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  1. We know we are facing pressure from Suldaanka and company but now others are joining the campaign. Since when those in Bu'ale, Sakow, Dhuusamareeb, jalalaqsi Sabaale and Jamaame went to their home towns for support. For the last two parliaments more than have of southern politicians could not go home get elected, just like those of us. Even today, there are districts in middle and Lower Shabeele, Hiiraan and JUbba members could not visit. Anyway, I do not see any good candidate among these charlatans. Those who say Muqdisho Unakaa leh, are hated by most Somalis these days. If there is any ambitious northern politician, now is the time to grab the torch from the lame duck guy and Unaka Leh. By the way, the Benadiris had three members among the 13 SYl. Dhere Xaaji Dheere, Saqaawadiin and Sheikh Mohamed Huseen , the first SYL chairman. The seats for Banaadiri should be allocated and Muqdisho city should be different from Gobolka Banaadir.
  2. Here is how it could happen. THere won't be direct vote. voting will be held not only in regional level but also in district level. Every member of parliament will be elected by about 250 people. Those vying for a seat ( member of parliament) has to run under the banner of a political party. Nabad iyo Nolol and others will fight for that seat, yet the seat will still belong to certain clan under 4.5. Which means the seat contested in Diinsoor will be for grasp among those sub clans in Diinsoor. Then those elected will proceed to Magadishu and will congregate under their political party. The party with majority of members will elect the president or a coalition of parties might elect the president and share the prime minister. That was what Farmaajo and company will eventually agree after failing the illogical idea of one man one vote.
  3. A Somaliland delegation led by foreign minister Mr. Faratoon, had proposed a union with Republic of China (Taiwan). For the Taiwanese , since they do not share a border with Somaliland , it was a welcome joke, but the minister insisted that sharing borders with another country is not a requirement for this union to happen. He suddenly put on the table a document signed by his president and told the audience to be serious and hear him out. The Taiwanese hosts were shocked how serious the minister was and decided to give him the floor. Minister Faratoon acknowledged the seriousness of the issue and said he have to stand up to deliver the sales pitch of the century. As he begun his sermon and the merits of this union, Dr. Edna who was sitting beside him sensed that Mr. Faratoon was some what hesitating in his delivery, and jumped to eloquently set the stage. As she sat down, another member of the delegation Ahmed Yasin, jumped to the fray and said, " as the speaker of Somaliland parliament" ( he is not the speaker but the deputy , but what do the Chinese juniors know) and said we got your General Assembly seat in silver plate. The delegation explained the steps to be taken to achieve a seat at the UN for the united countries of SomTaiwa. Here are the steps: Somaliland: First, Taiwan have to spend money for Somaliland recognition in Africa. Since everyone is saying Africans should be first decide if Somaliland is to be recognized, we will buy African votes within the African Union. THere are already enough candidates willing to recognize us if the price is right. South Sudan, Guinea, Gambia, Chad, Kenya are among those who could give as the first votes. Taiwan: How much money does it take to buy these votes? Somaliland: Few hundred million dollars.. Taiwan: that is a bargain. less than a billions for a UN seat, that would be the best deal ever. We are willing to spend 5% of our sovereign wealth which is billions to achieve a UN seat. Having said that how could that translate a victory for Tiawan? Somaliland: If you are willing to pay, we could get two dozen Africans, and then repeat the same plot in Latin America places like Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru and son. Within few years we could get 50 countries who would recognize Somaliland. Taiwan: of course., but you did not answer my question. How could that benefit us? Somaliland: WE will become one united country before we start the journey. When we get the recognition you will get too. A vote of recognition for Somaliland will be a UN seat for Tiawan. Taiwan: What should we call that country? Somaliland: didn't we said earlier? It will be called SomTaiwa. Taiwan: We like the idea but we want our name Taiwan to be before yours. Like TaiwaSom. It is only fair since we are bankrolling the whole campaign. Somaliland: give us a minute, we have to discuss about this new development of the name, because we assumed SomTaiwa was the name we agreed upon. Well, now the debate had started among the delegation. Minister Faratoon and another one from west Burco insisted that we are not willing to lose the Somali word in this name change. Dr. Edna and Ahmed Yasin who are close to Biixi disagreed. They said, " We do not mind losing this Somali thing, because some us had even had thought many years ago that instead of calling us the colonial name Somaliland , we should have called ourselves Maandeeq or even Shankaroonland. Saleebaan Gaal who did not say a word in all this debate , stood up and said, I can not allow Somaliland to be swallowed by these small eyed people, let us go home and debate this back home in Somaliland. Dr. Edna jumped and said, " how do you intend to debate this in a public forum? Saleebaan Gaal: we will tell the people the usual lie and explain that Taiwan is willing to make economic integration and future free trade with us. The delegation went back to the room and told the Taiwanese, " we will be back" and left. Folks, the debate continues.
