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  1. Xaaji, Abiy is bankrupt. Insecurity is soon coming near you in Addis. This MOU will be probably implemented by the next Ethiopian leader when the time is right. It will all depend by direction and character of the Somali leadership in Mogadishu. If they are bold and visionary and think beyond the current squabble, we might even take land from Ethiopia rather thing give them a sea. The weak Jigjiga based Cagjar could even think big and prepare for the future.
  2. Mr. Carafaat, it is easy to figure out who is separatist and who is unionist in Mogadishu. It doesn't take much. There used to be real unionist before this new crop of politicians from Hargeisa. Jaamac Kaluun, Ismaaciil Buuba, Oomaar and Ina Carab Ciise. These people went to Carta and took part in the revival of Somalia. The current crop is even openly separatists thanks to HSM and the paranoid HAG leadership. During the Laascaanood conflict both Maareeye and Saalax openly sided with Biixi despite the importance of Khaatumo project to the union. Khadar Guuleed is a unionist so does few others, but the rest are representatives of the project in Mogadishu. You know we th Awdalites are the least clanish people in Somalia unlike the Habro whose main faith is Qabiil. Why would anyone give land to foreign powers with deadly consequences other than to preserve a clan project? Somalis were too soft for the Somalidiidka for a long time. Gardaro garab og. Woqoyi Galbeed and Togdheer has the same population like Shabeelaha Hoose nothing special. Hundreds of millions have been poured to coffers of Hargeisa with zero institutions working. If we get a real Somali leadership, this project could end in less than few years
  3. naah, actually I met him in person while he was the interior minister. He even publicly denounced Biixi and company. It is probably the reason he was removed from the interior. Furthermore, does anyone even knows other government ministers other the incompetent Tik Tok defence minister. No one knows the minister of finance, interior or even the chief of the military. Ahmed Faqi is the only star of the cabinet just like Dr Bayle was at the Farmaajo government.
  4. This is the best news I heard from Somalia for a long time. Most of the UN envoys appointed to Somalia are members of the British colonial office just like 80 years ago. The last lady Ms. Lang was even a separatists trying to dismember our country. Why everyone of these envoys happen to be British? I fully trust minister Ahmed Faqi. He is probably the most patriotic among the ministers of the current government. He id well while he was the interior minister and the Khaatumo temporary recognition couldn't have happened without him. The separatist within the cabinet, namely maareeye, deputy premier Saalax and the rest are openly saperatrist and HSM welcomes them. We need these bold moves and tough decisions to be independent again. If there is anyone among the entourage of the HSM government who has a great political future, it is Ahmed Macalin Faqi.
  5. Mr. Iliria, it looks like you spilled the beans. Are you even entertaining to make a deal with Abu Dhabi? They are our competitors, don't produce anything and we could be a free port just like them. Waar bal aduunyadan eega. Waar maxaa hanidii Soomaaliyeed suuqa loo geynayaa.The road to the border could be paved any day and suddenly you got a 10 million customers in your neighborhood. Please don't sell Garacad and just wait few years when the right leadership shows up.
  6. We all hope that is the cae. Why would anyone throw away the only successful Somali project in the last 30 years?
  7. Absolutely no hatred in my heart for Puntland. How could I? Puntland is the guardian of the Somali constitutional system, the check and balance for the Unakaa leh. You might sense some exaggeration on my part regarding the news from the Sheikh, but when thing I learned in Mogadishu is that Somali leaders usually don't make any tangible deals when they meet foreign leaders, except give away what is left of the country. The only thing standing is public assets, like airports, ports and the huge Somali ocean waters. It isn't secret that during Nairobi negotiations between Routu and Abiy, the Garacad port was on the table. I don't in what terms, but was suggested as one of exit mechanisms for Abiy yo get out of the MOU. Anyway, the truth will come out. As the Sheikh says, if you try to deal with those who are trying to control trade in the region, expect a serious damage. Tell me what would Dani give to UAE? the far sheikhs control every port in the Red sea and Indian ocean corridor except Djibouti which they left few years ago, Mombasa and Mogadishu. Aden is gone, Port Sudan is out of order due to civil war and they manage the Egyptian ports. Now please tell us what your buddy Dani has to offer? Haafuun is out of the question other than mineral righta.
  8. We might have been even duped long time ago. I know some Somalis had put their hard earned money, but looking back , the quick manner the money was raised , and the millions still pouring while making probably 10 cents to the dollar, I suspect the Emirates could be the owners behind the curtain. It was a completion of the gulf. Qatar wanted Hobyo and UAE probably raised to the game quickly and beat them for Garacad. Two nights ago C/laahi Dani was in Dubai, but suddenly flew to Addis for an emergency meeting. If the Sheikh is correct, and that is a big if, them a lot of questions will arise from Garacad.
  9. When you have minister likr Mr.Tik Tok as the defence minister expect the worst. This is the most important ministry in the country at this time of war, yet it is led by an incompetent general who got his ranks through irregular militia and defence minister who is cashing in like most of his colleagues. If you want to win the war, why surround yourself with weak and incompetent people?
