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  1. While the elite and certain politicians use the past to keep the status quo, at least in Hargeisa, the little guy or the regular folks have a say about their destiny. In Farmaajo , We have a president going to summits in Asmara and Addis yet, he never explains or tells the public what is going or what is agreed upon.
  2. You are probably right. He doesn't even use documents , it all about preaching.
  3. Here is the latest news. When the delegation of Biixi and Farmaajo met in Addis Abiy asked those accompanying the two leaders to vacate the room and the three men alone sat together. After while Abiy left the room. Since this is Ethiopian official houses the government might have both audio and video of their conversation. I also heard that Abiy will not take no for an answer and even if Somaliland refuses this time Abiy will come next time. He will travel to Mogadishu, pick up Farmaajo and land Hargeisa. THis abiy guy is in a big rush " Baabuur baa ka tegeya sida ay u eegtahay" Even in Ethiopia his plans are already out. He will be creating a prime minister and four deputy prime ministers including a Somali one which is probably Mustafe Cagjar. He was telling Amhara and Oromo ro " Learn Somali language so you could trade in Mogadishu , Hargeisa and Djibouti.. We do not have manufactured goods or even agricultural products to export. The so called trade will be probably one way. A Somalilander who is close to Saleebaan Gaal told me that Biihi doesn't know what to do. Abiy might even block the Berbera access to Ethiopia and use other measures to pressure Biixi. Yet, he said so far we don't know what has been agreed upon and Biixi is not telling to anyone what was agreed by the two men.. He feared that since KIsmaayo is already under Kenya, and Farmaajo is owned by Abiy, Somaliland might lose its quasi independence. Muuse Biixi is in his third year and might even think about the big chair. He could bring the 82 members of parliament and win easily . He doesn't need cash from Qatar.
  4. tHat is how it was supposed to be done. Clear Mogadishu and then move on.
  5. Who knows what could happen if Farmaajo lands there. There could tens of thousands of people with " Callemo qoyan" in Hargeisa which will destroy the mythology of the last 30 years. Biixi is willing but those who built the myth like Boobe Yusuf will be out in force.
  6. Expect soon anti Farmaajo demonstration in Hargeisa orchestrated by the Biixi government to appease Abiy Ahmed.
  7. Saleebban Gaal is an old fart that should have retired long ago, yet it is hilarious the way he explained the issue. Waar ninka haddii la soo xambaaro maxaan ka yeelaa? Dili maynee , will soomaaliyeed oo inoo yimid uun buu noqon. It amazes me how shallow these southern elites are. The best way to deal with Somaliland is remove Sool from the equation, bring the border to Beer, togdheer, and then sit down to negotiate with those who created Somaliland Hargeisa, Borama and Burco. Only carrot and stick isd the way.
  8. The emperor has no clothes. For the last three years Somalia had no well defined foreign policy on Ethiopia or the the greater Horn of Africa region. Everything was based on personality and the diplomatic charm of Ethiopia's prime minister Abiy Ahmed and the desperation of Farmaajo to get help from Ethiopia. Farmaajo has forgot that Ethiopia at the moment is going through some of the most difficult times in the modern history of Ethiopia. The chains of oppression was broken by the Oromo uprising and more than a dozen ethnic groups are vying for self determination and self rule. Everyone understands that the Amhara centric policies of the last centuries will never be rehabilitated again while the TPLF who ruled Ethiopia for the last 27 years set the stage for ethnic nationalities to be their own bosses after their departure. The largest Oromo block consisting of the Eritrea based OLF movement, the Queero of Jawar Mohamed and the Oromo Federalist Congress are all combined their forces to stop any moves by Abiy and the Amhara backers to revive the old centralized Ethiopia of yester years. With Tigray region withdrawing from the Addis administration, Oromo nationalist seeking full autonomy and other long oppressed ethnics like Sidamo, Qimnat and others seeking self rule , Ethiopia at the moment , can not project power outside its own borders. If Ethiopia is week to project power inside its own borders , what makes Farmaajo give the whole shop to Ethiopia and became the puppet of Abiy Ahmed? There are two main reasons for the failure of