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  1. OO, The constitution file is static. I do not know why. Most Somalis will not accept the current one written in a haste. It is the job of the president to appoint prominent Somalis across the region and then start the consultation. I do not know why everyone is scared to start the process. You do not need an army or even to work in Mogadishu. They could go a quiet place like Garoowe and deliberate as long as it takes. At the end , you do not need the opinion of the regions but the federal parliament and referendum among Somalis. Vote yes and no. 51% margin should be enough.
  2. yet, I still believe that Somalia should never trust the American unless they lift the arms embargo and leave us alone to print our own money.
  3. OO, if the going get tough, the snow flakes of the left will be crushed by the armed right wing.Too bad , the stupid medis was chasing the innocent Muslims while the right wing nuts were agitating and arming. for the last two years, 90% of mass killings and shootings are done by the right wing nuts. Anyway, I have a theory that I have developed for the last few years. Every time Trump does something outrageous or headline grabbing statement, he is probably preempting a damaging story about him. There were a video in the media that supposed to air Monday about his close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein the guy accused of molesting under age children. He is angry and has to unleash some crazy twitter in order to get some help. here is the video.
  4. He definitely hijacked. The Sultan has written many letters for different times, yet, they brought this one to highlight his weaknesses under duress.. This was a letter of grief stricken man sequestered from him home, family, wife , children and taken to unknown island. History has shown he along Faarah Oomar were the only Somali leaders exiled by the British. Even after they released around him nineteen thirties , they kept him in Eden for political reason. Having been the father in law of Sayid Mohamed, Ina Cali Shire could have created problems for the British. Our friend Suldaanka keeps talking about ' Buur ahow ama buur ku tiirsanow" which is a false Somali hubris that is exaggerated the tribal reach. The great Darwiish, Ina Cabile Hassan, landed Berbera " Isagoo baakoorad laadlaadinaya" . he didn't have money, presiege or clan (Buur) behind him. His paternal clans were far away in Iimay and Godey. Yey, within few years he raised the largest army the Somali people had seen in early twentieth century. He was aided by proud nomads first from Buuhoodle including Ismaaciil mare and other from Sool, Sanaag and even Togdheer (There were large West and East Burco) Daraawiish contingent in the early years. If there was anyone to follow the footsteps of the Daraawiish, it wasn't going to from Puntland or the Habro, but from Sanaag. That is why the British kept him out of the region until the second world war approached. Folks, history is a cruel thing that can't be remade. The Daraawiish struggle was the modern Somali nationalism manifested in freedom of faith (Islam) and the Somali way of life free from colonial domination. Of course clan and other cultural issues of the era were always present but the main issue of struggle against the colonials was always paramount. The 21 year Daraawiish war has discouraged the British to make this land full colony. He created "Cheif Aqils" and other divide and rule mechanism to deal with the independent nomads who want to roam the land freely. Even when the the Somali nationalism was at height in Somaliland in nineteen fifties, he pitted west burco and east Burco with clan war that almost destroyed the movement. Certainly some Somalis were on the wrong side of history in that rebellious war and freedom. There is no use to recreate or make the villains hero and the hero crazy, tribal and outlaw as the British did , calling Sayidka Mad Mullah. We can't discard and throw our own history and the hero's we hold dear. Because the hero is from the wrong tribe , it doesn't mean his sacrifices and history must be thrown. I know for may of you guys are the generations who grew up idolizing Caydiid, Siilaanyo, Cali Mahdi and C/laahi Yusuf,and of the history of the nation might have started in 1969 or 1991. Certainly every tribe had some great heroes who had contributed for the national collective agenda of our people. People fall, fail and rise up. Furthermore, the biggest threat to your own well being and your peace isn't other than your own clan or the closest clan you share the name. If you are in Burco, the east and west clans had killed more people between them than any outsider. Caydiid and Cali Mahdi had killed more among themselves than any other tribe, the list goes on. The colonial powered had subdued people and nations who were more powerful than the Somalis. China, India and others were subdued. If a Somali nomad had achieved keeping the British at bay for 21 years,k it was a great feet that we must all celebrate. Heroe like Sheikh Bashir killed in day light in Burco was among the northern heroes of independence. If the Watsangeli Sultanate and Mohamed C. Shire were pro-freedom we must celebrate, just like Sheikh C/laahi of west Burco who proceeded the Daraawiish and fought the british with large causality. Close this topic and move on, and please do not throw our heroes under the base just to be tough on the wrong tribe.
