor guy is beating the bush. He isn't answering direct questions. Also the way the interview was conducted was poor. This journalist is usually good , but this time he wasn't prepared his questions properly. He should have slowly led the background of the dispute by asking what Sep 17 was all about before asking the big question of Teendhada Affessione. He asked the big question first without getting good answers. From there things got messy. C/laahi Dani, despite his failed schemes doesn't afraid to answer questions. Then again, qoor Qoor probably is afraid what might happen back in Galmudug where some of his cabinet is opposes Farmaajo. He is threading carefully.
  5. Apophis, Farmaajo wasn't running Banadir region. Regardless, I was opposed that crime absolutely, and when that happened I urged Farmaajo to go to ina C/shakuur and apologize. I even mentioned how that action would have led a tribal war between communities. You could find that thread here SOL. Stopping Shariif Ahmed was also stupid move.
  6. If he was smart, he would had hold his post despite the many illegal actioned he committed throughout the years. This young general had committed many crimes and illegal actions that has created distrust between the Farmaajo government and the opposition. As the head of Benadir national intelligence, he killed six body guards of C/raxman Shakuur in his own home. If Ina C/shakuur was there, God forbid, he would have killed him and create tribal chaos. He was the one who raided the home of Cabdi Qaybdiid in Mogadishu. This dog was unleashed no other than Hassan Ali Khayre. He was the one who prevented former president Shariif Ahmed to fly to Hiiraan which Farmaajo apologized. He was the last card Khayre used to create another coup. I will tell you guys next the most dangerous man inside the Farmaajo government for the last three years. He almost eliminated Farmaajo while inside. Waxa uu ahaa fidno waleh rabay in uu dawlada iyo dadka mucaaradka madaxa isku geliyo. Folks, there are many state sanctioned criminal elements in Mogadishu who are deputized to fight Al-shabaab. This week a man called Mahdi Dolar was killed by Al_shabaab. He was deputized by Hassan Sheikh and was given free reign to kill murder local people for extorsions while pretending to fighting terrirism. If someone occupied your house and complain, this guy was paid money to eliminate you. He openly raped women, murdered businessmen who refuse to cooperate and so on. He was a mafia style hitman hired to kill. Anyway, Sadiq John was murderer who will not be missed. Illaahay ayaa ummadda dhaafiyey. Waa dadkii maxakamaduhu abuureen.
  7. Xaaji, the unelected house of elders ( Golaha Guurtida ) had extended the term of Dahir Rayaale and Ahmed Siilaanyo twice, no questions asked.
  8. I wish they would have done the extension in different way. Like a scheduled extension six to nine months to select the parliament members and then proceed another three months for the presidential election. The bottom line is C/laahi Dani and company would have refused to implement the election road map they themselves signed. Insiders said that it was either to hold an election without Puntland and Jubbaland leadership or extension. Waxauuu is yidhi kolay mar haddii faraqa lagu haysanayo adigoo u ogolaaday waxii ay rabeen, miyaad khamaartid ood laba ku darsatid. By refusing to sign September 17 agreement, I think C/laahi Dani had indirectly eliminated his ally Ahmed Madoobe. Everyone knows that Madoobe might not survive for the next two years. It was a difficult debate to watch for most of Somalis for the whole year. How can the destiny and the future of Somalia should be left for few guys who doesn't even manage their own back yard.. Guudlaawe of Hiiraan got almost nothing, so does Madoobe running one single town for 11 years. .You can not have these people and their money making selection issue to continue. Direct election will eliminate these men. It is clearing now the sun is out. Here in the western hemisphere the calendar years became almost like a wind blowing from one side to the other. Two years will be tomorrow, so if you are an opposition member who have the support of the people, go organize and show us who is with you. Let us see how each one of these people fare when they are exposed to the verdict of the people. Let us see how Boosaaso and Banadir votes. If someone told you today that Mogadishu it self is a HAG country, you know nothing. The next mayor of Gaalkacayo might have born in Diinsoor. Let the people speak. While we are voting in two years time, let us also hold a national referendum to bury the false federal system that has cribbed Somalia. Today is a great celebration for the Somalis who were the victims of the criminal " Jabhado" Dadka Soomaaliyeed ee Qarankoodii Jabhaduhu ka dumiyeen ee la wareeriyey 30 ka sanadood, waa maalintii ay isu diyaarinayeen in ay codkooda ku ciil baxaan. They say the upper house had refused. Today the upper house means Faroole who destroyed our county and Muuse Suudi who murdered our people and a new warlord called Cabdi Xaaji. No more.