  4. Suldaanka, On the other hand Somaliland might have awakened sleeping giant China who have investments both in China, Djibouti and Kenya. He might use his leverage to squeeze Somaliland and refuse Chinese flagged ships going to Somaliland .
  5. 3 TIMACADDEH, Tallaabo and Suldaanka reacted to this. Since all the Duriyada including Oodweyne, agreed that I might have " voices in my ahead", I intend to share with you. please check my thread about Taiwan. Having said that , i see a lot of creativity and imagination in Somaliland. Since the north is where authors and Somali composers are plenty, i expect many new idea. By the far the Taiwanese how to write Somaliland is great creativity. Who knows since the west especially USA is gearing up to confront the Chinese and contain their future hegemony, it seems Somaliland is allying itself with the right people. Our friend Oodweyne who is more British even than the Englishman will soon set the plot of confronting China. Somalia as usual is reacting on these moves.
  6. "Shacabkii #Taiwan oo baranaya sida magaca #Somaliland loogu qoro afkooda. Marka ILLAAHEY samada ka soo ogolaado cidi kuma joojin karto" Suldaanku waa rageedi. Add baan u qoslay.
  7. damn, they just hijacked the thread. I shouldn't have made that quote. Now, the boys are unhinged and out of order. Ok Folks, let us leave that thing for now and talk about Amxaaro unless you like them.
  8. It is a good question. THe Somali regional state is already a tinder box just waiting for the fire to ignite. Clan hegemony and rivalry is apparent as we speak. Somali opposition politicians in the region, especially those who are in Addis or close to the Ethiopian system are not working to prepare for the future. THey are spending their energy how to replace Mustafe Cagjar and take his place. They want to be appointed from Addis and carry the water better than the current leader. Mustafe cagjar is becoming just like most Arab leaders whose power emanates from foreign powers to rule their people. He spends his time courting Amhara and others in Addis and Bahar Dar. He might not have the power of the TPLF but he could prepare his people by uniting them and shielding Somalis from the incoming Ethiopian civil war and disintegration. He could reform the current regional party and put Somalis who are pro independence and pro regional autonomy. He could heal the tribal animosity among tribes and strengthen the bond among the people. He could help the displaced Somalis within the region who needs housing and re-settlement. He could have plan B, C and D if the Abyssinian empire collapses.If there is anyone who should be separated from Ethiopia, it is the Somalis not the TPLF. We might need probably sophisticated Somalis to design a plan to save Somalis from the incoming civil war. The current Oromo upraising instigated by the Amhara will give huge boast to the TPLF. Yesterday, Abiy could have threatened to bring the TPLF to the fold of Mama Ethiopia , but today, no Oromo will shed his blood to save the decaying corps of the empire. I have no idea, but let me suggest few things for Cagjar: 1-Make the regional political structure separate from Addis. I mean, make it difficult for Abiy and company to replace the regional leader with decree from Addis. Today, no one can replace the TPLF president of Tigrai except the Makale executive . I know as an NGO man, Mustafe is not tough enough to confront the Addis criminal enterprise who are deadly, but he can assemble like minded Somalis who could help for that confrontation . I might even call back some the Illey people who know few things in Ethiopia. Last year while ridding a taxi cab in Jigjiga, I had a conversation with the driver about the past and the present, and somehow we talked about Somali regional government separating. He said, If there was anyone capable of standing up to Amhara it could have been Cabdi Illey, but he destroyed himself by killing his own brothers. He could take the initiative and create non tribal based executive group that would pretend to be pressuring him to make the Somali region more autonomous. 2-He should reach other Somalis without aggravating the so called clan hegemony. I know the OG clan acts differently and named the whole region after her clan name, but if the shit hits the fan no clan can survive or even would be able to rule the vast region with diverse Somali clans. He must leave his comfort zone and make everyone feel at home or the Mad Max thing will start and some clans might even join the enemy to gain some scrums.. 