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  1. Malister, howshan waa in aad ka jawaabtaa. maalin walba waxaan maqlaynaa " kornaylka militariga iyo wiilka Al-shabaab oo meel ka soo wada toosaya.".
  2. Malister, I hope they do. When I saw the pictures Osman Caato garage, I was shocked. That was huge stockpiles of mines, grenades launchers , hand grenades. Che, who knows , there could be more garages like that. Fari kama qodna. They are also misleading the government to think they, the warlords are fighting alongside the government to defeat al-shabaab, while keeping their capabilities. Waa tuugo si cad hub ugu haysata " garages".
  3. Hub ayuu ka gnacsdaa, saxaafadana wuu la hadlay. wasiiro ayey wada hadleen. Well , we all know guys with big guns and militia are untouchable. We also know the biggest threat of peace is not al-shabaab alone. Plenty of Private militia with the power to assassinate and do damages. A long way to go.
  4. Saalax, it is strange a leader goes to a foreign country for vacation, and stays almost four weeks. It couldn't happen anywhere else. You can't go around about your business as a private citizen. Either you are in government business or quick medical check up. When he wa in London, he said " waan caafimaadkaygu wuu wanaagsan yahaye dacayada iga daaya". waa lagaa dayne runta sheeg oo waxaad tidhaa caafimaad ban u imid. halka aad ka leedahay nasasho ayaan u imid".
  5. l. Khadafi, the expectations of our generation is law. Although the military government has done a lot in terms of education, military strength , culture and social issue, that era could be probably considered the age of innocence. People gave the ruling class every support they demanded, during peace and war. In early and middle seventies progress was heavy and quick, but do not forget the civilian government of the sixties put down the foundations of the most of government initiatives. THe Kacaan had a lot of good will from the people. As soon as they took over there was euphoria and support for a change. They rode that support long enough to achieve some meaningful gains, but eventually, they not only abused the trust, but also , destroyed the system from within. By early 1982, greed, corruption, nepotism and others were gaining momentum. I remember in 1983 when I went to Halane training school, there wasn't any organizational structure in the school to train and teach those high school graduates. There wasn't even a military uniform to fit our sizes. We were told to go inside a room full of old uniforms wore by former cadets. We went inside and sifted through few pants until you find one that fits you. An organized state would have atleast made a uniform for it's cadets. Unqualified people were populating government ministries. The Somali shilling was declining , inflation was rampant. From 1981- 1988, Somalia received $2.billion dollars of debt and aid from the outside world. Most of that money went down the drain. Having said that the biggest difference between today's generation and the one between 1960- 1980, was, the expectation was greeter. While there were poverty and meagre resources, they grew up like first class citizen of a nation rising. They were self confident with their culture and way of life. They didn't fear no one, including their neighbors, in fact Somalis of that era were feared by their neighbors. They were sending officers to Africa to train liberation movements. Few years ago I was talking to a co-worker who was from Zimbabwe. He probably wasn't familiar with Somalis and their background. As we chatted, one day, he came to me and said, " Are you guys in some kind of exile like us which kept kept you guys from going back home, or how long this war is going on?. Well It was difficult to explain that we went through the overthrow the dictatorship, the collapse of the state, the Warlords, the Maxakamad, Al-shabaab and so on. The one thing I told him was that ," we may look to him as disorganized refugees who are scattered all over the place, but, in the seventies, we were those who liberated you from the White Rhodesian colonialism of Ian Smith, I sang the famous liberation song that we even composed for their sake. Ian Smith Ma muuqdeen, Rodisia ma ma maageen hadan midig la siinin Bortaqiis ma miidheen mana uu malaysteen Mozambique Angoola midiyihi qarsoonaa, Gini lagu miraayey south Africa ma mamoogin, Africay ismaqalo midam gumaysi diida. Traditionally Somalis and Africans in general do not build things. They think government means ministries and militaries and propaganda. Go figure how many hospitals , roads or water wells has Somaliland built for the last twenty years. Most of money is spent to look good and mislead. even in Somalia of seventies and eighties everything was built by others . stadio mogadishu, the national theatre, the universities some of the schools and all roads were built by others. How about the current government. THey put sophas in the palace, but didn't build one clinic or dag a water well any where. All the money will go to travels , hotels and crooks. While security and military is important, why not at least allocate few dollars for the poor. Khadaafi you right all we see is high rising buildings in Mogadishu. Probably on stolen money. Finally, the big difference was " waxaa lagu qanacsanaa dalka iyo waxa yaalla". People were told to be proud although they may have had nothing.