  10. These marxuums are not killed during the assault of Goojacade. They are killed during the leading months. Some of them were shot probably during clan disputes and buried in these mountains. This Hargeisa project is almost dead, yet we hear every day about taking the war to Laascaanood. I have no doubt that these days the Hargeisa project is nothing but a colonial project to weaken Somalia. If the Ethiopia MOU fails, they might bring others to Bebera and offer to fight the Houthies, just like Abiy was trying to milk the war on terror like Meles Zenawi and make millions.
  11. I think Xaaji (Habro in Mogadishu) and company and his inexperienced students from Damujadiid told him to have his cake and eat it. The state institutions are not as easy as making Qaad deals with Kenyans , it is more complicated.
  12. I was worried about the dysfunction of the unending debate about the elections which is away 2 years from now to drag the country while neglecting the major issues, but I guess I was wrong. The biggest obstacle that will destroy HSM is himself. He want to do everything by himself. The Somali state is bigger than one man or one clan. He surrounded himself with his own students to manage major national issues while neglecting the Somali experts. He is paranoid of other people getting in the system. I couldn't find one single Somali expert or experienced politician among his inner circle or running major portfolios.
  13. He is checkmated alright, albeit in an ugly way. You invite people for dinner and no one shows up. Not even Guudlaawe , Qoor Qoor or Madoobe. Despite his difficult character, C/laahi Dani and his Puntland seem to be the only region to challenge HSM. I guess it is all about having your own cheque book and not begging HSM. If Galmudug and Southwest had money rather than begging HSM, they would probably would stood up to him. Economic independence is the key. As a Kacaanist, I wanted the fool to march all the way to Lowyacado and the Kenyan border. Xuduudahaan soo xidhayaa dalkana waan xoreynayaa. Bal muxuu iskaga dhigayaa wax uusan ahayn? Now he has to vacate all those four chapters and sit down with C/laahi Dani. That embarrassment alone makes him weak. You called him yesterday Hogaamiye, but today he is an equal president. Labadii Madaxweyne ayaa kulmaya. I think both Farmaajo and Shariif Ahmed should sit out from this challenge and let Dani take the fight to HSM and probably replace him.
  14. This is pure politics. When I was in Nairobi, I heard that Laftagareen will never accept the replacement of Ethiopian soldiers with Egyptians. They said it was a plan to subdue Laftagareen and take the Lower Shabeele. We were all waiting the removal of foreign soldiers from Somalia this coming December and HSM is asking the deployment of new foreign soldiers left and right. Is this guy losing his mend? . Why not just slow down and finish the task you have before you jump from one frying pan to another. Wadankiiba in uu Waashay ayaad Moodaa. He is looking more like a lame duck president who has nothing to lose. He called regional leaders Hogaamiye, passes that article in the parliament, and then reverses himself and calls them presidents in his own letter. He calls for national dialogue and no one shows up. These are the actions of a dithering leader .
  15. It is true. The ballistic missiles hit the base directly more than once. The drone travels around 200k/hour and it takes 7 to 8 hours to reach the target, but the missile is travelling 8-10,000 km/h, usually they lunch 20 to 3o minutes before the the drones reach the sky. Furthermore, as of lately, Iran has developed Hypersonic missiles that travels 10 times the speed of sound and could hit targets within ten minutes. The suicide drones are cheap to manufacture, probably few thousands a piece. Crazy Netanyahu is playing with fire. Israeli airports were closed for the last 48-72 hours with hundreds of flights cancelled. They could hit Iran with cruise missiles, but the strength of the Israeli army is mostly fighter jets and bombers which is difficult to sustain 2500 km away from home. Iran is a 90 million people with vast country and no amount of missile will cause devastation compared to tiny Israel. Iran could bring the missiles to Lebanon and hit Israel proper easily. The Iran regime has been building missiles for 25 years. They even transferred some of the technology for Hamas to build Yasin 105 RPG which devastated Israeli tanks. Uncle Joe says that both Iran and Israel must declare victory and go home. The Ayatollahs had satisfied the Iranian public who were clamoring for revenge and Israel had paid some price but could claim some small success of shooting hundreds of drones with help of US. Yet, the biggest casualty is the so called detrence of Israel to hit their opponents hard and scare them. Iranian president Raisi said from now on any attack will be answered . Hamas has changed everything. The Gaza war will be written in history books for years to come. The stupid Arab press doesn't understand the game and are talking about fake war. They are saying how come Iran has informed USA and other countries about their attack. Fool Arabs don't get the plot. This is a proxy war and Iran has reached the category of huge powers avoiding coalition to fight directly just like the Soviet Union and America during the cold war. Both US and Iran don't want to fight, it is simple as that.
