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  1. Soomalidu waxay tidhaa: Nin Hilaabsho Xumi in uu wax qarsanayo ayaa la moodaa. The non stop travels of president Hassan Sheikh and the incompetence of his ministers had damaged his standing among the public. The resignations of the Somali ambassador in Riyad also left a bad taste among the people. In other ways, the way he carries himself doesn't bode well with the Somali public in general. Yet, if there is anyone in the south central Somalia who could fix the Mogadishu and southern mess, it is probably HSM. A very well connected friend of mine told me that HSM had used every bad actor, foreign neighbor, business oligarchs, clan chauvinists and even hard land secessionists to gain the presidency and needs to do a lot of balancing act and fine line to thread. For starters, there haven't been any serious bombing in the capital for the last three months. Whether this is the work of Mahad Salaad, under the table agreements with Al-shbaab leadership or certain political and business actors who used to have probably the largest percentage of the violence in the capital might have achieved their goals and decided to stand down. For whatever reason, the peace of mind and the disappearance of bombing in the capital isn't something anyone can deny. Folks, HSM might even fix to Sool war. By saving the blood letting in that region, he could have a great place in history of the country. In fact, the tone of the SSC community in MOgadishi is totally different from those in the diaspora and the SSC region itself. A freind forwarded to me a message sent by highly placed general from the SSC community in Mogadishu. Despite our belief that HSM has been pressured by outside forces mainly Omar Geele and others to ease the pressure from Somaliland , this gentleman says that HSM more than welcoming the SSC elders and politicians. He provided them three bullet proof cars for the delegation and even helped them meet the UN, USA, the EU and others. Furthermore, he told the delegation that MuuSe Biixi and company are in a very weak position and now is the time to bring them home for unity . He said Muuse is claiming that , " We want to negotiate with the south as northerners" and you should help me to bring in while he is weak. In their earlier meeting, HSM told them to deliberate seriously and will meet after his travel from Turkey. HSM assured the Garaads that Biixi is willing to relocate the forces, but he wants to safe face without being chased which might hasten the collapse of the Hargeisa government. The Garaads insisted that the so called " Ilaahay Ha laga Cabsado" coming from MUuse was something similar what the late Kacaan leader said just before the collapse of the country and he shouldn't be believed. If HSM can guarantee for the garaads the peaceful relocation and the beginning of Somali union negotiations with Hargeisa regime that could be something they should consider. Since the main goal of the SSC is self rule and Somali unity, they could achieve all that through peaceful dialogue. The Hargeisa regime is in a very weak position. Biixi has been isolated diplomatically, the economy is in tatters and the last donor money has dried up in the last quarter of 2022. The real pinch will be felt this summer. Besides, other than HSM, there is no one trying to fix the mess. Don't waste your time expecting others to clean the Somali mess. Waar ninku god ayuu iigu jira ee iga caawiya si aan u soo qabto. Also, the people of the south had shown their real colors. Despite the bribes paid to buy the likes of Dahir Calasow, the people had identified with the SSC struggle. Some from Hiiraan had even brought tens of thousands of dollars of aid to the cause. Not only the leaders, but also the Somaliland public had misread the good will of Somalis for years. Bakaaraha had burned many times, so are other places, yet Somalis across the diaspora had shown their goodwill to those who lost business in Waheen market in historic way. Yet what they get is Adna saying in London open mike that " They are not the Somali Terrorists " People had said enough of this hatred. HSM might be close to Omar Geele, but he got a country to run, constituents to take care off and SSC is one of them who are in need. HSM needs the support of everyone to make this deal work. I say good luck to him. On another note, I heard the former spy chief Fahad Yaasin keep throwing unnecessary advice in the airwaves. This failed spy need to hibernate and disappear for a while and let others do their thing. He claims that he doesn't anything about Hamza Barre, and that statement alone shows his weakness and incompetence. Hamza was a player in Jubba, yet Fahad didn't even know him. Certainly Fahad is a God fearing man, but he is not expert in terms of intelligence gathering or taking action when it is necessary. He failed to vet and investigate the background of former premier Mohamed H. Rooble who was a card carrying member of Damujadiid. A low level investigator could have easily discovered that. I heard he and another cousin of his called Muudey were the ones who chose Rooble and decided to get rid of Khayre. Many of of us in these pages supported him because of the way the opposition gangs treated him, but I must say he is one of the major reasons Farmaajo has lost. I would like to advice Fahad Yaasin to disapear like most spy chiefs and wait his turn if he is lucky and stop compaining.
