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  1. I got busy after my early post. OOdweyne, Since the social contract of Somaliland, despite some economic and other institutional problems had produced a peace and functioning albeit unrecognized state among the citizens , is there any mechanism to copy and apply in the south. The southern Somalis seem to act always as shrewd politicians who know the game better than anybody else, yet state building and social contracts need patience, consensus and trust. When the Carta , Djibouti government was proclaimed in 2000, I met one southern guy who was HG and I congratulated him since one of them become the first recognized president since the collapse of 1991. To my surprise , he said, " Dagaalka Muqdisho waxa uu dhexeeyey Caydiid Jufadiisa (Sa) and Unaka., C/qaasim was the wrong guy" I told him that I am from the North and all I know is a HAG guy been selected as a president, and I have no interest within the internal squabble of your clan. I thought he would address the big picture. So, how would you proceed to create a social contract while you have foreign backed groups controlling some regions, the presence of Amisom and the presence of Al-shabaab? Please go ahead and try. Personally , I do believe that A strong leader who looks solutions within the Somali people while removing foreign power inside the country would have more chances of succeeding than those expecting to pacify the country with the foreign muscle. If the mindset of the leader is pacify Somalia with money, military and muscle of other won't go anywhere.After 18 years, Americans in Afghanistan have decided to sit down with the Taliban. Why not talk to Al-shbaab? It has been already 13 years with no success.
  2. OOdweyne, I agree. He has no bearing at all. Laakiin Saaxiib, Are you ever thought of helping the innocent people dying everyday with hands of Al-shabaab while the weak and corrupt politicians take turns with no way out? Remember, Somaliland have the capacity to change things. Waxan ma sidaas uun baynu u daawanaa?.
  3. Useless talks won't produce anything. The only hope for unity is for the Somaliland army to take over the south and bring peace. Then , the capital must be relocated to Hargeisa. We can't do the same thing. We need new tough measures. Corrupt southern politicians must be disbanded and coerced . #0 sanadood ayaa la sugayey waxna kama soo naasa cadda. Waar Budhcadan dawlada sheeganaysa aynu dalka ka dhacsano.
  4. While ago our esteemed composers described the colonials try to subdue as a futile effort and compared them as handicapped person trying to raise against able body person. Ah, how far we came. Caqli ruux ku faanoo Caydii u dhalay iyo Cashiiradiisa laayo Cisha walba Gawraca. Now our own kids are murdering as day in and day out with no solutions. Americans are saying to us go and finish of this Somali Al-shabaab kids. .One of you must live , so go and finish off one another. Is there another way other than what uncle Sam proscribed. Is there another way out. We can't do the same thing again and again while expecting different result. As many have said this is our country and we must help to get out of the hole. Today, Somalia was the only one who abstained the UN vote against the annexation of the Syrian Golan Height. What would Farmaajo gain by these moves.
  5. OO, you get appoint. Lately, we barely see Turkish activities in Somalia. Farmaajo has disrespected Turkey by allying with UAE and others while lowering the Turkish standing. we call his moves: Hasha labada Geel jecel. he lost the momentum.
  6. OOdweyne is correct in terms of Somaliland soldiers getting paid on time. Siilaanyo doubled their salary and they never miss their salary., never. Duufaan also have case in terms of Some Garaad community militia who have divided loyalty being paid through their clan commanders during the Siilaanyo reign, although now most of the Garaad militia being absorbed by Somaliland army.
  7. War Jiraaba Cakaara ayuu iman. I see this latest army movements as what we call in Somali language as " Ujeedo badan" Having talked to many people the evacuations are both political and bureaucratic weakness. First of all, in Somalia , everything is politically motivated.The internationally connected wing of Al-shabaab who serves the interest of those sowing chaos within the Muslim nations have taken their orders seriously. They have hit Xalane compound late last year and are raving up their bombing campaigns in the capital. Second , there are two group of armies created in Mogadishu. One is called " Xasilinta Muqdisho". The other one is mostly a militia type army run and controlled by Mogadishu politicians and are mostly comprised from the Mogadishu based tribes(Unaka and HG). The first group of " Xasilinta are mainly from Gedo, Dayniile and some from south west. THese group get three times a day meal and timely salary. The government want these groups to take over the security of the city. The second armies numbers are unknown. They fluctuate according to their commanders and usually miss their salary every few months. Yet, these groups which are considered to be militia are manning the most dangerous army bases that confronts Al-shabaab daily.They are the main fighting force in both Shabbelaha Dhexe and Hoose. The fear that is gripping Amisom isn't about Al-shabaab coming to Mogadishu but their own protection. The Amisom army bases in Lower