  6. Okay. so you saying HAg guys are refuding this. Mooge, how about C/weli of Puntland. Did they never told him anything. I think Cweli has been cooperating with federal government since he was elected, and now they want to plan things without even consulting him. Nimankani nma Faroole oo kale ayey rabaan. This guy never said any bad word about the federal government. Well, may be they are looking for confrontation. Qoslaaye good luck on that.
  7. Che, of course we know that. Now the Gakmudug leader is Qaybdiid. I mean the recognized leader.
  8. Mooge, these are the group defeated by c/qaybdiid. it is the fraction of Dahir Calasow, which he claims to be minister of information. . Now the recognized Galmudug leader is Qaybdiid. WArlord Calasow " wuxuu rabaa dagaalka jifooyinkooda ka dheceeya in uu nagu wareeriyo". they are vying power within Galmudug. It is Caydiid and Caato group still fighting each other. in 2014. They never reconciled.
  9. ElPunto, we all agree that a mutual understanding of the communities is the primary condition for the formation of these states, yet we are witnessing hand rigging and pressure from JUbba to Shabeele and elsewhere. It was just last month that Bay was forced to accept three states. I did write about this months ago that the federal system must follow a flexible guideline that considers geography , trade and the overriding interest of the Somali state. We are not advanced as Missouri and Kansas where Kansas city is stretched across the border between two states. Puntland was formed during the civil war era, when people were seeking a base and place to keep themselves safe and and seek the Somali future state. Now there was uninterrupted peace among these communities for almost two decades. I never heard any attempt from the parties to try to join. Why not try. If people who live in the same city won't share anything, then the so called federalism could be a tribal line project. Throw the useless constitution which says two sate or more, and change to every tribe and community must form it's own state without forcing anyone. Most reasonable nations form an expert commission and slowly study the feasibility of the formations, considering the advantages and disadvantages.
  10. You right their condition is trible. On the other side, the Arab nations would like to use the Palestinians as bargaining chip and to keep them right there in that horrible condition. It is smart idea to give them land to be flexible, but that idea or even a thought of changing the status quo can only be contemplated if there are progressive Arab nations who are reasonable. Egypt who is keeping the Gaza jail shut, will not give any land to their brethren. They have their own blood thirst dictator. The so called moderates are the feudal monarchies. The only hope is if there is democratically elected leaders who will speak on the behalf of their people could pressure Israel to change the status. If Mursi was there this war could have not gone that long. Netanyahu is right wing. He is a disaster for both the Israelis and Arabs. maybe, The American government and Israelis will decide to throw him out next time for a more moderate leader who is willing to deal for peace.
  11. Sinai is a lifeless desert. It is not a place where 4 million Palestinians could live. There are another million Arabs both christian and Muslim living inside Israel. how about those. You want them to relocate too. I don't think the time of Prophet could be compared now. This kind of talk is not new. In different times, some suggested Jordan should be the home of all palestinians. That was an argument made by a lot of Israeli supporters. So Dr. K be careful for what you wish young man. tHings Are more complicated than the way you are simplifying. Besides Arab states will not even accept Palestinians as citizens. Look at Lebanon , Kuwait and others.