  2. That is probably true. I didn't pay attention to the overloads. History has shown greedy Somalis usually backdown when scolded by the Beesha Lixaad.
  3. The main issue is basically the process and the players. They bite more than they could chew, yet the idea of reforming the system is a good idea. If the presidential terms are changed to five years, it couldn't be retroactive. You can't change the rules during the game. As C/rahman C/shakur said, the agreed upon term changes could apply only for the next term. The absence of Puntland and the manner HSM conducts government business, especially his entourage during foreign travels has exasperated any goodwill toward the president. Since the prime minister is the main base of the constitutional charters agreed by large consensus it needs debate within the parliament and the public. The argument that certain clan which earned the premier position through 4.5 could lose power sharing is a weak argument to reject changes to the presidential system. How about if a D block president is elected the next term and a HAG is the premier? The HAG group could scream bloody murder and a power grab by the D block and it might even create a civil war( Maantana ma waxay keeneen in ay Raiisul wasaareheeni shaqadiisi baabi'iyaan, Tol beelelayey ninka ha loo gargaaro sidii Rooble) Since the MOgadishu based groups are generally anti state institutions, the D block should be the one accepting these reforms for the future. It is safe to do the reforms during the HSM regime for many reasons. I think Hamza should not be accused of accepting the eliminations of his job. Believe me, if I were the president, I would have appreciated greatly if my premier is willing to sacrifice for the future of the country. Cumar Sharmaarke was slow and weak premier during his tenure under HSM, and everyone had accused him of being laky. Laba la isku heli maayo. Marna in layidhaado waa marxuun oo waxba magalo, marna la yidhaahdo jagadii beeshayada ayaa Hamza baabi'inayaa. We have the 12th prime minister since 2004 Empagati government. It is a dysfunctional system that must be discarded for future harmony. I am aware that democracy is a mess, but for the Somali nomads, stability is a priority. If Hamza is willing to sacrifice, it is a welcome news. The debate I missed or the issue I didn't consider was when the changes would be effective, and C/rahman C/shakuur has explained well that changes implemented by the parliament would only affect for the next government not in this term.
  4. Warya, dad kale ha u hadlin. I never said Ciise are our enemies. They are our neighbors and they share Awdal with us. Just like us they are starving in the coast. You will be expelled from Awdal sooner or later. Case closed.
  5. Che, Well said. Grievance and political talk means nothing. We have to take our future and destiny in our hands. No one had thought about Garacad while Boosaaso was there. yet when they built everyone came. It is time to act not talk.
  6. It is not our tradition to brag, but I have to tell something very important to the Hargeisa crowd, especially those from Burco and surrounding villages including Oodweyne, and other SOL residents. Folks, Awdal is not Togdheer or Hiiraan or even Nugaal and other provinces. This is the land of Adal where Islam entered in the horn, we have one of the oldest if not the oldest Masjid in the Muslim world (Masjidu Qiblateyn in Zaylac) which means the Asxaaba built it before the Hijra to Medina. Our Ugaas traces his ancestry from 1603. While Borama is the commercial and educational capital, it is not the center piece or even the most important place in Awdal. Historical Zaylac, Baki farmland, and mineral rich coast are more important. Our land starts just west of Arabsiyo, 20 km from Hargeisa to the outskirts of Jigjiga. To the west from Wajaale to Djibouti. We have more residential property in Jigjiga than anyone else including the OG overlords who loot and come only for government jobs.. In DDS our land begins in Wajaale all the way to Shiniile. in Awbare district, 280,000 people voted in the last Ethiopian election which is more than the 270,00 who voted in Maroodi Jeex in the last election including Hargeisa. We have elected city council members in Diredhaba city. We are the second largest community in DDS after OG, second largest in Djibouti where we are one of the founders. In diaspora we are more visible everywhere. In Ottawa Canada, we are the largest Somali community, especially the Francophone Djiboutian who dominate government jobs including school boards.. In Dallas , TX we are probably the first Somali arrivals of that city and the largest community. We have large presence in Minnesota, Seattle and columns , Ohio. My point is , the large Awdalite diaspora had decided to take their place among the free Somali people and leave the corrupt, rotting, and clannish entity of Somaliland. People are demanding to be great again (MAKE ADAL GREAT AGAIN). We are one of those communities suppressed and eliminated by colonial powers by dividing us in three regions (Djibouti, Somalil galbeed and the Somali republic). There is constant rumbling. People are angry and agitating