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  1. He is. This is not how to shake up the status quo and show your support. Demos are cooked ( Mudaharaadka waa la kariya) and prepared ahead of time. Even his main complaint is a member of election commission that doesn't meet the neutrality requirement.He never said anything about theft of public and private property, the rebels mushrooming through Somaliland or other major issues. Cirro need to do some real changes. Anyway,, spokesman Batuun is capable man so does the secretary general. Anyway, there are still free men in Hargeisra who will be silent of these crimes.
  2. In his book, Hirsi Gaab said, " Ahmed Siilaanyo was presiding a cabinet meeting and asked our opinion about the coming demonstration called by parliament chairman and opposition leader C/raxman Cirro" , he continued, " while we were debating the issue Kulmiye chairman Muuse entered the room and when we briefed him, jumped up and said, why not we arrest Cirro and company tonight"?. He said, " I was shocked and said, what we are talking about is the speaker of the parliament and the leader of the opposition, not a common criminal from the street". This man is paranoid. Isagaa gacantiisa isku gawrici.
  3. Cagjar would probably join the new EPRDF. The Oromo party will split probably in three. Somalis, Afar and Sidamo are for grabs. OO, what do you thing ?
  4. Qatar probably might mend some fences with the Saudis like allowing overflights on SAudi air space and traveling to Hajj directly, but the gab with UAE is very huge. I think the sanctions made Qatar independent .It is the first time in Arab world where the righteous nations won the day.
  5. OO, I think you are also won on this issue. You were one of the few people who insisted supporting Turkey and Qatar. You were the anti imperial camp on this issue. Your stood on the side of group that seemed weak in the eyes of America and that was honorable. You always stick with Djibouti, Sudan, Turkey and Qatar. You know what , despite our differences , I put you on the side of the anti colonial camp.
  6. OO, I like the new ONLF leader C/raxman Mahdi (Maadey). I met him here in Canada, he is the most qualified Somali leader in a generation. I will support Maadey in the next election. He is freedom fighter who knows history of the Somali Kilil. I think he is the best of for Somali Galbeed. Cagjar like Abiy has no constituency. Cagjar is finished. On federal level I will always choose anti colonial Jawar than Abiy. I despise what the TPLF done on the Somali republic file , but a appreciate the change they made in Ethiopia. They want equality which fundamental.
  7. Gooni, Isku Doon bay saaran yihiin. Weli la isma gaadhin. Hoostiisa gubanaysa muusan ogeyn in the uu kuwa kale ka hadlayo.
  8. Saalax, Here is the real news from the border area. Suldan Wabar and up to 80 men , half of them from former members Somali Liyu police soldiers are between Degmo laqas and Layla Kaal within the AWdal border. in Fact the local man I talked said the original border between Somalia and Ethiopia was never demarcated for the locals to recognize. Other than the border crossing area the rest is not well known. He said the area is mountainous with thick tick cactus that dominates the hills and the land. In order to access you have to leave behind your car and walk.He said in early eighties 1500 Ethiopian troops tried to break the Somali base in Caracad area and were killed and defeated. It is tough landscape. Unlike the open plains of the east like Sool this land is mountainous. It is a perfect place for rebel army to fight. He said two weeks ago Muuse Biixi sent to of his men, one of them a former SNM mercenary called C/raxman Aw Cali and the minister of trade. They contacted WAbar but could not persuade him with bribes. This week the minister and the Mayor along with some businessmen, decided that in order to keep their job they have to either kill or capture Suldaan WAbar. So early Friday a column of pick up trucks from Hargeisa went to his area which is inside the Awdal border. Since they couldn't access with trucks the set on foot. After the clashes, the Somaliland militia were repulsed while suffering with both dead and wounded militia. He said the dead could be around 7 men. In fact, he said the rebels perused them and burned the pick truck they left on the road. In the afternoon, the Ethiopia federal police showed up, and Wabar told them that they were within their country when the militia attacked and they defended themselves. He said the city of Borama is on the edge and the youth are very angry.Everyone one is aware that colonel Caare is in Sanaag but the Habro had decided not to attack him but when it comes to Wabar, even Faysal Waraabe says that ' Caare Waa ina Aderkey' laakiin kuwa kale waan soo qabanynaa. Also, the Jabhad in Dila is in the mountains but a group of well dressed members and their former ministers who were looking for a job staged a video not only to sabotage them but to psychologically devastate the AWdal community. How can you claim to be Jabhad and fold the next day. It was all staged by Muuse Biixi. There were no Somaliland soldiers in Dila to face the so called Jabhad, but they sent hundreds to Borama and Lughaya area. In Lughaya they are opening the fish from the fisherman to check if there is a pistol from yemen which is stones throw from Lughaya. Tonight hundreds of soldiers are in Borama even in front of the mosques and private residential area. Leave alone Wabar , he is within his own community. As I said before there will be more Jabhad in the Awdal coast. In fact almost every sub clan in Awdal is creating its own Jabhad. It is nature of the times. Rather than field a united rebel group every sub clan is waging its own thing. Will see soon how the new Wabar campaign goes. .