Shabbele and Middle Shabbele have Somali forward bases and checkpoints that look out and engage Al-shabaab before the Amisom. Even the Somali army chief of staff said that the mechanized Amisom hide behind the lightly armed Somali soldier. Without the Somali forward bases looking for the movements of Al-shabab , Amisom would be a sitting ducks like it did happen in Leego to the Burundi forces. If these Somali soldiers leave their check points , Al-shbaab will blow the gates and storm them anytime. So , it is Amison who is panicking. The story that some of these men didn't get pay is true. Whether their commanders stole their money or not registered might be true, but the fact is that they didn't get paid while manning war fronts. Now, while there are unpaid soldiers, the coordinated move to abandon all the bases at the same time is clearly a political move to damage the government and was intended to oust prime minister Khayre. So, there could be a coordination between the foreign wing of Al-shabaab; HG group who wanted to embarrass and finally oust the prime minister and Amisom itself who are sending messages to the international community and Farmaajo himself. Uganda want Farmaajo to abandon the Eritrea and Ethiopia option . Farmaajo was planning to replace the do nothing Burundi contingent who are the weakest among Amisom and slowly replace the Ugandan with Eritrean soldiers. The British, Ugandan and Kenyans do not want this slow movements of troop replacements, and want to keep the status quo. Rather than give Farmaajo time, they want to make the situation dangerous with help of the opposition , Al-shabaab and international community. Today the narrative in the media is the false evacuation of Xalane. That is why the African Comand chief general Waldhauser is meeting Farmaajo after the alarms of the media reached him. The only good news is for the first time we have seen a large Somali army manning many different regions. Yet, a serious government should not eat, party or live comfortably until the Somali soldier gets paid. I do believe that the whole government bureaucracy must be mobilized to serve no one but the army. Dawlada dhani iyo maamulkuba waa in uu ku wajihnaada ciidanka, rashinkooda, mishaarkooda iyo qalabayntooda.Xageed ku aragtay dawlad dagaal ku jirta oo Muqdishu ku xafladaynaysa. Xaflad nin nabad qaba ayaa dhigta. Farmaajo ha ogaado waxa u hadhay bishan March 2019 bishheda kale. Sanadka afraad waa doorasho iyo is riix riix. Farmaajo can fight back and push his agenda whether hell or high water comes, or he will be forced to follow the usual status quo and keep Amisom for many years to come. There is high unemployment across the Somali region. He could pay $300 dollars and attract young boys across the country and create a real national army or he will keep doing the same thing and recycle the Mogadishu militia while paying them $100 dollar bi-monthly without success. Fadlan ha i maqashiin lacag la'aan baa jirta. Sowta Hoteelada Muqdiasho baruurta lagu cunayo. Well, It is now or never.
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    OO, this is sensetive issue in the region. The Amhara might lose people in their region when Agnew and others are substracted, but might compensate their numbers in other regions. They have presence in all 9 regions. I am one of those who believe that the so called 100 million to be bogus. It is between 80-90 million. The Amara have around 20 million , Oromo 40, Tigray 5 minus other nationalities that live in Tigray, and the Somali should be around 5.5 million. The Amhara will fight very hard if Addis is put in question by others or dominated by Oromo. In my travels, Addis seem to be an Amhara and Guraage majority with Oromo minority.In Ethiopia today, other than Oromo, Somali , Afar and Tigray, everyone else could call themselves Ahmara. If you speak the language you could be one. That is why their numbers become big. Even many the Christian Oromo who are in the Oromo bandwagon to get to elected office , might claim Amhara if things get tough. I agree with Duufaan that a lot of Somalis had left the region. a third Of our OG brothers had left for Kismaayo and Kenya. A friend who works for the NGO's told me that when he went recently in KIsmaayo , he noticed that almost everyone spoke Galbeed dialect and was surprised. It was like having tea in Hargeisa and reer Banaadir speaking people rooming the place with their dialect. Also a lot of Somalis left from 1977-1997. Although lately the region has attracted many people from Somalialand due to lower cost of living , stable currency and free schools. The biggest issue is the Somali region is out of the system compare to other regions. You do not know which one is village, town or district.
  9. By the way, we are Somalia although we might have some Oromo speakers.
  10. Saalax, Here the D...r elders in Borama sending message of peace and reconciliation to the Xeraale conflict. Ilaahay ha kala qaboojiyo.
  11. galbeedi

    Ismaaciil Cumar Geelle in Muqdisho

    OO, certainly Ghelle is a master on how to manage all these armies in place. As you said he was successful to avoid the Yemen war and the DP World attacks. I wish he would be bold and bring something serious tpo the table to resolve some of the Amisom issues that doing nothing to improve the Somali situation. Then again , it is up to Farnmajo and others to find ways to end this 15 years old project that is failing.
