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  1. Ethiopia , a nation of " nations and nationalities " has no business of encouraging the dismemberment of Somalia. If there is any nation that has to disintegrate in the 21st century, it is the Yugoslavia of Africa --Ethiopia. I don't understand why Somalis worry about Kenya or Ethiopia ro recognize Somaliland. If there is anyone in Africa to disintegrate, it is Nigeria, Ethiopia ,and Kenya. Have you seen former Nigerian president OLusegun Obasanjo coming to HArgeisa and some fools even thought he came for " Aqoonsi". Nigeria was the nation who put down the Biafra separatists in south west of their country. He and others were working hard to keep Nigeria together for decades. British Somaliland came to a being after the versailles treaty of 1919 when borders between colonies were settled. By 1940, the Italians overrun and took over everything. By 1941-1948/50, Somali territories from Zaylac to Gaarisa and Jigjiga was ruled by the British. For most Somalis it was colonials chasing one another. So, Somaliland was ruled as a legal protectorate from 1919-1940, merly 21 years. In 1950 after the SYL opted for Italian rule and refused to be under British administrative mandate, the British started to curve up the land and had given a huge chunk of the protectorate to the king in 1954. There was even a real fear among the leaders that the rest of the protectorate might be given to the king. That is why the union was important. Anyway, a couple of dozen elders in Burco in 1991, can not change the map of the republic that is recognized and approved by national referendum 50 oday oo Burco ku shiray burburkii wadanka ka dib, ma bedeli karaan kharrirrada caanka ee Somalia.. There is difference between annexation and disintegration. THe fact is Ethiopia can not survive the way it is today. Their leaders rightly believe that a larger union in the region could be the only way to keep Ethiopia together. THat is despite our good relationship with the Ethiopian leadership, a good Somali leader must always plot to dismember Ethiopia. My God , we have so many weapons to make Ethiopia like Yugoslavia. All you need is Few millions and some trained spooks. Ayagaan kala diri lahaa.
  2. Well , there won't be any village if there is no country. That is the colonial game every nomad fighting for useless village. In 1991 Kenya had slam dwellers and farmers. The native Kenyans including the Somali Suju were not running any major industry or business let alone banking , import and export. IIt was dominated by Indians and other Asians and Europeans . in 2002 when they agitated for change , Daniel Arab Moi told that if Somalin style chaos come in Kenya, " You will dying like a cattle". They get rich of the Somali refugees. We sent billions of dollars and spent in Kenya. We taught them how to do business. We even gave some boost for the dormant Somali Kenyans . So be proud and stop worshipping the Kikuyo. I had Aftir last weekend with a good teacher who just came from Mogadishu and while talking about the Mogadishu problems, he told us about a conversation he had with the Turkish ambassador. He said , " the ambassador inquired and somewhat worried about Somalis expelling foreign nations" He continued, " you expelled the British (1963 after the annexation of NFD), America downgraded after the October revolution, and the Russians in 1977, and now the Emirates " He said I told him that As a friend , Somalia will fight and die with you, but if you look them down or show any slight of not being equal to you, they ditch you with New York Minutes. KIds teaching me how the world works. Saaxiib, thanks for the compliment. Anyway, it is all about what scientists call critical mass thing. We throw more of these to the world stage and might stick. who knows?.. Besides, no Gedo clan candidate is running. Why you guys have to make your bed with a warlord that his time had come to end. Falling Somali clans always back the wrong horse in critical times without thinking. During the C/laahi Yusuf government some HAG guys put their eggs on MUuse Suudi to challenge the government. Why not make the issue easy for everyone and let Madoobe loin Shariif Sakiin, Xaaf and others who must allow a new future?. If Somalis had to choose between OG Kenyan officers and Reer Gedo, we will side with the Gedo Somalis. THat is very simple.
  3. Eritrea is too small to challenge Turkey, but if Djibouti is willing to do little heavy lifting In am for it. Both Kenya and Ethiopia are no no in terms of deploying troops. It is a well known geopolitics around the world. You can't allow front states that share borders with you to deploy their troops. Besides, both the Kenyans and Madoobe troops stay in one city and few other towns. THe Somali army might just do that with little heavy mechanized trucks. THe Kenyans overplayed their hand and must never be allowed to stay. It is over.