Farmaajo to understand the situation. Lack of foreign policy and expertise, and to achieve military and political goals through Ethiopia. At the moment, there are no defined foreign policy of Somalia regarding Ethiopia. In fact, there are no long term or short term policies of the Farmaajo administration. As a simple minded people , Somali leaders usually put their whole policy in one basket by demanding to bring the attention of the Ethiopian leadership from the regions to themselves. Like a jealous teenage girl seeking the undivided attention of her boy, they focus their sight on one single issue in their foreign policy. Rather that demand to stop the internal interference and prepare for the withdrawal of their forces and control the flow of weapons from the border, Farmaajo asked one simple issue: cut contacts to regional governments of Somalia. Some even believe the whole issue was nothing but to sideline Puntland politically. Since Jubbaland is anchored in Nairobi and Hargeisa leaders are keeping both economical , trade and other security contacts with Ethiopia, the whole policy was mainly based to sideline Puntland. Yet, in return, Farmaajo get nothing but more Ethiopian forces within Somalia. In fact, Abiy Ahmed had achieved more or less what the TPLF has done in very subtle and mischievous way. Their might have been general Gabre in villa Somalia, but today, we have a Somali Gabre as ambassador and the Ethiopian army is everywhere from Bay to Galmudug, and from GEdo to Hiiraan. Abiy has totally squared off Farmaajo politically. Today Abiy understand that Farmaajo could not move politically without his help. If Abiy wants to undermine Farmaajo, he can achieve with little or no efforts and can withdraw his military support and those puppet states could either collapse from Al-shabaab attack or other adversaries. THe best example is the current fiasco of claiming to visit Hargeisa. Like a child who born last night , he never understood the game the SNM Habro were playing for twenty some years. While victimhood was a scheme to get resources from donors and gain sympathy from certain segments of the Somali society , what the SNM fears most is the debunking of the enmity they created among the Somaliland people toward Somalis, especially later generations. For years those who show Somali flag or any affinity with Somalia were arrested, so does anyone who claims victimhood or talks about the crimes of SNM, and anyone who talks about reconciliation. A visit by Somali president might crush the big mountain built on lies which might allow the next generation of Somalilanders to seek brotherhoods with other Somalis. The Somali president never understood that simple equation. To continue the issue of the lack of foreign policy, let us see how Abiy is celebrating his victory against Farmaajo in the world stage. Reliable sources in Addis and Hargeisa told us that the so called visit of Farmaajo to Hargeisa was initiated by Abiy with the coordination of the UAE. For seven years, Ahmed Siilaanyo who tried to kept his reserved approach to Ethiopian leaders never received red carpet or Somaliland flags behind his chair if I remember correctly. The visit by Muuse Biixi , and the carbet under the airplane was televised for UAE and anyone else to see. Abiy is not stupid or someone is void of the historical issues between Somalia and Ethiopia. He doesn't want any union within Somalis at the moment while Ethiopia is going through unforseen water, yet this shrewd politician told both Farmaajo and Muuse to come together quickly and start the process. He mentioned Eritrea which is different country by saying , " all that happened not only during the liberation war in the eighties, but the last war from the Ethiopian offensive where over hundred thousand died were forgiven, what stops Somalis who are the same people to achieve unity"? He offered to visit Hargeisa with Farmaajo. The usual skeptic Muuse Biixi did not refuse the offer while Abiy , their Boss , was present, but said will see. In return without giving anything back, Muuse played his card correctly and asked the naive guy from Ansalooti to do few things before the relationship goes further. You can not talk to a girl for the first meeting and demand a wedding. I wouldn't say who is the girl in this relationship. Anyway, Muuse said first, issue an apology to the crimes your uncle did in Hargeisa, second dismiss those useless commission of unity you appointed earlier this years. Third, do not interfere with the UAE project in Berbera, and finally do not tamper with the foreign aid directed to