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  1. It is clear Abiy Ahmed can no longer hold Ethiopia together. Since Ethiopia leaders are selected , the west could assemble the players and crown a new premier, especially Bakale Garba, the leader of Oromo Federalist Congress.Or bring Lema from house arrest. The TPLF might change their attitude if Lema Magrassa or another Oromo comes. it is clear that the TPLF will never accept Abiy and Abiy can not wage a war. All out war will be the end of both Abiy and Ethiopia, so I do believe the west make cook another agreeable scheme to keep Ethiopia from disintegrating.
  2. The Afar had no choice but join the Abiy bandwagon, yet if they see an opportunity to secede from the Amhara yolk they would do in heart neat. Prolonged blockade and economic isolation will destroy Tigray eventually. Khadaafi, your theory might work for the TPLf. Rather being a sitting duck , they might ignite the fire and start the war. In 1940, Japan attacked America after she was put on in a devastating arms embargo. Both Abiy and TPLF knows that war will end Ethiopia for good.
  3. Is this a new way to make a cash from the European fools. No Somali pirate boat could travel five thousand miles from the Red sea to the Mediterranean and all the way to the southern Atlantic. I think some Somalis from Eyl and Xaradheere should make a contact to this Nigerian guy and make some deal to transfer couple of boats to Lagos and cash in this new enterprise.
  4. The evil Tigray had set Ethiopia on fire. If the deputy premier is speaking like a militia leader things could get ugly. The preacher must transfer power to the Oromo before things get ugly. Rather than give the reigns of power to Lema Magrassa, they chose their own son whom they trained for decades. Abiy , even falsely claimed to be member of the TPLF who deposed the Derg, although he was 14 years old in 1990. The TPLF may became a country by default without even firing a gun.
  5. I thought Sanbloolshe was with Hassan Sheikh. Does he changed horses already or this is another franchise of Hassan Sheikh? The more candidates get in , the chances Farmaajo would rise.
  6. Let us see if Hassan A. Khayre and his sidekick Sanbaloolshe could win any votes. Looking back, Sanbaloolshe presided to big events that undermined Farmaajo's standing among Somalis in 2017. The huge bomb that killed 500 people in number 4 and the handing of Qalbi Dhagax to Ethiopia. Poor Farmaajo realized the plots of Khayre late in the game including his secret dealings with UAE. At the end money alone would not elect the leader but public opinion as well.
  7. Oday gooni, Miyaad works noo balbalaadhisid. Ninkan sirtii qaranka oo dhan gacanta ku haya ee Farmaajo kala talinayey arrimahan culus ma la taliyaha madaxweynaha ayuu ahaan jiray mise taliyihii nabad sugida. Siday ku dhici kartaa in olole (Operation) sirdoonka qaranka amd ka gobolka banaadir fulinayo , ninkan loo sheego oo uu ogaado kalana hadlo madaxweynaha? Ma dagaalki Villa Kismaayo ayaa halkan galay? Haddiise kan oo kale sir qaran ogyahay madaxweynahana ka ag dhawyahay, Somalia dawladeeda qashin baa ka buuxa. Warka cadee gudoomiye Gooni.
  8. MMA, I do not like anything those sitting in Nairobi hotel publish in Somalia, but this time, at least they are reporting something we all know. Here are the main points I agree on this report. 1- Al-shabaab infiltration of ports. Is is true and it happening. It has been confirmed that as soon as you pay your taxes at the Mogadishu port and move your goods to your businesses, an Al-shabaab operative would come and tell you exactly the amount of goods you imports through the ports and will demand their taxes. They might even tell you how much the government took in taxes. 2- They have their own accounts in banks. I do not blame Somali banks since it is difficult to distinguish legitimate traders from those who work for Al-shabaab, but their are mechanisms to detect and report transactions.The problem is the weak and corrupt government is not doing its job of tracking large cash transactions. It is possible to track and find who is depositing what or withdrawing cash. Since illegal taxes and extortionist are the main driving engine of Al-shabaab war, financial tracking should be as big as the military war. 3- Tele banking. They did not mention in this report but telephone banking is huge attraction for Al-shabaab. Anyway, the time has come for Somali money institutions to open their books to the security agencies.