  12. galbeedi

    Ismaaciil Cumar Geelle in Muqdisho

    OO, I agree on that. Having foreign powers control few enclaves in Baydhabo, Hiiraan and other pockets will not solve the problem. These armies are not mobile or operating in forward bases to chace the insurgency. The Djibouti force is in Beledweyne and Buulaburte, but they can't venture to the countryside and the villages between. The Burundi contingent which one of the weakest can't stabilize middle Shabbele where Al-shbaab rooms between Jowhar and Balcad. Foreinter countries who share border with Somalia should be the first to leave, then Uganda and others. I do not want Eritrea and their strong man to meddle the Somali problem. The Issue is you can't have 10,000 troops living within the barracks of the capital and doing police and law enforcement issues. Djibuoti is not a real country. it is a a place to set up shop if you can afford the rent. None of the lease money trickles downs to local people. Most of the people working these bases are foreigners . It is like having ten Halane style bases in one city. Unless he is a corrupt despot , why allow your nations to be the playgrounds of every foreign army in a city of half million people. The problem is you and many others who are playing chess game about what Ehiopia, Uganda, Eritrea and others must do without considering the overall benefits Somalia will not solve these problems. Ghelle is milking the war in terror like Meles before him and doesn't have the capacity to resolve these issues.
  13. Ethiopian Airline is the leading airline in Africa. They are flying many places around the globe. I flew 12 hours direct from Toronto-Addis without stopping Europe. Their food service is much better than western airlines. The main problem is boeing by designing a software that is sending the airplane to noise dive. unless the plain stabilizes and gets to the right altitude, it is difficult for the pilot to manually control a plane going up and down. Last week I was at the town of Bishufu (formerly Debra Zait) just 50 km from Addis , where the plane went down which is Oromo zone. It is one of the few success stories in Ethiopia and Africa.
  14. The Somali State is not Puntland or Somaliland where certain groups dominate politics.. It has the second largest land mass beside the Oromo and third largest population behind the Oromo and Amhara community. The Somali presence in Ethiopia stretched from northern red Sea to the border of Kenya. Major towns inhabited or dominated by Oromo and others today were once had large Somali presence including Hadaamo or today's Oromo national capital Ambo. Somali settlements were in Awash, Hawaday and today's Afar regions of the north. Through Ahmed Guray, the Somalis and other Muslims had reached all the way to the Kaffa region of Tana lake , where the nile river originates. The defeat of of Ahmed Guray and Adal wars that followed had pushed Somalis from the north to South, south east and south west of Abyssinia. The Menelik and other wars that took place from 1827-1909 also pushed the land and the people west to the Somali border. After these wars, Many of those communities had settled in Lower Shabbele, Jubba and Kenyan region and along the Shabbele and Jubba basin in Somali proper. Those in Lower Shabbele like the Water Maal , who had left centuries ago in western regions had settled in lower Shabbele. THey were the first Somalis who confronted the Italian colonial powers and denied them to set foot the Benadir and Shabbele region for many years. After the colonials landed forcefully, The Water Maal uprising started in 1896. By 1904 the Italians had taken over Marka, but the revolt continued until 1926 when they were defeated in Lafoole by hands of the Italians and other Somalis who aided them. During the Italian rule and subsequent transfer of internal rule to Somalis in 1956, those who fought the colonial powers were marginalized and their farms and properties confiscated. Today, they are trying to control their region through the dysfunction of the south west administration. In 1948, after the Ogaden region of south western region joined king Haile Salasie, most Somalis found themselves under the colonial rule aided by Somalis who become the soldiers of the king. The King called them his Somali soldiers lions for oppressing others for him. I met in Addis an elder whose father was the Suldaan in that region in 1949, and told me that like most of Africa and Somalis of the region , they were waiting freedom after the departure of the colonial powers. Yet, in 1954, the largest and the best grazing land inhabited by Somalis from every clan was transferred to the king by the British. These land stretches from southern Buuhoodle and Wardheer all the way to Diredhaba to the east and Jigjiga to the west. Emperor Menelik wars and other wars had brought Abyssinia to control Harar in 1887, most Somalis were occupied under the Ethiopian rule aided by the European powers. Other than few guns from the Ottoman Empire, Somalis were not able to match the modern armies of the Ethiopian kings. Later on, millions of Oromos and others had settled and joined the Somalis due to religious and cultural affiliation. Many Somalis took the Lingua franca of the day which was Oromo. Despite speaking the language of the locals, most of these people trace their origin to Somalis and they know it even today. Yet, unlike what we Geeljire believe, the most important aspect of any culture worthy preserving is the faith not the language. Today, those communities dominated, oppressed and scattered throughout the horn of Africa and beyond by the actions of the colonial powers , are regrouping and tracing back their Somalihood to change their sad history and create a new political map that will bring freedom and harmony among Somalis in the Horn of Africa. There was a conference in late February and early march that brought these community that dispersed throughout the horn and beyond for the first time in centuries. I was on of those from the diaspora who attended the conference. Hundreds of these people came from Mogadishu, Kismaayo, Hiiraan, Mudug, Narobi, Hargeisa, Djibouti, Borama, Burco and even Ceerigaabo. Others cane from Mooyaale, Qalaafe, Nageele, Godey, Diredhabe, Awbare, Wajaale, Baabuli, Jigjiga, Malka Jabti, Shiniile and many regions of the Somali state. The absence of these communities from the political scene had allowed many people