Somaliland. The fool, Farmaajo started the first step with an apology and then asked Abiy to accompany him to come to Hargeisa. If some of you were entertained by the news of Farmaajo going to Hargeisa, I have a newsflash for you. It will not going to happen. Take that to the bank. Yet, if Farmaajo goes to Hargeisa while riding along Abiy it will not be the first time. When Kenya expelled the Somali ambassador from Nairobi, Farmaajo went to Addis Ababa and Abiy took him as a child to Nairobi to confront Uhuru Kenyata. The Somali parliament was shocked the way he was babysitted. Personally I do not mind if Farmaajo going to Hargeisa with Cumar Geele or others , but to be babysitted by an Ethiopian leader is a shame. Farmaajo repeated his only line about the north which is " I will vacate the seat of power if unity is achieved"( Kursigaan kaaga Kici). While that offer tempted the man who lives the house Morgan used to live in Hargeisa, Biixi can not take that offer with all the hyenas waiting him in Hargeisa including our own OOdweyne and company. In fact, it is a stupid line most southern leaders repeat when they meet Somaliland presidents. Even Hassan Sheikh repeated that line while in Djibouti with Ahmed Siilaanyo and Cumar Geelle. Yet, Abiy flew immediately to the UAE and offered the good news to the men who deposited a billion dollar hard currency to the Ethiopian central bank to stabilize the dollar exchanges and keep the Ethiopian Birr stable. He gave him the good news that Somalia and Somaliland are in his pocket, and his investment in Berbera and other places will be preserved and guaranteed by him. Who knows soon he might even call DEni and assure that the UAE investment in Boosaaso must be protected. Folks, the naive " Ciyaal Xamar" had made the weak Ethiopian prime minister who is hiding in the Menelik plaza the most powerful overlord of Somalia. He goes to these meetings with no long term policy but to demand Ethiopian soldiers and to sideline Somali regional government which is a very small price compared to what is at stake. The second mistake Farmaajo did is historical. The contemporary Somali attitude toward Ethiopia in the last 25 years was do not trust Ethiopia as long as Somalia is weak. Traditionally weak and venerable nations always guard against bigger or predatory neighbors who might interfere their internal affairs. It is a well defined policy to minimize their influence and find alternative solutions to guard against their power. Those of us who believe this moto to the core and certain analysts also believe that the current Ethiopia of Abiy Ahmed will never allow strong and politically stable Somalia while Ethiopia is in transition. If Abiy's reforms and the new reconfiguring of Ethiopia system fails, no one knows what could happen in that country. The Somali region of Ethiopia was always outside the economic and social norms of Ethiopia state due to oppressive rules and marginalization of the ruling class in Addis. If Oromo who have millions other ethnic groups living within their region are threatening to abandon if centralized Ethiopia rears its ugly head, Somalis would be the best candidate to separate completely. Also, stable Somalia might dictate and demand better conditions for Somalis while building bridges with Oromo and other independent minded groups. Abiy understands this more than anyone else. Imagine the Tigray , who are landlocked and located in most northern region of Ethiopia, are chakmated by Abiy for fear of being troublesome , what will a free and stable Somalia might do? It quickly connect not only to Somalis but also the Oromo nationalists. Abiy will never take that chance, never. Those of us who know history believe that Abiy or anyone else in Ethiopia should not be trusted let alone use the Ethiopian army to settle internal conflicts. We see Farmaajo using the same old failed policy of Somali federal leaders and rebels to use Ethiopian muscle to achieve political goals a disaster that will linger many years to come. It is very strange that a leader, who have major issues of unity in Galmudug, disaster in the making in Jubba and can not secure MOgadishu, is adding his full plate on the issue of Somaliland ( Kud ka guur oo qanjo u guur). Yet, as most people said, it is all about reelection. Since Farmaajo can not get votes from Jubba, Puntland and Banaadir, he is seeking the help of the separatists. Muuse is also dreaming of the big chair in Somalia since Farmaajo had pointed a shortcut to him. " Muuse, hadda I taageer, aniguna haddi la i doorto waxaan isku dayi in aan laba sano ka dib kursiga kugu