  5. It is tragedy that a man of that stature who was one of the few Somalis in history exiled by the British for their political activity isn't known to most Somalis. Also, Ina Cali Shire never signed the so called Somaliland protectorate agreement reached with other tribes mainly the Habro and the Awdalites. In fact, it is one of the major arguments that his land (SAnaag) and those in the eastern side were never fully part of the the British empire. I hope the current Suldaan has great stature like his ancestors. Soomaalidii xoriyada iyo gumetsiga diiday oo dhan hoosta ayaa la galiyey since 1960. I do not know how far he goes with his ancestors, in Awdal our Ugaas is the 19th and the first one was crowned in Zaylac in 1603.
  6. Could be true or its the Amhara trying to create doubts between Abiy and Afwork. Besides, the Amhara want the sea access and always accused the TPLF of landlocking Ethiopia. Or the Eritrean dictator might want to dismantle the whole thing. In his mind certain sections of Ethiopia want the Assab port back either by force or other means.
  7. I think you are in a wrong place. Every Somali kid compares the current situation or his own experience to the larger Somali family. Language doesn't determine the authenticity of any nation. Many African countries use French , English or another foreign language as the national language , yet that doesn't determine their history, culture or existance. Italy became a republic just before the turn of century, that doesn't mean the Romans were all italians. people and communities transform from tribes to nations. Mind you the nation state is a modern creation of the Europeans. People lived as tribes united either by geography or culture. There were Somali empires in the horn since the thirteenth century, the likes of : Adal, Ifat, Ajuuraan, Osmania , Water Maal and others for centuries who fought the colonials from Portuguese to Abyssinian and the Italians. There were also a Somali group the fought both the British and the Italians some 120 years ago. I think they are called " Daraawiish" if you ever heard of them. Arabic , the language of the Quran , was extensively used in most Somali territories for recording things. Go find out when The Sawahili tribes in east Africa and when they had written their language. Unlike Somalis, there is no such thing people called Zimbabwe, Congo or even Kenya. In Kenya, a combinations of tribes, Kikuyu, Luo, Turkana and even Somali ones had given certain geography by the British Tanganyika and then called Kenya. In any event, these place is not fit for your narrow experience. Come back in a few years. If you don't even know how Ahmed Madoobe looks , how could you interact with people in this political section which is no the best of places . Go to the general section and other places and see you in a few years. I have been generous here.