and groups to usurp power and create an environment that created oppression, tyranny and carrying the water for the colonials . Some had been empowered by the old Abyssinian rule to carry their agenda while abusing their Somali brothers. Yet, those same Somalis who were aided and empowered by the TPLF and other colonial rulers for decades , are accusing these communities to be unpatriotic and treasonous and other demeaning names just by trying to live peace with the Oromo community. There is no doubt that some of the Oromo speaking Somalis also belong to the D..r community and want to bridge the difference between the Oromo and Somalis in conflict zones. For the D...r having Oromo speaking Somalis is strength not weakness. THere is a political change in Ethiopia that will either transform Ethiopia to a democratic and open society or might even lead the disintegration of the region through ethnic nationalities. In order for Somalis to take advantage of the situation, the political landscape must be made fair and free for all Somalis in order to wage a united front. In order to reach that goal , those empowered by the old colonials like the TPLF and others must accept the will of the people. It will be a disaster for all, if Mustafe Cagjar and those who were given the power use to undermine and divide the vast Somali people, and deny the will of the Somali people to elect their own leader. In order to keep the status quo, the propaganda arm of some these groups had portrayed the political battle in the region as Somali vs Oromo . They tried to depict Ahmed Shide as an ethnic Oromo empowered by the ruling party of Ethiopia. These groups who has done nothing but undermine Somalis for sixty years are using the Somali name again to further their grip in power. I have a news for Cagjar and others that Ahmed Shide will not be becoming a leader in the near future . This might calm down the waters and give some solace to the agitating mop who lost their minds for the last few months , yet that fact will not change that change is on the way in Somali state. Ahmed Shide is the leader of the old party , but he is more of a bureaucrat than politician. He rose through the ranks of the federal system by being a hardworking bureaucrat. Despite the ethnic connotations of EThiopian political landscape, meritocracy and the cream coming on the top still exists in Ethiopia. None of today's leaders had a background of being from political dynasties or tracing their rise through their families connections. Mr. Ahmed Shide gave me the impression of a man who want to change things but reluctant to push all the way. As a federal minister of finance and a person trained to move the envelope in respectable and legal way, he will not be coming out and talking things in tribal way like Mustafe Cagjar. What most of us expect from Ahmed Shide and others is to make the rule of law supreme within the Somali State and create an environment where people follow the basic criteria that most of the Ethiopian region uses. No one is debating in Oromia or Ahmara kilil which town is district, which one is town and how resource is allocated. Rather than change the man at the top, he must work to change the system. That will be a greater victory for most Sonmalis. Somalis are tired of people talking about Somalinimo yet their actions give out their false tongue. Cagjar who is deputy president officially had given more positions and appointments to his sub clan than any other leader in the region's history. He even called a tribal convention in order to match the one called by the D...r community undermining his role as a president for all. Why call Shir and ask to praise without any substance to discuss. Yet, the biggest battle that will change everything is the coming census. Villages that do not have 500 residents are counted as districts while towns with street lights and booming populus are considered villages. Just 40 km south of Jigjiga there is a village called Haroorays with less than few hundred people, while 20 km from the south west is Laffaciise with street lights and wide boulevards , yet considered to be a small center. It is the same in Wajaale which is the commercial hub of the whole region. It is considered as small center. This big towns might not get people to count them while tiny villages were allocated with census clerks. Reliable sources indicate that the fony political party of the Somali region could be disbanded and members will be allocated through the census result The Addis conference of the D...r community has caused a lot of uproar among many Somalis throughout Somalia and Ethiopia. The D bloack who had more Shir than any other community are crying foul of the re-emergence of this community in South, North and west of the region. There are few groups who usually speak louder than anyone else in the world of media and internet: the D block , Somalilanders and the Mogadishu based anarchists are among the notable. Some are saying why not hold the Shir in the region and other straw mans arguments. Jigjiga doesn't even have a hotel vacancy that can hold 500 guests. When I was there , I could barely find a good hotel for few nights. The Somalilanders are trying to keep what they have in Somaliland which is small compared to what is at stake in the region, while they usually keep pointing the finger for the failure of the Mogadishu based government. Yet, there is growing number of people within Somaliland who believe the larger D...r group is a good strategy to leave behind the Habro-Habro squabbles and aim higher for political stability in the whole region. In fact, I had met many of these in Addis and other places. A guy from west of Hargeisa told me that the world is changing and he want to leave behind the Habro infighting which could become regressive and eventually destructive.. I agreed with him , and those of us from Awdal, in Somaliland should aim higher than quarrel with the small meager resources that can't satisfy the needs of everyone for larger role in the region. Yet, as many of the Landers believe that it is a risk to try and intervene the Mogadishu issue. Yet, the presence of the Habro in Addis had shaken many in their boots. As I have witnessed, the Habro are masters of the language and have certain ways of spreading their messages across than anyone else ( Faafin Somalilanders ma maqashay). They were acting like people who could move the mountains