  12. Dr.K, that adding Mudug to puntland is sharing and real federalism. As you said a different group , the HAG will be big part of Puntland. So far I didn't hear one single Puntlander saying all Mudug should join Puntland. They saying the status quo shouldn't be changed. They want three Districts and the other two to go to the central state. I saw the C/weli"s speech. That is how modern leaders address their constituents. having said that , on the issue of Central state and his sudden objections, that in really incompetence. He is either out of touch on what is going on, or, he is fooling the people of Puntland. Are you telling me he was never even consulted for once before they announced?.
  13. Tillamook, The Baraxley guys have the same influence in Gaalkacayo just like C/weli's sub clan. They live in three of the five Mudug districts, they dominate Xaredheee, Hobyo and live a large district in Gaalkacayo. so, Add that to Guriceel and other small villages in Galgaduud. Besides, they are the natural leaders of af that community. If they join Puntland, they won't be junior partners, but full stake holders of Puntland. Who knows , they may even run for the next Puntland election. . The central region , if agreed upon will be led by Galmudug, that is fore sure. Tribal redistricting will not work. A guy who is familiar with the process told me that " Somalia kolay wax xaaraana ayaa ka socda, laakiin hadii Federalka la sheegayo in uun Xalaal yahay, Mudug waa in ay ku biirtaa Puntland". Hearing Dr. K, Tillamook and others , you don't want Galmudug to claim their stake in Puntland. Three districts trumps two or these were the founding districts are not constitutional either. Labo gobol iyo wax ka badan. So either let them form the central state or bring Mudug to Puntland. La jiifiyaana banaan ma ahan. Waxaan la hadlayaa waa ninkan Tillamook ee nagu wareeriyey waan dheeray iyo wax aan shaqaynayn.
  14. Tillamook, Welcome back, Look, before the formation of these new federal states, puntland existed before, so does Galmudug. They were the signatories of the federal constitution. All the federal states are driven by tribal agenda. If the issue is geography, trade and Confederation, then Mudug should join Puntland.It will be ungovernable to have a city " Gaalkacayo", divided by tribal red line. It is absurd to divide along tribal lines for people who lived together for decades. There is no united D block to object this. It looks like " in Garoowe iyo Boosaaso laidinku soo koobayo". Also both Galmudug and Galgaduud are have not provinces with little agriculture or trade. Let Galgaduud, hiiran and shabeelaha dhexe make a federal state , and make Mudug , Nugaal and Bari a Puntland state. That is the logical state in my opinion.
  15. Dr. K no exceptions here. Shabeelaha hoose , bay and Bakool were forced. The Bay people wanted six states. The Un, Igad and the federal government forced three states. Juba, Gedo and Jubbada Dhexe is already decided. Labo gobol ayaa la yidhi iyo wax ka badan. If you go by districts, it could get messy. You either add all of galmudug to Puntland all , or Mudug will join Central state of Somalia. it is done deal. I do not think Puntland can go against the United Nations.
  16. Dr.k, the controversy is Puntland may lose all of Mudug including Gaalkacyo and Galdogob.
  17. It was Puntland and Faroole who encouraged the Galmudug administration. Doring the constitutional negotiations Galmudug were one of the signatories of the federal charter. Were they thinking Galmudug will rule only be ruling " xaafad ka tirsan Gaalkacyo"?, bo way. The most logical Federal State is the Amalgamation of Galmudug in to Puntland. They could have diluted the Homogeneous Tribal influence of one single clan. Having the Galdogob and and Galmudug in to Puntland state could have allowed people who share geography and culture to work together. After all isn't this what puntland was looking for all these years. The establishment of tribal based federal states. Be Careful or what you wish. If the issue is geography, trade and proximity, Galmudug should have been part of Puntland. Rather than adding puntland the Buuhoodle district which is outskirt of Burco, you should have added those communities who share geography. In this new Central state, Cadaado could be the Capital. Al-shabaab and " budhcad Badeed" won't be an issue to reject this, they could be defeated sooner or later. The United Nation guy was there too. Welcome to the tribal homeland of Somalia.