  9. The writing was on the wall, yet we decided to ignore the warnings of the wise people. It has been known throughout the Somali history that regimes couldn't survive or sustain themselves more than one generation. Usually the early euforia and the goodwill of the populace lasts about a decade and then the decline brought by the combination of corruption, nepotism, incompetence and naked clan hegemony and looting brings the barely functioning system to the ground. You can not sustain a system by grievances or blaming others for your failures. What worked a decade or so ago is useless now.The advent of the information highway and free exchanging of ideas by Somalis through the country and in the diaspora had quicken the collapse of the tribal enclaves. In early sixties and seventies coup d'etats succeeded by taking over the presidential palace and the radio station. Whoever controlled the Radio transmissions also controlled the narrative. Through the internet and social media people are finding out hidden informations. Job seeking graduates in Hargeisa would participate on the job exams run by the ministry, yet, latter they found out that most of the people needed for the job were already been hired by the clan minister at night after the clan elders visited him at home. Soon people will know many clan members work in these ministries. In Puntland you might see a town where all the security and top public sector managers belong to the clan either holding the top post or their allies. As we speak a new Rainbow ( Jeegaan ) group led by a small influential insiders in Garowe control public purse and contracts. The most used word in these Somali clan enclaves is that ' the clan is acting like a government ( Reer Hebel ayaa inoo dawladaynaya). In the eyes of the people, all they see is a clan henchmen deputised by the clan political leaders. Injustice is everywhere. Another major phenomena that is creating problems for the enclaves is the huge growth of population and youth in these places. Tens of thousands are graduating from all these false universities who doesn't train them any meaningful life skills to earn a living. Everyone is trained to be a clerk, manager or business administrator. If the air condition at the hotel breaks down , or electric blackouts happen, no one among these young men will be able to fix them, yet, they all carrying these degrees and want office jobs. These young men and women are leaving their hometowns to the high seas or other places including Mogadishu. Many of them are encountering other young Somalis with similar aspirations and suddenly the false barrier established by the tribal enclaves to enslave their minds are broken. Kids from Hargeisa and Borama are finding hope and happiness at the volatile city of Mogadishu. Unlike the old generation, they are not loyal to the clan or what it stands for. They want to survive and earn a living. Former Puntland leader C/weli Gaas had cashed to bring the DP World to Boosaaso and so far no one knows how the contract works. Nothing meaningful has been done to develop or modernize the port. In the nineties , it took less than three years for DP to build the Djibouti oil terminal and the port. In Hargeisa, a vulture like and hungry ministers had given away the strategic port of Berbera for peanuts.THey even cashed the rent of both 2017 and 2018 before they even left office. A relative peace in these regions had emboldened the politicians to keep the people poor and underdeveloped. 21 years in Puntland and 30 years in Somaliland is a long time to grow, industrialize and build basic institutions people could trust. In fact, in Somaliland the system had regressed for the last nine years. under Cigaal and Rayaale governors were appointed from the local regions. Sillamyo changed and the unhinged rebel Ina Biixi followed suit. Yet, despite these setbacks Somalis from west, east and south are rebelling against the corrupt oligarchs who manage these enclaves. In Puntland, the parliament speaker allowed the leader , Mr. Deni , to be questioned in public by a member of parliament . The false king got so angry he ordered the attorney general of Puntland to ask the parliament to lift the immunity and jail the offending member. When the speaker tried to delay his sacking by using parliamentary procedures, he attacked the parliament and killed the guards. Their attitude of entitlement is mind boggling. How dare they are asking questions is the attitude. In JUbbaland, a man who ruled 8 years as the undisputed dictator could not even allow others to contest the election. No international community nor the UN would overrule the objections of the federal government by demanding fair elections. The latest is that Ahmed Madoobe is willing to hold a new elections but his vice president and another ally Mr. Darwiish clashed with him by saying why we went through all of this if you are willing to cave. After all Madoobe might have realized that his actions would only