if they wished to do. If they applied the same zeal they are pushing Somaliland on these issues, definitely they could help the D...r succeed in Mogadishu. Some southern Somalis also would like to keep Somaliland in the current political configuration in order to monopolize the power in Somalia. While he D block is among the largest and patriotic Somalis who desire a stable Somalia like most of us, their politicians are trying to keep the status quo and hold onto power . In fact, the D block propaganda is among the largest among Somali internet outlets. The same people who attacked left and right the last administration of Hassan Sheikh had tried to prop up the current government through propaganda and buying of Facebook agitators, yet after two years nothing has changed. Farmaajo had sweet talked to the young lady in order to marry her, but now the time has come to feed, cloth and do the role of a serious hasband and perform his duty. No sweet talk will cut it now. The dear leader is facing Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia and others without sound strategy to either kick them out of the country or find an agreement that suits all of them. He put all his eggs on foreign owned basket The D block will be hammering that the OG are the rightful leaders of both in Kismaayo and Somali state and anything contrary to that is anti Somali or anti D block. At the end someone must tell them that things had changed and accept the reality. To less extend the Mogadishu anarchists had no plans or agenda to pull the nation out of the quagmire. In fact , they have no plans at all. As long as billions are spend in Mogadishu on their behalf- ( since Somalia has became one city--Mogadishu) and the president is technically hostage to their agenda, they will not bother but keep milking the system. Relocating the capital must be the most significant strategy of any future government. If Somaliland enters any serious talks with the Mogadishu government , it must insist the relocation of the capital to Hargeisa. The real aim of our agenda is taking over the federal government. That is why the D..r community is trying to change the status quo both in Somalia and Somali State of Ethiopia. Personally, looking the fragile nature of Ethiopia at the moment, my best wish is to have a smooth transition and election where Somalis manage their affairs democratically and peacefully elect the best man regardless of the clan affiliation of who becomes president. If Mustafe Cagjar wins peacefully, we would welcome like any other Somali. The question is: would others accept the verdict or wreck the boat?. We wish peace in Somali region. Having said that, the biggest aim should be taking over the Somali leadership and the national capital from the Mogadishu anarchist. To sideline the anarchists and the greedy D block , the D...r community must form a new larger political strategy that will bring peace in the region. People might not admit but, the regions Al-shabaab controls today are mainly inhabited by the D...r and other communities who feel that the only way to confront those who want to steal their land and those overruling them by way of Kenyan army is to join the local insurgency. Both lower Shabbele and Jubba region is dominated by indigenous locals who are either robbed by anarchists from central Somalia or foreign aided administration of Kismaayo. That is why neither Ahmed Madoobe nor the federal government could go outside Kismaayo and Afgooye respectively. A D...r led government in Mogadishu will bring peace in the region between the two rivers. Even the Gedo boys who are making noise in Jubba know that, they are smaller compared to other groups who do not have the same propaganda outlets. Folks, these two groups in the south had failed the Somali people for 30 years and the time has come for them give power. As history had shown, they will not give up easily, yet I do believe that they must be convinced for their well being and for the larger Somali community. Finally, I do not waste any time but should mention some members of the GH community in Hargeisa and the social media who are wasting their time to denounce the Addis Shir. I have seen and met a large group of that community who participated on that Shir including women who came all the way from Ceerigaabo. The proff. who was coordinating the whole thing, including the microphone ,Proff. Cabdisalaam, dean of a collage in Hargeisa. He hails from west Burco community, yet we are hearing from these naysayers in the media. This community used to be the ones who accepted the D..r community and its place earlier than any one in Somaliland, yet when they saw some Jeegaan elders tin the Shir , hey reversed and thrown the baby with the bath water. It seems the social media boys are leading the elders which should be the other way around. Despite these I do believe that the majority of the community to be supportive of the D...r agenda. Those of us in Awdal had given the GHJ led party a huge support in terms of votes and if they abandon us this time around they might as well kiss goodbye for the next election . At the end the aim is to save the Somali people from the oligarchs of the south.
  15. galbeedi

    Ismaaciil Cumar Geelle in Muqdisho

    Geele is in huge trouble, Emmanuel Macron , the French leader who is under huge pressure is trying to revive France fortunes in Africa. He offered 100 million Euro to Ethiopia and promised to build a navy for Abiy Ahmed. The question is why would a landlocked country like Ethiopia want to build a navy? They already have some merchant ships docked in Djibouti that bring weapons and other important shipments around the globe, but armed navy ships?. They are aiming to take a port which is either Eritrea or Djibouti. Since the French had almost lost Djibouti to the Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and others, they might as well facilitate to transfer the whole thing to Ethiopia. I will leave to our friend Old Observer how the color revolution and and the rescue of Ethiopian army will take place. Anyway, we Somalis used to guard Djibouti from others before, and the French used to say that they are guarding Djibouti from both Ethiopia and Somalia. In fact, there was a national geographic story about this issue many years ago. A stable Somalia could save many people, but first we must take over for this to happen. Reer Koomfurku Taariikh garan maayaan.