  9. Soomalidu waxay tidhaa, " ninka ku dilay lama dilee, ninkii soo diray baala dilaa" The so called international community had failed Somalia . These people who claim to be concerned about the security of Somalia, or as they say " the threat Somali insecurity poses to the world" could not even solve small minor issues. They just kept repeating " election based on September 17". Well those minor disagreements that arose from September 17 has been resolved by the Baidoa technical committee from all regional states. As Qoor Qoor mentioned they never even discussed anything related to election in Affessione for four days. It was all about Farmaajo disappearing and removing the national security apparatus from the president. So, why they don't point the finger to those who refused to implement the Sep 17 agreement?. These people always talk about unanimous consent. In their own countries, no leader ever wins 60% of the vote, yet they demand Somalis to agree on every miniscule issue. Imagine if a single regional government refuses to sign the election accord. Do Somalia be hostage to Madoobe, Qoor Qoor anyone of these people that doesn't even manage a local hospital? no way. The worst they could do is hold the cash which 75% of it is spent in Nairobi.
  10. My goodness gracious, This move by the Banadir Police chief was nothing but a suicidal action. If he was ordered to take illegal action he would have refused and resigned, but to initiate illegal action of blocking the session of the parliament is a crime and illegal coup. He might had gotten the cash but he has to leave the city and spend it somewhere else. waar wuxuu doqonsanaa . Thanks To Allah a criminal wearing batch had been eliminated in just four minutes. Talk to you guys later after work. A lot is going on
  11. Xaaji xeebta la xaday ha la soo celiyo oo dhulku ha isku furmo.
  12. Some Somaliland people argues that if we all want united Somalia why not bring Djibouti too. Xeebta ha la soo celiyo.
  13. Ninyahow, not even the sun can cover how Cabdi Illey has given away the original borders of Somali Galbeed. He should have proposed the Somali region to be dividedly two or three regions in order to have his own clan enclave. Instead he dismembered the region and gave away the fertile towns created by Somalis. Here, the great author, singer and composer C/laahi Qarshe singing" Goormay Hobyo, Herer ( Toga Herer waa Hargeisa) iyo Hawaasta galbeed isku hiilin doonaan. Today Hawaas is in the heart of Oromo due to many factors.
  14. Actually there are members of the Liyu from Awbare who were burred this week , and the city and people were collecting money to help the war effort to help the people of Siti region. It was one of the first towns to send money. The Somali Galbeed residents of our community support and stand with their Somalis. Yet, it is true, some people from my community, especially from Djibouti support the Canfar for political reasons. There is movement called Djibouti Patriotic Resistance Front (FRUD) whose leadership is Canfar and Awdal community to fight Omar Geelle. It is an armed movement. The tribal virus created by the Omar Geelle family might destroy Djibouti eventually, and that virus has crossed to the borders both the Somali Republic and Ethiopia.
  15. In Mogadishu while flying from Hargeisa, you could bring the Somaliland flag with no questions asked. It all about confidence. If you are a witness to a murder which might implicate the boss of the " Cosa Nostra" they have to find you before you testify in a court. The problem is too many Landers are willing to testify for the prosecution and convict the boss.