  8. I did complain hundreds of times about the Ugandan army and Amisom hiding in their bases in Mogadishu. Yet, it is a difference between Al-shabaab presence in Shabbelle area .and Al-shabaab fully controlling major towns in Jubbaland, like Jilib and Bu'ale the capital. It is their duty of the Kenyans to clear these towns from the terrorists. If Al-shabaab is defeated , there won't be any mercenary forces, Amisom, Kenyans or even Ahmed Madoobe. Their presence is desired by all of the above. There will not a cash or flourishing enterprise for most of these groups. Al-Shabbab can only be defeated by serious Somalis without the foreign mercenary. There were always a lot of talk among Somalis about the culpability of the leaders. During the presidency of Hassan Sheikh , people here in SOL and other places had accused him of utilizing Al-shabaab against his enemies. I was one of those who rejected that accusations due to the fact that Hassan was attacked by the group inside Vila-Somalia and bombing his Hotel just days after he was elected. Yet, I have my own explanations and understanding of these calculated hits on high profile places. A friend who works a foreign NGO in Halane but resides in the city told my this year that up to three times he received phone call warnings from his company about incoming bombings in Mogadishu. He said, " they once they told me to stay home and avoid traveling city streets while other times they told me about something happening in a major government ministry". In fact after that call the terrorists hit the interior ministry. We also know that almost all entities, whether they are Puntland, Somaliland, the Uganda, Amisom , Ethiopia and even big business people have direct contacts with Al-shabaab. When was the last time Al-shabaab had unplanned fights with Amisom? I do not believe that a Somali leader will kill his own people on purpose, but since Al-shabaab also acts as extortion and criminal mafia enterprise, they could be hired to make a hit for wrong people. In Mogadishu , they are even used to bomb and eliminate a business rivals. The main issues is that since the federal government doesn't have any presence or power in Kismaayo, it is the duty of Ahmed Madoobe to save guard Hotels and other major buildings. As i said before , he was probably distracted by the election. Also, Al-shabaab had targeted before the Somali elders who selected candidates in the 2016 I will take Siyaad Bare any day compared to Madoobe, Xaaf, SAkiin and Biixi. In his time at least we knew those who were killing us. Finally, learn from this tragedy and protect the innocent people
  9. I do not want to jump around, but the latest casualty shows that most of the dead were those challenging Ahmed Madoobe including Shuuriye.
  10. Two Somali heroes. One is in the dungeons of Hargeisa jails, the other murdered by the Khawaariij and evil Al-shbaab. The Somali nomads, the nation of poets, the people known to be the oral society who passed history through storytelling is silenced by tribal chauvinists and Wahabi controlled society of our time. This video is indeed a witness against all of us.
  11. The finance minister said the IMF will help as print the money. Can you imagine a national leadership always expecting others to do things without sacrifice. Go and print your own money through your national bank. The four years will end up while begging others to do your duty.
  12. I think he is attacking Farmaajo and Somalia. That is how they always do things. They give you false credit and prop you up and suddenly throw you to the wolves. None of the things Somalia needs will be done or assisted. You know what we need. * IMF debt forgiveness. Arms embargo lifted. Allow Somalia to print its own National currency. We don't need few dollars thrown around which will end up in Nairobi and Mogadishu hotels. Afghanistan had 350,000 soldiers and the Taliban has taken 1/3 of the country. That is the American legacy of assistance. Siday been iyo propagaandho ugu wadaan ayey Farmaajo wakhtiga kaga dhamaynayaan hadduu tashan waayo oo is daba qaban waayo. America no longer does nation building. It only creates chaos.
  13. Actually , it took them more than 48 hours to condemn or even talk about it. I have always believed that some of these attacks are deployed strategically by handlers with deep pockets. THere is huge difference with some car bomb somewhere and big operations that need intelligence and logistics. If this Al-shabaab strength, how come not one single cell is being discovered? THere are a lot of finger pointing here. Farmaajo and Khayre has zero strategy against Al-shabaab. They secluded themselves with checkpoints in Mogadishu green zone like the colonial armies. With zero Ethiopian intelligence interference these days they have plenty of opportunity to concentrate on security, yet , when you spend most of your time politicking , you are doomed to fail. THe Kenyans are eating Ugali in Kismaayo port comfortably without venturing outside the city. Madoobe who used to be tough on security is distracted by elections and other issues. The false peace bought with cash in Galmudug might crumble as soon as the check is cashed, but Very knowledgeable people will tell you that the main problem lies in Mogadishu and the two Shabbelle. If Mogadishu is safe people will abandon the dusty towns of central Somalia and seek better life in these regions. How Farmaajo and Khayre resolve these regions will determine if they have moved the security file or not. There are excuses about money or soldiers. No government in the world , no matter how weak will ever complain about not paying the salary of its soldiers. Have you seen Somaliland complain about not having salary for soldiers?. How can a one city government could afford thousands of public servants?. Is this the government of "gobolka Banaadir? Any way, they get less than a year to fix these things or they will be just another failed leadership that will retire some foreign land.
