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  1. By the way, who are these careless people flying from Europe and coming to Somaliland these difficult times? Why bring the virus to people who doesn't have healthcare.?
  2. Four days ago America had just over 30,000, and if the trend continues it could be half million by next weekend. with 2% rate of fatalities , 20,000 could die within two weeks. Trump is done. If he is tough as he claims, he should quarantine New York and New Jersey
  3. Garoowe is peaceful despite the bomb, but Gaalkacayo needs Federal troops before things get ugly.
  4. I hope you are right. Djibouti had declared over hundred today people with the virus.
  5. Waar magaaladayadu ma qabta Coronavirus ee malaha xagaa viyo Burco ka eega. This thing could become another political football. Reer hebel ayaa u badan. Both Borama and Berbera deny the existence, yet Djibouti had announced that four people who crossed from Somaliland tested positive.
  6. Haatu, This is educational for any Somali leader who want to industrialize quickly within a decade. It is a nice peace . Please keep writing. We rarely see people discussing industry, technology and construction. Somalis are best equipped to write political essays, polemics and tribal narratives. The world had changed. Anyone who got his degree in economics or international trade before 1990 doesn't have a clue in the new brave world. If you worked in the old banking system of old world , you will not be able to re-invent new wheels. You need people who want to think outside the box. IF you are the next leader of Somalia, you must hire people like Haatu and his generation. Do not waste your time with old world dinosaurs like OOdweyne who is not only paranoid but preoccupied his whole life about the Russians who might come to Burco one day and distinguish the false flame. I have seen manny over educated Somalis who can not change a light bulb but would try to write poems in kings English. When I was in the middle school in Borama, the power station was managed by one man and his assistant. the light was usually on few hours a night in certain area of the city. He used to drink alcohol , and the God fearing towns people were willing to let him drink and do his thing as long as he keep the light on. Anyone else found drinking was arrested , but not Cali, because without him, it was dark with no way out. I could swear that in that town , you couldn't find anyone who would fix a bicycle or a light bulb, yet there were men who spoke and wrote things like OOdweyne, and kept boasting about their adventures in the towns shops.
  7. The never ending debate of election commission keep playing out in Hargeisa. It is a game . Soon the Nairobi boys will visit again to sort out the false issue. Ardaydii Soomaaliland basas baa loo diray. These people keep lying day in and day out. When Somalia closed international flight every Somali came through Hargeisa flying Ethiopian airline. I just heard that almost everyone left their hotel next day to mind their own business including traveling to Puntland and Mogadishu by car.. Yet , according to Biixi and company they were quarantined for 14 days.
  8. I am not sure but Muuse Biixi seems to be suffering with some kind of illness. Waar ninkani nin xanuusan buu u eegyahay. Badanaaba dadka dagaalda ehliga galay ma caafimaad qabaan. Nin xog ogaal ah ayaa waxa uu igu yidhi Muuse Biixi " Dementia" ayuu qabaa. we will find out soon. this guy is not normal . just look his face.
  9. Fools like you wouldn't understand sending students to Italy. It is symbolic. THey might not do much but showing the Italian people that Somalia is still alive and caring is a huge public relations step. It is a good move by N & N. A large number of Somalis including me are educated by the Italian supported Somali educational institutions. For us Italia is different than Germany, China or even South Africa. Some us had walked the streets or Cremona, Brescia and Milan while ago and still hold great memories. I say it again: Viva Italia and Forza Italia.
  10. Who would have thought Mexicans will demand a wall. The Orange man in the white house was trying to put soldiers few kilometers from the Canadian border. He said he was looking for Illegal steel being dumped at USA. He probably thought Canada might deploy security to stop Americans crossing to Canada and overwhelm our healthcare system.
  11. Americans not welcome due to virus, say Mexicans WWW.BBC.COM Wearing face masks, protesters blocked the US southern border, telling Americans to 'stay home'
  12. all Somali doctors of the past from early seventies to 1991 were trained by Italian professors. THese are probably students who might help in the emergency room. With no one knowing the direction of this virus Somalia itself might need any doctor or medical student it could find. Having said that we are all praying for Italy to get better health. I have been in Italy almost three decades ago and still remember the warmth of the Italian people. I know the world had changed since 1992, but the Italian people have always been an outgoing, happy and family oriented people. In questi difficili giorni tutti preghiamo per un'Italia Sana e bella. Forza Italia.
