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  1. There are also large number of white Americans protesting against the police. People are probably broke and unemployed. Other than the first $1200 , no money was given to people. Here in Canada people were given $2000 dollars for 16 weeks (4 months).
  2. Brother Khadafi, that wasn't my intention. like Trump , I should not be equating the anti racist anarchists with the fascists who want real blood. I was worried that people intentionally might try to equate Minneapolis riots to Somalis. Furthermore, as the Holac clip showed, the media has always sinister agenda by covering up these police abuses. . In this video we see police victimizing peaceful protesters while in Minneapolis all I saw was people torching businesses. I just don't want bad publicity for our youth which might complicate their ability to get jobs in the future. I agree with you that systemic racism still exist in America. The best way to overcome is by building strong families and communities. Racism is mostly about economic power and the black community must improve their lot by working hard and getting education. THere is no easy way out.
  3. beside conspiracy, there is underlying hot political issue burning inside many people. For the staunch Trump crowd, it is do or die election. Despite the crimes of the police and sympathy people might have for the deceased , there is large majority of whites who strongly object this mayhem of torching innocent businesses in main street America. Furthermore, when you reach a certain age, you are disposed to social order than social justice. If these riots and destruction continues this summer, the silent majority might vote for social order than social justice and vote for Trump. It did happen in 1968 when America was engulfed by Vietnam war and other protests, and people elected Nixon. At the same time the far right will do anything to further their agenda including undermining peaceful protest. Also, the far left anarchists and the far right fascists have some overlapping interests like bringing down the established order. 12% of those who voted for Bernie Sanders voted for TRump in the general election of 2016. This were supposed to be leftist democrats. I hope Somalis in Minneapolis to stay away from these riot and support law and order. Besides, those of us who left our homeland because of war and anarchy should not encourage instability in our new homes.
  4. Unlike , blacks or minorities, right wingers are people with no emotions.It is possible that people with sinister agenda at works. At the end of this riots , some even might label Minneapolis as Mogadishu, or Somalis as the main instigators even though few Somalis participate this. Yet, Somalis are the best to join any band wagon, whether its from the gulf or Afghanistan. Dhaan dad kale merel u rartay ayey iska daba galayaan. The police system has lost some of its integrity and public service. Night club bouncers, police wanna be security offers and weak minded men are joining the ranks.Imagine four able bodied men can not control a drunk man with hand cuffs . THe police could be the reflection of society. Scumbags joining the force to be men.
  5. The same thing is happening in black dominated police forces like Baltimore, Detroit or Dallas. Black criminals target their own community and the poor blacks. In Chicago, every week 30 to 40 blacks are shot by other blacks. THey are lost tribes, and whomever flows their foot steps will suffer. Those who abandon the black culture will do well.
  6. I will ad the Karaash issue two things. First, money is in short supply in Garoowe these days, and the Reer Bari, traditionally do not throw money around like those from MUdug. Second, those from Sool consume a large amount of the budget. When late president C/laahi Yusuf became president and left for Mogadishu, he was replaced by another Reer Bari who grew up in the South, the late Cadde Muuse. Xaabsade, who under C/laahi Yusuf had his own militia and millions , left to Hargeisa when the money dried up. I heard that , another major reason is this C/laahi Deni guy is pushing certain reforms like holding municipal elections and those from Sool whose 90% of their land belongs to Somaliland will became homeless. C/laahi DEni is paying the price or inaction of by C/weli Gaas and Faroole who didn't save for rainy days or build constitutions.
  7. "Looma dhana" the old trick in the book doesn't work. The current "Reer Woqoyi" in the parliament must vacate the seats. They haven't said or done anything for 3 years.
  8. This man doesn't beat the bush. Waa la soo Xira. I thought he was from Hiiraan.
  9. THese elders are Al-shabaab themselves. Al -Shabaab waxna uma dhino ayagana wax nooma geystaan. Is this Shariif Ahmed's elders falsely accusing government troops for murder without evidence? Cajiib, who ever became opposition to the government of the day joins Al-shabaab. Few years ago, Dayniile was ground zero for Al-shabaab , and today it is Balcad. Marba koox ayaa cimaamad soo xidhanaysa.
  10. This has nothing to do with police . It is an excuse by criminals destroying and looting businesses. Police mishandling people is happening to everyone. Here there was a a man with medical issues and they left him hand cuffed inside police van where he died. Yet, anarchists are using police misdeeds to destroy business. I will never cry for the death of a criminal.
  11. Peace Action, Thanks for the explanation. I guess our Ulema need to expand their horizon on certain sciences. During Ibn Qayim era,in the 13th century, Muslim scholars were well versed in medicine, astronomy and Fiqi in order to answer the questions of the day. Yet, I do remember very well that back home during the winter months the sun used to go down just after 5:30, and the summer time after 6 pm or even 6:30. Suldaanka is saying they might have seen Venus. Before we dismiss what our people had seen , we need to investigate further. If the sun goes 5:35 or 5:45 back home it could make a deference. Also, back in Somalia, we usually have blue skies more than 300 days of the year. As a young man I remember sitting in the hill and looking the horizon just after the sun goes down. Anyway, here we had our Eid today, Sunday flowing the local Muslim community.
  12. That is an army ready to attack . Xamar weyne ma adkaateen? ayuu waydidyey . Who is the evil businessman importing this big toy guns to Somalia?