  9. Ethiopia will never be the same. Somalia should start building relationships with the Oromo opposition for future strategic aims. Abiy lost credibility by allying himself with the Amhara Neftegna. The Amhara told him he could be the 7th king of Ethiopia with constitutional monarchy and prime minister appointed from the political parties. Abiy even said that he his own Amhara Mom had told he will be a king some day. What a delusion. Anyway, how will this stand off end?.THe TPLF learned from the corrupt Somalis from Puntland, Hargeisa and Mogadishu and printed the Ethiopian Bir illegally and earned billions. Now that money has been demonetized and Abiy told the Ethiopian finance police any illegal money sequestered should be theirs to keep. It is becoming difficult to stop TPLF penetration of Oromo groups through their network. Amhara are agitating for war, but the nomadic and tough Tigray highlanders will crush the Amhara in no time.
  10. Maakhiri1, I judged by his own words which is probably another lie. He said, in 1968, when he stole the 25,000 Somali Shillings, he was in his twenties. I just added 52 years.
  11. Che,\ It also shows that the typical Somali is Loyal to his clan despite the evidence. Even though he revealed a lot Cali Mahdi lied willfully in this interview. He said to be willing to give up power within one year, yet he claimed to be president as late as 1997 during the Egyptian conference in Cairo.Gurigiisa markii la bililiqaystay ayuu Dubai iska tagay. The astonishing thing is why a 75 years old man who should retire and spent the rest of his life to build bridges among communities is starting a business venture at this age.We have very strange culture in Somalia. Every crook will recite the Quran and then lie in your face. Have you seen Daahir Calasaw recite Hadis and Quran before he starts insulting eveyone.
  12. Saalax, Usually, the money especially those from the gulf is divided among corrupt politicians in Mogadishu. InshAllah, we will discuss more about the incoming auction in Mogadishu early next year. It is going by far the most expensive auction in the world. Just to put your name in the House , you must deposit $20,000 dollars. Running for a seat will cost over $100,000. Aduunka ma jirto meel sidan dadka loo kala iibsado. Sayladani 20 sanadood ayey socotaa, what a shame.
  13. Welcome to the fake history of the internet. Every fool can create a clip with an English accent , and hola , you got history. Afqalaad aqoontu miyaa?
  14. It is a good revealing interview, yet he did cover the real truth about his ill gotten money. Some us welcome his regrets and mistakes in a couple of major events: First, former president Ali Mahdi accepted the blame of allowing a corrupt politician Cumar Carte for dismantling the national army. It was the most significant move that created the security vacuum and allowed the tribal rebels to replace the state. Later, Donald Remsfield copied that idea and destroyed Iraq by dismantling the 400,000 Iraq army and paved the sectarian conflict that is still raging in that country. Yet, Cali Mahdi and Manifesto failed to invite and bring to the table the armed rebels, mainly SNM, USC of Aideed and others which eventually led to catastrophic events. The second point is that unlike many other Somalis, especially in the North East and North west, the HAG community doesn't abide or flow the tribal logic of the Somali clans. It shows despite their anarchist tendencies, the HAG community are not tribal like most Somalis . Over 300 members of the HAG clan convened in Mogadishu and could not find a verdict about the competing leadership of Ali Mahdi and Aideed, which means the traditional tribal norms are not strong in Mogadishu which might mean a blessing for the future of the Somali people. Waxa uu yidhi waa boog ku taala HAG. In my opinion these two statements are the most honest about interview. I also agree with him that the dumping of nuclear waste in Somali waters to be baseless and unfounded. As Ali Mahdi said, the Somalia of 1992 did not had the capacity to deny anyone of dumping toxic waste. Furthermore, he is correct that the October revolution had the advantage of taking power from a system that was developed from 1950-1969. Yet, his simplistic explanations of the support Somalis had given to the Kacaan was shallow at best. The phenomenon of the October revolution was a wind of change that engulfed many African nations in the sixties. Very prominent leaders of the continent were deposed by coups. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, the leader of Pan-African movement, Ahmed Ben Bella of Algeria, and Lampuba of Zaire were among the victims of the coups of the sixties. Somalia was not different from those nations who fell under the military. Also, communist dictatorship was the only way to keep the power in African, Asian and even Europe. Of course the Somalia of 1960-69 was a goal oriented, rising nation, yet the Somali people were disappointed by the competing interest of the ruling class. By the election of 1969, Somalia had 80 parties, and after the election was over , except C/risaq H.huseen, they all joined the ruling SYL after the election. Part of the blame was the revolving door of the Italian system Somalis have inherited. In Italy from 1945-90, they had more than 40 governments, and some of them last barely few months. It is the same system that is grappling our country where prime ministers are replaced every 12 months. Yet, no one can deny the euphoria Somalis had shown for the Kacaan in 1969. Back to the interview. While Cali Mahdi had offered and accepted some of the earlier mistakes, he did not refute or explain his ill gotten money during the rule of then president C/laahi Yusuf. He reveals that he was the one who brought the $32 million reconciliation dollars or Saudi bribes supposed to buy support for the TNG.. He accepts his share of the millions given to him. He said, he spend over 4. 5 million dollars to house and cook some food for the Somali elders for a week in makeshif Halane compound. He said the $ 2 million of his share of the bribe was stolen by the man who supposed to deliver to him. People who were close to C/laahi Yusuf government told me that Cali Mahdi too $8 million of the money. So far he revealed 6.5 million.Yet, a man who was wiling to take home 2 million dollars of bribe had given back $4000 dollars he stole in 1968. I do not buy that. " War garaad dhaama jira" Ali Mahdi also flowed another scheme used by corrupt Somali politicians and looters to hide their ill gotten theft. Usually, they use their wives or their children to hide their money. " Xaaskayga ayaa hotelka iska leh" . Lately, we have found out that the wife of one the former presidents who used to sell gasoline in a retail shop in Mogadishu , is now a multi millionaire business woman who owns big buildings. well, Mr Mahdi should take off his dark glasses and tell the real truth.
  15. When I heard the death of (Allah Ha u Naxariiste) Cali Khaliif , I thought : what is going on in that God forsaken City of Jigjiga. For the last few years, many notable and famous Somalis had died suddenly without long illness. Ahmed H. Cawke, Dauud Ali Maxaf, Sangub and now Cali Khaliif comes to mind. When I was there two years ago, the only place people go for change of scenery and entertainment was a hotel and restaurant owned by a Tigay guy. All the ruling class was there. On the issue of Somaliland, Cali Khaliif was the only man with load microphone in Hargeisa. He was not carrying a gun, but his constant denouncing of the system was threat to both Muuse Biixi and the Garaad community members of cabinet. It was true that both Galayr and Samater were denied to visit Borama in 2019. He was the only real opposition in Hargeisa. They wanted him to leave got good, but he refused.
  16. He just demonetized the old Ethiopian Bir and created a new currency in order to sideline the billions stashed in Tigray. He said billions of Ethiopian Bir are in Djibouti, Somali and Sudan. Despite all his efforts, the TPLF is becoming a tough nut to crack. A war will bury both Ethiopia and Abiy. The only option left is a prolonged blockade and isolation.
  17. Khayre, a man from no where honored to be the premier of the wounded republic, yet before leaves became dry , he want to help depose that man. Farmaajo did stick with Khayre until the later became opposition. I have no doubt that they will both lose if they run against each other.
  18. They have humiliated Abiy and the federal government. Yet, the TPLF probably wanted to take all the seats from Tigray and avoid the spilliting of their votes. At the end they may make peace with Abiy and convince him to seat their elected representatives in Addis demying Abiy and his PP any influence in Tigray.