  13. Unlike Putin propaganda, Russia's economy is equal in size that of Italy. His whole economy is based on oil , and the few billions in the national trust fund will not last. Their cases are early just like many countries , but Putin does not have billions to offset the Coronavirus economic disaster. According to Moscow Times, they are already feeling the pinch: " " The Russian economy has been rocked by the coronavirus outbreak, and the breakdown of the OPEC+ oil production pact between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The turmoil has shocked traders around the world and resulted in sharp volatility on the Russian stock markets and swings in the value of the ruble — both of which are down around 20% since the start of the year." Imagine the Ruble is down 20%. The few billions saved from the high oil prices will disappear soon, unless the despot want to keep the money and let everyone starve.
  14. I do not know how long this game of chicken will continue. To quarantine that large number of people you need a well trained medical professionals and large amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) to handle those who might have the virus but doesn't show symptoms. With 50 people landing every other day, the Hargeisa Hotels will be filled soon. If the number reaches hundreds of people, who will be paying their bills. The hotelers do not even have protective equipment to serve these large many guests. Hargeisa Caqlligii waa ka tagay. Here in Canada over 75% of the cases are travel related. I say it again: Shutdown the airport and keep the virus out.
  15. Talaabo, their reluctance to shut down Masjids among Somalis is based on ignorance. We have authentic Hadiths that order people to avoid plague, cholera or other deadly diseases. The Prophet said, " No one should leave and no one should enter plague hit lands" Who has the courage and tell the public that the Masjids will be closed?
  16. Saalax, Why these so called journalists never interview the other side of the story? they just showing us one side .
  17. Amhara region is getting 25% or 138--population estimate 16-20 million Oromia region 170 seats . Population estimate 35-40 million Somali region 23 seats. Population estimate 6.5-8 million. Addis region 137 seats. population estimate 7-8 million. They said it is based on the census of 2007. Yet Amhara who are not even 20 million people, are getting six times the population of Somali region. Their seat number is equivalent of population of 36 million people. You add that the so called Addis region which has 52% Amhara , while the rest is divided among Guraghe, who will vote with Amhara, and Oromo, and other ethinks. An Amhara region with two or three cities with half million people, say Bahir dar and Gondor can not muster 2o million people let alone over thirty. If you allow the Amhara to get 138 from their region and another 80 from Addis, they can win the majority seats easily. Somalis, the second largest landmass and the third most populous region in Ethiopia is marginalized. Both the Tigray TPLF and ABIY agree to keep the Somali people insignificant. To achieve their evil plans, they got A Somali stooge who is willing to carry the water for Abiy and the Amhara agenda of ruling Ethiopia again. Just two months ago, the Amhara came to Jigjiga in force and took over the town and its bulevards for two days. The city and life were shut down for their show of force while the Somali public were blocked from traveling from one side to the other. If Somalis want to have any semblance of freedom and autonomy, they must defeat Ina Cagjar, the Amhara stooge who will oppress the people for the Amhara agenda. He never consulted or raised the Somali population strength with Abiy or others.ONLF and other Somalis must come together and defeat the new Dergue in our region. This is very serious. I am warning Farmaajo and company not to trust this Amhara clone who is buying time at the moment. Furthermore, I do not buy this false exaggeration of their population. In 2005, Ethiopia claimed to be 60 million people. We used to hear about the 60 million people without sea access. After ten years, around 2015, they claim to be 90 million people, and now in 2020, they are claiming to be 110 million. No nation in the world can double its population in just 15 years from 60 to 100 million. They just have Addis with eight million and few other Oromia cities with over a million people. Where are the dozen cities
  18. Waryaa Suldaanka, Sidi sididaada mooye dhul u dhacaaga hubso. This is not a d....k measuring context . Close the airport and save the people. The Evil Xamaara do not mind how many Somalis will die. They are probably one of the few airlines who keep flying.
  19. Yes. He announced 82 billion bailout early this week. I think most of the money goes to the lower end of society and the big banks. Overall, Trudeau had shown compassion and care. I think Canada is a nation that cares its own people during tough times. If you lost your job you will get employment insurance quickly, but if you are self employed or small businessman , you might not get anything except cheap loans from the bank.
  20. Both UK and London seem to be taking easy on this. I did not hear any lockdown in UK.
  21. Searched the internet and a Somali medical group says 6 of the dead were Somalis. Other than Somalis , I couldn't find any data of Somali death from the Swedish government.