for change. The free independent Awdal isn't something the Habro could stop. Our grievances in Somali Galbeed are even bigger. We have huge beef with the greedy OG who can't create any civilization. People would say they are more than anyone or have huge land, yet there is no one single flourishing town where you could find hospitality, business or dignity. Where is their capital ?If nothing changes, soon we will demand the dismantling of the so called Somali region. We have more top officials in the federal government than the clannish entity in Jigjiga. While the SSC is drawing from their Daraawiish history, we are looking back our thousand year old civilization to get out of the Hargeisa system where history started in in 1981 and finished in 1991 ( Markaan baxnay iyo markaan soo galay). So, this is not a Borama issue, but a large community who hail from three different regions all demanding change. We are learning and taking a page from the OG who cooperate in Jubbaland, DDS and Kenya. Djiboutian Awdalites are even the most militant when it comes to Awdal. With Baki as the capital and government base just like GAroowe,, Lughaya as the port and Borama as the commercial capital, education and business, we could have something similar to Puntland. Other than Gaalkacayo which was always a big town, Garoowe was a village 30 years ago and Boosaaso was small. Look at them today, two ports and two airports. The foreign aid couldn't be shared with the Hungry Habro. We are too important to be under the shadow of the corrupt Habro who can't think properly. They could have welcomed everyone while the south was burning and could have created a place where every Somali would have nostalgic Somali home from home. Instead, they targeted people including those who were fleeing conflicts from Yemen; arrested those who visited Mogadishu, and arrested and abused more women in the history of the world for useless charges. Yet, a blue flag wearing Calasow is welcomed in Hargeisa to rescue the dying North Korea of the horn. Few years ago, there were few Awdal diaspora guys who used to call for calm, but now they all disappeared. No one want to be associated with the regime and the system. Even the last man in the system, C/rahman Zaylici said publicly that " Somaliland had failed the Awdal people". It is the natural consequences of tribal systems to collapse after one generation. It is against the rule of the universe. Unjust entities will eventually disappear. Here Cigaal, the founder of Amoud Foundation in Dallas.
  7. It is desperation. couple of dozen elders, Ulema and the whole cabinet came to welcome and celebrate a diaspora guy who couldn't even speak the Somali language. If they thing this little Garaad could save them, they are dreaming.
  8. Where is the useless and spineless Cirro. She is one of those brave ones who put the spotlight on the corruption of the Biixi regime. The loser Cirro is not worthy of any support.
  9. The casualty rate of the SL officers are unusually high. There are probably high value riffles that could hit long distance targets. These snippers are either on top of tress during clashes and target officers or since these SL officers are old, they could not run when positions change. It is hard to explain. Maybe they were given fake officers ranks without the merit and now they are paying the ultimate price due to their incompetence.
  10. Somali leaders are always one day late and a dollar short. The so called dialogue was useful before the bombs fall. now there is no turning back, even a child knows that. The only discussion left is how to separate the forces, especially Somaliland forces from Laascaanood.
  11. The SSC Garaads did the right thing by going to Mogadishu. Is is a courtesy call from HSM and attending the meeting is probably a formality. Either way they don't lose anything. If HSM accepts their independent Maamul, it is good and welcome, if he rejects and pushes them to unfruitful dialogue, they could come home and create a bigger Harti homeland. They have their destiny in their hands. Soon they could even organize elections in Taleex, Bocame, and even Laascaanood to elect their councilors and that would seal their democratic choice. In fact, C/laahi Dani and Puntland would welcome if HSM rejects their free SSC Maamul. Since the H..rti are very close these days, don't be surprised if they create one single entity which could be a third of Somali republic territory. The ball and the worry is on the side of HSM.
  12. C/laahi Dani is standing on constitutional ground. He explained for us that " Madasha Wadatashiga" can't write or change the constitution. Their job is basically to make road maps and political agreements. I think HSM must go back to the drawing port. At the end , let us finish the old constitution and get rid of the so called prime minister which is inherited from the Italian system. Do you guys know that Italy has over 40 government from 1945-1990. No prime minister has ever served four years. By the way, that song at the end of the clip is low blow to the anarchists which might not help for reconciliation. Dadka maarta iyo Korontada qabaa ma Mahad Salaad baa loola jeedaa> Cajiib.