  16. Apophis went digging and found this. Good move. By the way the Canfar are 100% Muslim and in fragmented Ethiopia they should be our allies. We shouldn't be fighting each other. These towns: Cadaytu, Canduf and Gadeytu, as their names indicate, might have been Cafar territory long ago, and today they lie inside Cafar regional boundaries Yet, the population is 80% or more Somali. It was Cabdi Illey who gave these land to Cafar. There was strong protest from the Somalis and since regional boundaries of Ethiopian ethnic groups were awarded based on the majority population, these towns should have been inside Somali regional boundaries. In fact, Cabdi Illey had made many harmful decisions that gave way huge land of Somalis to Cafar and Oromo. Towns like Fayaan Biiro just north west of Jigjiga with good agricultural produces, coffee and Khad was added to Oromia. The town has 80% Somali, the remaining are Yemenis, Hareeri and 5%Oromo. Cabdi Illey exchanged this town for smaller places. Since memorial fertile and trading towns were always outside the nomadic zones. 100% Somali towns like Qabridahar, Gaashaamo, Awbare and Wardheer were not active in commerce or productivity scale compared to Diredhabe, Hawaas, Baabili, Hawaday, Jigjiga or Mooyaale. In 1991-95, Diredhabe was the capital of the Somali regional government, but tribal Somalis abandoned that beautiful metropole and settled Godey . Rather than keep Maiso, Baabili, and all those fertile land called Western Hararghe, they left all that for the dusty towns of the clan. It was President Cabdimajiid who brought the capital to Jugjigain 1995. How can TuliGuuleed, Jinacsani with Jaarso who were part of the Somali region for decades ended up with Oromia? it was the work of Cabdi Illey to reduce the Somali territory to the south west of Jigjiga. It was a plan to limit the competition and dismember the Somali territoty. Twenty years later Diredhabe is populated Oromo and Amhara. There are also a lot of scores to be settled the land surrounding DireDhabe . Furthermore, the actions of despot Cumar Geelle in Djibouti could effect the stability of these area around the Djibouti -Addis railway and highway.
  17. The Afessione summit had ended in deadlock already Sunday 04/04/21 when Dani and company demanded that Farmaajo must declare his authority to be over and firing or disabling of the security apparatus including military, intelligence and police while they are fighting Al-shabaab. As a government they already decided not to waste their time and probably prepared their statement accordingly. Who knows, minister Dubbe might have prepared two answers one with negative outcome and the other with positive and cheerful messages. Folks, that is how modern governments work these days. You must prepare. Look at C/laahi Dani, probably no one double checks or even cleans the text from foul language before standing in front of the microphone.. Last time when he held a press conference in Garoowe he was talking about Hargeisa ladies making dates at 5:00 AM which was unnecessary gaffe. Dadkan wax baa kasi ah. The minister is the spokesman of the government. He doesn't speak for himself, but on behalf of the government. If these stupid elders have a beef with the press release let them take their case with Farmaajo or Premier Rooble. Muuse Suudi Ayaa dhawr weeg ka hor lahaa" Somaliland Khadar Guuleed Hanaga qabasato" Waxay malaha ha u Haystaan in Habraha hal lmeel ooga taliyo. Mudisho waxala yidhaahdaa Dubbe waa " Wasiirkii soo daahay" which means he should have been here long ago. He is a fresh face who commands attension. He is fluent in both Arabic and English with extensive knowledge of history and culture. Only learned man can qoute Jalaludeen Rumi. Waxaan Sugnaaba waa dhawaaqa Dubbe. When the country collapsed in 1991, the " engine of bureaucracy" went to north and other places leaving behind the body of the vehicle. In order to restart the vehicle , we must bring the enginelike Dubbe and others to move forward.
  18. Insisting on ethnic based federal system is good for everyone including For Somali Galbeed. By the way, Che, Did you hear an ethnic Amhara is running in Jigjiga for the first time? I don't know if they have enough numbers to win a federal seat.
  19. Tolow cabsidan intan leegi xagey ka timid.? Qof kastaoo mucaarad ahi waxa uu leeyahay waa nala dilyaa. Maybe the whole issue is when people see the faces of these fearless Gorgor men everyone is in panic. Just want to remind everyone that these are professional army and would not harm their own people.
