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  1. i thought this topic wud be about sumthing else
  2. Nina Fox;739890 wrote: My brother's friend (a Somali girl) had a chinese baby. The kid has all the features but looks a little tanned, cappucino skin with little eyes. I haven't seen him but I bet he is adorable. And another friend of his had twins with a Malaysian girl. Somalia marka lagu laabto aa jiraa walee,,,,,so many mixed kids speaking different languages sideey isku fahmi doonaan aan kasii naxsanahay. those kids will not be accepted unless their father is somali.
  3. Jacaylbaro;739876 wrote: Halkii loogu talagalay baabuu madaxeedu ku beegan yahay ,,,,,,, Istaaqfurullaah saqajaan bilaa xishood:D
  4. RaMpAgE;739524 wrote: I noticed too, they think naagaha somaliyeed are the easiest. wey na ceebeyeen. if tomorrow a giraaf converts to islam, naag somali baa sugeyso waiting to marry him. qiimo la'aan. at least their children won't be somali and we can be happy knowing that.
  5. why every new convert marries somali girl, its as if no other girl from any culture wants them, somali girls have become muslim societies garbage bins.
  6. its not second class, somali/muslim girls have their roles in society. leadership, work is for men. and women take care of home, children and give birth. there is nothing second class about that.
  7. this is the very reason women are better of praying at home according to the diin
  8. i forgot nightclubs also masjid after tarawiix, ask her to make you afur and ciid
  9. aroos is good place because desperation hits them, and they all horny thinkin about the couples honeymoon. library is another good place, pretend you're looking for the book she's reading. bus stops somali festivals anywhere where uunsi and dirac is sold anywhere where deserts are sold like dairyqueen or demetri's
  10. mashallah the red neck woman is right, ma garacday afterwards?
  11. this is just for show, you think these old ladies can catch anyone wearing that. they will trip over their hijab running. lol
  12. what is da boint here, i dunt get it. britain recognizes somaliland, they just cant say it in public
  13. because of the sensitive nature of this topic, i WILL save my comments about iman and her ilk for another day
  14. very disturbing picture, la ilaah ila laah. allah(swt) help miskiinta.
  15. you need to learn how to ask people for donation, you think anyone's gonna wanna donate after your angry rants?
  16. Miriam1;735935 wrote: This is incredibly strange. So the entire point of the Obedient Women's Club ..... is to teach women to be good in bed and become the perfect sex worker for your husband....well top grades for the best whore! LOL I wonder if men are taught to respect the wife's sexual needs as well. ceeb. isku xishood walal. good muslim women are not suppose to enjoy sex. indeed when in the act of copulation, they must look up and count the tiles. personally, i would divorce my wife if i hear her moan.
  17. Alpha Blondy;736444 wrote: lol@male rape. the biggest rapists are the feminists! this seems like it was written for a proposal. i agree, its feminist drivel with a purpose to feminize men.
  18. London2010;736019 wrote: What this man was bringing to attention was right. Norway will have to take action against those in their midst that plunder and loot their country. Sit and sleep in their home, while they grow ever fatter and more radical by the day, while they quite happily take welfare cheques that other people have paid for. Whilst breeding like rats. You and your kind have fewer and fewer places in this world that haven't woken up to your gypsy like behaviour. You have no more places that you can fraud. What is my kind? and what is your kind?
  19. As the tragedy was unfolding in Oslo, where a bomb was detonated in the buildings housing the office of their prime minister, and then inexplicably followed by an unimaginable point-and-shoot style attack at a Labour Party youth camp, on Utoya, an island 50 km away, everyone was immediately trying to make sense of it all. Hours after the devastation, Norway police charged a 32-year-old man: Anders Behring Breivik. A blond, blue-eyed Norwegian. The gunman's motives unknown at this time, but all signs point to an unbalanced individual who is tremendous anger towards his Labour Party government. All this was the work of a madman. But that wasn't what all the TV's talking heads, twitter feeds, and even some newspapers in the rush to be the first one out the door were printing, talking... spreading. With frightful confidence, the words "jihadists", "Islamists", "Al-Qaeda" and "Muslims terrorists" were immediately and forcefully placed as top billing as the culprits of the crime. Case closed. End of discussion. Even before the haze of crushed metal, shattered glass settled and triage centers were established, there was plenty of "without a doubt" and "there is no question" and "all evidence points to" conversation starters buoyed by terrorism experts, ready and on cue, to add to the conversation that had little substance and points solidified on pure speculation before all the evidence was collected. Sound familiar? When Timothy McVeigh with the help of Terry Nichols decided to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City the morning of April 19, 1995 it was the most destructive act of terrorism on American soil before the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2011. I remember watching the breaking news reports with the TV anchors showing the generic composite sketch of the suspect to their viewers at home as well as to local Oklahoma residents on the street, many of whom immediately came to the conclusion that the face they saw in the drawing was that of a foreigner -- a Middle Eastern man. Strong indicators that people were still understandably shaken by Al-Qaeda's truck bomb, which detonated in the North Tower of New York's World Trade Centre two years prior. So on FBI's possible list of suspects included those who may have been financed yet again by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the money-man who financed the New York attack. An intense study of psychological interpretations and the racial profiling was born. Well it looks like some of us haven't learned our lesson. Yes and without a doubt, there were a number of motives