wareejiyo inta shanta sano kaa dhamaan" The euforia Somalis had shown for Farmaajo shows how most Somalis are still nationalis who were yearning for freedom and dignity. What did Farmaajo did to receive the the huge support he got from Somalis after his election?. Why everyone said " Take me to Farmaajo" Farmaajo ii Geeya?Because while he was briefly a prime minister in 2011, he paid the salary of the Somali soldiers and refused the interference of the foreign forces mainly the Ugandan forces. It was all false image which showed his inability to survive the power struggle of Mogadishu, and this time around he decided to preserve himself and rely to foreign forces just like those before him. While the Somali ambassador to the UN was in this part of Canada , we asked him about when the foreign forces will withdraw from Somalia. He said in 2020 about 1000 soldiers will leave and their salaries will be transferred to the another 1000 Somali soldiers. If that is how to withdraw foreign forces one thousand of them every year, then may Allah help us to be independent. I do believe that the time has come to look for genuine Somali nationalist who can confront these tough issues and work hard to remove foreign forces from the country. We need a proud Somali who doesn't want to be babysitted by neighbors and others. I knew Farmaajo was a shallow who doesn't huge grasp of the major issues, but I thought he would surround capable man. Where is the foreign minister with all this issues? he was sidelined by Khayre long time ago. If he thinks Abiy will help him re-election like Hassan Sheikh visited Jigjiga on behalf of the TPLF, Farmaajo is doomed to fail.
  9. This man from Ansalooti, Mogadishu, doesn't know culture or history. THere is no such thing as Reer Woqoyi in terms of the last Somali civil war. I have no problem If Farmaajo want to apologize on behalf of the Gedo community. I tried to avoid this topic because thousands of innocent Somalis had been killed during the civil war either from the Somali state or the rebels. And unless you walked with someone else's shoes, you can not present fairly the extend of these crimes. LIke most rebels of that era SNM, USC and others were angry and tribal to the core. And in our tradition, if you became a victim of an angry tribal mob, may Allah have a mercy on you. Wherever they had an opportunity to kill they never hesitated. When the war broke in 1988 and they encountered the early defeat , they SNM massacred and killed anyone who belonged the wrong tribe. Shop keepers, public servants and others were murdered in daylight. I am always amazed by those who frame the issue like the Somali state being the one who waged the war and invaded cities. Ma dawlada Soomaaliyeed baa ku duushay Hargeisa, mise SNM oo koontaraad ay dalka ku duminayso ka soo qaadatay Mengistu ayaa dalka ku soo duushay? It was the angry Somali rebels who were the aggressors on behalf of foreign government. The Somali state was defending the territorial integrity of the country. What would any government do , if a tribal movement armed by a historical enemy occupies the second largest city in a suicide mission? you defend it with any means necessary. When Mohamed I Cigal was selected by elders in Borama, former president C/raxman Tuur (AHN) and his supporters refused to accept and opposed his administration. Since Egal considered himself as a government, he waged a war to bring back the rebels by any means necessary. He bombed Burco city with altelary and the people have to abandon the city and relocate to new place called Yiroowe. Some estimate up to 5000 people being killed in a two year war. After he defeated the rebels by the barrel of the gun, he then started a reconciliation. Knowledgeable people will tell you that more people had died in Burco than the the earlier war of 1988. In fact, most of the city was destroyed after 1991. Egal even bombed Hargeisa airport to dislodge from South Hargeisa clans (Suldaanka and company) in 1996. If Egal who was controlling Hargeisa, Berbera and Borama could bomb everyone for submission to preserve his non existent government, certainly the Somali state has every right to fight the rebels contracted by Mengistu of Ethiopia. Why not Awdal or someone try to day to separate?. The SNM Habro will use their army to destroy Borama and masacre the civilian just like they did in 1991. Maasajidka Ciyaarta ka Daaya. Who is going to give apology to the hundreds of thousands of Somalis who died because of the actions of these hungry and angry rebels rented by Ethiopia? Who will give apology to the 300,000 Somalis