  19. NEWS: TPLF WINS REGIONAL ELECTION BY LANDSLIDE addisstandard / September 11, 2020 BY MEDIHANE EKUBAMICHAEL Addis Abeba, September 11/2020 – Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the ruling party of Tigray regional state, has won 98.2% of the vote for the regional parliament, taking 152 of the total 190 seats. Muluwork Kidanemariam, Commissioner of the Office of Electoral Commission of the National Regional State of Tigray, told BBC Amharic that the remaining 38 seats in the council will be distributed among the four opposition parties that participated in the election. Five parties including TPLF have participated in the regional election on September 09. According to the preliminary results announced by the Electoral Commission of the National Regional State of Tigray the number of votes secured by the five parties is stated as following: TPLF: 2, 590, 620; Baytona: 20, 839; Tigray Independence Party: 18, 479; Salsay Weyane Tigray: 3, 136; and and Asimba Democratic Party :774. Some 2.7 million people were registered to vote in the election on Wednesday. Muluwork told local media that 98% of the registered voters have cast their voted in any of the 2,672 polling stations. On August 06, Tigray National Regional Council has amended Art. 48/2 of the regional state’s Constitution changing the First Past the Post clause in the constitution by Mixed Electoral System. Accordingly, a decision was made to make 20% the seats in the regional council available for opposition political parties that participated in the election, Muluwork told BBC Amharic. Prior to the election, Ethiopia’s upper house, the House of Federation (HoF), ruled the election as “unconstitutional” and in violation of Article 9(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) and the outcome would be “void, non-binding and non-applicable.” Tigray regional state refused to comply with the ruling and instead blamed the the federal government for abandoning its constitutional duty to hold the general election under the pretext of the COVID -19 pandemic. “The people’s right to be administered by leaders of their choice and the unconditional right to self-determination granted by the constitution cannot be stopped even by state of emergency proclamation,” Amanuel Asefa, Head of Tigray Regional State Justice Bureau, told Addis Standard. AS
  20. Saala, Saaxiib it happened before. Two fools (prime ministers C/weli Gaas and Cumar Sharmaarke) run against the presidents they were serving, and thanks to their action they, Shariif and Hassan Sheikh went down. This Khayre had probably over estimated himself . He is either knows something we don't or will flow the same route of his predecessors. If it is all about revenge , he will go down. Mise waxa uu is yidhi Farmaajo waxba meesha kuma hayne adaa wax kala waday. Since the day he was fired, Farmaajo seems to be confused. He can not made his mind in any issue.
  21. Waar maga fadhiista oo shaqooyinka idiin yaala qabsada.
  22. Since when is going from Mogadishu to Baydhabo became head of state like affairs?
  23. You know my point unless you are wearing blinders. Why would these men with no functioning state and almost zero income treat each other like a visiting head of state? It is about a big fish or even a whale jumping up in a pound. Who knows how much money is spend to welcome these false leaders. We heard many stories about women and others being given few dollars and collected to airports wearing flag draped costumes and told to act like enthusiastic crowd eager to welcome. Tilamook, this is the same BS we see about a Puntland leaders coming back from Boosaaso and welcomed by 400 people and a red carpet. It has to stop.
  24. Ah, the false states of Somalia. 50 Landcruisers each worth $50,000 dollars are welcoming false governors who can not muster even $50,000 a month worth of budget. How long will these charade will go on? If you go to the station police there might not be even a paper or computer to register cases; no courts to adjudicate among people or a functioning city hall .When will these games end? This Waare guy who lives in Mogadishu full time could not even build a mare levy to protect Beledweyne from consecutive floods while millions donated were missing. mida kale goormo lugta ka dhaawacmay pp Laangadhe noqday? Waxay na badeen waxa ka daran waxay na bareen. Certainly these NGO's have destroyed Somalia. Remember all those shiny toys are provided by " Beesha Caalamka". Last week watched Madoobe and Deni landing in Mogadishu with hundreds of men in suits waiting. We all know there is no work going on in Mogadishu. The reclusive president could not even address the basic issues. It was the speaker of the parliament who more than a month ago proclaimed that the president will nominate a new prime minister. No word as of yet it he decided to keep Guuleed , who is capable as a prime minister or appoint a new one.
  25. Warku waa cad yahay. Nabad iyo Nolol oo laba garab ag iyo Unakaa iska leh ayaa hadda banaanka yimid. We are looking the third option. THe N&N boys will go down just like Shatriif Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh spilled their vote last time. Guys, I am in in this raise''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' definitely the third horse will win this raise.