balkanize Jubba and his own community. Enough of the long history and drama. Let us delve in to the generational crises and find solutions. AS we speak there is big fires had started burning in the North East and the North West. For many years , conventional wisdom said that peace is not the absence of war but a peace of mind and acceptance and settling down with reality. Everything build on false premises crumbles no matter how big. In the west of Hargeisa , a looming conflict between the Awdal community and West Hargeisa had been in the clouds for a long time and could ignite any time. In Awdal coast another orchestrated war is looming. In the east, the Sool region had been in either total war or low intensity conflict since 2007. That war may start anytime if and when the rebels get some meaningful military assistance. In Sanaag general Caare is curving territory while negotiations continue. Few months ago, the largest Somaliland army contingent in the east left their positions and joined Puntland. The two thousand armed men belong to Maakhir region people. THere are ongoing negotiations between the Makhiris ( Sanaag East) and Sool to set up a confederate regional government between them while abandoning both Puntland and Somaliland. No one knows how that will end, but a Sool/Sanaag region might finish off both Somaliland and Puntland. Muuse biixi and the government of the West of Somaliland had decided not to interfere anymore on the issues of east Sanaag. According to international crisis group, the last weapon purchase of Somaliland from Ethiopia were in 2015. Due to dwindling resources, Muuse might have decided to use the resources he has to protect the economic zones of the west mainly: Berbera, Wajaale and Loyacado and ditch the east all together. AS the army chief of Somaliland said, ' we can not continue to pay' . in other words , let us keep the resources strategically since there is a fear that the wheel might come off soon. Insiders say that while their are hostile media statement and war like posturing from these to regions , clandestine communications does exist between C/laahi Deni and Muuse Biixi to keep the eastern communities divided and weak. While Deni is acting like someone interested in SAnaag, he gave Somaliland free hand in Sool and Tukaraq area. In the Haud area of Hargeisa stretching Baligubadle, the Ahmed Dhagax community is mulling to create its own region from the east of Hargeisa. This so called regions proclaimed by many clans in Somaliland doesn't mean they are viable or legitimate in the eyes of many Somalis, but the intention is mostly to create a political, military and safe zone for their clans to protect their interest. While people around the world are rising up against corrupt politicians and sectarian leaders Somali public has behaved either like sheep, a rebel or anarchist. It seems time are changing. In Iraq and Lebanon, people rejected the foreign instigated of Shia and Sunni labels. While having all the necessary levers of government, the Shia of Iraq had found out that other than what Saddam left nothing has been done in their country in terms of basic services. Yet, Iraqi politicians are stealing billions of oil revenue and buying big homes in LOndon and America. Just like the 4.5 of Somalia sectarian labels had kept politician to keep their seat to be challenged by others while doing nothing for his supposed sect. While the problems of South Central Somalia are mainly political, exasperated by international terrorism, meddling of the neighboring states and Al-shabaab, the one in the North east/west is tribal in nature. Which means if Al-shabaab are defeated in south central area , their economic growth within few years will surpasse what these tribal enclaves had done in peace for more than two decades. In fact, my Puntland friends told me that the project supposed to transmit governing to the national level within a decade while maintaining local governance. No one envisioned a Puntalnd state with standing army and diplomatic maneuvering. In Puntalnd , a clan that dominates the city of Garoowe keep acting like those in Mogadishu whose foolish actions destroyed the pearl of the Indian ocean. Just like those in Mogadishu who never learn their lessons after 30 years, as Shariif Ahmed demonstrated, the Faroole gang might kill the hen that laid the golden goose. Boosaaso was boiling for the last few years as the clan hegemony of Jeegan anchored in Garoowe grew bigger. Money to bribe and buy is dwindling and locals will no longer accept the corrupt deals of C/weli Gaas to be repeated again by the Islaax group and Damujadiid member Deni. In GalMudug, people are bribed to form a regional government to manage their security affairs and wellbeing of their citizens. When I watch Galmudug bloggers, all they talk is how millions of dollars supposed to be bribed to the false Sheikh Shaakir and his henchmen in Dhuusamareeb..None of them are debating about creating a system