3- To avoid the repeat of the last Oromo-Somali conflict, he should reach out to Oromo and stop going to Bahar Dar and courting Amhara in general. In politics optics are important , and Mr. Cagjar should reverse his Ahmara centric pronouncements. And finally try to control the Somali regional borders and keep out the trouble makers to harm Somalis. In another news, the killed singer Mr. Hachalu had given an interviews about ten days ago, and he was asked about statues referring of what was going on in America. He said he hates seeing the Menelik statue in Finfinee (Addis). A month or so ago no would have thought the statue of Christopher Columbus , Ted Roosevelt and Cecil Rhodes to be the incarnation of racism and slavery. The Amhara knew this statement was endangering their deeply held Amhara narrative about the old emperors who had massacred people in south west and eastern lands. Without Menelik and the last king Amhara would be one among many ethnics of the empire. It is not a rocket science, for me Muuse Biixi and SNM are angry tribal criminals who murdered my people, while Suldaanka holds them to be heroes. This interview alone is the smoking gun. Some Somalis might not know history , but it was just over hundred years ago when Menelik and company captured Harar and took our land by the barrel of the gun provided by the colonial powers of the 19th century. The Amhara could take Menelik and Haile Salsie to Gondor but not in keep them in Finfinee. Folks the world has changed.
  9. Khadafi, Qalbigeenaa is ogaa I posted the same 5 second you posted this message
  10. MMA, Saaxiib you raised good points. Of course Somalia breathed better in terms of his opposition to accommodate regional states who wanted to have their own foreign, military and intelligence policy separate from the national government. Yet, if you look Ethiopia after 2015, their own problems were getting bigger, but the Somali leaders never grasped the issue. They were worried about their internal problems and even invited Hassan Sheikh to Jigjiga in 2016 to help them build alliances against internal Oromo uprising. Even Hailemarium Dasalegn openly told Farmaajo in 2017 that they will not interfere Somalia in terms of regional governments. THe pendulum was swinging already, but Somali leadership never understood the reason. Ethiopia , a country who is on the verge of disintegrating will no longer push the separation of Somaliland or any other region. By now, they should be fearing us, not the other way around. We could summon Daud Ibsa of Oromo liberation Front and give him access to topple the old empire. Folks, the world had changed and those who are bold enough to act. Despite all of that Abiy has done a decent job in terms of relationship with Somalia. My fear is that , as stated by our friend Mourad, Abiy doesn't have clear agenda. Some Somalis who are experts in Ethiopian affairs believe that Abiy is buying time just like the way TPLF did in 1991. In the early years of Meles Zenawi, everyone was celebrating the new Ethiopia where a blood thirsty dictator Mengistu was deposed. The TPLF did not even enter Jigjiga fearing the none existent Somali rebel fighters. After consolidating power, he killed all the Somalis who were threat to him including town mayors. By reviving king Menelik, Haile Salasie and Mengistu himself , Abiy went too far. He knows how we Somalis and Oromo despise the evil Derg of Mengistu and the old kingdom. When he went to Djiboutii conference, the Amhara media were even wondering why an Ethiopian prime minister is pushing for Somali unity. WE and Amhara know each other. Regardless of his ethnic background, unelected dictator in Ethiopia is threat to Somalis every where.If he succeeds crushing the Oromo, Somalis will be next. Another issue that gave me great concern is that an Oromo journalist has raised some serious issue about Abiy. In 2018, Abiy was asked about his ethnic background, but refused to answer directly. When his father Ahmed Ali was asked about his son, he said, " I raised Abiy just like the rest of my children" which means Mr. Abiy is not his biological father. He might have been an Amhara child brought by his mother before the marriage to the the Oromo father. My conclusion is that Somali leaders usually spent their time to gain some badly needed legitimacy in the region and might give the shop for short term goals. Yes, Abiy might have helped Farmaajo against Ahmed Madoobe, but at the end it did not produce any lasting conclusion to the Jubba issues. Farmaajo has done some good things, yet if he leaves office at this juncture without resolving any outstanding issue, I consider his project as half cooked. I hope I am wrong on this Abiy Ahmed guy.