  4. It is just misplaced fear. Besides, Jubbland is not their country and sooner or later they must withdraw. Farmaajo must kick the Kenyans out before his term is finished. That process of replacing them must start now. The Somali parliament must push a resolution to remove the Kenyans. Put 2000 Eritreans soldiers in Kismaayo, certainly they will do better than the Kenyans because Eritrean soldiers ten times tougher and fearless than the Kenyan cowards who now became contraband merchants. Debating and posting in these forum for the last few years had made me realize that those who are elected to run the country have a mandate and must be allowed the impliment their agenda. When they transgress we must speak loudly but they have a mandate to set their agenda including the future of Amisom . Ha Ina dhaafaan.
  5. I have already did. A friend of mine who has a job of writing diplomatic dispatches better than anyone or I should say , writes more like our own OODweyne and Tllamook is taking the task of making a good case for relocation of both the UN and EU offices from the Nairobi. MIda kale, waar Kenyaati baanu is haynaaye maxaa adiga kaa galay , Miyaad shaqo kale raadsatind. Waar ilayn aduunyadan anagaa aragnay.
  6. I just saw a travel advisory from government of Canada concerning Kenya. It reads: " exercise a high degree of caution in Kenya due to the threat of terrorism and high crimes" This foreign affaires bulletin was issued May 22, 2019. There was also a tweet by Adrian Bloomfield asking the EU to make arrangements if the childish behaviour of the Kenyans continue. Nairobi and Kenya are the third largest United Nations operations base after New York and Geneva. Billions of dollars are spent for various UN operations from South Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia and the whole rift valley region. Somali members of parliament spend 3/4 of every month in Kenyan hotels and f keep enriching the aviation industry of Kenya. Since the Somali elites of both political and business can't spend the money they looted at home, Kenya is the las Vegas of the Somalis flying the weekend to Nairobi. Also, the EU bureaucrats do not want to take back the dough sitting in Nairobi to Brussels. The Kenyans had already lost the lucrative tourism business when they decided to occupy Jubba on the pretext of defeating Al-shabaab. Their soldiers are secluded in bases in and around Kismaayo port were they trade contraband goods and the eco sensitive caol. Encouraged By the Obama government, a nation whose soldiers never fired a bullet went to war. Obama is long gone but they still want to play in the big leagues by acting like an angry child. The conflict between the Sons of the old rivals ( Odinga and Kenyatta) had cooled off lately but could ignite any time when another election is called. The UNited Nations can not risk its operations in the region due to games of the Kenyan amateurs . Many of us believe that the time has come for the UN to move to a more politically stable country like Tanzania. Due to the high terrorism and other conflict issues can not sustain a stable operations in Kenya. Due to their inferiority complex , Kenyans might even embark a very dangerous and vigilante justice type of actions and try to rob the Somali businesses just like the Soweto and Johannesburg of South Africa. These lootings might create a war between the Somalis and the Kenyans, which will affect the whole region. Also, it is expected that the Kenyans might not accept the ruling on the Sea by the international court due anytime.. Despite its weakness and instability, Somalia is forced to enforce the law and defend its water from the Kenyans to either try to fish or explore hydrocarbons.This current Kenyan government could be a threat to the whole region just like Al-shabaab and others. Another issue that a lot of international media ignores is the original terrorism and bombing in the region had originated from Kenya and the Sawahili speaking region. The men who had blown the Daresalam and Nairobi American embassies in 1998b were Sawahili speakers and was led by a man Named Salah Al Nabyan. Some even believe that he was the man who created the coastal branch of Al-shbaab which was the original one before the rest joined the Islamic courts. In fact, most of the Al-shabaab elements that is causing havoc in the Kenyan today originate from the coastal regions of Lamu, Mombasa and other regions. These groups will exist even if Al-shbaab is defeated in Somalia. The United Nations must have a contingency plans to move their massive multi billion operation to another country. In my opinion, since Ethiopia it self is going a transition to democracy , the best place is Tanzania. I even suspect that a UN operation as large as this might already had plans and contingency just in case. If the angry Kenyan kid want to take the ball and a go home, then others have to find their own ball and keep playing.
  7. Somalia lead lawyer was A Somali lady. That is the difference. The Kenyans can do anything without the so called Muzungus. Somali pilots were flying Jumbo jets as early as 1972 where it was impossible. to see an African pilot.