that protects their citizens and build sa lasting harmony. You can not protect some who want to steal his own camels. Those who want to start the long winding road of enclaves must look those us from Somaliland and learn something. WE couldn't provide basic services of collecting garbage or simple courts to adjudicate among citizens. While forming decentralized government is the desire of many Somalis the current regional governments and the Somaliland system was the brainchild of Mengistu and Meles. It is a foreign idea coupled with the fiercely independent of the Somali spirit and the ambitions of the hungry tribe who believe the whole state might not be enough for their own clan let alone the millions of Somalis. A young man named Dhaqaale in SOL kept talking about looming civil war in Somalia. Unlike many , I always pay attention to those who show intelligence and think outside the box. That civil war might come to places that were peaceful in theory while the simmering hot coal were covered. If a system doesn't progress it regresses and eventually it dies. Bribing and buying people might have worked the senile and sick Siilaanyo, but can not continue with the people's money. It doesn't matter who the leader is or which clan he hails from, you could only rise as much as your incompetence allows you. Have you seen the Tigray president visit Egypt, Germany or UAE? No. THese false regions were not for Somalis or by Somalis. Look at Hiiraan. It has more tribal issues than anywhere else, yet we are all ignoring. In South Central Somalia, if there is any place that has similar tribal and gread issues like the north is Hiiraan. One clan is acting like the equalizers while hundreds of thousands of people resent their greed and political maneuvering. They are even trying to loot and take 100% of flood donations while others are neglected. Hir-Shabeelle is the best candidate for dismantling the false regional enclaves. How can we avoid the coming civil war and achieve peace and an all encompassing national government?. I do not have solutions . Yet, would like to throw some of my ideas that could bring the public together while pulling the carpet under the rotting system. Farmaajo and the federal government can convene a national reconciliation conference like the one that took place in Carta, Djibouti 20 years ago. Without the consent of the regional oligarchs, the government can convene a civic and national convention to create local and 18 province councils to manage these regions. The federal government must assume that other than Puntland and Somaliland , the other regions are either in nascent state like the South West or non existent like Hir-Shabeele and Galmudug. In Jubbaland what you have is clan militia backed by Kenya and nothing else. There is no services, legislation or city councils. It is one city proxi army. Before you hold the national conference, you must take these life changing steps: Firat, choose an educated and Somali centric leader in Jubbaland . Forget about Xidig, Seerar or anyone from the current players .I would choose a military leader who will pacify the land a push the Kenyans out. Second, depose C/laahi Deni through people's revolution or military mutiny. Help elect a Puntland leader who is willing to help the national agenda . Someone who understands that there is no nation state without national government. Regional governments running schools , hospitals and roads are minor issues before establishing national government. Everyone must ditch the big and false shoes tailored by Ethiopia and others. I never see my local mayor, who controls more than two billion dollars when he travels or his entourage. A local governor controlling 100 million a year should be driving a chevy not Cadilac. Third, help create the Sool/Sanaag regional state which will weaken the North/east/west regions. Make sure Somaliland means only the clans that agreed in the Borama conference in 1993, mainly Hargeysa/Burco/Borama. Then will move to the second stage. To be continued...........
  10. our land stretches from Jijiga to Djibouti. We are certainly a confidant bunch. You are the one acting like an orphan and a child that can not play ball with other Somalis. The reason you keep digging graves and trying to run away from your brothers is lack of confidence. Somalia way na liqi oo waan go'aynaa ninkaleh ayaa minority ah. We know very well that we will finish this project when the time is right. We got zero development from the hungry boys especially those from east who were looting AWdal. Our water, electricity, schools , roads and hospitals were built by us without the corrupt government of Hargeisa. WE could be Switzerland if got a small percentage of the money you looted. $152 million is spent to provide water for Hargeisa with nothing to show. Besides, it is not your money. We don't need your grace. Stop the bloodletting in the east and show the grace to your own neighbors. Shar mooyee khayr kaama sugayo.