  20. Western Oromia war is more dangerous for Abiy at the moment than the TPLF. Constant insurgency and war will keep Tigray region weak and under developed. After the election Abiy should seek some kind of settlement with the TPLF. The Amharas are dying in western Oromia in large numbers.
  21. Apophis, We are proud of our home towns and we hail from. Although unemployment is 70% in Awdal just like most of Somaliland, it is relatively peaceful at the moment. And peace, in the sense of the word, doesn't mean the absence of war. Peace is a piece of mind without worry and believing you achieved and settled for good. In that part of Somalia, no one knows when things will change including the currency. We are all wailing for Somaliweyn including those in Hargeisa. So, we have stakes in Mogadishu. At the same time some us had spend many years in Mogadishu and we still have in our memory how good " Xamar Cadde" was in the old good days. There is also a believe that if Mogadishu and south Somali political problems settled for good , even those us in the north might achieve more that what we did for 30 years. Every time you keep raising about laangaab and having numbers. I told you that I have enough space and people to participate the Somali family debate, although I believe that one must achieve his own dreams without relying a tribal grouping. Ma rabo nimanka aan tolka iyo walaalaha nahay ee OG in aan meel uga dhaco awgaa, laakiin weli ma hayo Tuulo aad maamusho oo Soomaali ka taliso mid gumeysi dusha kaa illaaliyo mooyaane. . Hase ahaatee, baadhitaan badan ka dib waxaan rumaysnahay in beeshu Jubbada dhexe, Jubbada Hoose iyo Bakoolba joogto lixdameeyadiina ka soo geli jireen. Do not get abscessed with Ahmed Madoobe. He has been ruling the Jubba for 10 years and didn't even build a two room house for school or hospital. After these statements, I want to teach you something about each man's ability and talent without relying tribes. When the great Darwiish landed in Berbera circa 1899, he was a lone man(isagoo baakooraad laad laadinaya ayuu Berbera ka soo degay). And that great hero had created the movement that fought the British for 20 years. His clansmen were as far away as iimey and Godey, yet everyone from Puntland to Hiiraan , Bebera feared him. Real men make history not tribes. Meel ku qoro. Have you heard a man called Fahad Yaasiin, who everyone is saying he is the real boss of Somalia these days?. He is a member of the so called 0.5, yet he earned that position because of his own ability. Dhiisi baad moodaa markuu afka kuu soo dhaweynaye waxa uu dhaaranayaa waa dhuuni raacdeysi e Dhuunta bir laga geli muxuu nooga dhiman waayey. Gabaygan lixdameeyadii baa loo tiriyey
  22. Nothing has changed. They just keep repeating that Farmaajo is not president anymore and C/rahman C/shakuur should be sitting at the table including the other 15 candidates. And what authority Abdi Hashi has to sit there? none. What you need is executive decision making.