  16. This Somali woman is lioness. Rather than bow down in the holes of congress she is punching people in the face to make the congress comfortable for the next generation of Muslims and Somalis. While addressing a Muslim rights group in New York she said that She walked to the office of a congressman while his door was open. She said, " I entered his office without knocking the door and asked him to add my name on the bill he was authoring". He said, " You know what , there is something about about you, you walk these holes of the congress like a white man". She answered that if walking with confidence makes me a white man, then I am one. When she first entered congress, they were all whispering about her faith, background and Hijaab. Some even suggested that she might not be loyal American. Today, she is defending American ideals and asking others to be American like her by upholding the constitution. This Tiny Somali lady with the heart of lion might single handedly change the foreign policy of the United State in the middle east.The so called media and the Israeli lobby had been already attacking before she said any words saying that she married her brother and other libelous words. Since she is the most famous and courageous congresswoman, she could push the Somali issues without fear. She might demand the foreign powers to leave Somalia or face sanctions. I know many of you Somali middle class people and the professional class do not want to be inconvenienced. You want to stay on your comfort zone designed for you by the mainstream media . I do not blame you guys, that is what you have been trained for which is follow and stay with these parameters. My friends politics is not a linear line or settled science. No one had talked like Ilhan for the last 70 years. My God she made us proud as people who are willing to say the truth. She is asking others to prove their American Hood and stop serving a foreign nation that is responsible for many wars in the middle east. American policy makers and commentators from every walks of life are talking about her. If she even retires today, Ilhan will go to the history books. By the way, this fool called Cumar Jamal is probably been prepared to challenge Ilhan Omar for the next democratic primary in the summer of 2020. Fortunately, we know who he is. He will be a hired gun of the Israeli lobby to undermine her and we must speak up and tell everyone what stooge he is. We must defeat him and send strong messages to the carpet beggars like him. I see here the same mentality of the Somali leaders in Mogadishu who want to do the minimum possible through the entrenched special interest groups and the nations milking Somalia without standing up . Haddii ay Ugaandhadu baxdo Al-Shabaab ayaa na qabsan. Imagine Ilhan type president who want to take matters in Somali way. Folks that is the difference. You either win or go home. We are proud of her. Gobsanaa Hablaheenu.
  17. galbeedi

    Waa digan sal liita leexadu ku sidato...

    As I was shoeffoured in Addis area of kilo 4, I saw Somali and Ethiopian flags on the main street which means Farmaajo is in town. Prime minister Khayre is in Switzerland and parliament speaker Mursal is in Cuman. This is not the time to go around. The solution to the problems are not outside the country. The Mogadishu boys are waiting out for Farmaajo to finish his term without success, When 500 people died in huge bomb in October of 2017, that day should have changed both Somali and his government to take drastic actions of disarming the locals, but he failed.
  18. Maakhiri, You are correct. This conference was organized nine months ago. Certainly there are D..r community members who are bi-lingual and others who lost their roots long ago like the Boran. Yes, there were Oromo speaking D..r who live among the Oromo , yet they new who they were were accepted as Somalis who took that language, but over 99% of those who took part were the well known but scattered D..r groups around the region. This was organized without Ahmed Shide, in fact some influential members of his subclan boycotted the conference. Somalis lost more land for the last 15 years while Somalis were in charge of their region. If strongman like Cabdi nIlley couldn't protect Somali territory , what makes you think a weak facebook and NGO guy like Mustafe will protect. Despite his crimes, Cabdi Illey made the Somali character of region to be felt in the political stage. The D..r want to have a peaceful co-existence with Oromo while building and developing their region. In order to survive , Cagjar even spent money to some Ahmara and Oromo mob few weeks to damage places of warship and cause trouble in Jigjiga falsely saying that the these people were demanding justice from Illey. Cagjar will never allow a D..r Shir that is free and open without interference. Not single member of any