  8. I agree . It is all about the sea. I was one of those who opposed the auctioning of the oil blocks last year. My main concern was that I thought it was premature for oil drilling while the country is not save security wise. Yet, looking at the reactions of the Kenyans It is worth to start the process . Others had argued that since oil exploration and extractions take longer , we might as well start the process. Somali parliament had passed already the necessary rules for petroleum extraction. As our Maakhiri1 friend said while ago: Drill baby drill. The rigs could come as early as next spring or summer. In the meantime we have to prepare to kick the Kenyans out of Jubbaland. Train the the Somali pirates as a navy and chase the Kenyans out of the sea. The Kenyan millenials were even talking about the pirates blocking the sea. Budhcad badeedi ayey na xasuusiyeen. Since I am a revolutionary , for me, this would have been a pretext for war against Kenyans in Jubbaland. Defeating and kicking them by force would have been a good moral boost for all Somalis. Siyaad Barre should have started the war of 1977 in Kenya. It would have been a cake walk and warning to others. If Farmaajo want an easy re-election, he must give 90 days for the Kenyans to withdraw from Jubba, and if they ignore the call, then mobilize the Somalis and attack them. Sometimes, I do not understand how foolish these Kenyans are. You occupying a parcel of Somalia and you are antagonizing Somalis. Heck, we have been looking for ean nemy for the last 10 years to transfer our anger other than the other tribes. THis could unite the Somalis. Ummaddu Cadaw ay iskaga jeesato ayey u baahan tahay ee Kukuuyada ku jeedi. In the meantime , a lot of Somali Kenyans who were pretending to be Somali nationalists have to answer a lot of questions. If the plan of Kenya all along had been to create a buffer zone and then annex, then Faarah Macalin who whose party under Odinga invaded must come clean.
  9. In 2011, when Shariif Ahmed objected the unilateral invention of Kenya in Somalia, even the good man Farah Macalin went to Hargeisa and said he supports Somaliland to exit the union. So is this move from you is anger to stick to Somali government or genuine desire to dismantle Somalia. Many times I said that while Somaliland declared many others are on the way out . THey might be here physically but are already out. Wadankani dib u xorayn buu u baahan yahay
  10. You really went overboard this time. Farmaajo and the current government has nothing to do with the sea. signature. Actually it was signed under Shariif Ahmed government whom you seem to be supporting. Furthermore, I thought you were a Jubbaland guy not Kenyan spokesman. We might be dysfunctional nomads but we are not cowards. The Kenyans didn't own much of a business before we showed up. Everything was owned either by Asians or Europeans. For most of you history started in 1991 but according to Somali Generals , the Kenyan soldiers used to throw their guns and run away when they see a Somali soldier. Just like the South African savages we helped liberate from the colonials these Kikuyo want to rob the Somali shops in the future, but unlike South Africa we will have guns to defend. Dalmar, you raised a good point.
  11. The Somali lion is badly wounded yet, the Kenyan hyena is still afraid of us. Too bad they had their Kenyan in chief as Obama and there will not be another one. Soon just like the Jews we will have Somali politicians from around world stages, the chief justice of the ICC in just one of them. Ilhan Omar might table a legislation in US congress to sanction Kenyan clear cutting of trees for coal and other misdeeds. Despite the tough talk from these young educated class , Kenya is very weak and venerable. A small Somali band of guerrilla will burn them easily. Besides, I didn't know that we are so powerful. One thing for sure is that if the Somali lion lion wakes up those fears could be real. Just like the British are higher than the Spanish in Human food chain in terms of power and prestige we will always better than the Kenyans. deep down they know it. Now, our own young educated class must take a page and give a lesson to these Kenyans. Those young guys who supposed to answer and debate our issues in the world stage are either busy with waving false flags like Suldaanka, or mesmerised with Puntland, Jubbaland , HirShabbele or these useless enclaves. aaway wiilashii yar yaraa ee halkan nagu wareeiyey? Waar waa qayrkiin oo Ugaali soo cunaye orda ooo iska dhiciye. Habeen iyo maalin halkan ayey nagula murmayaan iyagoo tuulo gaajo loogu dhintay oo biyo la'aan ah amaanaya. Waar kaca oo Kikuuyada qayrkiin ah u jawaaba. Wiilka Soomaaligu Sodon markuu dhaafo xaafadii yarayd ee uu ka soo jeeday ayuu dib ugu noqdaa. Ah , this nation needs a leader.
  12. We have been told that Somalia needs an army. with all these mechanized trucks in Jubbaland in these pivtures combined with Galmudug and Puntalnd the federal army , you get enough. Miyaa ciidamadaan la qarameeyo inta mid kale la raadinayo.
