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  1. Tutu, good question. Actually I am a typical Somali in terms of issues facing my country, it's history, culture and the future. I believe we are free, independent, interpleural people who have a potential to build a good future for their nation, if given another opportunity is given. I know this thread is all over the place, As Ninyaban said, sometimes, these Somali issues consume my mind daily, and I should let it go. Rather than put all my thoughts in one thread, maybe I should address each differently. Having said that , I believe I have a lot to offer to these young lads tearing one another. " gadheerayaasha, beryahanba waan saaranahay oo Al-shabaab iyo belaayadan ay noo keeneen baan ku haystaa. I have great respect for those Propagate our faith and nurture our tradition.
  2. Miyir, it seems you just woke up from a long hibernation.
  3. not only amateurish it is stupid. because Gaas " doob gabadh raadinaya oo guur raba ma aha. He is married. Totally misplaces comic.
  4. meel nidaam jiro ayuun baa loo cawda. He have been cured, but he want to go outside the country. do not politicize his ordeal.
  5. This document presented by ambassador Sherman is one of the most comprehensive the United States ever released on Somalia. She is well informed and well prepared. " Somalis have to decide, whether they want to exit as desperate clans, isolated from the world and, in conflict with one another or a country with all attributes and responsibilities a united could brings". this quote sums up the future. Remember folks, the main issue won't be the defeat of Al-shabaab alone. The main task is the one this good ambassador outlined. We welcome the united State as a partner to build the somali national army.
  6. I think there is more to this latest incident. last week four well armed men have been captured in Lughaya region of Awdal. THese men were traveling in the rural area of the district by foot, the local people saw them and could not identify them as local army since they were not wearing civilian clothes. The local ,people informed the Lughaya mayor and later they were arrested by the security officers without incident. THey were transferred to Borama jail. since then there were no information about those men. It is hard to tell what was their mission. They could have been Al-shabaab looking for soft target, or other politically motivated people targeting civilians and putting mistrust among communities. Further more, Ethiopian secret agents have been captured and arrested in Gabiley, two months ago while armed and traveling without any Somaliland escort. They were later released after they were identified. The good thing is people are vigilant. I think Djibouti also could be lying by saying that they have been assisted to cross the border. The Djibouti border is porous one. any one can pass the not controlled area of the Border. THey are trying to reassure the Americans and other western nations who have bases their that the border is secure. The bad consequences of this is Djibouti could be coping the Kenyan action and start deporting Somalis who have settled their.
  7. believe me we are not like any other society. we have been the victims of our own making. few years ago in just about 24 months, 28 young Somalis were killed in this part of Canada, for unresolved murders and other related to drugs or just brothers killing one another. A third of the murder in city for that year were somalis. There were famine just three years ago in Somalia, so does other terror and piracy related issues. In the light of all these bad publicities, we are trying to show the world and our own communities, the good job and better side of the vast majority of Somalis are doing. We are trying to show them that we are a law abiding, family people who are doing their best, regardless of the hardships we face. On that end, little things like punctuality, order, politeness and considerate to other will go a long way. THese values are not white people's values, they are universal values. WE are trying to project a better image, and we should start from these little things.
  8. Nin-Yaaban, thanks for your advice. Walaahi, I swear to Allah the all mighty,that before I wrote this story, I was thinking, Is there any way to teach us Somalis how to behave and interact other people daily?, some kind of medium, and you came to my mind. I was thinking, why not nin-yaaban, instead of writing that awful " somalis behind bars", write a different one narrating the daily ugly habits of our so people could learn and avoid. Let me give you an example: while I was doing some banking at my local bank, two Somali middle aged men entered the business. We were all in the line up. They were laughing and talking loud as they entered. When they took their posts at line, their demeanor and behavior didn't change a bit. Just like to guys in the street chatting. Since they were behind me, I said " waar suuqii Gaalkacayo ma joogtaane hoios u hadla ". One of them said " are we really loud?, I said, yes. The other one said," Soomaalida cabsida iyo baqdinta lagu riday ayaan la yaabay". He was thinking that we were scared of our surroundings. They do not care. you can speak your mother's language as you like nut with lower tone. It is rude to speak a foreign language in a business establishments, and loudly get the attention of others. Finally, before I left the first one said, " how do you know we were from Gaalkacayo". I said " I know your accents". In fact it was just a wild guess, i could have said, dhuusamareeb, or other place.