as to why Norway would be a target for international terrorism. Most notably, their presence in Afghanistan. Even though it pales in numbers with just around 500 troops, Norway has been involved in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in that hotspot since its inception in late 2001. Al-Qaeda's now newly-minted leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, included Norway in his message in late 2007 proclaiming his list of countries who "participated in the war against the Muslims" and therefore should not be far from their sights. And of course not helping anyone here, is the fact that two groups with links to Al-Qaeda immediately decided to take credit online soon after, which was later proved to be a false claim. And then there's neighbour Denmark, who still is recovering from their cartoon disaster six years ago, laying the groundwork for a guilty-by-association theory. So with every refresh, new posts would come down the pike, most by journalists and other "experts" continuing to point out remote facts, relying on far-reaching scenarios for substance all in the hopes of their link being forwarded, shared, posted on walls of the virtual world. Even when the police had officially made the arrest of the Norwegian man during the middle of our day, the evening newscasts of American and some Canadian news channels still kept the idea of Al-Qaeda on the table with strategically placed open-ended questions, and in some cases with direct references to that possibility. However in a dignified plea, Labour Party member and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store who visited the youth camp just the day before, expressed that mistakes need not be repeated in this tragic instance: "We've seen in Europe in recent years that politicians have been jumping to conclusions about suspects before investigations have been conducted, and we will not commit that error." With this epic fail of a front page story in The Sun as an example, I, for one, hope that for the sake of those lost on this day -- we all adhere to his words, regardless of what the "breaking news" may proclaim.
  20. Abokor Omar;735970 wrote: The irony of some of the comments is breathtaking. On the one hand they are claiming through words that they would welcome any people from the south. Okay that's good but actions speaks louder than words. It wasn't long ago that a war broke out over a few wells dug by a neighbouring tribe on what they claimed to be land belonging to them. sax we have to be carful who we let in. we are buildin nation here and we dont need troublemakers.
  21. this is for somalilanders onlyy. what should be are polisy towards konfurians in our country? i think they need to be watched carefully so they dnt try to change out country.
  22. After switching eastern parts of the country to the Somaliland shilling on Tuesday, the SOON TO BE nrecognized state collected and burnt more than 3 billion Somali Shillings on Friday in a symbolic ceremony outside the second city Burao. More than ten lorries carried the ‘worthless’ currency known as ‘Gimbaar’ to an area 10 kilometers outside of Burao where it was destroyed by senior officials from the Central Bank of Somaliland. They said there was no other option but to destroy it as Somaliland rolls out its own currency nationwide. They urged people in Sool and Sanaag regions to prepare themselves for the replacement of the old Shilling currency which is worth 50% less against the Somaliland Shillings. Bank officials say they will replace more than 20 billion Somali Shillings (worth approximately 10 billion Somaliland Shillings) by mid-June as the country enforces tax compliance throughout all regions and tries to boost its income. They expect the revenue to more than double this year to $100m and hit above $160m by 2013. They insist that the rolling of the national currency is a crucial part of gaining economic sovereignty, as well as being crucial to various fiscal mechanisms. Finally, the government in Hargeisa wants to send a message to its citizens, regional and the international powers that it will challenge Somalia’s claims and prove that it is a functioning government with better economic practices than Mogadishu. The Somali Shilling will remain legal tender in tandem with the Somaliland Shilling until mid-June in some regions, but Somalilanders have been hurrying to change their cash. The central bank said it has already replaced 7 billion Somali shillings ($4.37m) in the Togdher region. A bank official said they will burn the rest of the old valueless currency from neighboring Somalia in the next few days. They added by mid-June, the country will open its first commercial bank to help roll out its own bank notes. Somaliland Central Bank Governor Abdi Dirir Abdi said Banque pour le Commerce et l’Industrie and Dahabshiil Bank, both based in Djibouti, have expressed interest while two other undisclosed banks will be granted license to operate in the country. He added they have also invited other international banks to Hargeisa. The government hopes Somaliland will become a cash-free economy with the help of these commercial banks, money remittance and telecommunication companies with the introduction of debit cards, faster broadband and mobile banking. Locals in Burao and the surrounding areas have welcomed the move and said this marks the end of anything from Somalia which the world continues to associate with Somaliland. “We are slowly shedding our dark history with Somalia, we have moved on, we hope they do the same in Somalia,” said Hassan Jama, a trader in Burao. Others simply said the Somali shilling which is said to value about 1,600 against the US dollar, today lost 4 million clients. Somaliland is a former British protectorate that gained independence June 1960. It later unified with the Trust Territory of Somalia (the former Italian Somaliland) forming what became known as the Somali Republic. However, the union collapsed in 1991 following two decades of internationally-hidden civil war that left more than 50,000 Somalilanders killed. In May 1991, Somaliland declared the restoration of its sovereignty however it has not yet managed to regain international recognition. Somaliland has already forged a range of commercial relationships and has been afforded observer status by the Commonwealth.