  11. Furthermore, when ever there is some political clashes in Ethiopia, Mr. Abiy puts on military uniform and threatens people. He is insecure.
  12. I have seen some video about Oromo youth carrying the body of the slain singer and they were peacefully marching. Abiy is doing what the TPLF did between 2015-2017 by shooting to kill the protesting Oromo youth. The preacher might have got some calm before the storm. If he thinks he can shoot his way he is mistaken. If the Oromo want the power they should depose this guy before the next election.
  13. OOdweyne , You just came out of hiding to refute my earlier support of Abiy Ahmed. As you claimed, I wasn't his water carrier, but I admit that I was one among many Somalis who supported his early reforms including freeing tens of thousands of Somalis from jails from Jigjiga all the way to the dungeons of Addis Ababa. He promised economic integration and close relationship with the Somali state and offered olive branches to a new non interference policy toward Somalia and its internal politics . I also admired his isolation policy of the regional governments and denying their useless travels to Addis and falsely act as equal to the federal government. As we speak today, he hasn't changed his mutual respect of Somalia and upholding the territorial integrity of the Somali Republic. He even told your boy Muuse Biixi to quit complaining about what took place 32 years ago and start negotiating with the Somalli leadership, aka Farmaajo. He told him about the recent war between Eritrea and Ethiopia were over hundred thousand died just two decades ago, and said , " If we , the Ethiopians and Eritrean could join and forget the last war , certainly Somalis who are one people should do the same". So, unlike what you stated, I have every reason to join the Abiy Ahmed band wagon like millions of Somalis. For you it just about Somaliland and you are , as always , accusing me of supporting him because he is muscle to subdue Somaliland. My friend, Somaliland doesn't need big muscle to bring them back to the fold of the Somali union. Time and space will force her to come home. When Somalia gains two pounds of power, prestige or peace , Somaliland loses 200 pounds. Furthermore, in politics, things are not static or written in a stone. While Abiy Ahmed is still upholding what he said or did about Somalia, I can not trust someone who is beholden of the old empire. I thought he was buying time to appease the Amhara elite who have friend in high places, but I never thought him to be another Amhara in the closet. "Soomaalidu waxay leedahay nikii Hooyaday guursadaba waa adeerkay".That is a bad policy. While Oromo has land disputes with Somalis and have certain anarchists tendency, they are looking freedom just like millions of Somalis in Somali Galbeed who are looking to free themselves from the yokes of the old empire. Like many Oromo, I was expecting him to dismantle the old empire. And if the preacher can not hold his side of the bargain, then we shall part from separate ways. So , Mr. Oodweyne, there is nothing to be ashamed here. You and I are of a different school of thoughts and ideology. I support those who are seeking freedom and dethrone despots, feudal monarchists and old colonial ideas. I stand with those who are defending Tripoli from the putschist his Hifter and Sisi; I stand with those in Yemen fighting to keep their country together from the agents of mayhem and disintegration the UAE. I stand with Suldaan Erdogan and the new Turkey emerging from disruptions of the middle east. I may fail sometimes while trying new ways to disrupt and change the status quo, but my mission is the same. I might circle the wagon to bring down the wrong caravan, but ultimately, i will go down as a free man. Now, tell me who you stand with. Waxaan ku idhi sidi sdidaada mooyaane dhul u dhacaaga hubso. If there is any consolation to some of you, before he was selected, I wrote an article how Abiy was neither Muslim, Christain or Oromo.