  9. Buuraha, I know you have your own deluded history. We believe we were the ones who forgave the crimes of SNK in Borama and many other places. In the so called alphabetical guerilla movements in Somalia , they were all based on tribal idea. either you are with them or against them. just to remain in your own land and defend is a crime against these movements. I do not recall any place where Awdal people went and killed any civilian or other innocent people, but we have plenty of evidence where innocent men were murdered. Some even in mosques in Magaalacad. You are reer bari, and you probably don't know much about the west. In the early nineties you were weak and anarchic; most of your regions in internal communal strife, but we did not watch and stand by when you were murdering one another. We were " gurmad nabadeed", tried to reconcile the brotherly community. The past is the past, and I do not intend to debate or put a blame at this juncture of the history, but I believe we forgave you more than you did. Forgiving one another is a virtue not a weakness, which produced today's peace. Dahir Rayaale did four election. From municipal, presidential, parliament and the last one. all of them were fair and free and ended with success. Give the man at least some credit. I know you are looking for trouble and tribal " rag iska dhici" debate, which is useless in this kind of forum. In my book you are warlord, and I do not want to engage warlords. Finally, let us stay away from what happen and concentrate for the future.
  10. Ciidansuldaan, you raised some valid points on the issue of Awdal and her progress. I may raise hell for Awdal share of the pie and so on, but I have never ever hated or wished the demise of my neighbors. I know we have a same destiny. If Hargeisa blows up, it will effect us immediately. I disagree with you on the issue of the Center Community, I really do not fear their power. I may even say that Somaliland may not be even possible without us Awdalite. We belong together and we share a destiny of peace and progress. Another valid point is Awdal, and what did it gain from Koonfur?, Nothing. Every thing that is their is built by the people or through Somali land system. The police station, the hospital, the amoud secondary and all public offices are those left by the British. I could not find one single functioning building built by the Somali state. The people are larger than the politician as you said. I respect your love and care you have for Somaliland and it's people. Your principle is admired by many. As our friend Xaaji said, I am those who dream that greatness which slipped away from us. That blue flag and the concept of a free independent Somalia in the horn is ingrained in my blood. I tried many times, just like Prof. Samater and others to forget Somalia and pack my bags. It is an age old idea can't erased by war, dictatorship or the dysfunction of the southern politician. It was the taxes fro the lady selling fruit in Arabsiyo , Hiiraan and afgooye that made me a productive citizen. I want to give back both to Somaliland which is my roots and the larger Somali in the horn. I asked once a well respected author, nationalist and philosopher Dr Omar Raabe , May Allah have mercy in his soul, why the world especially the neighboring countries do not recognize Somaliland ?. He said, they won't. I said why?, he said " Soomaalidu fadhiid ma ahan, Soomaaliland taa hadii la aqoonsado, beri waxaad arki iyada lafteeda ayaa libaax weyn noqon ooo toban jeer ka awood badnaan Djibouti iyo kuwan deriska ah". He said, Somaliland may even help and lift other Somalis and build greater Somalia. That is why they will not allow a stable Somali territory. So while we nurture what we have we must no for get what we could be if we are united and strong. I live in continental country with three time zones. I share the country with jews, christens , Hindus, black , white and yellow, and others, yet I am doing okay. I can't abandon that great Somalia which includes Somaliland , which is in my mind. The Awdal and local tribal issue are almost nothing in my mind. yet I want to contribute positively and encourage the peace and the progress of Somaliland. Some times I even think " Soomaalida la sheegayoba in ay Somaliland thay ". Look at the traditional songs, history and culture. I can't leave the nation and the identity t of the Somali people to corrupt southerners politicians, . I will take the country back from them. We will take the power and restore that great dream of powerful Somalia, feared by it's enemies and admired by it's friends. It is tough call, but they " geesigu wuu raacda dheer yahay, marka uu baaduda luntay doono, ama neefkii oo dhintay ayuu keenaa oo raqda ayuu soo kor joogsadaa ama ma soo noqdo. In order to reach that goal maybe i Should comment less these " isjiid jiid issue of the local politics and concentrate the big picture. Thanks for your concern.