who died with starvation in the south due to the tribal war waged between the D block and USC? Who will give appology to the thousands perished in high seas to esxape the misery of the tribal governments. Walaahi dalagii ay dadka koonfur galbeed beerteen ayey godadkii kala baxeen qolyihii is eryenayey ee D & H, weliba waxii ay arkeena way dhaceen . Illaa markii dambe gaajo iyo colaad loo dhintay. Unlike the corrupt tribal rebels of Somalia and their supporters who travel between Addis,, Yemen, London and Nairobi, the typical Somali rural and villager between the rivers had nowhere to run. They live of the land. They did not had passport or another country to travel, that is why they dies in hundreds of thousands, yet no one is talking about them. Waxay dhib iyo hallaag jabhadu noo geysteen oo dalkii naga dumiyeen ayaa weliba iyaga raali galin la siinayaa. Aan ooye Albaabka ii xidha. This opportunist Farmaajo and the few stooges who are accompany him do not have the capacity , temperament or even the communicative skills to explain or right the wrongs of the civil war. We are the so called Reer Woqoyi and he doesn't speak for us. If the Gedo community want to apologize to the SNM community, by all means go ahead, but do not generalize us with those who have grievances with the Somali state of yesterday. Certainly we have other grievances like under development and lack of roads in our region since most of the state development of Somalia in the Kacaan era were invested between the two rivers and Benaadir and Hargeisa/Berbera corridor. We have nothing against the Somali state and we are willing to take our space among the free Somalis under the sun. Muuse Biixi who has his own documented crimes to answer might have persuaded Farmaajo to pronounce this useless apology, but this move will not even soften the clan at this stage. If you are serious about a real reconciliation of the crimes of the Somali civil war, then appoint a truth commission where everyone has to confess and tell their story. Yet, no matter how loud microphone the SNM habro use to amplify their cases and try to bury their own crimes, the truth will not disappear. This is not 1945, were those who were present are dying. Those who were present when the crimes of SNM in the north and USC in the south and MOgadishu were committed are live and kicking. WE even have cases against Muuse Biixi himself with witnesses ready to testify in a court. Farmaajo might try to fool people and those he is trying to get their votes, but he will not fool us , because we know history and culture. It was us the USP unionists who forced the union in 1960, and it looks that it is up to us to bring that union again despite the current braggadocio and false invincibility of the SNM boys. History repeats itself.
  10. He said, If the government is doing things right, it must be allowed for continuity reasons. He doesn't like changes just for the sake of change.. He is gearing up for reelection.
  11. I totally agree with that statement. Everytime Somalis sit together and talk, they find solutions. Why a man from New York or Sweden know our country and problems better than us. Energy and resources should be directed to Al-shabaab, and if the scrooge is defeated anything else will be easy. Imagine, they have visited Hargeisa for twenty times for the last two years just to find solutions for simple municipal elections. THe more they visit the more things complicated.
  12. I am on the record for removal of these forces who sit inside military barracks by thousands. and doing nothing. They are drawing huge salaries for doing nothing. When Was the last time they confronted Al-shabaab?
  13. Both these reports are written by the same people. I read these reports long ago. This NGO guy is just recycling the old story. They both quote the same people. It is the same story recycled from 2014 to 2017. I am not burying my head but any reasonable Somali or human being knows that in a war torn country with large number of foreign troops , bad things could happen. Of course, the Amisom troops have violated some poor Somali women who might have been desperate for food or health care, but I reject, the insinuation that Somali women in the South are joining in a marriage or in other illegal means with foreign troops. Despite our misery and poverty, the Somali women by in large have been honourable whether they are in Mogadishu, Baydhabo or Burco. I also reject this silly notion of othering our own women and people in the south. Shame on this kid from Puntland throwing garbage and then amplified by the likes of OOdweyne .