  14. A temporary and culturally Amhara, pretending to be Oromo and sitting in Menelik chair will not last. He should resign and give way to real Oromo before the real civil war to dislodge the Amhara stars. Western Oromia is already a battle ground. The man had lost the day he rehabilitated Menelik and Haile Salase. He might be trying to reverse everything TPLF did, but to revive the Melelik and Haile who also took our land and killed thousands of Somalis from 1887-1974 is unacceptable. WE somalis and Oromo can not allow or accept an Amhara leader in Ethiopia. It is a direct threat. It is simple as that.
  15. I hope our Liyu police will not be sacrifised for Amhara power. Che, Welcome back Ninyahow. Meeshani way kuu baahnayd. We were missing the breaking news from that side. Anyway, many of us were supporting the preacher for his support and commitment of Somali unity, and our government, but this time he went too far. This are purely the actions of Amhara. Day in and day out they are calling for the arrest of Jawar and Oromo leadership. A culturally Amhara guy can not lead the Oromo revelation. We need a real leader in Somali Galbeed to hold his ground and prepare for the future.
  16. Warya Tilamook, I wasn't rooting for any harms to anyone. I am not anarchist. We Somalis always treat well others especially those who leave among us. Every citizen' s rights must be respected regardless of his ethnic background and those who are minorities. My contention is just like Cabdi Illey went to Makele with bag full of cash , Mustafe Cagjar took millions of Ethiopian Bir to Amhara capital to compensate those who lost businesses during the Jigjiga uprising while Somalis who were displaced are living in tents. He is courting Amhara and speaking with their tone and agenda. I didn't what was going on but was finally cleared that Cagjar is protected by Amhara. He is their man. Few months ago Jigjiga streets were closed for two consecutive days for the celebration of Amhara day with local traffic banned for those two days. WE don't even have Somali day in Jigjiga or Somali Galbeed. Amharic programming is broadcast full time now in the regional Television. do you thing Amhara will ever broadcast Somali language in their region or even the federal level? I don't think so. Furthermore, there are unverified reports that Soomali Liyu Police were sent to Oromia region to subdue the protesters which is absolutely uncalled for. If the shit hits the fan , as Che used to say, we have to be on the right side of history this time. Also, the Amhara had historically assassinated and killed Oromo leaders for the last century. They killed the young king Eliyasu and took his throne accusing him of converting to Islam. Haile Salasi took his position. Menelik beheaded Oromo leaders and cut the breast of Oromo women. That is they have statue in Ambo. Mengistu killed the first Oromo president Tafari Bante . Since Jawar came back to Ethiopia, the Amhara were clamoring for his arrest or assassination. The Amhara knows when they see a lion. there is a saying, " we are not afraid of lions led by sheep, but we are afraid of sheep led by lion". It is not the TPLF who are clamouring for Jawar but the coward Amhara who only knows plotting and creating mayhem. Finally, they are my real enemies.