  13. I have not seen India build rail roads in Africa but $4.2 billion to build on existing tracks is a lot of money. Also, there is already an electric transmission lines that bring Ethiopian electric to Djibouti. The cost is 6million dollars per kilometer for single track railway. That means the TPLF crooks must have pocketed the rest of the money. The ill educated TPLF doesn't even compare other parts of the world where similar projects are built. Everyone knows that Djibouti has huge revenue issues and can not pay back anything. In Djibouti , even the ticket agents are Chinese these days. Somalia has no business of debating anyone on the issues of security. A tough leader must keep the caravan of securing the country going while the dogs bark. Why debate these useless tribes can not even the basic salaries of their police while walking on red carpet.
  14. Suldaanla, While there will be people who wear these colors with pride, these parades are becoming like most communist or dictatorship parades. People are mostly forced ro march. I know that in most towns in Somaliland, students, public employees and even universities are forced to march. I some towns the ruling class clan wears the colors while others refuse. As times go by , 18 may will disappear just like 21 October or other revolutionary days created by Juntas.
  15. The only law and order that exist in Somaliland is s the one among the people.The police usually arrests those who commit useless crimes like wearing a hat of Somali flag or raiding the homes of people who disparaged the dear leader. There are so many murders in a day light and the culprits are rooming in the countryside. In Sanaag dozens of people are murdered last year and no one arrested them. There are no real police who will go after real crimes, as usual they chase the poor and the weak. If the tribes abandon the goodwill to keep the peace , then may God help us, because the police are incapable of resolving crime or going after real criminals.
  16. Oh man, you want your own country humiliated by another one. This has nothing to do with Farmaajo, it is Somalia and Somalis that are humiliated. No wonder Kenyans put Apophis and his ilk knowing they will serve well putting knife in the back of Somalia. Walaahi Dalkani Gacan bir ah in lagu qabto ayuu u baahan yahay. OO, Exactly. Eritrea, Abiy and Arabs. to many fronts. The foreign policy is dysfunctional, they need a heavyweight minister. Farmaajo must bring back C/raxman Bayle as foreign minister. He sued the Kikuyo few years back and forced the Kenyatta kid to land to Mogadishu. Kenya is venerable.
  17. The Iran strategy is that if they can't ship oil no one will. The conventional wisdom is that neither Iran nor USA want war. Even the Saudis understand that war with Iran will be disaster for her and especially for her allies. Dubai and Abu dhabi will be the first casualties of war. One single missle to downtown Dubai and they are done. The problem is these Persians got the numbers of Arab dictators, and also they can smell the American bull shit from far away. On the other hand these Houthis must be disarmed and join the peace process. They shouldn't be allowed to threaten Saudi Arabia or Makkah and Medina. We can't accept that. If the price is right, we Somalis could defeat the Houthis very quickly. My condition would be total unification of Somalia, and 40,000 men armed and paid well and will give ten thousand of those boys to defend Makkah. Heck, rather than die in the high seas or killed in tribal war, our boys will be dying defending Makkah and Madinah. We get the worldly dollars and the Akhira rewards of defending the birthplace of Islam. I know the Saudis got big toys, and all the air power but wars are won by booths on the ground, by men on the ground. My God, when these ideas of our will be implemented for change. Farmaajo, thing out of the box and take a side for huge price. In 1951, Turkey , Ethiopia and others joined the Korean war on the American side and both rewarded. Turkey joined NATO later and King Haile Selassie got all he wanted including annexing the Howd and Reserve in 1954.
  18. After all, this Cabdulaahi Deni guy isn't that bad. He seem to be a reasonable guy with measured and well balanced speech. He is definitely someone this Farmaajo government and future governments could work with. Totally different the old guards of Puntalnd leaders we used to see.
  19. The EU rejected American moves in the gulf and even rebuked them waging war. Here an adviser to Federica Mogherini even going further saying : "I don’t think it’s possible, because to be honest, I don’t think the United States has the military capability of actually conducting a war in Iran. I mean, they can certainly go to war,” she said. “The point is that they want to win it. I mean, they haven’t exactly been able to win a war in Iraq, and it’s a country that is incomparably smaller and weaker. So I don’t think that it is a realistic objective.” After Sable rattling and sending some ships to the region , TRump said, " I am waiting for them to call and talk". These Persians are not Arabs, and they said, it is all about waging psychological war against us and we won't be talking to Trump unless he reverses. As you said the gulf boys could be the losers even on the hint of war. Be careful for what you wish UAE.
  20. One thing I agree with you is Farmaajo can not match the toughness and eloquence of Ahmed Madoobe. Even the disorganized opposition from Mogadishu is riding him as the man who would confront Farmaajo. I do not think that Farmaajo will win re-election, that is given. don't you think that in the Jubbaland parliament there are other clans who also votes that might switch to Seeraar , after all money counts in Jubba just like in Mogadishu.