  14. I have to investigate and dig deep down why Mustafe Cagjar keep interfering issues that doesn't concern him. We all know that Ethiopia is a very difficult place to take out money legally, and Wajaale is the only place to do under the table transactions. It is A Dubai of the region. Is this man preparing his exit and relying on Biixi Biixi? I don't know. Time will tell.
  15. Dad la tahriibiyo aragnay, imikana waxa Somaliland ku soo biiray Xoolo la tahriibiyo. These people keep lying on any issue. While denouncing the Somali health certificate, this fool , Mr. Gaafadhi , claimed that any livestock leaving Berbera will only have Somaliland stamp and if the Saudis object to these rule " Our live stock will stay here and will find another market" Now he is saying a Saudi company had guaranteed the import of the livestock. Just like those who smuggle people, they tried to get a false travel and health document from non legal entities. THey went to JIgjiga and Mustafe Cagjar--- who has no business of issuing health certificates to livestock exported from Berbera--- and he falsely gave them a letter claiming that these livestocks were from Ethiopia with good standing. Rather than allow the Somali nomad and small business traded to make some money from the IIdul Adha, they tried a shortcut route to circumvent the Somali government requirements and show false bravado to the innocent public. What people do not know is that most of the government ministers are incompetent tribal appointees who couldn't understanding how to manage a 21st century government which is a modern institution that requires educated technocrats that must manage these things. For 30 years they could not find a single market for these livestocks. This has nothing to do for being recognized or not. All you have do is set up a world class health inspection agency and export to the world markets. The Somali goat and sheep is our oil and gas, and the only real export that could alleviate poverty from the rural community. Even the Somali government should try finding other markets. The Arabs governments are becoming the worst people on earth and must be avoided to make any deals as much as possible . Waa " Asfilu saafiliyiin" Too bad after 30 years they are still blaming Siyaad Barre. Since these smuggling failed, they might try another one, this time through Yemeni Houthis or other entities to smuggle to Saudi Arabia. And you know what? I blame Suldaanka and others here in SOL who are cheering every wrong moves of the the incompetent elite. Rather than speak for the people and correct these deceptions, they double down.This Muuse guy is failing in every front.
  16. Ninyahow, here in Canada we are really mourning .The death of this brilliant Marxuum Hodan Naaleeye had touched our hearts more than the rest. I felt like losing a family member , just like the way we felt about late Saada Cali Warsame. While it is good to be strong, We don't need these Facebook propaganda describing the crime scene in unprofessional manner (Kabteedi waa tan). This ain't a joke. Allah ha u Naxariisto dhamaan. Raadkii daraad miyaan dib ugu sooo laabtay. This nightmare has to end. Farmaajo can't fly around like business as usual.We need a new mindset. The main question is who is planning these deadly attacks. Why these terrorists are killing the best among us: doctors, teachers, army leaders, nationalist parliamentarians and those who lifting people from the ashes? So far, not one single businessman or warlord is targeted by these evil people. Somalis every where must mobilize and fight this menace together for our own survival. I can't say more than that today. Tacsi baa inoo tall.
  17. Somali people are dying left and right , yet no urgency from the leaders. I never understood the idea of recruiting armies for years. Conscription of soldiers usually takes 70 days around the world. Western style professional soldiers will take decades to build. You need tens of thousands of militia and flood the land with soldiers. We do not need to pay members of parliament , ministers or the fat , do nothing bureaucrats of Mogadishu we are thousands (5200).The whole government must be mobilized for security and every penny should be spent to the soldiers. It seems the foreign elements of Al-shabaab is targeting the productive Somalis who are making the difference. If you check the names of those killed in these hotels for the last few years, they were all targeted for being great Somali nationalists. Ahmed Madoobe is busy with electioneering and dining in Nairobi hotels. There is probably no one to mind the shop in Kismaayo.If these things continue both in Kismaayo and MOgadishu, it means Farmaajo and company had failed .If the insecurity of Mogadishu continue and security is only in the green zone, they have no reason to run for re-election.