  23. If South Sudan and Eritrea could gain sovereignty, so will Somaliland” Somaliland President Mohamed Siilaanyo said. Somaliland President was officially invited to attend the 1st independence day of South Sudan, and Juba administration received the president with head of state reception and Somaliland flag was flying high in Juba. This is very courageous step that acknowledges the status of Somaliland, and towards better cooperation between Hargiesa, Somaliland and Juba, South Sudan in the future. Hundreds of South Sudanese danced in the streets on Saturday for a joy and to mark their long-awaited independence, a hard-won separation from the north. There is a lot of uncertainty waiting this fractured region. The people of South Sudan lived under gun point from 1953, in which they started their armed struggle against their former compatriots in North Sudan. The regime in Khartoum used all means of discrimination against citizens in the south, as they were regarded “Second Class citizens”. On 9th July 2011 will always remain in the hearts of every South Sudanese because it is the day that defined their existence with defined territory. The oil deposits in South Sudan attracted the attention of the western countries, who later led the disintegration campaign of Southern Sudan from Khartoum. Today, Somaliland is in very similar situation to that of South Sudan and asking for self-determination with all conditions of statehood fulfilled. Somaliland case could be much stronger than that of Juba because it was an independent for four days upon an agreement signed between Britain and Somaliland. Somaliland case of independence neither violates the A.U’s charter, nor UN’s definition for statehood. Its borders are defined by the A.U’s Article 4 that respects the borders inherited from the colonial powers. Somaliland has democratic and liberal system of governance. It hosted free and fair elections under independent observer, and opposition won. The peaceful and civilized power transfer in Somaliland after election results caught the world in surprise. Somaliland permanent population and it not only controls its territory, but it also practices democracy and the rule of law through the country. Furthermore, Somaliland engages other nations bilaterally. Somaliland was not the first country that unconditionally united another, and as the hasty union went from jubilant to disastrous abandoned that unity. Egypt and Syria, Senegal and Gambia, Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau, and Senegal and Mali all renounced their original commitment to unity and reverted to their colonial borders, and today Somaliland is not an exception. On 26th June 1960, Somaliland was formally recognized as the Republic of Somaliland by UN and other 35 countries including Britain, Israel, Egypt and USA. However, Somaliland united with Italia Somalia (Today’s South Somalia) to bring all Somali speaking people in horn of Africa (Djibouti, parts of Ethiopia and Kenya). This unity created an illegal territorial expansion policy by regime in Mogadishu, which resulted instability in the region. “In 1960, I took a country – Somaliland – with a viable economy and budget of 2.5 million pounds to Mogadishu” he continued “Our Somaliland’s previous existence, history and everything else has been eliminated and erased” Late President of Somaliland Mohamed H. Ibrahim Egal said. After realizing infertility of the unity, Somaliland demanded their lost sovereignty from Mogadishu administration in 1963, and regime responded with indiscriminate killing, displacement, ethnic cleansing and bombardment. Between 1979 and 1991, Mogadishu regime used all means of force to silence freedom demands of self-determination. The citizens of Somaliland were not given their share in power and public services, as they were regarded “Second Class citizens” just like South Sudanese counterparts. The regime air-bombed the cities and villages in Somaliland leaving 500,000 people dead in less than 6 months during 1988. The militias loyal to Mogadishu regime committed rape, killed children and displaced more than 2 million civilians. UN received the displaced people from the major cities like Hargiesa, Burco, Berbera and Erigavo in refugee camps in eastern Ethiopia, who fled the indiscriminate killing by militias loyal to Mogadishu administration. Thousands of children died from dehydration and other diseases in the camps, where an estimated asset worth millions of dollars was destroyed and looted by the militias. Somalilanders formed an armed freedom fighting group called SNM (Somali National Movement) in 1979; they continued fighting Mogadishu administration until Dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre was terminated in 1991. SNM headquarter was located in Addis Ababa nearby the office of SPLA. Both SNM and SPLA were fighting for freedom. Finally, SNM defeated the regime and re-declared Somaliland on 18th May 1991. Somaliland is facing growing hostile by terrorist groups and piracy. The terrorist group Al-Shabab claimed responsibility of bomb attack on Somaliland Presidential Palace, UN Office and Ethiopian Embassy in Hargiesa. Somalia pirates are another threatening factor to Somaliland’s sea trade. Somaliland is cooperating with AU, USA and Britain over ending the piracy on high-water, and thousands of pirates are in Somaliland jails. Finally, recognizing Somaliland will benefit the region, Africa and international community on security, good governance and promoting democracy. Somaliland established one of the best democracies in the region without outside help. Somaliland will help the world in ending the anarchy in Somalia. Somaliland will be ready to contribute its experience in democracy building with their counterparts in Juba. By: Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi Email: d
  24. MASHALLAH. these women are following islam like all women should