  11. Let us give this win to Somalia. Waar libinta iyo guusha la iskama tuuro. Imagine a president coming to your hotel and begging you for a deal.
  12. Yoniz , On the self appointed Wadani, I take that as a compliment. Ninyahow, I dropped the ball this time. Waxaan rabay in aan idhaahdo Farmaajo geel baa la siyee muxuu ku bedeshay? I apologize. A rumor is not a fact. THere was a rumor that Somali had agreed to arbitration after a 2021 or something similar. On maritime border issue, Farmaajo, you , I and anyone else knows that Somalia can not give an inch of its territory. Hase ahaatee maadaame cadow badani nagu dul wareegayo, in aanu wakhtiga ka faa'iidaysano oo balamaha sii fogayno danteens ku Jirta. When you are weak militarily , you can not bargain very well. Within two years, I believe Somalia could be in a better position. Anyway, Nabad iyo Nolol calankoodu kor buu u socgaa.
  13. Oh, one more thing. Kenya also might have won in different ways. The case might be brought back. Let me correct myself. That is a rumor not a fact.
  14. Uhuru Kenyatta has surrendered according to Somali sources. In his press conference he kept calling president Farmaajo , ' my brother, my brother again and again, sounding like someone who was freed from a jail and isolation. Uhuru said Somalis both public and private citizens could fly to Kenya and get their visa from the airport, and flights from Mogadishu will fly directly to Nairobi without stop over. Kenya is reversing its previous visa requirements and other restrictions it imposed on Somalis traveling in order to retaliate the international court issue. In fact, this reversal by the Kenyan government came after thousands of Somali business and people left Kenya for Turkey, Djibouti , Qatar and other places. THere was huge Somali capital flight from Kenya for the last six months. Also, as the budget deficit of Kenyan state deteriorates, they are trying to get more revenue by auditing and checking taxes of businesses from four or five years ago retro effectively. Hotels frequented by Somalis from Mogadishu , especially the Somali parliament members who spend three weeks a month in Nairobi were feeling the drought. NGO's and other inter governmental agencies are holding their meetings in Addis mostly. Thousands of Somalis had changed their travel plans and decided to avoid Kenya. These actions by Somalis had hurt the Kenyan economy badly. If things get worse, the one way trade that comes mostly from Kenya to Somalia , especially the multi million dollar Khat, could even cause more revenue loss for Kenyan exporters. So, the Kenyan had caved in for their own interest. Yet, according Somali government sources, the main issues in Nairobi were more than trade. The main sticking points were mostly about IGAD. and the billions spent on behalf of Somalia for other armies including the Kenyans. We are all aware that the Kenyans would not last a day in Kismaayo without the EU paying them millions for their presence. In fact, the Kenyans and other lobby the donors yo keep the cash cow. IGAD was created for peace, security and economic cooperation among the member states. Yet, its earlier version was supposed to coordinate mostly on issues of drought and development. The mandate of the new IGAD is extended. Among the issues it covers are: * Promote joint development strategies and gradually harmonize macroeconomic policies programmes in the social, technological and scientific fields. *Harmonize policies with regard to trade, customs, transport, communications, agriculture, and natural resources, and promote free movement of goods, services and people within the region. *Create an enabling environment for foreign, cross-border and domestic trade and investments. *Achieve regional food security and encourage and assist efforts of member States to collectively combat drought and other natural and man-made disasters and their natural consequences. Yet, they haven't done or implemented even 10% of their supposed mandate. The Somali government objected the billions of dollars from donors that are spent in the name of these organization. Somalia objects the billions of dollars spent on IGAD member armies who couldn't improve the national security of the nation. It didn't lost to anyone that a couple of hundred well trained Somali army is achieving great military success while 20,000 IGAD member armies are stationed in military bases and in Mogadishu. Also, the billions of development money is mostly allocated and spent in Ethiopia, KEnya and others. Somali army is taking more responsibilities. Top government leaders including the president and the prime minister are using Somali security forces for their safety. IN other words, Somalia had proposed to exit IGAD if certain conditions are not met. Djibouti is also willing to exit , and so does Uganda. Sudan and Eritrea are not an active members anyway. So, that does leave Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan. For the last 25 years Ethiopia and Kenya were alternating