  18. Sorry, I wasn't following the news until. It is the bombing in Kismaayo.
  19. SubxanAllah. Allah ha u naxariisto. This evil people are killing the Somali heroes and the best among us. She was an inspiration for many of us. She was one of the finest the Somali diaspora had produced. When did this happen?
  20. OO, why not make the EPRDF CC larger by adding Somalis, Afar and others?. THis old system is no longer working for many.
  21. I heard Farah Macalin explain how Somalis achieved their political ans economic success in Kenya. It is totally different. Most of all , despite our disagreements and the sea issue, Kenya is an stable democracy. If Cgjar is comparing the Kenyan Somali experience in the Somali region , he is mistaken. Ethiopia is the unfinished project of the 19th century colonial project. He should demand the reform of the party and make sure decisions are made in Jigjiga. Abiy can't remove the TPLF man in Makale. Cagjar must not allow regime change in Jigjiga from Addis. This can only be done by reforming the party. Ahmed Shide is no longer serving the kilil.
  22. The Tigray elite had already buried the Ethiopia of nationalities and nations they formed in 1991. THey are advocating what the cal " Federation of Nation states" . Similar to the EU . They say, "Ethiopia as a country has passed the tipping point towards becoming federation of nation states and there is no possibility of returning to a unified homogenous nation" Other than Addis and few other mixed towns, almost everyone has his own nation. Keeping the union by force is no longer an option. Even the TPLF had warned Abiy not to use force against the Sidamo. If Illey had moderated his abuse, the people would have followed him. You can't lead your own prisoners and victims to fight for your survival. They can't trust you. So, this new Guy Mustafe must unite the Somalis for any eventuality.
  23. The mischievous Tigray want to get out , but first they want to destroy the whole thing and exit by default.Yet, at the moment , they present themselves as the good guys who stand for the constitution and ethnic federalism. They are demanding that the Amhara to be dealt with heavy blow. The Amhara had went crazy. The Ethiopia based on Amhara culture and language is no more and they can't accept that. Three or four more ethnic Kilil could be formed to weaken both Oromia and Amhara regions. Sidama, Agew, Welkat and even Gurage want their own Kilil. I bet that those in Jigjiga probably do not even have plan B. This Cagjar guy must prepare the people for the eventual collapse of the new Yugoslavia of Africa. The Amhara diaspora is agitating and the western nations especially America isn't doing anything to slow them down. Democracy in Ethiopia could be a threat for some foreign nations. We all pray for this Abiy guy to succeed and keep the lid of this boiling pot.
  24. Where is MMA and the administration? We can't allow this kind of garbage here. Please remove this and punish the responsible party. Our mothers are the most honourable people in planet earth. Is this Apophis guy trying to chase us out of this family forum. Meeshu bulaacad ma ahan .
  25. Haatu. I wish I had intervened earlier to put my few cents earlier. Anyway, The Warday you call former slaves and keep denigrating are Somalis and have settlements in both Jubba and Kenya. They have members in the federal and Jubba parliament. I do not know where you get these stories. Also, I am not really sure but I remember an old friend of mine from Baydhabo told me that the Farmaajo clan had settled in Gedo early twentieth century. Even Gedo itself is shared by others like Garre, and people from South West. Beledxaawo, Ceelwaaq and even baardhere might be shared by others. I always heard that the OG were mostly based in Afmadow and Qooqaani area. Bedises, do you know how many OG were elected in the Somali parliament from 1960-69?, that could be a parameter to measure the population. I am assuming that the OG were not considered as principal players in those era. Please correct me if I am wrong .Either The population of the tribes in JUbba had grown tenfold for the last 30 years for many reasons, immigration ,birth or otherwise , because , I never heard anyone claim these regions in the eighties , nineties or even early 2000, especially OG. .In early 2000, Walaalaha Galgaduud ayaa ka talinayey degaanka. And how about the locals whether they are Wardaay, Sheekhaal, Gaadsan, digil mirf, Bahjuun? They have less numbers than the Harti and others. Certainly this place is different than many other regions dominated by one or two clans.