  18. Tallaabo, Inaar dandansiga maad naga daysid. Adiguna maxaad noogu biirtay xagjirayaasha dabka caabuda. . Please do not give ammunition to the secular humanists who have no morals. Mida kale Xabadkan tolow xagee laga soo daayey. Beryahan waxaad moodaa waxii Diin iyo dhaqan ku saabsanba wuu dhex fadhiyaa oo koox xagjirayaal dhinaca bidixda ah ayaa soo dirsatay baan u malayn. Waxaa la yidhi " bacaluul is qad qaaday", kolay gabanadani macnaheeda garan maayaane, beryahan madaxy la soo kaceen oo mawduuc walba way ku jiraan, Apophis kii aan islaahaa waa xag jir, ayaad moodaa in uu ugu roon yahay kooxdan. Waa nin Soomaalida dhaqankeeda garanaya oo difaaca.
  19. Holac, This study could be true. The more the guy stays in the kitchen and intermingles with kitchen issues, he will have less appetite for bed. Real men work outside, act like father figures at home, but always show compassion.
  20. Waryaa Adam, bahasha hawd iyo Ceerigaabo ayaan gaynaynaa. Halkaa Hag, shabaab iyo Mooge midna uguma iman karee.
  21. The time for this debate has . It should happened long time ago. " jiritaanka ummadda iyo caasimada midkee muhiimsan". The Somali people should not wait another twenty years to have a functioning state, because the Capital is unsafe. How many more have to be refugees., how many have to die in the shark infested oceans. In the real world peacebuilding and statebuilding starts from the save areas controlled by the government, then slowly it spreads to the area controlled by insurgents or others. At minimum the government must have peaceful base to operate. Since 2000, when the Carta government was established, successive governments have been relocating to Mogadishu knowing the insecurity. a We all have been brainwashed to accept that paying Mogadishu is the key for the Somali State. Well, for how long? Moving to smaller town will definitely eliminate v, the threat of terrorism, or substantially reduce it.
  22. Dr. Kenny and others, this Xabad guy is not here to exchange ideas or to learn. His only purpose is to mock our faith. Even in the Sunnah it is not allowed to debate " those who are making mockery of religion. Khadafi, has raised important points about Sufism. There are plenty of Hadith that show the Prophet (scw), visiting cemeteries and praying for the deadi. any Islamic thought or " Movement has it's weaknesses, in terms praying the departed or the Saints, the suffis have weaknesses that may contradict fundamental issue of who to worship, yet, all That can easily be reformed through education. With all their weaknesses , no one can deny their devotion for Deenn, the love of the Prophet (scw), and the spreading of the faith throughout the country. A great Scholar from Egypt, called the Wahabis " The know nothing Movement". It is a club, only members are allowed to share and exchange. During the upheaval of nineties, There were stories about Wahabis denying food to the common people.Only those who share their ideology could benefit their charities. By the way they do not control one single institution of higher learning or any charity. Without the saudi money , they won't create any thing. Al-shabaab is definitely the best example of Wahabism. They asked even Shariif Ahmed " Ashahaado". The qur'an doesn't pass through their mouth. The "takfiir and Wahabis have extensive business connections, because most of the money is from Saudi arabia. A friend who visited Boosaaso in the nineties, told me that, he once went a mosque for Maghrib prayer and when the Mu'azin finished for the main calling of the prayer, then he started the recitation to tell people inside to get up for the prayer. When he said " haya calal salalaad, Qadqaamutul Salaad, one of the "Takfiir Business man" said " Waar ha iska heesee Salaada ina geliya". which means he doesn't care about the local customs. Allah have a mercy for you if you ever end up in their justice.
  23. This guy done. Throw him out. Tribal wars and killing of the innocent communities and members of parliament has been going on since he became president. Mooge, we tolerated enough for the sake of the office and the institution. Will these crimes. Ha in Dhaafo. Si fiicana ha loogu mudaharaado. Qosloaaye, must go . enough is enough.