  13. I have listened the speech of president HSM, especially the first 15 minutes. I think it is a good speech in terms of the provisional agreements reached by the " Golaha wada Tashiga". He even explained that political agreements reached by the " Golaha" could not be basis for constitutional frame work or law of the country. It is a hastily reached agreement probably to distract people from the Puntland election which dominated the media cycle for almost week. Yet, we should welcome if leaders move to the right direction. No one likes the ugly side of the travels of the president, but HSM had shown the capacity to negotiate and sit down with some of the major stock holders. Despite what people say about premier HAmza, he is working well with the president. In this difficult times, it is important to have a team .Besides, Hamza is a decent man despite his bad history with Ahmed Madoobe. Dherigu marka uu karsamo ayaa laga dooda sida xeedhada loo qeybsanayo" with the nation on the brick of failure and the threat of greedy foreign players, it is important to have a leadership harmony and Hamza is filling that job. Let us wait and see hoe they move. I also like hoe he framed the issue of waiting foreign money to finish the provisional constitution. One of the major reasons that file never been moved forward was senators and members of parliament quarreling for the foreign money intended for the re-writing of the constitution. unlike the silent Farmaajo, HSM is engaging the public for good or worse,
  14. congratulations. The middle east and beyond will change for the better. We hope.
  15. Also, we must welcome anything that speeds up the universal election of people deciding their future. Many oligarchs that got rich of the current system will vanish. Aaran Jaan in Garoowe and Bakaraha billionaires, UAE, Qatar and others won't decide the future. The future power will shift to the South West and Jubooyinka where most people live. Shabeelaha Hoose has over a million people with seven densely populated districts. They have more people than the combined numbers of Nugaal, Mudug and Galgaduud. One thing we should focus is monopoly of political parties. That must be rejected at all cost.
  16. No system or government could survive political gridlock, war with Al-shabaab and foreign involvement. A prime minister could only be effective if he has his own party at the parliament, in the current system, an elected president is dealing with an appointed premier. Their quarrel only benefits the parliament ( those who cash in for motions against the premier), outsiders and foreign interest. It should be the parliament to check the balances and confront the executive. The only fulcrum a premier could use is when he is backed by majority party at the parliament. We should remember the quarrel between Farmaajo and Khayre destroyed anything they built for three years flowed by another disaster. At the moment HSM is running the system while Hamza is helping him as a manager. The excuses to fire premiers and blaming them for the failures of the president will disappear with the new system.
  17. This is the best news I heard from Mogadishu for a long time. I welcome the elimination of the prime minister position. HSM and Hamza Barre as president and vice president is a good move for the political stability of Somalia. The executive power must come from a single source, the president. Every nation that wants stability, progress and quick decision making is opting to the precedential system. Israel had five elections in four years, Italy was paralyzed by proportional representation quarreling for power, so is UK. On the other hand, they can not decide how many parties people want to have. THey could make a minimum threshold of 5% two have a national party, but they can't deny people to join which ever party they want. Finally, they should consult others, the parliament and write a new constitution with referendum participated by the public before deciding things for themselves.
  18. Sanaag and Maakhir people are the winners. They fully boycotted the Somaliland election two years ago with almost zero members, and today they 100% participated the Puntland election. No one can dispute where they belong. There is nothing more democratic than the people deciding their future by vote without fear. Of the original five districts of Sanaag, only Ceel Af Weyn did not vote.
  19. You are right, he should have minimized the crackdown of those suspected of the Gulen Movement. I hope in his last term he should concentrate building strong alliances with Turkic nations and stabilize the Lira. Stable Syria, Iraq and Libya will make Turkiye more prosperous with trade, especially the Libyans with oil and one of the strongest currencies. Rebuilding these nations will impact the Turkish export and construction industry.
  20. It won't happen. It has been signed too many times. Too many hurdles. Biixi government won't allow it.
  21. Other than Ceel Afweyn, Sanaag is taking part of the Puntland polls. Where are those claiming to reach the border. Hal Taako dhulkayaga ogolaan mayno was what Muuse said in 18 May. Since wars are rackets and usually pushed by special interest groups, and in the Somali case clans , the Sanaag residents of Habro don't want any clashes with pro Puntland voters. On the other hand, those from eastern Togdheer are pushing the Sool war. That is the difference.