government level had participated or influenced the outcome or what the people had to say. I know personally those who were writing the agenda of the conference, and no one other than the committee had interfered. A free Shir could have been possible only in Addis, Hargeisa or Nairobi. Cagjar is calling yesterday a new Shir for the elders in Goday and those who might not attend not attend will be targeted as usual. At the second stage of the Shir , every region that is under distress mainly Southern Somalia and Somali killil will hold their own shir that is speciafically directed at them and others will assist them. The D..r political force coming to region with huge political muscle will strengthen the power and the legitimacy of the Somali regional government who is in disarray. Since Somaliland is peaceful, there will not be any Shir about them although some delegates pushed for recognition, yet Boqor Buurmadow explicitly proclaimed that the issue of Aqooni is an international and state issue that doesn't concern the D..r delegates. For me it was an eye opening. It was the best networking trip I ever made without going to Mogadishu, Nairobi or even Hargeisa. I have met a former Kenyan parliament member and advisor to Raila Odinga; a D..r presidential candidate in Somalia in 2012; Cabiraxman Abuldqadir , former former Kulmiye party member based in Mogadishu; Boqor Buurmadow and many elders from Hargeisa, Burco and Borama; delegates from Jubba and Lower Shabbelle; businessmen and politicians. A Garre businessman from Kenya had publicly donated a million dollar fror the next conference. We had parliamentarians from central Somalia like Galgaduud, Hiiran and Lower Shabbele. Can you imagine more than 40%of Hiiraan is a D..r country. THey live in Gaalkacyo and Boosaaso in large numbers yet, do not have one single cabinet member. Saalax, Certainly there were people with different agenda but at the end the intention was to bring people together and take advantage of the Ethiopia region which looks different since 1974. I had extensive debate with some of the elders especially those from South Hargeiisa , the sand dwellers, who seemed to be the most well spoken and hardline on some of these issues. I tried to push my agenda and even proposed to take over the south by contributing troops to the hot spots. I told them how poor dirt Burundi were flexing its muscle in Jowhar and middle Shabbelle while doing nothing but collecting the dollars without leaving their barracks. One of the elders said : waar adeer adeer anagaa Puntland Ina Fatroole hadda ka hor u tagnay waxooga yar oo yar adhi ah ayey qashaan ee waxba ma haystaan, kuwa Muqdisho joogina, gacal, iyo xigto midna kugu bixin maayaane , dalkiina maal gadshada idinkaa la idiin soo shaqaa tagi doonaaye. The arrogance of some of them was mind boggling, but were stasfied for what they achieved or what they have. My approach might not be successful in the short term, but at the end, everyone understood that the issue of the South Somalia can't be watched as people bleed daily. A few corrupt politicians from Puntland and Unaka, alternated by Gedo boys to make it a littlele bit interesting will never resolve the Mogadishu quagmire. Some of the things that I found out also proves that we Somalis are more related than never before. The Somali clans are mixed and expropriated one another with huge numbers. We the Awdalites have a large OG members who are related to us. I met people who came from Qoraxay, and at least four districts in Af Dheer region and Jarar whho are the sub clans of Ahmed SAmater. They are called those who forgot their Tol. Others from river Shabbelle region , like the " Day travelers" are also from AWdal clans .They will tell you openly knowing their lineage. Just like D&M, the OG community is calso a mix of different clans. Someone told us thhat the Abdalle group in Gaarisa to be Awdalites. Some members of the Awdal community who fled out of Mogadishu in 1991 were welcomed in Gaarisa, Kenya and had been told the story of the connection. Mind you that we have a town called Gaarisa in the coastal region of Awdal near Zaylac, which means that the great Kenyan Somali politician Farah Macalin is one of our own. These and many other connections make you feel that despite our " Xadhig Jeed" and antagonism , we are related to one another, and must find a large umbrella that can accommodate all. Dulmigu wuu dhamaadaa , laakiin cadaaladu waligeedba way waartaa. Folks do not fear the new D...r. Besides, the HAG and the D block had lost all credibility to criticise anyone. Sodan sano ayaanu ka dhaqaaqi la' nahay.
  19. galbeedi

    1000+ Young People oo loo Furay Tababarka Shaqo Qaran.

    I was a member of the first "Shaqo Qaran" launched by the Kacaan in 1984, Imagine leaving my home town and serving in Shabeelaha Hoose. It was a great eye opening that shaped my life.