  16. This attack by Iran could be a game changer. The media isn't showing us but the main airbase in the desert was hit. Iran said it did not target population centers or economic hubs. In order to defend the the drones and missiles Israel has to ask the help from UK, US and even Jordan which means it can't defend herself from Iran. The drones were meant to to overwhelm the interceptors which costs a million dollar each. Some reports say that it cost Israel $1 billion, add that to the a billion dollar freight ship sequestered by Iran yesterday from the Strait of Hormuz which supposed to unload the freight to UAE and transit though Jordan and then Israel. That is $2 billion in 24 hours. The USA can't attack Iran. This Iranian local lake called Hormuz is their backyard. 30% of the world oil travels here and if Iran closes the strait, the barrel of oil will be $200 dollars in election year. The American bases in the gulf will be the target of Iranian missiles, the UAE will be quickly bankrupt. Uncle Joe said he isn't interested a war with Iran, but the crazy Netanyahu wish to drag America to fight Iran. He destroyed Gaza and left without achieving anything but the suffering and destruction of the Palestinian civilians. HisbuAllah is there, so is Syria, Iraq and Yemen intact with their forces. When you choose a bloodthirsty man as a leader who sells nothing but fear and hate the result is ugly. in 1994, during the Oslo accord , this neighborhood showed a lot of promise and hope, then Netanyahu and Sharon showed up to tear and the rest is history as they say.
  17. That was stupid and ugly idea to go and negotiate in a foreign country. Ma Huteel Muqdisho ku yaala ayey waayeen. Odayaashu ma kuwii beeshaa? I hope the real issues president HSM traveled was to discuss the so called Wiliam Ruuto proposal for the maritime issues in order for Abiy to get an exit strategy.
  18. It is a political move to pressure the government to change certain military and economic policies. Nothing serious or more dangerous has taken place since the lifting of the arms embargo. Why America always trying to put down this country? There was some increased activity during Ramadaan which is always the norm in Mogadishu. We have been watching their modus operandi for years and this is nothing but but a pressure to force the government to change , especially the oil exploration and drilling rights given to Turkey. Few years ago, some oil companies who were basically formed to get the exploration rights in Somalia, but could not have any capacity whatsoever to extract any oil were given by the government . When I asked a member of the parliament, how come these 3 years old brokers were hired to explore offshore oil? he said they are front companies for big oil , the like of Shell and Exxon Mobil, and they will be holding the lease for them. Two years had passed and they did nothing. HSM and company took 7 millions for that contract. Fast forward 2024 and everything has been given to Turkiye to explore and extract the oil. I heard that the drilling of Galmudug offshore oil might start this coming fall and could be in the market in late 2025 or early 2026. Don't be surprised by this rapid schedule because Turkiye is capable of fast tracking extraction. In 2022, when Turkiye had found gas deposits in the black Sea , they sent their rigs, begun drilling, built the pipes to shore and as we speak some of that gas is in the market. Offshore extraction doesn't need security resources to protect. Ships could carry the gas from the sea to foreign markets. Uncle Sam can keep is arms from Somalia. There are other markets that could provide Somalia to defend itself. No. America can not tell us if Somalia is save or not. They always create the fake threat and encourage others to take advantage. How many people have been shot in Chicago, Baltimore and Los Angels last night? How many mass shooting a year is happening in America? probably 200 mass shooting. Why the UN would listen a country that vetoes a cease fire to save innocent lives?.
  19. It is the tactic of certain foreign powers. The moment they hear some political disagreements they pile on to make it worse. Mortars to Wardhiigley area usually happens ones in a while. Everyone in Mogadishu would tell you that Al-shbaab increases their campaign ten fold during the Ramadaan. Unlike three or four years ago, today you can drive to Jawhar by car. No one can deny things are getting better in Mogadishu. As I mentioned before, the departure of Mahad Salaad was in the pipelines since early February.I open this page and all I see Dhagaxtuur saying I told you so Somalia will go down. THis American panic mode will pass and things will get better. I wish HSM would have hired capable cabinet to tackle these major issues.
  20. if this was another Somali from other regions you wouldn't have supported them. As you said both Odinga and Lady Fowsiya have certain tendencies that can't be supported
  21. AS president HSM said Al-shbaab no longer engages the national army directly. Usually, they abandon towns and villages, but regroup and attack the army in the early mornings. If the army keeps the pressure and pushes the insurgents until they finish them off whole region and push them t sea, victory is possible. To achieve that you need capable officers and constant supply of arms. Remember, MUdug and Jilib are where the main fighting force of Al-shbaab is located.
  22. Unlike Boosaaso, Hargeisa and Borama and Jigiga there are no Oromo labourers in Mogadishu. Every menial job no matter how dirt or tough is done by the Somali youth. I will tell you that if peace pravails we should all be moving to southern Somalia. I have doubt about that.
  23. He doesn't t need otal victory. All he needs to do is clear Galmudug, Hir-Shabeelle and Lower Shabeele. That will give a breather to the capital and enhance the economy of the two Shabbeelle river area.
  24. We can't trust someone from Hargeisa to be placed in this important position. I support the Djibouti bid
  25. "Nin aan hal maalin dhahayn Khawaariijda ha lala degaalamo xaq uma lahan in la dhegeysto" Have you ever heard Biixi talking about Al-shbaab? never. Even those who part of the federal system like Madoobe, and Guudlaawe do not talk about defeating the enemy.