  22. Poor AROORi, You live in Hargeisa and you don't know what is being cooked. Cirro had failed in so many ways. I thing you like his weakness against Biixi. He should have continued the Mudaharaad until elections are done. The main reason you guys fear him isn't about his weakness to standing up to others, but he hails from a larger group that could have strong support among the Habro regions. Fake bravado and being tough hasn't fixed problems or served well Somaliland even for Ina Biixi. His community lives everywhere except Awdal, and with our support and others could rule for a long time. Instead you want to ride the small clan " Sand Dwellers" of Faysal Waraabe who lives only south of Hargeisa and few villages ( Sodonka kun ee Hargeisa degani cod balaafhan ma leh).
  23. Congratulations for the people. It is very important to transmit the results as quickly as possible, especially the preliminary results. If it is less than half million, the full result it could be done the next day. Delaying elections results should be avoided as much as possible. precinct or village level counts could be announced easily.
  24. The so called anti charcoal investigation has to go first Nairobi and the house of Ahmed Madoobe. designating small fish is nothing but distraction.
  25. Xaaji, I don't like what is going on in Mogadishu Bunker like most Somalis, and I am not longing to be under them anytime soon. You don't know and you don't pay attention of what we want. Awdal people are of diverse opinions, some want Adal Republic or Emirate, some want a federal state like every other Somalis, and others are on the opinion of staying with Somaliland until the Somali state issues are resolved. Yet, we all agree that we have to be in charge of our sovereignty in terms of governing and economy. Awdal isn't Borama or the road between Borama to Hargeisa. Everyone is talking how great or big Borama is, but there are thousands of people who are just surviving in Boon, Zaylac, Garbada, Baki, Quljeed and between. People are angry and are looking out of this Hargeisa bunker. The minimum demand for those within the system is to elect their own governor, build their own ports just like the way Puntlanders are building freely their ports, build our roads and eliminate the economic blockade. Even the intellectuals who thought that while Somalia was in chaos, some among the Habro might be interested in building institutions and something viable for the communities. What they have witnessed is nothing but tribal building, corruption and fake government. It is a given these days, clans won't give an inch to another one, they don't build unless you build yourself. It is the natural law of the Somali world today. Even the Old fart called Dr. Edna has been building schools, maternity and everything between among her own sub clans. She begs the world not for the people but for her small sub clan. She is not Mother Theresa of Kolkata. She is fake like everything else in Somaliland. Just wait for me I will write soon who she really is. Xaaji, I don't want Saami Qeybsi or what you have. I want to have my own thing first, then I will decide where to take it. I might even join the Somali DDS and create a new republic bigger than the old republic. There are plenty of options. Xaaji stop manipulating people. Biixi and company can't decide who will succeed him. He was able to subdue the senile Siilaanyo with his hostile take over of the party, and then use everyone to campaign for him and then fire them all. You can't choose the GX candidate you like. I know the corrupt Faysal Waraabe had been already paid to join the ruling group and backstop the opposition. Get of the way and allow people to decide. I didn't even knew if you were from east Burco, but my guess was correct. There is no wisdom coming from those who hail from the divided city of Burco. Waa dad maqiiqan. It became commercial hub thanks to the Somali traders coming from Daroor, carro Daanood, Nugaal and Sanaag because of special status given to you by successive governments. That is over now thanks to your fake bravado. As the SSC people go about their ways, you have no where to go but the divided city which no one will ever visit. And during the war, I defended myself well despite coming to unnamed city and killing a thousand men, women and children. Even with the help of our Jesus brothers whom you lied to, thanks to the Geelle family, we never lost one village to anyone in the coast, ask Xaaji. Besides, I have nothing to discuss with those who want to keep the loot. THere are no trade routes in your villages, and unlike others we have no reason to talk to you, visit your town or even discuss about the future of Somaliland.. THese Habro thing you are repeating is already dead. Every Habro has to manage their own regions, no more parasites collecting money from Loyacado. I have nothing against clans per se, it is not in my DNA, but I hate hypocrats calling for fake " Qaran" while picking my pocket. Just imagine, the two richest politicians in Somaliland are from Burco. People in Hargeisa will tell you that got about $30 0r $40 millions each. One was living council houses in London and the other one was enforcer for Siilaanyo. Go figure. In terms of weapons, the world isn't like the TPLF of yesterday. I don't want what you got, I want to decide my own destiny. Waryaa Reer Burco, meeshaada joog, oo dagaalka ummadda ka jooji. Ninkan waalan ee aad ku guuraysaane jooji oo nabada qaado, before it is too late.