  11. Why this young guns keep treating me like an old man. The other day one Yuniz, or some one called me old man, now this . Guys I am in my forties. since when forties are considered old. I feel young in my heart. Or you saying Somaliaonline is only for the young punks like you?.
  12. Labadii dulmi ku heshiisa daacaday ku kala tagaan. Tribal politics always end up in disaster.
  13. One man one vote will not happen 2016, we all know that. That same elders who are in Mogadishu will select the parliament again. that is for sure. I think we have to be reasonable. Stabilizing the country is very important. On the issue of Turkey, which you probably wrote after my first comment is totally wrong and dangerous. Turkey is helping the Somali people every where. They don't have a favorite tribe or region. they are in Hargeisa, Garoowe and Mogadishu. I remember some Puntlanders opposed Egypt in 1998 after they tried to sponsor a Somali conference. THe partisan politics should not undermine the good things Turkey doing. We have to be grateful.
  14. Dittore, I do not think Damjadiid has the power to change or even alter the constitution. THey can't reverse the federal framework. Rather than bring anti federalist people known for the opposition to system, they should invite federalists who are willing to fix or streamline the weaknesses of the system. Since Puntland is the only functioning federal state in the system, they should be sitting at that table. Also, the Puntlanders on the panel should be nominated by Gaas or puntland parliament. This kind of group like Cismaan Kaluun and company will not produce any meaningful reform. They will delay the process and in the meantime few anti federalists in the diaspora will feel okay for a short time period. Damjaddiid should concentrate on national security and strengthening the regions liberated from al-shabaab.
  15. Last weekend , the the state minister for Palace and the man behind the Siilaanyo Throne Hirsi Xaaji Hassan was in town. He arrived that same day and has to leave early the next morning. I started enquiring about his itinerary and where abouts few days before his arrival. The usual Landers kept asking me why am I interested in Hirsi since I wrote some unflattering things about him?. I told them that Hirsi might be just a minister for you guys but in my book he is the king maker who knows a lot. Mu plan was to sit down him privately and ask him few pointed questions about the affairs of many things. I contacted some Awdalites who are close to the group, but was rebuffed. They kept changing the time and the conditions. Rather than state that the time is short, they kept telling me stupid excuses. Finally I decided to use the usual Somali tribal card, and said " waar ninbka reer ahaan baan kula kulmaynaa oo su'aalo ayeynu wayduiin". Of course i would have asked about the donor money they are holding for development, Kulmiye saga, and finally my favorite , the Somaliland -Somalia negotiations. Anyway , it didn't happen and I wasn't invited for the private launch although other Awdalites were present. Some how, I thought that odious Buuraha and his company, may have sent some messages to the local boys to keep Galbeedi out , since he is a persona non grata. I thought so. Another major problem was also the " hangers on" crowd , that surrounds leaders and others in order to get something from them. In Somaliland , they call them " macaan jecel". The ceremony for his reception which was mostly for fund raising started late at 9pm. Since I am a self described commentator here in Somaliaonline, I thought to get there and and find out about this man who is in the news almost on weekly basis. I tried to sneak in at back and sit quietly in an obscure chair. The reer " Bari" are different from those of us in the west. For west I mean , west of Hargeisa, Gabiley and Awdal. We say " reer galbeedku way guuxaan". Since we consider ourselves little bit sophisticated, we don't speak our mind openly. Nowadays , things are different and everybody is loud. Anyway, what I like about the " reer bari" is they do not beat the bush, they speak clearly. One of them, which I have known him since the days of " Hiil Qaran", came to me directly and said " Waar ma Xirsi baad isku soo dhiibaysaa mise shido iyo wax kale ayaad u timid?". I said I did not came to surrender nor I came to cause any trouble. I am here to gage and listen the acting president of Somaliland. Than I said jokingly " ninkan Aad nagu wareerisan ayaan rabaa in aan qiyaaso". he said " waar ninkani waa madaxweynaha mustaqbalka". I said not a chance. I wanted like George Bush said " to meet him and look him in the eye and read his soul", since that did not happen I have to describe the little things that I saw from a distance. n It was late, I had another engagement. I had to pick up my son from work so I left. here is how I could describe hirsi. First, Hirsi is really a very short