  14. This story is six years old, 2014. Please tell us something new.
  15. Does anyone knows if this guy is a Muslim? Uganda has a substantial Muslim community, and some of them might be serving in the army.
  16. Suldaanka contradicts what the picture and the poster wrote. "Amisom Dumarka oo kaliya Ma Dumaaleyso ee macal Caruurtii.." It means soldiers are inheriting both the wife and someone else's children. It is not his children.
  17. We hated when Somali rebels went to Ethiopia of Mengistu and attacked our country, and we will never accept Somali leaders using foreign powers to subdue another Somali--Period.
  18. This is unacceptable. It shows to the Somali officer his incapacity to command soldiers. ASking foreign powers to fight Al-shabaab and their huge network is one thing, but to use these forces against Somali regional adversaries is illegal and dishonorable for most Somalis. Now our country is becoming a football between the proxy forces of Kenya and Ethiopia. We opposed when Hassan Sheikh asked help from TPLF and went Jigjiga, and we oppose this disgraceful action by Farmaajo.
  19. who said all OG are against Somali government? I heard the largest Bu'aale settlement of OG are welcoming Somali government. Anyway, I do not like Ethiopian army being used to subdue other Somalis. Either use your own Somali army to secure the country or find political agreements with your Somali brothers.
  20. Congratulation to our prime minister Mr. Trudeau. Oh, Canada, our home and native land... is also the home of Somali nomads.
  21. Kenya and their criminal associates are on the other side of the border not in Beled Xaawo. Ahmed Madoobe probably kicked them out and told them to takeover their region or else do not comeback to Kismaayo. They are not hiding their intention anymore. Defeating Ahmed Madoobe should be a priority for the federal government. Jabhadan Kenya ka soo duushay ee ay hogaaminayaan Madoobe iyo Canjeex waa in laga hortegaa.
  22. These are the real native Somalis of Kenya who are moderate in their thinking. They did not go against their Kenyan government , yet they are calling for peace and the rule of law in Kenya. nor did they attack verbally those who transgressed in their home land. These are 100% of Mandera county leadership. THese are the silent majority and natural Somali citizens of Kenya. Apophis and company would make you believe everyone in Kenya is either backing their deluded agenda or belongs to their narrow clan agenda. Let us hear what those in Wajeer would say about this. I can assure you that 70% of Somali Kenyans oppose their agenda of dragging their region (NFD) against their brothers in Somalia. This Kenyatta Junior kid is getting bad advice from Barre Aden Ducaale ( Bare Uunsi) and company which will eventually destabilize Kenya. There are credible reports that indicate, the Kenyans are arming Borana residents in the border regions of Ethiopia to destabilize Ethiopia by pitting the Oromo against the government and the Somalis residents. Furthermore, if Kenya want to ride the criminal scarface called Janan to destabilise Somalia, they are playing with the fire. I have seen certain Twitter Hashtag about the presense of Somali soldiers in GEdo. Do these people realize that the Kenyan army used to bomb local Somali nomads in Gedo with airplanes and destroy telecommunications equipment almost every other month. Maybe some of these fools forgot that Gedo is in Somalia and the Somali National Army has every right to secure the border. Well, if a new group of Somali traitors want to be headquartered in Kenya and attack us in 2020 , by all means, go ahead. The Gedo nomads of Somalia are not alone anymore this time around. We do not wish war, but if an aggression through Kenya and its warlords come to us , we will defend ourselves.
  23. Apophis , Let alone blood or other crimes, I never wronged another Somali and neven consumed an illegal dollar in my life . Weligay qof Somaliya kuma dulmin dalkii hooyo, shillin xaaran ahna ma cunin. I am and always was a law abiding citizen.