as the secretary generals of IGAD , something both Djibouti and Somali objected. Somali had sent letters to the security council and the European Union who finance these IGAD soldiers in Somalia. Somalia want to control how the money is spent , the number of soldiers and their military activity. Somalia no longer accepts billions of dollars to be spent on her behalf without any checks. Somali had insisted that Kenyan military in Kismaayo must coordinate their operations with Somalia or will be asked to leave quickly. According to government sources, Uhuru offred Farmaajo to bring Ahmed Madoobe to Nairobi and talk to him about his concerns. Farmaajo rejected and said that ' if I want to talk to him , i can bring him to Mogadishu without the Kenyan help'. Among other things, Somali forces mixed with Amisom forces will be deployed to Kismaayo airport and every international flight to Kismaayo should be authorized by the Somali aviation agency. For the last few months Somali foreign policy analysts were demanding the exit of Somalia from IGAD. While the noise of the opposition and the never ending Somali quarrel continues, the Somali government is implementing its agenda in regional and world stage. The problem is that we Somalis want a new man with a white horse for every four years. I was one of those who were impatient with Farmaajo for the first two years when I couldn't see any improvements of the national army. Certainly 2019 has been great for the army and its achievements. In fact, I was talking today to my sister in law who were trying to get back their farm from Bariire area around Afgooye and she told me that Al-shbaab had left the area for good. We must realize that policies and national programs take time to take hold. What this nation needs is continuity at the moment. A failed nation can't rise up by sheveling the deck while the ship is almost sinking. Brothers and sisters, let us give these duo Khayre and Farmaajo four more years to finish the job. Certainly we can not afford the likes of Shariif Ahmed. The man doesn't know how to quit. In 2009, the UN envoy Mr. Abdalla told him to write om a paper for 275 members and then contest the election in Djibouti. How can you fail when you have 275 hand picked members. To his surprise, he said, ' Bakayle aan dabin u dhigtay, Maroodi aana igu soo Dhacay' . Well Mr. Shariif that won't happen again. Anyway, here baby Uhuru crying.
  15. Ciilkuu Soomaali oo dhan buu hayaa, ama Awdal , Bari iyo Burco ha joogee. This one is just a pressure group. If this kid from Ceelafweyn and Burco wishes more wars, certainly he will get someday. In Awdal we need to build ports and roads at the moment , that our the priority.
  16. Suldaanka, Why are you acting like a refugee who just came to Australia. Our company does summer BBQ several times a year for the employees and contractors. They provide mostly chicken and beef . It is a tradition here in the west.
  17. When it comes to export and import banks the Ethiopians are ahead of us, Djibouti and even Kenya. Ethiopian exporters send their coffee beans and other products and most of the transactions are guaranteed by government and banks. Traders and exporters get letter of credit from the banks guaranteed by the government.It is one of those things that only a real government could do. Somaliland livestock exporters lose money to unscrupulous SAudi importers everyday year. Anyway, in Addis, you might think that there are more banks than hotels.THere is one in every corner.
  18. OO, No they are not. You should know better. In this case , it is probably the evil neighbors and their colonial backers. When Kismaayo was bombed, each group blamed the other. Al-shabaab was laughing by killing the best among us while we blame one another. This are the ones in this legendary Somali song:
  19. WAxaan u malaynayaa dadka yar ee soo hadhay in aad kala dirta ayaad rabtaa. At the moment AWdal especially Borama and surrounding area doesn't need war. If war comes it will come from the Awdal coast. Wax badan ma maraabaan. Beerahoodain in ay qotaan oo degaankooda waxii ay ku lahaayeen helaan ayey rabaan . imagine that these community has most of the farming surrounding WAjaale both on the Ethiopian side and Somaliland side, they have shops and population within the city, yet they have zero representation within Wajaale administration. It is this new thing in Somaliland that if you vote for the opposition you could be eliminated from the civil service. Poliska wajaale kuma jiraan, maamulkana kuma jiraan. Waar reer Gabileyow kibirka joojiya oo abityaasheen xaqooda siiya. Xabad haday gaadhana, haddi ciidanka Soomaaliland faraha iskaga qaado, Sida ceel Bardaale waa la soo qaqaban reer Gabiley. Anyway, Somaliland needs those old and wise leaders like Cigaal and Rayyaale. These people should never had supposed to hold power in the first place. Imisaan ka dignay. Calaa kuli xaal nabad baan ku baaqayna . Askartan hadda xukunka qabsatay dadka intii hadhay in ay kala diraan ayaa laga baqayaa.
