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  1. congradolations iyo mabruuk. laakin if i were u, i wud not get married in africa. i wud just hire a maid aan taab taaban karo
  2. good. i welcome, koonfurians n ethiopians need to get bak to their country. they are drain to our country n make it look bad wit their terrorism
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    i also want to post some links;)
  4. jamalo;743954 wrote: As for the responsible adult somali women, they should pour more emphasis on gaining the compulsory Islamic education & settling down to establish a family, rather than wasting their precious time inhabiting campuses studying for valueless lessons You can not be serious?? Educated, professional female workforce is nesseary if we want to establish a healthy Islamic society. Also, studying the deen is integral to the life of the Muslim, you don't leave it or cast it aside because of your concerns with dunya. Education is important part of life and everybody HAS to be educated, however I think it's fair to say careers & motherhood dont mix. A womens job is to get married and raise children. Any effort beside this is useless especially in her life. In fact women would lose if they left marriage, something no fame, honour or position coud compesate. A womans work in public would divert her from looking after her husband and children because she would return to her house very tired & displeased. Who, then, would entertain the other? The man or the woman? Who would fondle the children? Would not everybody then, even the child, be a cog-wheel in a dead silent machine in a life which has no quietness or stability? What if it is said that we would have half of society without a job? We would answer: Work should contain all the jobless men before any woman is allowed to have office. A working man would support himself and the woman from the other half of society. Recent tendency of delaying motherhood for the sake of career has its devastating implications too. Ranging from bequething infertility to the offspring to breast cancer epidemics. So this is not helpful either. mashallah well said. education for a woman is not as important as motherhood. most educated girls turn out to be like ayan hiris types who hate their diin and dhaqan.
  5. turkey is full of secular european wannabe muslims who drink khamro and hate islam. wallahi i hope no kid gets adopted by them. or if they do, they go to muslim family where the mother wears hijaabs and pray.
  6. sharmarke akhi, a gabadh's sharaf is the most important thing in islam. zina is bad for all, but its especially bad for gabadh. and we should always be protective of our daughters. inshallah raising them in islamic country is best.
  7. most somali girls who go to university engage in ziina and partying. i know this. inshallah i will send my daughters to islamic all girls university. and its not the same for boys, men will be men. its less haram for man to engage in zina than girl
  8. dunida wax ugu liito naag ma dhalays ah
  9. Garnaqsi;742482 wrote: Thank you for posting this, Siciid1986! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! In order to stay sane in an online forum, it's wise to know who and what to ignore. sax. dadka qarkood wakhti bay ka luminiyaan
  10. Som@li;742310 wrote: ^Miyaan gabdho kula dhalan? Miyayna se ku dhalin? Mise midba xisaabta kaa badisay? Get over it hunno ghabdha xisaabta iyo waxbarasho uma fiicno. awlaad ina dhalaan baa fiican xisaabta aniga waxba ka ma aqaani. quranka iyo diinta baan ku fiicanahay.
  11. shes better off raising kids n being mother. math is not for girls
  12. aduunka waxaa ugu liito naag foolxun
  13. dnt tell ppl about divorce. lets not encurage it. and getting a second wife is not adultery
  14. *Blessed;740990 wrote: Perhaps, they're just repulsed by you. It usually happens when you lack bathroom etiquette. Okay. Aaliyah. xishood walal, its ramadan and you don't know what this brother does in the bathroom
  15. rudy-Diiriye;740978 wrote: so wat does SSC stand 4? Probably.. .Shyte Smells Crazy !! loooooool. I can probably pic myself coming to Sol meeting & everybody running for the door!! when i pass my spliff to mother siting the front row. kkkkkk istaqfurallah
  16. asalamu calaykum it is ramadan, lets repect each other walaalyaal. barqaab ghabadha ka qalee adeer
  17. Baarqab Qooqay;740916 wrote: let me try again this time as pic's because picture says a thousand words Aa acudubillah aliyah waa habar weyn oo caruur iska dhigto miyaa.
  18. Libaax-Sankataabte;740424 wrote: Here is a funny one. English Historian Blames Black Culture for Riots odayga cadaan is right, blacks ruin everything. sometimes slavery might be good for these people
  19. It nots funny. ****** amin amir needs to worry about his konfoorian country
  20. look all these haters. this is fake story. somaliland will not stop because of haters. we will never share a country with haters filled with jelousy in their hearts. qaranka somaliland waa muqadas!!!!!! allah bless the blessed country of somaliland
  21. Muslim1st-Somali2nd;740221 wrote: I would rather appreciate the effort of a poor girl who lives in baadiyo and practises her deen to the best of her capabilities than this so called civil engineer. A muslim sister who really cares about her deen will not take such a person as a role model. That is a fact. mashall well said. anyways its ramada, lets talk about something positive and not this girl oo qaawan
  22. gaal waa gaal. sax. even worse are the gaal sympathasizer