  20. Saalax, It is really wrong to characterize the D..r meeting in Addis as Jeegaan driven or Jeegaan related. It was the meeting of global D..r community from the horn of Africa.This elder from the Daroor is an exception to the general meeting here attended by large members from Gaashaamo and Daroor elders. The Facebook propaganda is concentrating on Suldaan Hassan of West Hargeisa and others from the Jeegaan clan members but it was attended by more than 60 elders from every sub clan of the Habro. Opposing Muuse Biixi administration is one thing, but nixing the gathering of the D..r to the internal Habro squabble is totally wrong. Odayga habarta la tus ma maqli jirtay. We had people from Kenya (Turkaana, Wajeer, Nairobi), from Shabeelaha Hoose, Jubba and Banaadir which are strongholds of the D..r. People came from Somali state mostly from Mooyaale, Harowo, Af Dheer region, Liibaan, Qoraxay, Diredhabe, Jarar and between. They came from Ceerigaabo and Sanaag, from Awdal, Hargeisa, Europe, Canada, US and Djibouti. Because of huge these land regions stretching from the Turkaana Kenya to Djibouti to Sanaag and Diredhaba, this is by far the largest community of the Somali speaking people. These were people scared by the anti colonial conflicts of sixteen and nineteenth century in the horn. As Ducaale said the SNM Habro are sitting within the Somali parliament as D..r designed by southern politicians. Reality speaking the Is...q has always been D..r despite the different political names they used to further their agenda for the last fifty years. As late as nineteenth century, some of the poems of the great poet Qamaan Bulhan stated: Iddor Dir weeye haddu dulaan soo qaado. The Addis affair was a D..r fest from beginning to the end. At the end , the delegates selected an elder council( Golaha dhaqanka Beesha D..r) . Seven members were selected. They elected as the first chairman Suldaan C/raxman Jaamac Dhawal from Awdal. The rest of the elders were from west Burco, two from the diverse Diredhabe community, Shabeelaha Hoose, Mooyaale, Baabili and a diaspora member to coordinate their next move. During these proceedings, not one single member ever mentioned Mustafe Cagjar of confronting other communities or speaking against anyone. It was all about unity , peace and creating a new environment of peace and coexistence with other communities. Yet, he is scared for no reason other than people finally looking for their rights and representation. For him to say , "Dadka shirka ka qayb galay Fasax igama qaadan" is both weakness and paranoia. Unlike what people believe, it was easy to call the names and celebrate the D..r groupings. The elders knew who and where every community resided and which groupings they belonged. The Habro are members of the Mahe D..r which is related to Water Maal and others in Lower Shabbeelle. I know many D block and even later the Hag community will resist when the D..r community tries to dethrone them and bring the badly needed peace that is elusive in Southern Somalia. Mustafe was the one who brought the D block to Jigjiga and used the Somali state tax payers money to pay for the compensation of the Sool community conflict, yet there was war going on 30 kilometers between the D..r community and the Giraaf guys. We didn't oppose that move since it was intended to bring peace to two brotherly communities. The Shir intends also to end the conflicts in Dire dhabe and Mooyaale . He did everything to stop the conference to take place. Three days before the conference he purposed to bring the Shir to Jigjiga which was impossible for the last minute. He told the owners of the convention center that if explosions or something bad happens with that gathering , he will not be held responsible. He blocked most of the elders from Jigjiga area to attend the Shir. Yet all that had failed. The temporary deputy vice president who doesn't even have a legal status in his position should endorse the peaceful community gathering and hope for future progress. The absence of the D...r community from the political scene in South had negative impact on the sustaining of peaceful Somali state. We are intended to bring that balance of power back again. The greedy D block and the anarchist HAG had caused the suffering of millions of Somali people and I hope the D..r will take its role to reverse this problems and help save the Somali people from the useless duobaly that had failed to move the state to the right direction. I have nothing to say about the state of Mogadishu and Farmaajo government. It just circling the wagon and everything is looks like 2014 again. The Facebook is on fire since that Shir took place. There is no need to panic. Of course the presence of the Habro should alarm many , but it shouldn't cause any problems from those in Daroor.
  21. I really like idea. Nations need a threat or an adversary to unite the people. Waa sidaan yeeli lahaa. Farmaajo is stealing my play book. The infighting Somalis need an enemy. I like it. It doesn't need much. our friend Dalmar will publish Kenyan soldiers killing Somalis, will fire the facebook and social media, and we got a war of independence in our hands. Heesana uma baahnin oo kuwii 77 ayaan haynaa. Sawahili wareersani war li'idaa walee warlidaa, Uhurow warli'idaa.
  22. The Somali people has been taken hostage by this city for a long time. Why would anyone kill an 80 years old man who dedicated his life for his country and community?. Waa dad aanay Islaanimo, baniaadanimo iyo Soomalinimo madna kugu bixinayn. unlike the corrupt members who spent three weeks in Nairobi and one week in Mogadishu hotels, he decided to live among the people. This town needs tough love. I would bring a curfew from dawn to dusk. eliminate the criminals and their business associates. Those from Mogadishu must hand their killers and criminals or Somalia will suffer for ever. Mr. Farmaajo stop aiming the moon and fix your neighborhood in Mogadishu. In Africa, the most important place is the capital. If you build and make it safe all will come. Forget about Bay, Kismaayo or Galmudug, fix the national capital. If you can't change the system , at least try to disrupt and shake the system. You have 5000 Burundi soldiers in middle Shabbelle yet, you can;t travel to Jowhar. Why you watching this. Just look at Boosaaso, after few prominent people were killed, the puntalnd security has dealt harshly the suspects and their associates regardless of their clan. How long this thing will go on. Xildhibaan Boqore had already lost a son ten years by the same killers. It seems that men of character who question the status quo have been murdered in this city, again and again.
  23. Aphpis , despite the so called agreement with Abiy, ONLF is one among many Somalis. There are 38 clans and they are one of them. Somalis in the region will decide the future and the numbers.. Abiy had refused to disband the federal system which the Amhara are pushing. Oromo want Finfine or Addis to the mix for the next census using the Addis surrounding region. At the moment, Amhara are 52% of city, and when you add Guraage and others they are the majority. Magraase and OPDO had insisted on the ethnic federalism and Abiy had to stand with Oromo . The Tigray are watching all these from their comfortable homes in Makele while also clandestinely sending weapons to others.