man. In the Somali tradition of sayings we say " nin dheeri wuu dhoohan yahay, nin gaabanina inta uu leeg yahay in leeg baa u aasan". Which roughly means tall men lack certain intelligence or they are not bright. When it comes to short men it says " he has the same height under the ground equal to the actual height. while they are smarter than the tall ones, here the emphasis is mischievousness and ruthlessness. We say " nin gaaban ka cabso" or be careful of the revenge of the nerd (short guy). Second, he is very eloquent and when he speaks , he really speaks with sense of confidence. Like somebody who is in charge. Why wouldn't he confident. He is not even forty years old, never elected to any office , and he is running the office of the president like he is in charge. Maybe he is even in charge. That is why he kept smiling a lot. He also confronts questions directly without any fear or reluctance. He is prepared. Third, if you are a follower of politics like me, you will admire his willingness to exercise power. He fires ministers without hesitation, regardless of which tribe or region they came from if they do not follow the party line. The " reer bari" say he will be a leader in the future . I doubt that. The problem is who ever tastes the power thinks it is infinite. Ask that our esteemed Dr. Osman of Puntland, since the family dominated the Somali politics in the sixties, they can't sleep without it. ask also the "unaka", after Shariif Ahmed and Hassan Culusow , they think it is theirs. Even us, Awdalites , when we were agitating few years back, some said " Siduu Rayaalaa Madaxweyne U noqday qof kasta oo Boorama joogta waa la celin laayahay". Well it goes with territory. Correct me if I am wrong, but, the Togdheer guys five or eight years ago, or even in 2006, they were looked like people who were not interested in Somaliland. The Somali shilling was there, and there were a lot of support for Mxakamadaha and others in mogadishu. Some were even suggesting that if Siilaanyo lost that election , they will leave. Now things are changed. Maybe we should wait for few years how things work out. Any way to be fair, I did not witness much more than that about that brief night.
  16. Last wednesday, I went the graduation ceremony from high school for one of my son. THe flier said , the ceremony will start 7pm. graduating students should be there around six. My son and his friends left early. we reached there about 6:40pm. There were already other Somali families sitting. Unlike last year, where everyone sat randomly, this year we had tickets for specific numbered seats. It was held in this huge theater which holds about a thousand or more seats. We took about eight seats and waited for the ceremony to start. At 7pm sharp, the graduation ceremony started. The area superintendent and the local school trusty opened their speeches. followed by the valedictorian girl who was the best student academically. After the ceremony started, not one single white canadian family entered the theater. They all arrived before the start. I can confidently say that almost all the people who arrived late were mostly Somalis (80%), Arabs and some Ethiopian and Eritrean Families. Since they can't sit randomly, they must find their seat number through the attendees. The problem was , people have to stand up and accommodate this late arriving Somalis. Some of them do not even realize the inconvenience, they are causing , or dirty looks they are getting from the people who followed the guidelines. Some even arrived just about eight o'clock. I kept pinching my wife by telling her " eeg maryoolaydan hada socota". EEg kuwan kale ee Udbahoodii wata. suddenly, an Ethiopian Family entered and my wife felt better and said " Soomaali baa lagugu diree kuwanba maad aragtaid hadda socda". The sad thing is most of those arriving late was led by a " Gadh dheere". These are not newcomers to Canada, but people who have been in this country more than twenty years. They yet have to learn the essence of time and space. I am not singling the "gadh Dheere", but these are people who thing by wearing a bear or certain attire will translate Piety. No. In the Khaliij Country of Arabia, both the criminal, the police, the judge and the shopkeeper wear the white Dashdash " khamiis". In our tradition and culture, Khamiis was exclusive to the Ulema, students of Islam and respected pious people, and they were few. I am not judging anybody here . In fact I have more weaknesses than many. At the same time I believe we all aspire to be good Muslims and better human beings, which is difficult due to the greed, envy, temptation and other worldly desires that surround us. To be a good Muslim is a tough task that need perseverance. No big bear or a pant can't substitute. The Problem is in the wahabi culture , it is all about image. Short pant above the ankle and attire. It is a bad culture that is taking hold in many places. You