  20. Cajiib. Reer Bari , Reer bari kale iska xoraynaya. I do not think a local army could be arranged just that quick. Either it is Puntland army disintegrating or this thing was planned before. Since the election the rambling of the Reer Bari was going on. The parliament attack by DEni probably broke the camel's back. We need information from the Puntlanders. Not from Tilamook who would probably hold the party line, but from Che, Dahireeto and others.
  21. 'Markaad dheregtaan waxii dhulka u dhaca aan qaadano'[, ayaa laga waayey madaxdii Soomaaliyeed. How can you sell ports and other public properties without consulting the people . THe Boosaaso business community could come up more or as much money than the corrupt oligarchs of UAE. Most Arabs in the gulf including Saudis, Egyptians and UAE are evil to the core. Nothing good will come out from their association.Rather please the foreigner Arab sit down with your local businessmen and come up with better solutions. WE Somalis know only UAE and the Arab despots. Certainly the world trade is bigger than them. Dahabshiil could invest Berbera.
  22. According Somali police officers the security of Shariif Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh must be beefed up. According to Caasimada news: “Saacad walba ayay Shabaab beegsan karaan. Ka sokow Shabaab, dalka waxaa ka jira khilaaf siyaasadeed oo xoog leh dilalka iyo weerarada dhacana kaliya ma fuliyaan Al-shabaab ee waxaa jira falal argigixiso oo ku lug leh siyaasadaha is diidan oo ay geestaan dad la yaqaano balse loo saariyo Al-Shabaab waxaana ii muuqda in hogaamiyaashaasi ay dayacan yihiin” ayuu yiri sarkaal sare oo ka tirsan Booliiska Soomaaliya oo aan qarinay magaciisa iyo xilka uu ka haayo Booliska. God forbid if the enemies of Somali target these two men and harm them in a deadly way, it will create a new civil war. Al=shabaab and other unknown killers deliberately saw discord, suspicion and distrust among the people to further their evil plans. THe government must assist fpr the security of these two former presidents who acting and moving just like any other private citizens. THis is a warning.
  23. Saalax, This one is real. It is from the Dila and WAjaale community. THeir own schools built by the community was shut down. THeir land confiscated. There are two hundred men. They are probably targeting Wajaale and Gebiley area.
  24. Despite all this the elephant in the room is the incompetence of the government to communicate with the public. imagine a president or prime minister without official spokesman? They are either paranoid like most Somali leaders from Deni to Biixi or the usual incompetence. They always react to events. There is something fishy about Farmaajo and Khayre. Why not come out and address these issues head on? Markay wax dhacaan maxay la dhuuntaan ama u safraan?
  25. Hiiraan is not a peaceful city like Garoowe or Hargeisa. AS former presidents they can not just fly to disaster and war zone without the permission of the Hiiraan administration and federal government. Imagine if someone bombs or attacks their convoy since they are private citizens traveling around. In fact, as former leaders their movements in disaster zone should be coordinated with the federal government. Any money money they collected should be put to the national fund. As former presidents, in war torn country, they can't just go to the airport and fly without coordination. In fact, they must inform the government 24 or 48 hours ahead of their travel. Farmajo government is really weak. Why not tell them loudly any travel to disaster zone by publicity seeking politicians could only be allowed with government coordination. Why play stupid excuses. What a false boating by Shariif. Why not go to court or appeal the travel restrictions imposed by the government?. Does he thinks a tribal militia could face and challenge violently a legitimate government in 2019 because he was denied to travel disaster zone?