  23. Last weekend I sat down with one of local friend of mine who came back from Mogadishu after spending there few months. It was a long conversation , but the title of this article summarizes the events taking place in Mogadishu these days. Our conversation centered mostly about the events surrounding after February 8, when the term of the current government ended. As we are all aware, the opposition threatened to expel the president from Villa Somalia through illegal means by deploying general Indha Cadde and his militia and violent demonstrations. According to my friend , all opposition schemes and plans failed due to some unsormantble realties on the ground. He pointed out three major things for their failure: The people, the security and the parliament. The people of Mogadishu. He said the people of the capital overwhelmingly support the current government. He told me a discussion he had with one of the lieutenants of the leading candidates. This chief adviser said, " the most important question that we are grabbling almost every day is how we lost the public of Mogadishu and how to get back them from Farmaajo" ( Waagi beryaba waxaan ku fikirnaa sidii aanu shacabka uga soo ceshan lahayn Faramajo welina kuma aanan guulaysan). While there were some residual support for the opposition in the early days before February 8, it seems enthusiasm for hostile or eager public for the opposition has dried up. He said in order to galvanize or organize people for demonstration against Farmaajo, the opposition is paying internally displaced people in Mogadishu $8 dollars per person. In order to oust a leader or create the so called uprising the opposition was claiming, one must have the support of the larger public. Thus an opposition without significant public support will not succeed. He said if you want to see eager people willing for fight just look what is taking place in Burma (Mynamar). The military and the public service. According to this gentleman, the national and local security enforcement apparatus and particularly the military are 100% support the current government. He said, Somali military members are paid almost close to $300 dollars a month and each one of them receives their salary before the end of the month. He told me that he walked to the soldiers manning the check points and asked them personally about their pay and each one of them told him how satisficed they were with their salary. He said that during the Hassan Sheikh administration, soldiers were paid $100 dollars a month and sometimes they used to miss the payments. He said at one point president Hassan threatened to fire them and replace them with others if they keep complaining. He said because of the nature of the Turkish army training these young men have high level of discipline and work ethic. I asked him about the public service and their moral. He said he met a financial or tax department executive hired by Hassan Sheikh during his term. He was appointed to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and was given a $300 dollar a month salary. The man said, " I was collecting millions of dollars a month and I was given a small salary to feed my families, thus they encouraged me indirectly to help my self". " when Farmaajo was elected, they increased my salary to $1000 dollars a month and instructed me to account every dollar that was collected". he continued and said, " I am very happy and do not have to rely anymore on corruption while earning an honest living" . The parliament. In fact, this observer and I both agreed that the opposition within the parliament is very insignificant at this stage and many are not willing to wreck the boat for minor reasons. During the debate last week, those who were trying to disrupt couldn't even reach two dozen people. So, according to this observer the opposition have unsurmountable task ahead of them. He said , other than elections, the opposition has no chance at al to disrupt the current administration or even to obstruct an extension. He said both the people, the army and the parliament fully support the administration. I asked him the nature of the opposition, their composition and their end game. He said the opposition could be divided in four groups. First the hardliners: former presidents Hassan Sheikh, Shariif Ahmed and C/raxman C/shakuur. He said these are die hard opposition members who are hell bent to out Farmaajo and are willing to use any means necessary to achieve that goal, including public demonstration and uprising. The second group is : Dahir M. Geele. C/naasir, and C/qadir Cosoble. He said, while this group are opposed Farmaajo, they do not support violent public demonstration. They worry about the effects of Covid -19 and the danger of Al-shabaab taking advantage of the situation. So, he described them as moderate opposition who oppose any public destruction or instability caused by their actions. The third group is: Mohamed A. Gandhi, Halane and Shariif Hassan (Shariif the blade) . This group are unhappy and they feel marginalized by the government and opposition. As we remember, when premier Rooble was discussing the how to proceed and manage the so-called peaceful demonstrations of the opposition , he mainly met the HAG members of the opposition. So, according to him, these three guys are probably disgruntled and are bitter by sensing tribal mechanizations of the HAG. The fourth group or I should say the fourth guy is no other than former premier Khayre. Khayre waa keligii dirir. He said Khayre is managing his campaign by himself and others do not trust him. He said that due to his personal money, he thinks he could win some votes. I told him that if Hassan Sheikh as former president and statesman , if he galvanizes all of the opposition around him, he could certainly reach the second round and win enough votes. He said while Hassan sheikh is a formidable candidate, his chances of winning have been reduced due to open secret in Mogadishu that by voting to Hassan Sheikh , you would be electing a government led by Hassan sheikh, premier C/laahi Deni and Ahmed Modoobe, and that scenario is difficult to swallow for many groups. I conclude by saying since there are no other means to oust Farmaajo, let us all go for the election. And by the way, he said, " Farmaajo will win with landslide".
  24. Yes. There were some casualties, probably a dozen. I think this victory will strengthen the moral of the army. Spme people believe that within a year Al shabaab could be cleared in Lower Shabeele and Jubba. It will be hard for them to replace a hundred man casualties including those the army captured and wounded
  25. I agree with you. Pictures are probably the only way to refute the treasonous media that is cheering for the enemy.