could see mosques full of people, yet when you exit , you may see a dead person in the front door and no one will care. It did happen in Mogadishu. You want to kill someone, but can't get him through high security, well, you go to the Mosque and shoot him when he makes the " Sujuud". Nothing is sacred for them. A community that was in the news for so many bad reasons , whether it is crime , pirates or terrorism, should tread carefully and showcase their better side. Do not be that ugly falgar that doesn't care about others. Manners, manners and manners. The Prophet of Allah SCW, said, I was sent to complete the manners. In our community, there is no one to tell people how to behave in public. No community radio will discuss this or no newsletter will debate. each one of us does as he pleases. In the advanced countries, manners are virtue. In Singapore, their long ruling Prime minister said that before he decided to make the country a developed first world country, he has to change the manners and customs of the people. Noise by laws were passed , loitering was banned and borders were controlled, wages were raised , and school lateness for children were introduced for corporal punishment. How about few cannes in the butt for the kids coming school late. Finally in 1992, they even banned the chewing gum considering a public nuisance. One of my friends told me that two houses down from his house , the homeowner rented his house to six chinese students and labourers. He told me that in that house you can't even see when this guys are leaving or coming. he thought one or two guys were living there. It is about manners. Put that house six young Maryooley and the neighbors will call the police because of their activity. It is all about manners. Anyway, the ceremonies went well. Those who achieved excellence were given awards , while the top students were accepted the scholarships from fine universities. It is a world of standard . those who worked hard and achieve academic success , will definitely succeed in this system. My son is going to engineering. I have another son who graduated last year, and he is going to trade school. Rather than get the usual political science or business, he will be working with electricians and do his apprenticeship at the same time and earn a diploma as journeyman electrician. We can't expect all of them to be doctors or engineers. Sometimes we would like them to do what we couldn't achieve, or failed to do. They both have been working part time since they were 15 years old. I don't remember the last time I bought them any cloths. They buy their things and manage their affairs. I want them to be tough and ready in this tough world. My wife sometimes will say " waar hakaa yara nastaane maad iska daysid, xalayna goor damys seexdeene". Well mams always want to babysit grown boys , no way , they have to be busy. Drug dealers and trouble makers do not like busy kids, or those who are chased by their families. THey love those who have time, plenty of time. One of my nieces who live with us, just finished her third year of university with civil engineering major. In fact I know a lot of families who share the same story like us. Last year a young 22 years old somali from Sanaag was running for city council and my kids were running fliers for him. We have a family friend from Puntland whose two sons and daughter are both enrolled to college and working at the same time. I can tell you a dozen families with similar progress and hard work in this part of Canada. They are progressing slowly but surely. This group of young Somali boys and girls are confident and hard working. They have seen the bad news about other Somalis and they want to change. They are ready for challenge. They do not subscribe to the sectarian values of their fathers. They are holding to their faith in a different way while integrating and knowing their background. The issue is how can we let them enter the Somali civic community organizations and use their expertise. Most of these organizations are controlled by warlords and older dinosaurs who could not further anymore the aspirations of community. For example the Somaliland Community ( i do not know the board), is led by two guys. One from Sanaag and the other one from Borama. They both are " Mafrush" men who chew Khat daily. The Boramawi one goes their three in the afternoon and he goes home 1 am. I heard he will be representing one of the Somaliland political parties in Alberta. Other than the 18 May party, or the reception of some delegation from Somaliland, nothing is done their. Zero. No immigration issue to help or other community affairs. On the Puntland community , the director resigned after he was accused of embezzling money collected from the community for family sponsorship. Rather than call the police and investigate the over forty thousand collected and misused, the family put the matter under the rug and asked him