  17. Suldaanka, whose idea was that? Why Muuse and company losing the meagre resources for this fake propaganda?
  18. The Oromo nation is mourning for the last few days, after the senseless assassination of the beloved artist, singer/song writer Hacaluu Hundessaa. No one knows who are the killers are and the government of Abiy Ahmed is erratically pointing fingers to many places. The singer was jailled in 2003 for composing and singing Oromo freedom songs. He spend five years in jail. He composed his early songs in jail. In 2015, his song " Maalin Jira (my existence" gossiping the annexation of Oromoia land by the TPLF was the culprit that ignited the Oromo revolution that deposed the centuries long dictatorship. The man is a symbol of Oromo pride and nationalism. By far he is the top Oromo singer loved by millions. Last week he gave interview to the Oromo Media Network owned by Jawar Mohamed and criticized Abiy government. Yesterday, I speculated that the TPLF might have a hand in this to create mistrust among Oromo. Yet, evidence might lkead to other groups especially Amhara. The singer is contesting Addis to be included to the Oromia land and those who staunchly opposed any Oromo presence of the Ethiopian capital are Amhara. Today I met an Oromo quittance of mine and I said, to him, " I do believe the Amhara could be the killers". He immediately jumped and said, " don't say that because that statement might create a civil war in Ethiopia, and according the latest news, the government is accusing WAyaane on the assassination of the artist". To kill the people's heroes and those they hold dear has been always the work of colonizers to demoralize those seeking freedom and make them feel hopeless. And if there is anyone who has a colonial trait in Ethiopia, it is the evil Amhara. The George Floyd anti racist movement is destroying sacred cows and those who enslaved and oppressed people. Soon the statue of Menelik and company will come down in Ethiopia regardless of who is in power. Haile Salasie staue in London has been already destroyed by Oromo diaspora. Ahmed Abiy, the man who gained the power through Oromo blood and revolution is becoming pro Menelik and Amhara. Since the TPLF decided to boycott Ethiopia and seek separation at the last resort, who is this preacher counting to defend him?. In another news, an insider in Jigjiga told a very strange news last week. He said Mustafe Cagjar is not connected to the Oromo federal leadership at all. Even Abiy Ahmed himself was pushed by Oromo leadership to replace him few times, but he is protected by the highest Amhara federal leadership including the deputy prime minister and Amhara regional leadership. He said that in Jigjiga if you wrong any Amhara you could be locked up for good ( Amhaaradu Jigjiga waa laandherre yaal cidi sidaas u eegta police ayaa la kacaya).
  19. It is offical. All Oromo leaders arrested, including Daud Ibsa of Oromo libertaion Front, Bekele Garba , Hamza Borana and Jawar Mohamed. The battle between Queero and Oromo Liyuu had started. I hope the Oromo youth will avoid the TPLF traps.
  20. Ethiopia closed or border crossings to Sudan, Djibouti, Kenya and Eritrea. Foreign embassies including USA, Canada and Japan had advised their citizens to stay indoors and leave the country if possible.
  21. Is this TPLF paving the civil war? The singer was the most celebrated Oromo nationalist movement probably parallel to only Jawar Mohamed. Queero leaders had blocked major roads including those connecting Jigjiga to harar. One of the Queero hardliners, vowed to kill Abiy like the way way Khaddaffi of libya died.
  22. Where is Che? We are missing the moral compass and the wise man of SOL Mr. Che. Brother Che where are you?
  23. June 30, 2020 OMN announced that Federal Police had arrested Jawar Mohammed on Tuesday. The media, whose owner is Jawar Mohammed himself who was linked to the killings of 86 people in October 2019, claimed that there was a clash between the Federal Police and Oromia region Security forces, as reported by DW Amharic service on Tuesday. However, OMN did not say details regarding casualties on both sides. It claimed that Federal Police members had to get reinforcements to make the arrest. Bekele Gerba, who is among the senior leadership of Oromo Federalist Party, is also arrested along with Jawar Mohammed. The location of their arrest is undisclosed. Jawar joined the political party last December the legality of which was questioned by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia on grounds of Jawar’s U.S. citizenship. The arrest came a day after prominent Ethiopian singer Hachalu Hundessa was assassinated in the capital Addis Ababa in the locality of Gelan Condominiums. Police said on Tuesday that he was killed after he got into his car. However, Police did not disclose information about the identities of the killed although it has confirmed that it has arrested some suspects. Hachalu was interviewed by OMN a few days before he was murdered, and there was apparent coordination on the part of those who plotted the killing to make his death appear as if it is linked to the remarks he made over the Emperor Menelik. Oromia Regional State president, Shimeles Abdissa, said on Tuesday that the killing was an orchestrated one and was intended to bring about chaos in the country. He pointed fingers to Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders and other political forces who he said were hired mercenaries. Speaking with breaking voices out of grief, Shimeles also said that political entities that are combining peaceful and armed struggle are involved in the campaign to reverse the reform measures in the country. Lencho Bati, a prominent Oromo activist, and politician who is said to work as an adviser to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government said the killing TPLF and Egypt are likely to be behind the killing. But it was executed through the agency of mercenaries hired from the Oromo community, he added.
  24. They should divide these 13 seats based on 4.5. Every clan in there.