  13. Well, Mr. Talaabo there were Kenyan born Somalis who are accused daily to be a fifth column Somalis. THey are a second class citizens. In Ethiopia, it is even worse. Some might even prefer to be deported from Ethiopia than rotting in jail for decades. You might see in the media blacks been killed by police or the racist actions of very few evil whites, but blacks also murder and kill people in America including innocent whites. At the same time, there large and successful black middle class in America today. Just go and visit places like Atlanta, Georgia where blacks run both the city and businesses. THe media and and the motion pictures only propagate the Ghettos and gangster rap blacks. Besides, the world doesn't revolve only around race, but power, economy, culture and other issues. Some of you are wondering the attachment we show to the Turks. I do believe both in self reliance and standing in your feet to improve your lot, at the same time even great nations like America have allies and friends in times of difficult. For the last 40 years we never had any reliable fiend that we can trust. Our friends were People like Meles who kept stabbing our back since 1991. By the way, Canada is not tundra as you claim. According to UN it is top five best countries of the world. It is our home away from home and as a decent people we should be grateful for what it has given to us.
  14. The begging bowl continues. One of the reasons Somali administrations refuse to create institutions, especially tax collecting systems is the foreign aid would stop if they earned enough operating revenue. Even here in CAnada, I was amazed when people were fighting with toilet papers in March during the hey days of the virus. With soup and water plentiful why would I need toilet papers? What did you expect from a world governor
  15. Could you explain further? According to new moon calendar year 2020, the new moon will be May 22 . Moon Phases, May 22, 2020 – Jun 13, 2020 New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Third Quarter Moon Phases for Edmonton, May 22, 2020 – Jun 13, 2020 New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Third Quarter May 22 May 29 June 05 11:38 am 9:29 pm 1:12 pm Here in Alberta the new moon time was 11:38 AM Mountain time in May 22. I think the Somali people both in Hargeisa and South had seen, and according our tradition many people have been sworn to have seen the new moon which is a legitimate action to declare Eid and not fast . THis is not Arafo EID where the Hajj determines Eidul Adha. According to tradition every region must break fast according to moon sightseeing. Besides, through modern technologies the new moon could be predicted and seen through telescopes.
  16. I agree. It is common sense. Major underground dealers will make big money while the government loses money. If you can not control the border entry, there is no use to proclaim a toothless ban. THere are reports of cars being confiscated by police in Hargeisa.
  17. Second governor is killed as many months. Is this Al-Shabaab or other sinister groups destabilizing Puntland? Mr. Holac, we shall investigate by reaching the locals from Gaalkacayo.
  18. Lately in my line of work I was dealing with agricultural products. unless you see in person, you wouldn't believe how many thousands of products come from the agriculture sector. Liquid eggs in a container, frozen butter in boxes, produce : banana, strawberry, apple, beach, blubbery and any kind of fruit frozen and marketed from around the globe. Ten or more types of wheat for bread, pasta, and between. I have seen these frozen fruits coming from Turkey, Poland and Latin America. Folks, we might not even get enough workforce to produce these agricultural products if we mass produce. Our nomads live how people used to live 2000 years ago. A barefooted man chasing a livestock worth thousands of dollars. It is the duty of those who rule to help people leave behind poverty and modernize what they have. A goat is worth $70 dollars, and the nomad is richer than the city dweller who earns $100 bdollar a month.
  19. It is not Qatar, UAE or China building this port. It is local business people building a modern port. This is a great achievement by Somali standard. It exactly looked the modern port of Djibouti, especially the Doraleh oil terminal. Furthermore, unlike Berbera and Boosaaso this town has a moderate mild temperature similar to Mogadishu or Hargeisa. The local business people who are building the port had also proclaimed that Garacad is open for every Somali regardless of their home region. Land permits are halted until urban planing is organized. Folks, this could be a new model to flow. Some of us were trying for ten years to build small fishing and minor " Bagaash" port in Lughaya with no avail. Since there are no UAE restrictions, the people of Puntland are building things with freedom.
  20. Also, some us would like to transfer the goodness, decency and the hard work we have seen in this great land called Canada. We believe that if food safety and prosperity is achieved a land covered by snow five months of the year, imagine what we can achieve where the average temperature is 25C for the whole years. WE have heavenly paradise on earth in Somalia. All we need is peace and normalcy.
  21. I thought you knew few things about the new world (North America). I have more rights than any African in his own home. Those Canadians who let me in as a refugee were themselves either children of immigrants or refugees themselves. We are all immigrants here for one time or another. I consider Somalis in the old continent of Europe as guests or people surviving among the large native population. My house is probably much bigger than the average European millionaire. THere is no special love here, just being grateful that someone five thousand miles away would come and help our people in times of difficulty. Whether it is Covid 19, famine or building infrastructure. You might not have deep knowledge of our history, but the Ottomans are not strangers to us. They are our long lost friends who remembered us. We hope to repay them one day. Saaxiib nimaan nahay cadawgeyga lama simo. That is why I would take the side of the Turks against Greece, Greece Cypriot or the butcher of Egypt. It is really simple
  22. It was a bad idea to stop Khat without planing. The major crimes that would go to the roof is the police and security people to use Khat bans to confiscate vehicles prom the people. There were large Khat farms in Arabsiyo area in nineteen eighties. While in high school, I went to one of the farms belonged to a friend and they were profitable. People should be allowed to cultivate and keep the cash inside their communities.
  23. Tolow shaqa noocee ah ayey qabtaan. There should not be any municipal employees in Hargeisa in the first place. There is no transportation and garbage collection department or city engineers to build and repair roads. In a normal city hall you meet a reception, a tax collector, land geometer or health and sanitation officers who must oversee the food shops to protect public heath. When people go to Hsargeisa municipality, everyone is looking for the mayor for their land needs or other issues. So, I am really shocked to see real employees. These are probably people who are hired to collect salary without doing nothing. A real employee who carries his duty will not accept to forgo his salary. During the Ahmed Siilaanyo administration people used to collect salary from three government ministries without doing nothing.