to resign. The problem is his cousin took over. This person could not state two English words clearly, and you will feel disgusted when you see him perform in public. I said to myself what kind of people will allow this kind of individual to lead a modern civic organization. " waa badow aad isleedahay haduu miyi ka yimid'. Puntladers used to be sophisticated than this. Well, let us see our friends the Hag. This community led by the HAg is bigger than the other two and led by a sophisticated " Ciyaal Benadir" HAg. They may just have killed somebody , yet they smile. Just like Mogadishu , they project the image of inclusive Somali community ( waal meel Soomaalidu Ku dhan tahay). It is not true. Just like Mogadishu, they added few tokens. One from Puntland, Awdal, Kismaayo and so on, but the leaders are always HAG. The last director left first for Nairobi, and then for Mogadishu, after he and others got a contract for Somali education program through some government related NGO' financed by the Belgium government. Without a vote from the board, he just transferred the chairmanship to another HAg. They got huge funding from different agencies. In one account , one of my friends used to teach soccer and other sport activities to the kids. They always got funding for this insignificant activities, but it took over a year for the poor guy to find out about the money while other Hags were paid. They also have some tutoring classes, mostly thought by other students. My niece, who is in engineering class has been tutoring girls and other for Math ( calculus), and Physics since last summer and this one. They do not even pay her gas. Actually she wasn't doing for money or any acknowledgment, but for her sense of civic duty toward her flew Somalis. She told me " Adeer I want to help these girls so they could go to university like me". Just for this activity , they paid tens of thousands from Edmonton rotary Club, police, city and other organizations trying to help kids perform better at school. It all goes to the pocket of these guys. The main issue is how can we kick out these Somali dinosaurs so the new generation of leaders could enter the civic issues of our communities. No one elected them or authorised them to lead " xoog bay nagu haystaan". Sometimes when I go there, they run like a chicken, because I know where the bodies are buried. I conclude that the Somalis in these part of Canada are entering the middle class and their future could be bright than most of us thing. nabad iyo caano.
  17. Well said. I favor clean cut contest. no matter which region.
  18. Tallaabo, I agree. Hiiraanonline is where those who are looking for a job from the Somali government put their resumes. I do not read that part anymore. In fact I get my news and analysis from Somaliaonline. Another major issue with Hiiraanonline is no body is either moderating or cleaning the trash from their content. If you want to see that someone elses mother is called a hoor, just get there. It shows the worst of Somali people. Somaliaonline administration, thanks for keeping these forum a place were nomads respect one another and exchange ideas. Thanks.
  19. Xaaji, I got some messages people saying that I am on the bandwagon of Siilaanyo. I am not. I believe you must change for the future. You can't go back twenty years to 1995. If Siilaanyo has to be defeated or decides to leave office, then some new generation of leaders looking for the future must given the that opportunity. Young charismatic and Harvard graduate Jamaal Husein could be the one. Look at Somalia, they no longer accepting Ina Cayddid, Cali Mahdi or any old style politics. LOok at Puntland from Faroole to a Harvard educated new generation leader. You can't force people to accept characters like Nuuse and hope for great future. If this is the best candidate the Hargeisa constituency could muster and rally behind, God help us. Having been an SNM solder is not enough for someone to lead. We already have The SNM in chief as a leader, we need new blood. If the West Hargeisa/Gabiley want the power they must get a better candidate than Muuse. Also I do not believe the idea that political power can be transferred to whomever the leader chooses. Look at what happen to Udub. Rather than contest the leadership openly or by consensus, certain sub clan decided before the race to crown themselves. They set up a guideline which they thought will favor them. They said the UDUB candidate must provide certain amount of money before to qualify. Mr. Jamaal Ali put the cheque in and won fairly and squarely. Warancade and Rayaale couldn't believe it. So, they started to sabotage. THe rest is history, and UDUB is no longer. If the idea is certain sub clan must be given for" Kaltan", then The Awdal community already ruled, so does the Muuse Biixi and Siilaanyo. I suggest, the west Burco community must be given the chance to lead since they have agitating for a while.