  21. Apophis, I am not against OG. Mr. Seeraar ( The ****) is a lost cousin of mine and I am supporting him.
  22. Do you see the guy with the : Macaws iyo Shaal" ? that is the interior minister. seem relaxed with no agency.
  23. It is very strange. I saw this report yesterday from some news outlets who reports fire in that port. Yet, few hours later the port authority and UAE denied the incident saying it was false. It is probably fireworks and false flags for the next war. The problem is the Emirates need lessons to create one. This one was a failure.
  24. By the order of the so called international community, Somali leaders met in Garoowe, Puntand , to resolve some issue about the next election and how to divide the money coming from Nairobi. By the normal world standard the major issues are negotiated by bureaucrats and mid level politicians or ministerial delegations to push the process ahead. At the end the principles, mainly either the prime minister or the president arrives and discusses the main sticking points before signing the document. If there is impasse between the groups, the main disagreement points are put aside and those agreed upon are inked collectively while showing maturity and understanding. That is the real world. Here in Garoowe, without prior preparation or memorandum of understanding of the issues, everyone including the president sat down in a room and debated almost every thing about a week. In the land of dysfunction and anarchy , you start the whole thing from the top in order to satisfy the the men who are carrying the Nairobi money in their bags. Puntalnd leader C/laahi Deni and Hir-shabeele leader Waare want some money to manage the affairs of their regions, and might get their wish for some badly needed cash. They have also shown some class including the South West leader Lafta Gareen . On the other hand, Galmudug leader Xaaf doesn't care anything else other than to extend his term to another three years. Madoobe, the man of the hour, want to extend his term one more time while obfuscating his intentions and adding some other issues that doesn't concern him including the issue of the national capital and Somaliland. On the orders of Hassan Sheikh, he want to create a former president Hassan Sheikh style of of the so called leaders council (Golaha Hogaanka) comprised from the president, prime minister, deputy prime minister ( the later added to make it 4.5 and add Somaliland in the mix), the parliament speaker and the regional presidents. Just before he was defeated in the last election, Hassan Sheikh created " Golaha Hogaanka" brought MOhamed Jawaari , the leader of the parliament and sidelined and ignored the rest of the parliament. Madoobe want the same way Hassan Sheikh did and wanted to dictate the terms to the next road maps to the Farmaajo government. Th president told him that those issues concerning the election will be managed by the parliament and the regional governments had nothing to do. . He reminded Madoobe that his main task should be to hold a fair and free election in JUbbaland. This tough guy will not take no for an answer. Mind you that Madoobe is different than the rest of those weak guys sitting in the table. He was the only Somali leader who had seen real combat, not only as a commander , but on the front lines as a soldier both in the Islamic courts war against Ethiopia in Mogadishu and the war in Jubba against Ethiopia (Muuse Biixi has mostly taken his own pictures driving jeeps but never fired a real bullet) . Madoobe was badly wounded couple of times. He is a real veteran of war. So, Madoobe is not your average Somali leader who could be intimidated by DEni, Farmaajo or anyone of those weak boys sitting the table across him. I do not know the accuracy of the news, but some reports indicate that Madoobe might even tried to punch people to get his way. Looking back his combat experience and toughness, Madoobe would have been useful to us if Somalia someday wanted to kick its enemy out of the country especially the Kenyans. To bad he is on the wrong side of history at this stage. We wish if he was on our side. Who knows a real leader might have even convinced Madoobe to abandon the Kenyans and rule the land without them. Spending seven days in a room with his regional rivals and leaving empty handed is a humiliation for the president and for the country. Folks, we are not just talking about Farmaajo, it is about the office of the president demeaned in way that makes the leader even weaker to perform his duties. If you spend that much time in one place including your prime minister and leave empty handed with nothing to show, that is unacceptable. The only Farmaajo could redeem himself is to eliminate Madoobe one way or another. Farmaajo can't allow Madoobe to come back and make life difficult for him for the next few months. Mr. C/naasir Seeraar, the man who is challenging Ahmed Madoobe seem to be a tough guy who can openly challenge Madoobe despite the threat of violence from Madoobe. He is also also a local guy who could create a more equitable and inclusive Jubbland than Madoobe.I t is the first time we have seen a real challenger to Madoobe in Jubba. Either Farmaajo will eliminate Madoobe now or will ever be the weakest leader Somalia even had in its history.