  20. I think we have to be fair and objective here. Of course we criticize Siilaanyo in many ways, because we expect from him more. He is one of the most experienced Somali politician of his time. We may even attack him for not running for 2016 in Somalia. Some us are even hoping that we may realize our dream of united country through him. Having said that It is not fair to compare Siilaanyo and Muuse Biixi. It is not good for the future of Somaliland and it's aspirations to put in the same stage of leadership for these two men. Siilaanyo may have health issues, but he is a well educated, and experienced leader who have seen both peace, prosperity and war. He is what we Somalis call " Rugcadaa". Somaliland come from a long way to trust the future to renegade soldier who never have achieved any meaningful thing for the last twenty years. I can't immagine Dr. Mohamed Cumar, an educated former minister want to be a lieutenant of this trouble maker. The good news is this Muuse guy will be history soon. I hope.
  21. Ciidansuldaan, I am adding my few senses on the issue. I thought I was answering the above video or Maybe it is not there.
  22. Tillamook, of course you do, but he is unelectable. just like qanyare and others. everybody in Somaliland knows that. You know what, the opposition may push for his candidacy so they can win it. That is the trick Saalax must start campaigning for Biixi.
  23. I have been a member of non governmental organization, school board member and other incorporated organizations. Every rule that governs an incorporation or non profit organization must not contradict the provincial, federal or any governmental guidelines the govern these entities. You can't set up by laws without reconciling the existing government rules. few years ago , a somali diaspora group was fighting for a control of an existing organization. When mediation failed, they went to court. The main and only question the judge asked was, the minutes of the yearly general members. Those decisions made by the GM, is the binding law. Whatever by law they passed or voted shall be a law of the organization , as long as they do not contradict the rules governing these organizations. On that criteria, the Kulmiye convention which was attended by over a thousand people is legal and binding. The resolutions they passed shall be the law of the party. JUst like Canada, those laws must not go against The Somaliland law governing the political parties. Xeerka Xisbiyada waa in uu waafaqaa. Mr. Cadami and his counsel was given a mandate by the GM or the convention, Specific guidelines to sort out the list. No chairman can override that mandate. It is as simple as that. One major dysfunction is the power of the " gudiga Fulinta". The leader or the candidate of the party can only be elected in the convention attended by the general members. Even if certain executive list decides the chairman, he must get the majority vote during the party convention.
  24. Barwaaqo, hadalka way dhametsay. We have been challenged to create not destroy, not to boast but to be humble, and base our thinking on the facts on the ground. I believe that you do not need twenty or thirty years to build a working institution. Look at South Korea, they were poor rice farmers decimated by the war in 1951. there are no oil, mineral or any raw material. Yet for less than their years, they created one of the richest economies of the world. They do not have any debt or deficit. They have more than $250 Billion dollar in trust fund. All has been achieved through hard work. Look at Rwanda, In 1994, there were mass genocide and mayhem. In 1998, they were sending peacekeeping troops to Darfur.. A friend of mine who spend a year in the Capital Kigali, told me that the city is one of the cleanest in Africa. He said that you will get a ticket by crossing streets if you do not have the right of the way. I mean by walking. Nations have risen from huge calamities. Western nations sacrificed a lot to defeat the nazis losing millions. Check at the Chinese long march and the millions suffered. A three thousand mile railway have been built in Canada in one of the harshest winters in 1860-1880. how can you rise from the ashes of poverty and tribalism if no one is willing to work six consecutive hours. Countries, companies and families are built by blood, tears and sweat. Don't people have conscience . How can you steal millions while your community is without water. Sometimes, I think, the sycophants, criminals and people without conscience are becoming the leaders. Don't go far, just check the guys who is running the diaspora community organizations, the community Radio guys, or those who go back home to join the fray. I do not even want to talk about those who are running Mosques in the Diaspora. All we need is a good leader for just ten years. One that enforces the laws, collects taxes from everyone and willing to change the culture. If you introduce something new , they will not accept. All they know is certain amount of comfort they get used to. " ha u joojin". They don't want taxes, but they want roads built, they want free schools, but they don't want the taxes, and so on. You need a tough man with a vision. Folks I am sick and tired of the status quo. we need change. May be I should stop complaining and throw my hat in the arena.
  25. Stop insulting people. He is not Barawaani, he is reer Benadir. unlike most Somalis, his kids who are born in the diaspora speak Somali perfectly.